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Often called slot machines in other countries, pokie machines let you place a small or large bet and win money based on the symbols that appear on your screen. Up until the s and s, these machines used three to five simple reels with symbols and blanks placed on each reel.

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Those blanks told the machine when to stop. With the advent of microprocessors, machines now have an internal computer and microprocessor that keeps track of how often people placed bets on the machine. Video machines, which typically feature five or more reels, use a pseudo random number generator or PRNG. As soon as you place a bet, the pokie will generate a number, and each number corresponds to a specific pay-out.

You have as much of a chance of winning a jackpot with a smaller bet as you do a larger bet. The odds of winning in Australia vary based on the laws in that territory. Several territories require that slots have a pay-out percentage of 83 percent or higher, and some of the newer machines have a pay-out percentage of up to 96 percent.

Pokie machines all have different pay-out percentages and different ways to win moneybut there are a pokie machine tips you can use to increase your chances of winning.

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When choosing a machine, select a video or reel pokie machine over any others. Video machines can have dozens of blanks, while reel machines typically have more than 20 blanks.

The more blanks the machine has, the more likely the machine will stop on a series of symbols that puts money back in your pocket.

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You also need to look at the number of paylines available. Paylines refer to how the symbols line up. If you select a straight payline, you only win if your spin results in a series of matching symbols. Some of the more modern machines let you place a bet on each payline, which increases your chances of winning. When choosing a pokie machine, look at what you can win. Some pokie machines will give you 10 credits if you bet one time and you get three or five symbols in a row, but that same machine pays out 50 credits if you make two bets or 1, credits if you make four bets.

Gambling addiction is one of the greatest threats facing Australia. While some people assume that addiction only refers to drugs or alcohol abuse, it also applies to certain types of behaviour. People can suffer from addiction to video games, online gambling or even pokie machines.

The Salvation Army Australia, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and other organisations offer support to those dealing with addictions. If you notice that someone in your life is frequently short of money, constantly visits gaming centres and gambles online every day, you can contact one of those organisations for help.

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Many people use an intervention to show their loved ones how their gambling affects others and why they need to stop. One of these foundations or organisations can also put you in touch with a rehabilitation centre or a doctor who can recommend a facility for gambling addiction. Experts believe that more than two percent of all Australians have an addiction to gambling, but you can easily get help for your own addiction or the pokie addiction of a loved one.

Most Popular Online Casinos: Pokie Machine Tips and Tricks Pokie machines all have different pay-out percentages and different ways to win moneybut there are a pokie machine tips you can use to increase your chances of winning.

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Welcome to Bonus Giant – best site for casino slots players! Slots and Pokies are fun to play if you play sensibly and use reputable casinos. Playing pokies is going to require some luck but there are tried and tested methods for beating the machine more often, We reveal tips on how this is done. How to increase your chances at pokies and how to win on pokies at Australian online casinos. The list of dos and don’ts for pokie machines.

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