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Kern has declined to comment on these allegations. What was your experience working with him? Second of all, obviously this is part of the purging that needs to happen through the Me Too movement and women finding their voice and standing up and supporting each other.

They were in a completely different building — I think it was the Spelling building, and we shot at Paramount. We would make on-set adjustments, because there was no one on set to make those adjustments.

That was the extent of our interaction with him other than the few times he came down to the set for celebratory purposes — when we reached our th episode, or when we wrapped the final season. It was definitely a disconnect.

So clearly, I had no clue that was going on. In our working environment, the first, second and third names on the call sheet were all women. There were women who recently worked for him who talked about him allegedly making a breast-feeding mother feel ashamed and singled out. These are among the things that we as collective group as women are fighting for right now.

That to me is like something that you would do if you were a bully in high school trying to shut someone up. This is not just our industry.

And it really upsets me.

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  • Alyssa Milano, Actress: Charmed. Alyssa Milano comes from an Italian-American family; her mother Lin Milano is a fashion designer and father Thomas Milano is a film music editor. Alyssa was born in a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn and grew up in a modest house on Staten Island. One day her babysitter, who.
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I do think things are going to change. I do have faith. So much of it was about women who supported each other and were empowered and literally had powers. But did you ever feel that there was a sexist attitude creeping in to some of the scripts or the storytelling? I would have to go back and read the scripts, but I never felt that while I was shooting. We were sexualized, and that was something that was happening all over the business.

To me, one big question is, what are our unions are doing to protect women? What are unions doing? How can this can be going on with one particular person for 20 years and yet the behavior can still happen?

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And it takes an intense gender equality movement for things to change. This is the activist in me.

When are we going to put in place some kind of protocol where women and men can go to their union and file these complaints, and there is some kind of code of conduct? The studios need to come down on it harder on H. If Human Resources is just ignoring that there are issues, because a certain person keep things on schedule and keep their budgets in line — because mind you, this is all about money.

What is above that? This is not only Hollywood. Who do we go to above the people who pay us for our work? The unions have to protect people. And if the unions are not listening, then we need to blow the roof off that.

The reason why this [harassment] conversation is so important right now is because we have a very small window of opportunity to really make effective, lasting, meaningful change. And where Hollywood goes, the state of California goes. Where the state of California goes, the country goes.

Where our country goes, the entire world goes. So we have a certain responsibility — and when I say we, I mean all of our unions, all of our studios, all of our executives — anyone in a position of power has a responsibility to really fix this problem.

Women are the consumers of the family, advertising always caters to women, and we make the decisions in our households. So we — the actresses in this industry — are in a position of power because of those things. Television has told amazing, beautiful stories about women, and I think that we should continue to do that — continue to show strong women. We were, at the time, the longest-running show with female leads. But we have to do more, and we have to do it better, and television is such a huge part of that.

Our showrunner is a woman. According to former staffers who worked for Kern there — […].

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