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Simia africanusthe Black Monkey; politically correct: Niggers, Legal Pokies Blog Tumblr Quotes About Happiness contrast to Neanderthals, were unable to develop the IQ required for civilization due to lack of evolutionary pressure and incentives from their native environment. Premature exposure to Human Civilization in fact overloads their cerebral cortexes resulting in instinctive violence, this is known as a chimp out or a "Nigger Moment".

This is why a specimen of Great Apes, when subjected to the stress demanded by a Human-dominated environment, degenerates into the highly dangerous form that it has today known as the Nigger example: Niggers are poorretarded, so ugly that even animal lovers don't want to fuck them, and worse, they smell like a mixture of wild animal fur and a decayed old mop full of shit even after taking a shower.

Having spent the last million years in the African jungle throwing spears at each other and swinging on vines, niggers are predisposed to crime and antisocial behavior due to their biology and de evolution. For a heart-warming end to your visit at the zoo, go to the primate enclosure and you may see some niggers spending some quality time with their relatives via their instinctive mating ritual of smearing each other with their pheromone-filled excrement.

For this reason, zookeepers and professional veterinarians commonly mistake wild niggers for escaped chimpanzees and throw them into the chimp enclosure, where they quickly fit right in and fully revert to their monkey appearance. The diet of a nigger consists primarily of shitfried chicken, watermelons, Kool-Aidmalt liquor, more shit, being a professional victim, and welfare checks covered in shit; all proven by science to have zero contents of nutrients necessary for Human brain development.

Ebola-chan was God's punishment to niggers for eating each other alive. Niggers, due to their mental disability to comprehend abstract Human values such as ethics, respect and the Rule of Law, will almost always resort to their simian instincts, then driving around raping white women and throwing their own shit at other niggers, similar to their tree-dwelling monkey predecessors.

Because of the prevalence of violence in nigger territory, 9 out of 10 wild niggers are at risk of being captured by Animal Control and subjected to Euthanasia before the age of three. Niggers also almost constantly make noise about raping Humans and stealing welfare checks from invalid grandmothers so they can pretend they bought those plastic spinning hubcaps they stole from other niggers to "pimp out" their stolen Cadillacs.

Breakdancing was invented by niggers stealing hubcaps from moving cars. Nigger women are the more dangerous of the species. They also happen to be stupid, poor, ugly, and smelly, but most of all, they are fat obnoxious assholes. Nigger women, also known as negresses, nigrassheboons or sows, are land-whales who will constantly talk, yell, and babble to each other in public, at ridiculous volumes. Nigger women, when challenged, Pokies Big Win Youtube Brian their stupidity as well, by taking off their earrings, shoes and bling before fighting, as their brains are not big enough to know this has no fucking effect whatsoever.

If you confront a negress in public, beware, for she will surely call her sistahs to "handle yo ass. Both prostitution and AIDS were the result of niggers raping chimp hoes, at least until Pokies 2018 British Open superiorly built Human Race arrived.

Also, nigras, unlike human females who possess vaginas, have only one posterior opening: This is why freshly born niglets are infused by the colour and stench of severe diarrhea. Another characteristic of them is how they process and translate the English language into a complete abomination to be more comprehensible for their diminished cortexes: For an example of Ebonics, try provoking the aforementioned Negroid sheboon into aggression.

All niggers, especially wild niggers, are dangerous in groups, regardless of gender, and travel in packs. This is because they wish to buy a large bucket of KFC chicken and some White hoes to share amongst their tribe.

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  • 30 Inspiring Quotes about Happiness. Kid QuotesFamily QuotesTumblr QuotesRandom QuotesMotivational QuotesWords QuotesSayingsInspirational ThoughtsInspiring Quotes. Finding something to happy in worst parts of your life is the key to success, Here are some great Inspirational Happiness quotes to help you.

No upstanding white folks should ever have contact with a group of niggers. If you are a white person who has had contact with a nigger - wait, who are we kidding? Niggers don't know how to read anyways. If you come into contact with a nigger, it is advisable to immediately shower for at least four hours, lest the black taint assimilate you and transform you into one of them.

Luckily, the nigger taint, not unlike those it infects, cannot stand the touch of hot water or soap. This is the reason niggers stink. For example, Romans pronounced Legal Pokies Blog Tumblr Quotes About Happiness that was black as "nigger," and in neurology, there is a part of the brain, in the limbic system, of a dark-coloured organ containing stem cells for neural development, named the "substantia nigra.

When Latin's descendants, the Spanish, ruled the world at least years ago this evolved into the term "Negro," again meaning black plain and simple, and then Renaissance-era biologists using Latin to sound pretentious, such as Carolus Linneaus, while naming new and specific species, coined the term Nigger to refer to Black-coloured apes specifically with absolutely no intention of being offensive whatsoever.

The term caught on and was originally a Pokies Bonus $ Pizza friendly term at least years ago read Mark Twain books and E. This old usage was a technical term approved by the scientific community to refer to black-coloured Hominidae Great Apes such as Gorillas and Chimps. Then because of Liberalism it changed to have an archaic definition as a pejorative.

First, Abe Lincoln set loose the apes. This was widely regarded as a bad move and has made a lot of humans upset. However, the apes weren't grateful: Due to said butthurt they decided that all the old terms for their kind were suddenly offensive. Taking a cue from this, other races began to use "Nigger" as an insult.

This archaic usage is still used by American blacks who haven't gotten over their victim complex and by American whites often college professors with the baggage of liberal guilt. With the spelling altered to "Nigga" due to ebonics linguistic requirements, and all niggers being dumped off at Lake Forest Middle, it is now considered friendly term among blacks, and a verbal request to be murdered if said by anyone else.

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The more specific term "Thug" or "Gangsta" refers to a negroid who feels the need to act like a hard-ass all the time for no apparent reason. Such "street niggers" are the bane of all civilized people.

But let's cut the bullshit and get down to the facts herepeople.

Due to linguistic evolution "Nigger" has become a referrence to anybody of any skin color these days, but let's face it Many niggers are offended by some of the terms referring to their race but not if they are used by a nigger. If you choose from this list, you might find one that the niggers you're talking about doesn't mind hearing:.

African-American, afro-American, Ape, Aunt Jemima, Basketball-American, beast, black, blackfella, bluegum, boy, buckwheat, chimpanzee, Chimp, colored person, coon, cotton picker, dindu, gator bait, gorilla, jigaboo, jive talker, jungle bunny, mammy, monkey, moolie, Moor, mud person, murder monkey, muthafuckah, gangsta, my man, nappy head, negro, negroid, nigga, nig, niggah, nigger, nig-nog, nognog, nigra, nigaboo, person of color, pickaninny, porch monkey, groid, Rape Apes, Sambo, schwartze, schvoogie, sharecropper, shine, shooter, shitskin, slave, spade, spearchucker, spook, tar baby, token, Uncle Tom, welfare monkey, coons, cotton-pickers, dawgs, jungle monkeys, my knee grows, colored people, chimps, pavement apes, chocolate people, homies, porch monkeys, groids, spooks, darkies, shit-skins, spades, Pokies Free Spin Btc, blackies, nigras, welfare sloths, kaffirs, mooncrickets, dindunuffins and antique farming equipment.

Look HERE for many archaic terms for various shadings of the breed. Ya know, like Obama. Paradoxically, the Pokies Big Y Supermarket World foreign hordes use words like boy casually, sending stuck up, usually whiteAmerican nigger apologists into spasms of indignation.

However, the close relative of the Nigger, the Sand Niggerhas made a comeback in Britain. The superior white South Africans also call them "kaffir", which is derived from the Sand Nigger word kafir meaning infidel. The renowned xenobiologist H. Lovecraft created this hypothesis on the creation of the Ape:. Humans have always been speculative of the origin of their own species, which made them interested in the Niggersa species of ape that seem to imitate human behaviour in one way but were more biologically simian in another, prompting a lot of theories on how the niggerseven though they were an obsolete form of primate and should have been extinct like Neanderthals, survived and infest Africa anyway.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle proposed the theory of Natural Slavery in that some people, particularly those of low IQ such as niggers, were literally born to be slaves of their intellectually superior masters. The Ku Klux Klan believe they were invented by our very drunk God after having lost badly at a poker night with Buddha, Satanand whatever deviant gods the towel-headed Arabs claim to worship in between camel buggering. The first niggers were created from turds taken from dingy, smelly shit pits in Africa to be used as slaves to make Humanity 's lives easier and find a market for the watermelona vegetable posing as a fruit that normal white people would never eat.

Another theory proposes that a big piece of shit, shoved up an orangutans pussy before being fucked by a skunk, evolved into the nigger and subsequently the dark brown color of the species and the overpowering body odour because of the genetic structure of the piece of shit combined with the Legal Pokies Blog Tumblr Quotes About Happiness cum in the orangutan pussy.

In modern times nowadays, Evolutionary biologists conclude that the Niggers were in fact, the remnants of Humanity's simian ancestors in Africa who instead of migrating out of the shit-laden jungles to Eurasia and therefore evolving into the intellectual Human Civilization, chose to stay in their shit holes, sacrificing intelligence for their primary form of entertainment which is raping chimpanzees.

Nevertheless, whatever the theories on the survival of these obsolete prototypes of humanity are, the human recognized the threat of niggers raping everyone and breeding everywhere and waged war on the niggers for over years.

Sometime in the late 20th century, the niggers renamed themselves as niggas, in a vain attempt to shed their truly shitty history. It didn't work, as shown by the saying "you can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.

Know there are Legal Happiness Quotes Pokies About Tumblr Blog many

Like a nigger can figure out how to write complex hieroglyphics or mummify something. Or conceive Mathematical Geometry which is necessary for construction of a pyramid. Or make a chariot. Though there are numerous hieroglyphic records of chariots being stolen by what the Egyptian cops called "baboon people," there are no records of niggas with Egyptian drivers licenses or chariot insurance.


It depends on the province and even the town where one measures the intensity of the nationalist feeling. Keep accurate and up to date information that you will later need for tax purposes, to verify income or just for your own purposes.

Some things never change. In fact, there's a whole religion dedicated to the idea that the ancient Hebrews were actually black, for whatever reason they want to be that. Just tell them any group of people or specific person who ever did anything useful or left their mark on human existence was a nigger, even though it's not true.

They'll start chattering with their absurdly big lips in excitement. Whatever happened in the past, it's the fault and the problem of everyone with the same skin color who did who did it, as long as it wasn't them. Then it's time to start getting butthurt and making pathetic excuses.

Another common nigger belief is that the ancient Greeks were just Pokies 2018 Patriots Day bunch of fuck-tards until they stole the niggers knowledge and invented math.

Nobody ever 'splained to the niggas that knowledge is not a physical, finite substance and that if somebody steals your knowledge, you still have it. There are no confirmed records of niggers ever having any knowledge at all, with the notable exception, during post-Civil War reconstruction, of knowin' how to steal watermelons from Whitey's fields. The Vikings called niggers " the blue men " because in their silly hurdy-gurdy language the words for "blue" and "black" were all fucked up.

Some niggers even journeyed with the Vikings taking easily to the Viking career options of pillager, raider, rapist and thug and took Viking wives who were likely pale skinned, blue eyed and blonde hairedshowing that even back then, niggers "loved dem' white wimminz ".

However, there is evidence that some Somali niggers were great pirates back in the day Well, okay that probably ain't too unrealistic once you think about it; looting ships armed with guns, swords and knives, gangbanging white hookers and stealing gold and bling, it's not too surprising thereg'noewatimsayun?

The Nigger is the long sought after "missing link" between man and ape. They are characterized by their over-sized lips, tight-curled hair, and their love for fried chikinswatermelonspurple drank, large assesjailhouses, crack rocks, and dat wyte pussay. The female version of this species of sub-human is the Nigressor "She-Nigger". They are known mostly for their completely, impossibly over-sized asses, their completely fucktarded names Bix Nood, Tamqueesha, Mo'neeque, Mercades, LaFawnduh, etc Pokies Youtube Nerf Zombies, and Legal Pokies Blog Tumblr Quotes About Happiness 6 inch long fake nails.

Niggers tend to gravitate towards shiny things, which they call blingand cover their cars with them. They think this makes them specialbut, in fact, it just makes them moar gay and retarded. Niggers are attracted to bright colors and large amounts of sugar, not unlike their cousins who swing from trees. Niggers get obsessed by trivial pleasures like watermelon, fried chicken and bling because it stimulates a vestigial part of their primitive jungle brains. Niggers are by their very nature hunter-scavengers.

They didn't grow anything, they didn't raise anything, they didn't cook anything, and they didn't build anything. They've spent the last entire millennium before captivity foraging for food on the jungle floor, if not cannibalism and literally eating each others' flesh.

The primary component of the Nigger diet in da Muddaland was ripened and rotting fruit. This was a huge bonus in terms of survival - easy to digest, and rich in water and carbohydrates it took very little energy to digest and assimilate.

Niggers today are still "Hard Wired" to get all excited over brightly colored fruit drinks, which is programmed into their DNA - and will invariably make a bee-line to the fruit punch and grape drank fountains in the cafeteria thinking they've hit the jackpot! Don't be fooled - Niggers are still the same stupid, primitive apes they were ayears ago.

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Find and follow posts tagged quote on Tumblr. #picture quotes #emotions #happiness #deep # #romance #relatable #teen #indie blog #grunge blog #. Create your own Tumblr blog today. Best Pokies Blog If you’ve ever felt that instant rush of happiness and empowering delight when you hit it. The book Happiness and the Law, The study of happiness is the next step in Buccafusco, and Masur argue that, in numerous areas, our legal .