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In that time I won several jackpots but compared to the money I put in just doesn't even count. The machine came before her health and her family and on the day Sophia gave birth to her daughter she played the pokies for nine hours straight. But she is not alone because the money being spent on pokies in her city is growing faster than any other area in the country.

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Her and her colleague Darryl Wesley work at Tauranga's Salvation Army and say the number of people coming to the Salvation Army's gambling service for help has risen by nine per cent in the past year. It is pokie machines that people are coming to us for support around.

It's not other aspects.

It's pokies," they said. Seven Sharp reporter Kristin Hall took the streets to find out how many pokie machines were in Tauranga. Each venue had 18 machines. That's the maximum number you're allowed.

That makes for a total of 90 machines in about a 1km radius," she said. Councils in New Zealand have different rules as to how many machines are allowed in the district, with Tauranga being the least restrictive. Mother Sophia has recovered from her addiction through counseling but she says pokies will always be around and they'll always be addictive. The chair of the eDay New Zealand Trust says the label was "embarassing", and challenges New Zealand's clean, green image. The baton is expected to be seen on mountain peaks, at adventure attractions and will visit quake-hit Kaikoura.

A front is due to approach from the west today, potentially bringing storms and downpours to a widespread area.

Latest New Zealand World Entertainment. Woman spent nine hours playing the pokies while in labour share. Over 13 long years, Tauranga mother Sophia let this addiction take over her life.

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The city focuses on a population based cap meaning that the more people, the more pokies. Related Tauranga and Bay of Plenty.

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