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When a female cat is pregnant, much like other mammals, her nipples will change. Around 35 days, her nipples will become bright pink and larger. This is because the breasts are preparing to feed the kittens. Everything swells up and becomes sensitive. Unlike humans, cats have nipples below the chest area.

Because of fur, it may be hard to find all of them but two can be found on the fine fur lining of the lower belly. Just like pregnant women, pregnant cats can leak milk just the same! This is actually quite common and normal.

You may see her licking it off but do not worry, it is perfectly fine. It can happen anytime throughout the pregnancy but it is more likely to happen the closer to birthing she is. My can has never been pregnant she is fix and he nippels are leaking milk not sure if this is normal. There is a difference. Also, when was she fixed? If she was fixed later in life past the age of 8 months the risk of her having breast cancer slightly increases. Some of the symptoms of feline breast cancer is swelling, discharge, and pain.

I recommend taking her into a vet asap to rule that out. Leaking in a fixed spayed female who has never been pregnant is not normal. Um…I have a cat that is about 8months to a year. We recently found an orphaned kitten and when we introduced them, she started caring for it.

Is it possible that even though she has never been pregnant, that she can lactate? The kitten is about three weeks old now. Thank you for your comment Jessica. Yes, because she is not fixed she can lactate. It is not common Pokie Review Chevy Volt it does happen, it can even happen with women who have never given birth.

It all ties in with the hormones. She may not be producing milk at all. If you know she is not producing milk or even if she is, you can still allow her to care for the kitten but you will want to feed the orphan formula. You can pick some up at a pet store or grocery store. It is very important for the kitten that it is receiving all of its nutrients.

She is only 8 months old which means she will not be able to provide the kitten with proper nutrition even if she is lactating. My very large neutered female cat has I think six nipples. The four nearest her rear end are in very close pairs.

Thanks for your comment Fiona Weir! Yes, this is not common but it is considered normal. Sometimes a kitten will develop larger spacing in the womb because its siblings had more nipples. It all comes down to genes. As mentioned above, some cats have four nipples and some have as many as ten. It is nothing to worry over. She could have been slightly premature and developed at a slower rate. Either way, it is perfectly fine! Only one of them has survived.

Looking at her nipples, they all look whitish and not swollen. Is there a way I could check if she has milk? I want to know if the kitten is getting enough milk.

Thanks for your comment Sara. Because the others did not make it, regardless if she is producing milk or not it is a good idea to get some supplement milk for the remaining kitten. KMR is what I used with the kittens who were 3 weeks old and lost their mother. You can allow the mother to continue to comfort the kitten and care for it but you will want to intercept for feeding. The nipples should be bright pink and a tad bit swollen. Pick up a kitten bottle and some formula KMR.

The powder kind is best as you get more for your money Look At My Pokies Videos For Cats the cans. Most pet stores carry this. Please update me on how the kitten is doing! I hope the best for the baby and mommy. Look At My Pokies Videos For Cats found a stray cat who looks to be pregnant. It looks and feels like a block under her skin. Her nipple will leak a bit of milk if I squeeze it. Is this normal in a pregnant cat? Thanks for your comment Erin.

Based on what you said, it is impossible for me to tell you for certain. While some cats can have only some nipples swollen during pregnancy, having just one is not something I have heard of. It may be infected. This can happen from it leaking and her over licking the area causing skin to break.

There is a chance that the kittens may have not made it which means she would need surgery.

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I think the best bet would be to take her into a free pet clinic or see if a local Vet will look at her for no charge being that she is a stray.

I wish I could be of more help. Please help as quickly as possible. Thanks for your comment Annie. When a cat becomes pregnant, her nipples swell. Being that she lives outdoors, she could have caught it on a fence or some other object while running away from a threat. It is very unlikely a kitten did that to her. She needs medical help to make sure there is no infection.

Speak to a local pet clinic or shelter and see if they will come and set up a cage to catch her bait trap. As for the kittens, how old do you think they are?

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If they are still very young, this can pose a threat to their health. It is kind to feed them and feeding her will keep her near by. You are doing the best you can but she needs medical treatment for something like that. I have a female stray who gave birth to 6 I think! Last night, Mama brought three kittens into my backyard. Is it possible that she could actually be nursing them?

Like I said, this older kitten is only about 8 or 9 months old and has never been pregnant. She is not spayed. In doing a little research online, I have seen conflicting answers to this question. Thank you for your comment Meredith! Not to mention she is a stay and quite young. It would be best if you returned them to their mother or took them in yourself. You can use KMR powder formula to feed them. Recently though I noticed one of her nipples just on the edge of that bald spot is swollen up to the size of a pinto bean, translucent, and seemingly filled with clear fluid.

Under the nipple and under the skin feels lumpy. Thank you for your comment Alex. Unfortunately, based on your Pokies Biggest Win In Track, it sounds like it might be mammary cancer. I would take her in to a vet ASAP. Thank you for your comment Charlotte. You can read my other post on pregnancy HERE which explains the signs she will be close to labor.

It is hard to tell you without seeing her personally.

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I hope my other post helps you out. Hi, my girlfriend an I found a stray cat on my deck back before xmas, we are not absolutely sure how old she is, if I had to guess, maybe a year old at best. Thanks for your comment Justin. If she is around 1 years old, they have fully developed.

If her nipples are becoming enlarged and she is not spayed, there is a good chance she is pregnant. As for her not being around males, is she showing signs of being in heat? Sometimes females will have enlarged nipples when they are in heat.

Hormones make cats seek out a mate and if they are not fixed, they will sometimes sneak out the house if they get the chance to. If she has been in the house the whole time, it is likely a sign of being in heat. The sooner she is spayed the better. Thanks for your comment Tris. They will rotate around it. Just keep an eye on the kittens and make sure they are all feeding well.

The mother should take over and nudge any kitten who is not getting enough or it will simply eat with one of the other kittens is done. For the last few days I have been feeding a small stray black cat. Her nipples are pinkish white, and the back ones are sort of swollen and are bare for about a inch diameter around the nipple. She is very skinny, and eats a lot.

Can you tell me if she is likely still nursing, pregnant, or anything? Thanks for your comment Keely. I unfortantly cannot tell you without seeing her.

She may have been pregnant and had kittens, she may currently be pregnant, or maybe both — She did have kittens and is pregnant again. The best thing you can do is find a shelter that will examine her free of charge and one that will take her in if she is pregnant. She should also be tested for feline leukemia and FIV. Thanks for your comment jomekka. This is not something that is common but it can happen.

How close are they together? And are you sure they are nipples and not growths? Anything I can do to help this? Or reason for it? I have been trying to get it to latch but not successful.

When it munches is it still getting milk? Thanks for your comment Kelly. When you say munching, do you mean the kitten is chewing on her nipples? Depending on the age, the kitten can be doing this for teething reasons. It should still be getting milk but if you think for any reasons it is not getting enough or any at all, supplement the kitten with KMR fomrula.

Hi, I have noticed in the last week or so that my 1 year old cat lower nipples seem to be swollen, I had changed her food last week and shes been super into it a lot, she cant get enough of it, she had been fixed Pokies Big Wine Labels month ago and everything went great and I kept her contained so she didnt move alot so she could heal.

So this is very confusing for me, shes been perfect, shes playful as always and peeing and pooping regularly so I Look At My Pokies Videos For Cats know what to do. I put a call into the vet and there suppose to call me back. I feel like shes just putting weight on like they told me she would do when I got her fixed, shes not a big eater but lately shes been eating alot more.

Thanks for your comment Jayne. It is very common for female cats to experience a fluctuation in their hormones where it changes their appetite after being spayed. Because hormones can cause inflammation the nipples, I would guess that is what is going on. Some females will not put on Look At My Pokies Videos For Cats weight while others will balloon up a bit.

Just make sure she is getting enough water, eating a good diet, and exercising. If her weight seems to be going up too high, you can try giving her a food that is for weight management till the fluctuations subside.

Hi- my boyfriend and I found a stray cat tonight who is so super sweet, came right up to us and is very vocal. Considering the heat and our love for cars we brought her inside in hopes of helping her find a home.

While I was petting her I noticed her nipples are hard and prominent. Her belly is bulging but not very very large. I noticed that she has what looks like some discharge from her vagina. My initial thought was that she had just given birth and may need to go back outside to tend to her kittens. Its possible she may be pregnant now and is looking for a safe place to give birth. Thank you for your comment Lauren and Ron.

Since she is young, my guess would be that she is pregnant. You can read my post on cat pregnancy HERE.

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Because she is young, there is a chance that she is indeed nearing full term and will need a place to nest and have her kittens. If you want to keep things clean, I recommend allowing her to use the bathtub with old towels or blankets. You can also get her a cat Pokies Win Nz Visa or set up a nesting box for her.

I feel it is in your best interest to take her to a vet to make sure no complications will arise. It is possible that she had given birth but since she is not wanting to leave, it is very unlikely.

As I said, my guess is that she is currently pregnant. Thanks for your comment Rae. From the sound of it, she can be. It is best to take her in to get properly checked out by a veterinarian so you know for sure.

I have a 13, soon to be 14 yr old neutered male cat. Could it be some kind of infection? Thanks for your comment Lily. If your cat is an indoor and outdoor cat, there is a chance that he may have caught his nipple on something or that a bug could have bit it. I would not worry too much about it but if it does not go away in a week or so, he will have to see a vet. I cant find them now and ive been checking her nipples to make sure shes still feeding them.

Thanks for your comment Sasha. It sounds like she likely moved them because of your smell on them and was doing it to protect them. If this is the case, she would have found another safe place to keep them. It is hard to say without seeing her. They can be swollen from a number of things but it is likely from her kittens.

If they are 3 weeks, they have teeth now and are likely causing the swelling. Keep an eye out for them over the Look At My Pokies Videos For Cats few weeks as they should be starting to move around more and should leave their nesting area.

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Thank you for your comment ameer. Long story short, she behaves anything but feral and my son discovered her to have 5 babies.

If you are feeding the mom, the kittens if she is still caring for them will surely show up with her one day in the near future. Thank you for your comment Katelyn. This would put her at 7 weeks, about 50 days. The normal timing is about 35 days which is why I would imagine you are worried.

Some cats do not start showing enlarged nipples till they are nearing labor.

Entertainment Videos for Cats - Birds Chirping on The Garden Log : 8 HOURS

This means that she may not show any change in her nipples for another week. It is important to take her to a vert to make sure the kittens are okay.

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If she is not showing enough signs she is pregnant, that can mean stillborn kittens are possible which can be scary and very hard on her. The best advice I can give you is to take her in to get a proper vet check up from a doctor. There is no way I can tell you if there is something wrong or not without being able to see her. So why is the fur around her last two nipples thinning out making the nipples very obvious??

My cat bites me when i search for them and my cat nipples are big and she is not pregnant or breeding?? Thank you for your comment ameer. I am not quite sure I understand your question. Her nipples can go all along her underbelly if she has multiple pairs of them. Has she had kittens in the past? Can a cat go in heat any time they are ready or does it have to be a certain time of the month also do you think she might be pregnant? Thank you for your comment Alyssa Britt.

You can read that here: She will need to be looked over by a vet to know for sure. It goes by age and location where you live. My cat just gave birth to 3 kittens, she seems to have only 2 nipplestwo look like they have milk but kitten will not lack on, any ideas would help. Pokies Win Nzb Downloaders For Windows for your comment Heather. She likely has another set that is further up her stomach you may not be seeing.

Sometimes the spacing is wider on some females. They took to it really well. They do need to eat often so it is best to check them for feeding every time they wake up from a nap. Also, check to see it the mommy is leaking. She may not be producing enough milk so be sure she is eating well and drinking water.

Thanks for your comment Crystal. I am not sure how to respond to this. I always recommend KMR powder over the liquid, it lasts longer and you get more for your money. You can purchase a feeding kit as well that has a bottle with nipples. Yes, when a female cat is spayed, nothing is done to her Look At My Pokies Videos For Cats. It is very rare for a cat to not have any at all. Are you sure they are not very small? They can vary in size depending on age, weight, and breed. Months ago, two kittens died, they kept on sucking but there was no milk going out on the nipples.

Thanks for your comment Red. The mother likely was not producing milk and the kittens died from dehydration and starvation. You should always monitor the mother and that she is producing milk. Lack of nutrients in her diet, lack of hydration, illness, and stress Pokies Free Spin Logo Clip cause her to not produce.

You should have gotten a supplement and took over feeding for her. I am sorry for you loss of the two kittens. My daughter just got a 6 month old kitten. She had 2 kittens. If the wild acts as a cat symbol, it will be counted as a double and when it makes up a line on its own, players are in for the biggest rewards of the game, with 10,x paid out for a line of 5.

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  2. Miss Pat's Cats rescues, feeds, spays and neuters stray cats in the East Orange, Newark, and Videos. Miss Pat's Cats is in need of wet & dry food! We now have 3 nursing moms In foster who eat quite a lot to feed their furnabies! While feeding my colonies I .. RIP Spikie Boy & Pokie Smokie, my nick names for them!:
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