Big Pokies Thechive Girls Morning

Someone should make a Boston Chivers Facebook page and we can set-up some drunken shenanegins that way. Totally down for a boston meet up. C'mon Bean town we r slacking! I work very close to the appt that was taken in. Right by the prudential center and christian science center. I rocked mine the day before and the weekend Pokies Big Red Floor Jack on the pub crawl. Besides the guy I was with, only ran into one other, who was rocking BFM.

Rocked the KCCO shirt in southie as well, not enough around! Keep the good lookin Boston Girls coming! I was wondering if someone could answer a question I have. How do some of these girls with big boobs keep them so perky? I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw a fantastic hump first, only to get more excited when I found out I was wrong! I can't help but think my day would be way more productive without posts like this………especially ones like 2, 3, 12 oh hell all of them.

I stand and applaud the chivettes of the world. If that was my lady, I'd smash every tv and computer monitor in the house and just stare into the hotness all day. Sumone needs to tell 21 that chivettes are smoking hot bored woman that post sexy or just plain cool pics of themselves!! Not half way retarded looking girls that got beat with an ugly stick a then want to post a pic nuhuh that ain't Big Pokies Thechive Girls Morning We can see you're using Adblocker. Block everybody else, but we thought we were friends.

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It's what any friend would do. I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Well done first timer. I've been waiting as well! Rarely see any Chivers from Boston. There really aren't nearly enough of us! Time for a Boston Chiver Meet-Up! She is a smoke show, as well.

I wore my KCCO didnt see any others either but did get a chive on! I'll be there rocking my KCCO. I'd like to fill her with some Boston Creme! You are my favorite Chivette ever. What a girl to rep Boston, about time. KCCO my Boston people. I agree with this. I couldn't agree more! We need 3 uncropped and in hi-res. And then we need more of her. They are her knees! You know the bewbs are awefully nice if they look like a beautiful butt!

  • Attn Chivettes! I need you to dig deep and find your inner-rebel and actually take a photo burning your bra while wearing the tightest shirt you own.
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My God… She has it all! Looks like she has the same doctor as Tori Spelling. Someone likes 3 inch gaps between a bad boob job. I have to agree. I like when fake boobs at least try to look real. Hell, I even recognize that view. Where in Boston is that?

One of the university campuses? She has an engagement ring, so chances are she is not an undergrad living on campus…. You see foot, I see boobs. Dude foot photo bomb. Posts like this make the meetings I have to attend today tolerable.

Complete agreeance with this statement! I hope to see 16 as the next Chivette of the Week! Get on it Chive…. She certainly has my attention. I will write as many bad checks as she wants me to.

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Looks kinda like a young Cameron Diaz. And you know what those some of those comic conventions must be like. When she sneezes, her abs are so tight you could probably drop an ice cube down her shirt and it would sound like a xylophone.

Nice chest, but she looks like bj penn. Where the hell are her nipples? Good Lord, yes it is! It's all for you!!! Great pic don't stop sending them in never could get tired of admiring you!

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Big Pokies Thechive Morning Girls

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Jun 28,  · See the full gallery on Burn your bra for all mankind (40 photos) By: Leo. In: White girls ftw. Oct 20,  · See the full gallery on Burn your bra Thursday (34 photos) By: Leo. In: out of all these hot girls this is the one you choose? Welcome to theCHIVE's Youtube. It's probably the best channel in the world, with definitely the best content. Here, you'll be able to watch a wide range of o.