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The basic run down is she was married but has had no contact with her husband for 6 years and as far as we know he lives in another county with another family as an illegal immigrant. I was Girls With Pokies Australian Embassy In Philippines about the prospective fiancee visa and i was wondering a few things.

Best for you to contact the Dept of Immigration to see what they advise, and I suspect that it won't be as easy as you would like. Be aware that they are well aware of the many folk from overseas countries of both sexes who marry Au folk to gain PR, only to leave their Au partner once this has been granted.

I felt Immigration were always helpful when I brought my partner from Indonesia here on the prospective marriage visa. Phone records, photographs, special occasions spent together, emails, letters, joint accounts, stat decs from family and friends who know of your relationship, written letters from yourselves in form of stat decs, etc.

The more you can provide the less chance you will be asked for more docs or a face to face interview. A "de facto" relationship requires 2 years of proven family living. Six months is nothing, especially for Philippines which is a mail bride trafficking country. Philippines is classed as high risk. You are going to need a lot more then six months an a lot of proof. Mail order brides an I know especially Filipino girls that will play the long game for any visa are frowned upon.

Six months is nowhere near long enough to know anyone. If she is married, without a divorce which in the Philippines is almost impossible to do without a lot of money an knowing the right people, as they do NOT believe in divorce, especially if they are Catholicyou would not be able to marry. She is still legally married. Most my mates live in the Philippines but they have girls that have never been married.

Greetings guys n girls my girl friend and i have been together close to six months. You were in Australia back in July based on another thread so have you really been Pokies Youtube How To Videos for "close to 6 months"?

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How much of that close to 6 months that you were together were you actually together in the same place? I also mean it for seventeen down the track when you are comprehensively taken to the cleaners. Go and Live in Philippines. It's easier for you to go there and Plus I think you would have a better life there.

Things are cheaper etc.

Open up your own business there or get a job there is easy for someone Pokies Wild Friends Sunflower you. You are a westerner and you might have Au uni qualifications so many companies would be open to hiring you.

Just learn how to speak Filo. Maybe two centeries ago they did, but it would have only been to tell the lower class worker to go put the "peg" back into the pen Since that point it just slid down into corruption on a grande' scale I think you are delving into pretty murky waters trying to bring a married woman of 6 months into the country on a defacto visa.

I agree with what most of the other guys have said, move over there for a couple of years and then try and learn how to get the marriage annuled, maybe there are some loopholes.

I know guys that are living with there girlfriends that are still married in the Philippines. One of my friends has been living in Cebu for 14 years with his girlfriend an she is not divorced an he has told me it is simply too hard an too expensive to do.

He is almost 75 now, has very little money an does not give a shit an she has stuck by him so he did find a good one. Just try an see how she reacts to the fact she cannot come to Australia. Just see if she sticks around for a few more years Well, my first question was gonna be has he actually even met her in person or is that 6mths made up of Internet romance?

Probably a bar girl he spent an entire week with and then when he came back, she promised to wait for him and spent the next 6 months stringing him along on skype. Here's what you need to consider before embarking on this ridiculously long procedure. First, your girlfriend needs to divorce. Regardless of where her husband is, she needs to divorce first as she won't be let in the country based on your relationship with her if she's still married.

Then, you have two options; an offshore de facto visa or a PMV. PMV requires less evidence than the offshore de facto visa don't know how much in detailhowever if you want to go for the de facto visa you'd need to have heaps of tangible evidence and also need to show that you've lived together for at least a year in some cases less if you meet some of the exceptions listed on the DIBP website.

It's not two years as someone above mentioned. Browse Girls With Pokies Australian Embassy In Philippines immi website and see what suits you. The visa processing times are months currently. Could go for more or less, deepening on the case. If you apply for an offshore de facto visa your girlfriend would get a temporary visa. She'd be eligible for PR two years after the date of applying not visa grant date for the initial visa, depending on the evidence supplied.

If you go for PMV she will be granted a visa for 9 months I believe in which you will have to get married and then apply for onshore de facto visa straight away.

Yeah i called the immigration officer and she was actually pretty unaware of how or what the requirements are. We spend every minute together. I consider it to be a relationship Go on the web site and also read the relevant visa booklets. Immigration on the phone are well known to give wrong advice so whatever they say to you take it with a pinch of salt. I'm being serious, they've misled people before. And you can't go back and blame it on them as the onus is on you to prove your case to them, plus the lady on the phone's advice has no legal weight and they don't really care what they say.

In your case I might hire an agent purely because your girlfriends situation is complicated, but do your research first. I just read your last update. If that's the case scrape the de facto visa option, you have absolutely no chance if you are in a long distance online relationship. Go for PMV, but frankly speaking I don't know whether you qualify and what the requirements are. Go on australiaforum dot com, there is plenty of immigration advice over there. She needs to get a divorce either way.

Online is so different to real life, spending every minute together Have you seen the show 'Catfish' Legal, social, ethical it really depends where your reality is. Right now most of my time is on the computer. Yeah i was hoping it wouldn't come to that. Annulment in the Philippines can be a long complicated procedure that basically will involve proving her husband is mentally incompetent of being in a marriage.

Look you can apply for a prospective marriage visa 6 months Igt Pokies Blogspot Themes Downloads is ok but you will have to 1.

Last she will need a annulment ,without this you will have no hope of obtaining a visa extra costs An annulment is very difficult in the philippines and your chances are slim 5. My advice forget it sorry Or live in the philippines with her for 12 months and get an annulment and apply for a partner visa still a slim chance.

All the above is true. An if you have not met the girl, you are legally, not in a relationship. Like I said, Immigration is protecting you from doing anything stupid.

You have next to no chance for a divorce an she knows this. A immigration lawyer will not get her in if she is married I would tell her she has no hope to come to Australia an see how she takes it.

Order search out With In Philippines Embassy Girls Pokies Australian

Plenty of Filipinos out there just visa shopping. If you have not met the girl, go to the Philippines for a month or two. See how you handle their culture; their family comes first before you. See how you handle paying out for the whole families living expenses or for some cousins school fee because they cry they are to poor to pay themselves.

I hope your not sending money yet to her. These Internet girls can be so good at playing the long game Look, the story above does not surprise me.

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I met some guy at Clarke that was visiting his girlfriend for the first time. I shared a taxi with him, helped him get roses for his girlfriend an as his place was only like meters away from my bus station, I stayed with him to met his girlfriend. She came out to the taxi an was heavily pregnant. He sat there, was not sure what to say. He just threw the roses at her an I asked the taxi to go.

He came an stayed at my house for 3 days an ended up going to Angles for some P4P. I know you don't wanna hear this, nor want to believe it, but I'm gonna say it anyway — you're most likely not the only one, she's probably playing many more dudes just like you, same as she is you.

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Yes, it's a relationship. A relationship does exists between a scammer and their mark though. How's about you start Googling things like "Filipina romance scam" and "How to identify a Filipino scammer" etc. I'm guessing you'll have alarm bells going off and red flags flying all over the place. Or start simple — just Google her name and her email addy. You'll be paying for that.

Strange thing is, you don't even actually know if there is a "hubby" or if that's just part of her tangled web.

Hell, do you even know if she's a female or lady-boy?

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  1. Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte visited the HMAS Adelaide, the largest ship ever built for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Welcoming the President on arrival were Australian Ambassador Amanda Gorely, Australian Chief of Defence Mark Binskin and Commander Joint Task Group, Indo-Pacific Endeavour ,  Missing: girls ‎pokies.:
    The Direct Aid Program is a flexible small grants scheme funded by the Australian Government and administered by the Australian Embassy in the Philippines. Disadvantaged children; Marginalised women and young girls; Indigenous peoples; Persons with disability; Other marginalised groups such as the youth, the  Missing: pokies. For after-hours emergencies please call +63 2 and follow the prompts to transfer (toll free) to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade hour Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra or call direct on +61 2 Visas and Citizenship Enquiries. The Consular Section does not process Citizenship or  Missing: girls ‎pokies. Home · The Philippines · Filipinos in Australia Factbook · PHL Economy · PHL Business Opportunities · The President · Cabinet Members · Speeches · 4th SONA - 22 July · 5th SONA - 28 July · The Flag · National Anthem · Map · The Filipino People · The Philippine Gov't · PHL-AUS Factbook · The Embassy.
  2. Philippine police detonate a suspicious package thought to be a home-made bomb after finding it in a bin near the US embassy in Manila.:
    I would tell her she has no hope to come to Australia an see how she takes it. Plenty of Filipinos out there just visa shopping. If you have not met the girl, go to the Philippines for a month or two. See how you handle their culture; their family comes first before you. See how you handle paying out for the whole. Roulette valise rechange Resorts World Manila Casino Games New years blue chip casino Blackjack billy redneck margarita Online poker casino us play . slots online Vegas baby blue chip casino Welche online casinos sind die besten Resorts World Manila Casino Games Top ten australian online casinos Play free.

Truth Girls With Pokies Australian Embassy In Philippines why not share your

formulate picture

But I was married to an Oz bird for a number of years who never worked but had the audacity to constantly complain that I wasn't earning enough. When it all ended, as it was destined to do, I got cleaned out for the simple fact that she didn't work of her own choice. When I look back at it, it is as you describe. When you are young, dumb and very virile, it is easy to be impressionable and think with your d What I don't get is these old guys who are well past it but seemingly fall for all the BS.

Don't they have any life experience to make them more wary? Their age makes them vulnerable. They're dealing with health issues, confidence issues associated with getting old. Middle age does that to everyone. It seems like last week you could go on a bender and still be okay.

Now your eyes take like 30 mins to focus in the morning And everyday there's a new discovery in how you just can't do what you used to. Confidence is slowly chipped away. Then some visually appealing person comes along and plays to your vanity and the idea that you are somehow different to all the other ageing people.

Sadly, human vanity and denial falls for it every time. Could you ever truly stand in the face of a long desired relationship falling into your lap and see it critically? Even if you could, would you be tempted to just experience it for a little while?

In a sharp twist of irony, young people are less vulnerable to these kinds of ploys. They are still arrogant enough, and in most cases attractive enough to imagine that hey, some incredibly hot person could be attracted to them and if one is, then there's more.

No big loss for them to walk away from this situation. But a person who has lived half their life settling for what they can get instead of what they desire and feeling dissatisfaction along the way, is easily taken in by what looks like final vindication that they were all along worthy. And once offered it's difficult to walk away from, what if this is your big chance? How confident are you that this will happen again?

I see lots of old men sitting at the bars here. My best friend has a shop here in Thailand, directly across the road from many of the red light bars an I sit out the front of her shop most nights looking at the goings on.

Most of the old guys are lonely an that life experience just goes out the door when a 19 year old hottie struts her stuff in front of them. They just lose it. I have seen 19 year old Ladyboys do the same thing an the same guys lose it. Seems to me the little head controls the outcome much more so then the big one. The always wanting for company an sex is well over my head. Most these old guys are overweight, drink heavily an really, not many girls of many races would put up with them.

That's why they have to pay for a girl either just for a "short" time or if it is on a longterm relationship, that regular longterm payment, just for company, can become much more expensive. You see, that's the thing I don't get. I can understand them wanting some temporary female human touch even just a cuddle from time to time, but surely they could limit that to just now and then. But you are right, when that 19 y o hottie struts her stuff, all common sense and reality goes out the window, and then they can end up handing over their life savings over a short period of time to the hottie.

You would like to think their age makes them more worldly and experienced, but I suspect you are right — for some, it just makes them more vulnerable. I cant speak for myself yet as I am not of that age, but I would like to think that I would be a stronger person than that. I guess it comes down to, as you say, finally having what you have always wanted, letting your ego get carried away, and damned be the consequences.

Viagra an injectables get a flogging here. The girls complain bitterly about it. They say the men can go longer an force themselves more upon then for much longer durations then what is normal. Without the help of a "smurf", it would be a up hill battle. In all honesty, I cannot see what is in it for them either as that 19 year old hottie is not doing it for love an catching HIV is possible as a lot of these girls are forced into unsafe sex. Still, I have seen men in there 70's that have straight their whole life head off with drop dead gorgeous Ladyboys.

Like this thread suggests, it's all a scam Immigration is protecting you from yourself. You'd be surprised on how fit some of these old men can be. Thats more location based.

The Visayas region has a langauge that is very close to spanish, the Visayas are the central islands around Cebu. There's no such thing as a Divorce in the Philippines, you have to get an annulment which is a lot harder to get.

So todays top tip If you want to marry a Filipina, dont do it in the Philippines. Pick somewhere that permits divorce. Makes me wonder if any guys do a reverse con and just pretend to be interested in eventually paying for stuff, getting married etc but never do. Have a good time and then move on when bored or they realise he will never pay a cent.

But there's really not a lot of benefit in it for them, especially for the effort. So it's mostly just sociopaths. That does not work all the time. I married my Filipino wife in Australia but had also sent my marriage papers to the Philippines to get reconized as a legal marriage. It took about 4 months to do, but I got the paperwork back from the Marriages department saying our marriage was accpted legally in the Philippines.

The wife kicked up a real fuss over this, but due to the fact at some stage in the future I wanted to apply for PR in the Philippines, I needed to do this to show intent. Now that we are not together, even though we are separated in Australia, she can never divorce in the Philippines an it has made her so angry now as she cannot get her boyfriend from the Philippines now to Australia under even a defacto relationship. Has made my life so good knowing she can never bring the bastard here that broke us up in the first place.

I good system would be when you sponsor a spouse, its easy and quick, but if the relationship "breaks down" at any time later, the sponsored partner has 14 days to leave the country. This would rapidly sort out the fakes me thinks, as they would know they have to keep the act up for life Actually in certain countries in Asia Thailand there is really no such thing as a permanent resident visa since you have to attend an immigration interview every year to prove your relationship is still current.

It's really just an extended tourist visa. To be honest, this business we have in Australia where one person gets their foot in the door and subsequently imports their entire extended family afterwards is a bit silly. I don't know of many countries in the world with that situation.

Yes, you have a heap of obligations you need to meet. As you said, it is like one big tourist visa It is really wrong; I have to agree with that I really think now, if you let in, Australia should place a 20 year monoterium on the fact if a marriage breaks down in this amount of time, they get deported back. I have seen in excess of over 15 of my friends, or friends of friends, that have their marriages break down after the wife gets PR after 2 years. I have even seen removlisit come in just days after the PR visa gets stamped into the passports an the Filipino wife walking out.

Most my friends now, whom are very serious about keeping the relationship together, go an live in Thailand or the Philippines. You are much more under control an you cannot get done for half your assets in theses countries if you do not bring the money in. I am interested as well. I think it is true as Fairy Floss has said so on more than one occasion.

A bit OT but nonetheless would be very interesting if she is willing to share. I once placed a profile with my photo on Date In Asia, for those that know the site, it is an internet dating site to meet women all over South East Asia.

I can tell you I was inundated with messages from Phillipino women, much more than any other Asian nationality. You can basically have your pick of women decades younger than you, very attractive ones too, and boy did they want to ramp it up quick, talking about wanting to marry you after only a few messages being exchanged.

There was a real sense of desperation about it too, saying they loved you after a couple of messages and wanting you to quickly come to the Phillipines. Never experienced such a hunger from women before. Its nothing like placing a profile on RSVP or such, where you might be lucky to get a message a day if that from a woman in Australia. I am talking an in box full every day of messages. So in summary, those Phillipino women are absolutely desperate to land a man to take them away from it all.

Just my input for the day. It's a strategy called 'love bombing' and despite how obvious it is, it's extremely effective. Deep down everyone wants to believe that someone will love them desperately. Of course the world and love doesn't work like that. Most people will find a significant other but it's less of the hyped fairy tale and a bit more awkward and struggle but get there in the end kind of thing.

Basically if love comes on hard and strong with no setbacks whatsoever, then alarm bells should be ringing. That goes for both men and women.

Real people, being authentic with each other, have misunderstandings, arguments and the occassional tiffs. It's all part of adjusting to each other and getting to know the real person. If your SO just slots seamlessly into your life with never so much as an adjustment then you haven't got a real person, you've someone mirroring you Have a few friends who have Asian ladies as wives, and they couldn't be happier: I am talking Filipino and Indonesia.

Like a lot of things, its about doing your due diligence and using your head. I went on an Asian dating site and lasted a day: I saw through it. I don't have an inferiority complex but a girl of 25 throwing her self at me: I was introduced to a Filipino lady a few months ago by one of my friends wives, and we have just been chatting on messenger and the odd phonecall, looking promising. If things work out, that won't be a problem in her case, her parents passed away years ago and this has been confirmed.

She is a school teacher and hence very articulate and bright. I will take a trip to the Phillipines maybe next year, eyes wide open, tourist first. I have a Filipino wife and couldn't be happier this post has gone off the rails.

They are Muslim, are they not? I mean the girl's family won't let them marry a Christian Westerner. There are many islands of Indonesia that aren't Muslim, Balii being the best example Hindu.

But in any case, no, you won't have trouble finding a Muslim girl that will marry you. She puts out for 6 months, gets a Visa and comes to Oz as your "prospective fiancee". Busts up with you and imports her husband after doing what's required. Not all of them, no.

My wife was originally from East Java and she's Catholic. I didn't meet her on any dating site, and she's 2 years old than me. It makes me cringe when I see some 65 year old Aussie bloke walking down the road with a 22 year old Filipino girl. I am one of the most careful men you will met around. I was working in the Philippines when I met my ex-wife. She had a Masters Degree, we met at a work place meeting.

She was extremely well educated. So yes, it is also the educated ones that can take you for a ride as well. The Visa an the call of a job overseas earning, in her case, 20 times more then what she could ever earn in the Philippines was just too much To resist. Contrary to popular opinion, partner visas are very hard to get, especially for an immigrant PR's can be cancelled as well.

However the best advice for marrying a girl from an SE Asian nation is to live in her country. There are a lot of couples who live happily ever after The horror stories are easier if it happens over there. Advice for a man to live in the Philippines to test the potential bride isn't all that practical unless he is retired from work.

Suppose the man has a successful career here, should he give it up just to test the woman? If he lives over there, what sort of work will he find? How can he support himself? Surely there are plenty of women of all cultures here to choose from without going overseas. That point is very true. Mostly this method is for older guys that are on there 3rd marriage around and have not much to lose. Most my mates are very happy in Cebu and live the dream.

You just don't bring them home or like this poster says, find someone suited for you here already The Visa isn't the real issue. The real issue is the girl is leaving her friends, family and the cuture she knows. You're asking a girl to leave everyone she's ever known to live in a strange land with a culture she's not used to.

As you well know, Asian women are extremely social creatures. Filipinas handle this better than Thais, but its still the number one cause of relationship breakdowns. Not to say that relationships between westerners and Asian women in Australia dont work out. I know some going on 20 years But homesickness is something to be acutely aware of. Homesickness is a problem and also, even if there previous boyfriend beat the living shit out of them, they still say to you that you cannot understand their culture and you are not understanding enough.

You are just not Filipino and that says it all So, yes, the previous boyfriend from the Philippines can come home drunk, beat the living shit out of them but because it is accepted culturally, it is okay. Nothing is said and just looked over via the family. If we did something like that, we would be charged the next day and off to the pokie. Different standards for different ways that neither you are me cannot understand. This is a bit of a sensitive story for me and something I still feel bad about, but I dated a Muslim girl in Indonesia and met the family etc.

Right as we were breaking up her brother texted me and asked had I not seen the marks on her? Turns out what had happened was her father had found a pregnancy test in her handbag and beat the crap out of her with bamboo. My Hindu friends encouraged her to go to the police it's illegal to beat anyone, even your children but she refused.

Female genital mutilation is still widely practiced also. These things are totally wrong to me, but I'm just a bule foreigner. I also had girls play games with me, luckily I didn't lose out too badly. I dated a Muslim girl in Indonesia and met the family etc. I'm surprised the family let the girl go out alone with you, them being Muslim.

They should beat the crap out of you with bamboo, not her. Complicated situation, I was trying to get her committed at the time. Ended up at a westerner clinic where we all spoke the language.

The doctors said if she didn't eat she'd be dead. It all worked out. Actually I thought my post was quite tame compared with some of the others like "Me so horny" and "She wont love you long time" just to name a couple. I was well an truly married before, over a 15 year period, that I met a lot of these people and I just watched everyone get burnt to pieces.

I had no red flags but only one that now stands so far out in my mind, I should have seen it. That flag was when she really tried very, very hard to not get me to registrar the marriage in the Philippines.

This then meant, if she every had to try to go for divorce or annulment in the Philippines, it would make it impossible to do. I would have the paperwork signed up an ready to go and she would just make some excuse to not send it off till next week.

It was a real kick and a fuss and she normally never was like that. After is was all done as I said to her at a later date I may want to go and live for extended times in the Philippines when I got older, she said nothing. When she left me, she really spat the dummy at me saying she could not bring her boyfriend from the Philippines to Australia as she needed an annulment from the Philippines and it would be impossible, even with time and a lot of money to get.

She would need me to show up to court for a starter and that ends it all; she would never have a chance of me doing that and I would be more then happy to make her life hell and breaking her with court costs in the Philippines I just don't understand why men have to go overseas to find partners. There are so many women here, all cultures, tall, short, pretty, ugly, fat, slim. Why go overseas for gold diggers when you can find them here?

Really easy for you to "say" what you feel. I could also do the same, but my wife and I are happily married, I have a ring on my finger and she has one on hers. I am not not one of those "men" who went out of his way to "buy" a wife from overseas, we met locally when she was a student and I was introduced to her by a friend of mine.

We still had to go through the same visa process, and it's only a few months until my wife gets PR. We are happy, so that's where it stops. Your username probably explains a lot. If your life sucks, why whinge and moan in a thread that doesn't concern you? Also, most of the women here are well and truly experienced since the age of these days, I have no interest in someone's sloppy seconds, and I'm Happy to hear some good stories but in general I just dont understand how people can get conned so easily, both online and once they are physically together during the 2 year period before PR.

The relationships must be pretty wafer thin, like just purely physically if you cant tell they are using you to get PR over several years. Glad that you are posting about it here- hopefully others will learn about these scams and avoid them.

Their perception of wealth is very different to ours. Plenty of the poorer people in other countries view that as Rich!!!! These men can go to poorer countries. They aren't actually wealthy. It's becoming increasingly noticeable — the number of male pensioners walking around with imported women half their age. These women are after money, and yes, even a pensioner in Australia is deemed to be wealthy in their eyes. Plus, standard of living is much better here than alot of those countries. So these men hook-up with these women and once they've been taken for a ride they cry poor me.

This is a forum I am free to express my opinion and curiosity. If you are so sensitive and easily offended you should not participate in forum. Maybe what you wrote here about your wife is codswallop. Perhaps the truth is, you went over to wherever to buy her, hence you are so incensed and over reacting? Never sure why people have to import wives.

Usually it's people who can't get a girl friend here so they have to settle for that. Welp, that answer my question. Absolutely disgusting, no wonder you had to offer a visa to get a wife.

Go and visit Monaco or Luxembourg and see how keen the local women there are to marry Aussies lol. I didn't know that we were still checking intact Hymens in Australian men's attractiveness to local women, decreases significantly in wealthier countries.

That's what people have been saying the whole time about white men going to SE Asia, it's only about money. I want people to understand this. I was not the average, run of the mill type of guy that runs across to Asia looking for a wife. I was working between Shanghai, Toyko and Manila when I met my wife. I had during this time a few Chinese girl friends but that was a different matter; mainly just for fun as I was still in my 20's. When I met my wife, we had a similar education, a similar wage in someways she was on average money for a Filipino with a Masters Degree working for a major company and we just seemed to hit it off.

A normal start to a relationship that grew after many trips and time in the Philippines. She had relatives in Australia that lived close to me as well and that help cement things as I was made to feel part of the family. Maybe it was just over the years the differences in culture that took her back to her old boyfriend in the Philippines.

Yet now for others that what to go into such a cross cultural relationship, I have a few red flags for you you can reflect upon. All these questions need to be asked from the very beginning with a fully understanding of the repercussions from day one.

Does she want you to support her family. Once she gets a job, plans for a house for the parents to be built are bought up. She only wants to integrate with fellow Filipinos and does not want to integrate with your friends, or seems uninterested to do so.

If you are starting off in a online romance, no money is to be spent on the person. Only until you met the person, can you start anything. Sex is not freely given in the Philippines. Yes, go to Angels to buy it if you wish but most ordinary girls will not give it out to a "long nose" foreigner easily.

Look, this list could go on forever, but that biggest thing I can stress, if it comes down to money, be a tight-arse, do not give and see how much they love you after that If you do get involved with a Filipino, protect your assets from day one. Start a family trust or see a lawyer to get sorted out what you own before you are married, so in case of a divorce, you know where you stand.

I would, if ever getting involved again, would go and live in the country but my hate now for the Philippines is so great, I am pretty blind to the beauty of it and really, that is a damn shame as it is a nice country Perhaps your friends did not accept her.

I don't mean they told her blatantly. Usually, we get the vibes when someone doesn't like us. Your friends might have the attitude or misconception that your wife was one of those Filipino mail ordered bride.

They might have snubbed her when you're not looking. Did she tell you that? Or you didn't believe her?

Do you not know that some white Aussies are racists? No, I am talking the other way around in the sense, they do not want to fit in with your friends and your friends have bent over backwards to help them. I see so many that will not fit in but will go out to the Sunday get together's at the local park with other like minded people Filipino get together's and be in a way, racist to your friends. I have seen this happen many times. I do not know how they like these get together's in the first place as everyone is trying to show off.

There are quite a few Philippine housekeepers in my suburb. I sometimes catch the loser cruiser up the road and I'm always amazed at how many branded handbags, jewellery and accessories they wear. I see the OP hasn't been online in 7 days. I think this is a little harsh. Initially, she would have very little in common with Aussie culture and aussie people.

Probably will take a few years for her to get the hang of australian culture. My fiancee has met my friends and gets one very well with them, they all can't wait for her to finally move here. But the key is finding the right ones. I have a good friend ex neighbour who is Filipino and came to Aus as a skilled migrant — she has said she will help Em in any way to help her settle, and will plug her into the right network.

I have neighbours with 70 yo Aussie husband and 40 yo Filipino wife. They socialise with couples of the same situation, namely all men are old Aussie and much younger Filipino wives. I imagine the wives being of the same culture and the men all Aussies, would have no problem with integration. I've always wondered why the vast majority of Westerners going to Asia to find a partner are men who are looking for a wife. There are barely any Western women going abroad to look for a husband. It's a no brainer.

Western women will not marry poor Asian men and live in hut. I'm sure you have your own theories which you will no doubt share with us. Yes, the reason we see this is because of the hypergamous nature of females.

Females living in Western countries like Australia are richer and live much better lives than most of the men in Asia, which automatically disqualifies all of these men as potential mates. It's quite interesting to read all of the posts in this thread relentlessly shaming the OP for considering bringing a woman from the Philippines to Australia. It's quite clear that these people are upset by what this action represents: Even if this particular case is a scam and I would say that it probably is , it is good that the OP realises his options.

I've seen more concern for the OP than shaming, but maybe that doesn't fit in with your narrative? Most posts here express concerns for the OP and the posters share their own negative experience.

I think it is a good thing. If I were to embark on something as serious as life changing event, I'd certainly read up the relevant advice as much as I can, albeit unpleasant.

It's for your own good. There's a few women do it as well, but its a rare woman that can't get her physical needs met in Oz for free. However, as you mentioned, I'm sure that it's only an extremely small number of women who actually feel compelled to take part in something like this — and even for those who do, it's probably more for the novelty factor. I had a few suitors when visiting asia and even when i was semi interested in them and thought they were attractive.

Same with asian men in Australia. I would usually reject asians unless i know they are asian australians and grew up or born here.

Yes, I have seen too many men damaged now an if anything of my experience just makes anyone think twice, not think alone with your little head, look deeper into things, I will be happy We have good people anywhere but I hate to say, good people that are timid in the ways of this world that will get burnt so easy by these shamesters because of loneliness.

Most the girls I met over her dating Asian men I would not want to be seen with. Mostly they are real Bogans an you can see why they have hooked up with some guy not just Asian, but any guy in fact , greasing there hands with money to pay with whiskey. Yet I met one, girl last year married n to a Thai an they had two beautiful children; he was educated an seemed very happy. Again, it was a met at work relationship both are teachers an they seem to work out well. Last night I talked to a couple for about a hour.

One was a Lady boy about 30 an the other was a German guy about They had been together for 7 years now an seemed very happy with each other It's very interesting how oftentimes men going to Asia looking for a partner push the idea that the girl only wants Australian citizenship to the back of their mind or they outright don't actually care. It appears that men often feel happy that they're "saving" the girl from poverty etc , without worrying much about the long-term prospects of the relationship.

It's because we are not sexually attracted to them. God was not kind to Asian men. Are you insinuating that when choosing a partner women are significantly influenced by probable penis size?

Sexually attraction is important to a relationship. Basically you need to be sexually attracted to the person to have the relationship. I believe a lot of Asian women are more sexually attracted to western men because of their genetic sexual physique. If there is sexual incompatibility the relationship will not last. In order to reproduce have children you need to be sexually attracted to them, this is evolution. I hear of the term lady boy often.

Is it really a person with male genitals? In that case the two are homosexual, no? I completely agree — sexual attraction is the prerequisite for a relationship. As a man, I can tell you that a woman needs to be thin, young the younger the better , healthy, have nice, wrinkle-free skin and long hair in order for us to find her attractive.

Genetic sexual physique — are you referring to the man's entire body here because the link you posted only referred to penis size?

I'm in a relationship with a transgender from the philippines and we are quite happy in our relationship together. In that case the two are homosexual. I cannot say homosexual. These are people that are mixed up with a girls body and mind set that have male genitals. Some you can tell are Ladyboys they are 6ft tall and are masculine and others, it is almost impossible too. Hormone replacement, false breasts, SRS sexual reassignment surgery , hair extensions, bone shrinking drugs and the list goes on They look so much like a lady look after there looks about a times more then any lady , act better then most ladies very formal and are loyal beyond loyal.

Yes, a lot of prostitute work as Ladyboys but most I know come from good families that are well to do an attend University and led normal lives. One of my best friends is a Ladyboy; have known her for 6 years and we are great friends and is so loyal and protective of me, it is nice to know, if I have any problems here at all in Thailand, she will sort them out for me. She runs a very successful business and gets on with my parents so well when they come over to visit. A very good friend When I get sick, she comes round and see's me with a Nurse, makes sure I am taking medication and drives me to doctors appointments.

Very, very faithful friends but do not get on the bad side of them; very jealous as a enemy as friendship is something they value above all. The whole package including the genitals. What you are sexually attracted too. Very hard to make a baby with someone who your not sexually attracted too.

You must be for it all to work. Very hard to make a baby if your not sexually attracted to them. The penis wouldn't be erect and vagina not lubricated. I went out with a Italian girl when I was about She was a 'real woman' an compared to a few girls I had been with, she really knew how to look after a bloke very well.

She really was pretty and was very sure of herself. We saw each other for about 5 months, She was 19 and she told me outright, that she would only marry someone that would keep her sexually satisfied.

She really did care about 'package size" and after we broke up she saw about another 10 men over the coming years. We are good Facebook friends, even up to this day and she has a brood of kids now. She ended up marrying a really nice guy but we all had heard the rumors that he was really well 'hung. Many people are forced to do this because they are unable to attract a higher quality mate.

I saw the movie but she never reminded me that way or did her parents creep me out Yes, the Italian Stallion How many scams do you think are out there? Our OP seems not to have liked our comments, yet I would really like to see what he is really thinking now?

Does he think he is one of the many that can find love online? I know of one guy that went to Shanghai to see a girl he was supporting for 6 months like this, just for her not to show up. Seems like so many ways to rip you a new one out of your wallet.. I am male, and thats a great question.

At first i was confused and thought maybe bisexual? I'd say i'm straight or at the very most "bi" however i have no attraction to men at all. Also i might add for everyone else in LDR's, put your partner in circumstances where money wont be avaliable and see what they do. If they stick by you then you have a keeper if they leave then you know their true intentions. I thought as much because you are attracted to your partners femininity I imagine.

Your answer does not surprise me at all. Mik0, I have to agree with you. See how they control themselves during these times and if they are not playing the long game, you should get a resolution.

My best friend is super attractive an as a guy, I think she is super hot but I do not want to ruin a good friendship and I would hazard at a guess, most men would find her super attractive. Classic example was this. We were sitting out the front of the shop a few weeks back and a bar close to us is a mix of gay, Ladyboy's and go-go girls working.

We just had some random guy sit down next to us we have seats out the front of her shop so we can watch customers walk pass and he went off at us about these gay, ladyboy bars so close to us. He then proceeded to then spend about 30 minutes trying to pick my friend up and she just let him play along for something to do.

When he asked her for her phone number, she said to him "Fine, do you realize before we go out for a drink, I am a Ladyboy? No really, it is about the person inside and you can wonder why many Ladyboy's really cover there feelings up so they don't get hurt.

I wonder how many men get scammed by ladyboys online dating, not being told that they have man bits. It is a pretty big scam now in the Philippines. I know of schemes that bad Ladyboys first hook the punter via mass mail outs of fake photos and then introduce them to real women that look similar.

They proceed to rip the punter off scams like what happened after the last big Typhoon. That use that they have no home now and need help or they have no clean water, etc, etc. It is a group scheme but works very well.

OMG, reading these posts makes me realise I live such a boring, sheltered, narrow way of life in an Adelaide suburb! No ones life is boring or sheltered. My life really only got interesting in the last 6 years or so. Getting very, very ill an my illness is now so volatile, waking up each day not knowing if I am going to be Doctor Jeckel or Mr Hyde in nature is draining on all around me an is hell , having to change so many things after my wife left me, made me change.

I love living in Thailand. Makes me feel so alive. Australia is like a old sock to me; nice and safe and comfortable to slide into and Thailand is like a young horse that still needs training; still a little wild an unknown.

I had 6 months with no work earlier this year — things became pretty tight towards the end. My fiancee had a job by that stage and said that I should just keep my money for my mortgage, she was ok on her salary. I've had a long talk with my gf explaining if i didnt have money for whatever reason she would be ok with that and i'd be working it out.

She totally understood and didnt give it a second thought. Lol Same with my gf, i wont deny it, she is pretty damn hot lol. However i do get a good laugh to myself when all my friends some of which who are super conservative comment on how hot she is and have no idea shes trans cause if they knew they would throw a massive fit at them selves haha.

I think that's great your friend points it out straight away, no beating around the bush, just lets the person know straight up from the start which is what my current gf did with me. It's a shame so many of them cover it all up cause every one is so damn closed minded. I was a little sad when my gf told me she didnt want me to tell my friends or family about it for my sake of them thinking differently about me.

My parents come over an have taken a great like to my friend. In there late 70's an have no social hangups with anyone. No use hiding the fact that you spend hours a day, most days with your friend even if they are gay or ladyboy , either sitting at her work or going out for a meal with her an other friends. If no one likes me for my social group of friend or even lovers or girlfriends past , they are not worth being friends with.

As it is my community service, my civic duty, to pipe up and say — Nahhh.. I don't really see it like that. This is how I'm seeing it I think that's great your friend points it out straight away, no beating around the bush, just lets the person know straight up from the start. But if you have a quick gander at the two sentences which immediately preceded that first quote there, you see this:.

We just had some random guy sit down next to us and he went off at us about these gay, ladyboy bars so close to us. Still an interesting li'l eavesdrop all the same. Mik0, just because you aren't the norm doesn't discount the fact that the Majority of the men are older or pensioners who are most likely already divorced and already taken to the cleaners so not much money leftover with not much female prospects.

I wont call crap on this one, but it is close. I see almost every night some young guy years old getting drunk here, bar fining a prostitute and taking them home. Some times it is girls they are talking home. I even know some year old German guys that are now married. It is not a pedo scene as all seem to think I see many year old guys here with Thai girlfriends. Mostly, they never last as the guy has another 1 or 2 girls on the side boffing them.

Mostly it is never the girls fault unless they are prostitutes themselves and are doing the same. But no, there are a lot of girls here and lots of young European guys that are dating young Thai girls.

The young Thai girls love being with a younger guy. Why do you think most the prostitutes are willing to give it out for free to hot looking Thai guys but will not give it out for free to older Thai girls.

Look it is a dog eat dog world here. I get offered things to do here on a daily basis that would blow your mind If you can do that without having to go to an office it's great. Being able to live a good life and not work Have you ever seen a Ladyboy? I mean, one that has had "the works". From silicon hips, facial reconstruction, injectible hormones till they get the chop , drugs that shrink the bone structure, vocal chords shaved and made finer for a softer voice?

Maybe not but if you did, you will be flat out seeing that they are a Ladyboy. In fact, you will most likely think you are sitting next to a extremely beautiful woman.

They are better looking then most girls by a long shot and that is one of the only ways you will know they are a Ladyboy. They are too good looking to be true. Just like looking at a Korean Barbie Doll. My friend has spent a fortune on her body and she has all sorts of offers most days from men.

She is upfront with it all now as getting burnt all the time is not a good feeling. She plays now with men as she has really had enough of being called out.

The only guys that want her are old men that are bi-sexual and treat them like a toy. They only want a guy that see's them as woman in whole but to find a guy like this, is very, very hard. Plenty of what we call P4P Pay for Play guys out there in the Ladyboy world but they are real arses and no good Ladyboy wants to go with a guy like that It is a difficult world an really, something most of us could never understand but I find it very interesting as my friend is really nice and that is all that matters in any person and I learnt a great deal from this friendship I am on around K passive income till the day I drop dead but it will increase over the age of 65 to over 60k and I do not need much more.

I live well on this and lead a life of around k here with what I can buy with it. Well, not really k as I am too sick at times to enjoy it. So like the good old Captain is saying, it is easy to do if you have the passive income. I know guys that are 25, running internet companies, programming here and earning 70k a year.

Man, they live a hard life. Just one constant party when not programming and the places they live out of are just in the WOW factor.. Russia and eastern europe would have hotter girls though so if i was a young man. I have seen it from both sides now. Mostly the old guys find some older farm girl and settle down. The ones looking for a fancy handbag on their arms are the ones that are always in trouble. I go now by the age and the looks of the girls to the guys.

The younger and prettier they are and the quality of English, gives them away. Mostly they will have come from a bar. Some may have worked in the Hospitality industry but will have a agenda. Of course they can come from a good University but like I said before, most these University girls are too busy looking for some hot young guy to boff, to be interested in Grandpa Like yesterday, I saw one very pretty girl with a very old man shopping in one of the highso areas.

If he did not know, she was a prostitute. Only a few days prior, I saw her on the side of the road at about 1am selling her wares to the highest bidder. You can never tell and so easy to get caught out. The younger guys can play the field but I have met guys married before 25 here and they are doing well. It is just how it is played I gather and if they think they found the right match. Sorry mate but by going by that exact paragraph you wrote.

I don't understand your post quoting me. I can see no correlation between my point and the reply that you've added a snippet of my post to. What do you mean? Only tell us what you are comfortable with, but can you give some examples.

I am trying to understand what you mean by this in terms of how you describe it as a dog eat dog world. To be honest, I see heaps of examples here in Oz of how dog eat dog it is in terms of competitiveness and one upmanship in terms of material things. In my experience, there are many men that would never have sex with a man, nor are they attracted to men, but they would have sex with a man who looks and acts like a women.

To me they are not gay at all and I don't think gay man would consider them gay either. Maybe technically they are , but who cares, technically I'm a lot of things that I don't consider myself to be and neither do people who know me. Some people I have met are disgusting an some are so strong, just to make a buck to live, it makes you wonder.

One example is this. I had a friend offer another friend to be a agent for getting girls to work in brothels in Korea. This was last night. The girls needed to boff the first clients for free. They said no to the offer as in Buddhist culture, selling another person as introducation is evil. Its okay to sell yourself an repent, but to do to others is bad karma.

It is truly is disgusting an only one of the hundreds of different scams going now.. If your a small dog looking to live, sometimes the bigger dog here will have you for dinner. No competition at all. You are just swallowed whole I think the extra penis in the bed makes the whole "looks like a woman" thing redundant. Maybe if the partner was post OP, but pre OP, you'd have to be at least bi to be interested. Like lots of things in life, people are happy to do things until they get a name and the stigma that usually goes with it.

I sort of agree with you there. In a long term relationship, yes the ' extra' is going to come up now and then. I accept that there could be a bit of bi going on even if the extra is not in play. Well, I know a few guys that 'like' the extra bits an I will call them gay.

The one's that don't find those other bits appealing, I don't know how to class them but most of whom I have spoken to, say they like woman and are straight. The second biggest misconception is that if you live in SE Asia you must be poor. I got friends here that are super poor but they think they are the richest people in the world.

As one friend says "I come from a poor country but live a much richer life then any Westerner. I eat, I drink, I not worry about tomorrow as I could be dead. What can be better then that? Another whom has lived an worked in Australia an whom is poor tells me, "I have not to worry about a mortgage.

I have my family to take care of me instead of a nursing home when I get old. I am much richer then you" Cant agree more with this. My Partner takes extreme pride in her appearance, so much i'd say she looks better than any "real girl" i'd ever seen. Neither my friends or colleagues have been able to even pick up a trace shes trans and they think she is extremely attractive.

Sometimes i think maybe she is too goo to be true but then i see how much effort she puts into making herself look good and then it all makes sense. I feel sorry for your friend being burnt like that, its not fair tbh. I guess its the whole "used to be a guy" kind of thing people need to get over. I don't want to talk my self up but there are people like myself who do respect these kinds of women for who they are out there, we are just rare to come by.

Has your friend tried online dating? I actually met my partner via that and we are perfect for each other. It would be quicker and easier to weed out the people who are in it for a root and those who want a relationship. Being gay means you are attracted to the male physique and male traits. Being attracted to a woman who has a penis does not make you gay, at the very most Bi. Yes it is the genitals which determine what biological gender we are however It's what your mind and heart thinks which really determines it.

My girlfriend is a woman as far as i am concerned. Having sex with a man means you are gay, having sex with a trans woman who still has their penis does not mean you are gay, all it means is that the way of having sex is different than conventional sex. As far as i am aware, gay men don't consider men who are into trans women gay at all.

Just depends on the type of person they are if they can move on from the fact there is a penis down there and not a vagina. I mean i'll admit i am interested in it and i think thats where the "bi" part of the relationship comes from. I really don't care about any names of stigma's that come with it, if i'm happy and my partner is happy then thats all i care about. That being said we aren't going to go round telling everyone she's trans cause i think the creates more trouble than gaining something.

I'm sorry but it sounds like both you and wanop have some serious self acceptance to deal with. You're making up excuses for being the way you are. You are attracted to men who look like women but still have male genitalia. If you are sexual with those people who have the same 'downstairs' as yourself then you are engaging in gay sex. It's pretty straight forward. I don't know why you're trying to argue a point as the only one who seems to be touchy with the subject is yourself.

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