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One of the things I like about Imam Siraj is any time you meet him, a little bit of his kindness and goodwill rubs off on you. Just being around him makes you feel like a better person. I felt that a lot tonight when Bassam and I hung out with the congregants in the mosque. The food we broke our fast with hit very close to home for me. In my teenage years, I spent a lot of time with Muslim groups that identify themselves as Tabligh Jammats. They are Muslims that travel around the country encouraging other Muslims to get more involved in their religion and local mosque activities.

Many Muslims often criticize the practices of Tabligh Jammat, but I can only speak from my own experiences- and they were all positive. The people I met on Tabligh Jammat were strangers that made me feel welcome during a time in my life I was confused about what my purpose in life was.

But anywho, the reason why the food hit close to home for me was because we had bread with cream cheese and honey out of a shared plate.

To many people, understandably so, it might be a culture shock to see people eat with their hands out of the same plate. Tonight was that case. I was sitting far away from the plate of cream cheese and honey, and had trouble reaching over. The brother sitting next to me immediately noticed me reaching and encouraged me to move in closer.

His name was Muhammad, he and the other people sitting there made sure I was comfortable and asked if I had everything I wanted.

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Within minutes we were all cracking jokes and having a blast. It was then time to pray. Imam Siraj Wahajj was not there tonight, but the imam who led us tonight also had a soothing recitation. As you can see, it was a packed house, even for a Wednesday night. Bassam and I were perfectly content waiting in line shooting the breeze about the happenings of the day.

The volunteers definitely deserve shoutouts for patiently serving such a large group of people. Considering Masjid At-Taqwa is one of the most well-known mosques in the entire country, best believe they come just as correct with their food.

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Tonight for dinner we had a nice mix of soul and island food. I had lo-mein, baked macaroni, potato salad, cornbread, baked chicken and couscous. The couscous was really good, they put in all sorts of cranberries and raisins to give it a zesty zing.

Bassam and I have both heard wonderful things about the sweets here especially the bean piebut both of us were way too full to even think about food. What Imam Siraj Wahajj and his congregation have built here in New York is definitely a shining example for the American Muslim community. When I first moved to NY, I would spend almost 2 hours on the subway from my apartment in the north Bronx all the way down to his mosque.

An almost endless row of Muslim run shops circulate around the mosque serving the entire local community, serving both Muslims and Non-Muslims. That to me is what a mosque should be. By simply having a presence in the neighborhood, everyone and everything around it becomes better as a result. You purchase it for half the price at the nearby convenient store and smuggle into the theater.

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Before we knew it, our plate was empty, but our spirits were anything but. Comments 2, September 23rd, Anonymous says: September 23rd, Anonymous says: October 4th, nxvuow says: October 8th, BadGirl37 says: Thank you for having the courage to resign, and to bring this scandalous behaviour to light.

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