How To Hack Pokie Machines

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Tips There are several videos available on the Internet that show people using this hack. Many claim to be able to change prices or get a free drink, but the videos don't actually show them doing so. Vending machine owners or service people have the option to change the access sequence from to some other combination of buttons, but they rarely do. This is probably because having one code makes it easier for anyone to service all the machines along a route.

It may also be because the information you can access through the external menu with the door closed is limited and fairly harmless. In order to get to the same menu in a machine that sells Pepsi products, simply enter 1, 3, 2, 4. All the menu options should be the same. However, keep in mind that this does not work on all Pepsi machines. In general, these are the only options you can access without having the door unlocked and open.

Different machines may list these options in somewhat different formats, so experiment a bit to learn what each new one does.

Warnings Do not hack the machine when others are around or in front of a handheld camera or security camera. Do not do this if there's a line behind you, as people may get upset waiting for you. Coca-Cola has distributed new firmware to their vendors that would render these instructions unusable.

That means that these instructions will only work on older, models that have not been updated yet. Some machines may require you to enter the code twice, so don't despair if you don't get to the menu immediately. Several machines display a list of more codes, but most have the dispense options disabled. Please note that this article does not encourage you to steal drinks from drink machines. On some machines, pressing the coin-return button will only display the machine's inner temperature, not exit the menu.

Article Info Featured Article Categories: Featured Articles Hacks In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 3, times. If you do not want to be disappointed you can play free slot machines. The pokies have been subject to cheating methods quite often in the past. All pokie machines have always had coin acceptors which were sometimes susceptible to various cheating methods and scams.

Most of these cheating methods have never really been successful, quite a lot of them actually made the headlines. One of the most known cheating incidences involved the use of a short plastic wire and a coin. The size of the coin and the weight of the coin were such that it would be accepted by the machine and the credits would automatically be granted to the player. However, the coin inserted in the machine was attached to a plastic wire and the spin created by it was such that it would make the coin exit through the machine in the payout tray.

For this reason, the player would be able to pay as much as he wants on the machine by using the same coin over and over again. However, this particular method can no longer be used today because of the more advanced pokies technologies that have been introduced today.

Modern pokies are controlled by computer chips and today most casinos have their machines with bill acceptors instead of coin acceptors. All of these machines are designed in such a way that it is impossible for the players to cheat on them with any type of devices like coins, sliders or strings.

However, more recently a few attempts which have been made for cheating at pokies manipulating the computer chip by disrupting its functioning with microwaves. Most of these methods have never been successful and for winning any money at pokies the best players can do today is to play.

Check out Spin Palace — it is our No. Even when you are sure that you are ready to bet, don't get too overwhelmed.

Another traditional rule that works even for other online casino games is to cash out often. By placing a cap on your bets you will be able to win and master any game of pokies.

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This is the most important rule of all — that being to understand the winning combinations and other options of the pokie machine you are playing. There are jackpot combinations and other shapes and design combinations or some kinds of combinations allow you to multiply your wins or even triple your win!


This truly creates a random result for each and every spin as it is treated like the first spin' the machine has ever done. When it comes to casinos, players have always been tempted to cheat at the games.

Too often I see my mates and myself losing a large chunk of the money I had budgeted for pokies simply because they are chasing that feature' that has so far eluded them.

If you are playing a machine solely for the feature then chances are they you'll never get it at all. Unlike the land based casino slots that we have come to know, the pokies and slot machines available online are often connected to incentivized offers, progressive jackpots and in house online casino offers.

Take note of these as very often there will be pokies and slots that will almost guarantee you win something — even if its just a voucher to play more pokies! When it comes to dodgy operators and less than honest services, the online gambling and casino industry is unfortunately rife with them.

When you are looking for an online casino to invest your time and money in stick just to recommended casino sites that offer pokies from online consumer reviews sites.

There are also websites dedicated to pokies games where you can find legit casinos together with reviews and information about the site.

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You may also conduct your own casino review and narrow down your choice of casino to at least three of the best — or you could just save your time and check out the top 3 Australian Online Casinos and make a decision — where every choice is the right one!

Progressive and Dynamic Jackpots are nothing new, especially for those based in the United States where almost all Casinos have inhouse progressive Jackpot networks worth millions of dollars. Check out the top Ten Progressive Jackpot Wins from both online casinos and their real world counterparts, or learn about the biggest casino heists and online scams in history, plus more interesting facts and amazing records!

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