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Thanks for your comments Martin. Thanks for that further explanation, Martin. The article DH 9. Since the introduction of liquor sales in supermarkets, dairies and on every corner of our communities people Fruit Machines Pokies And Camel longer drink in sports clubs, after the game club members will come into the club rooms for a couple of soft drinks and then will head home to drink discount liquor. I have found the pokies we deal with to be very diligent and above board.

I think 10 years ago there were some problems with the pub owners having too much influence over the pokie Trustees but I think that most of that has stopped. The only leverage the pub owners have these days is the threat of shifting their pub to another trust but I think that has pretty much settled down now. I guess the bottom line is that sports clubs would rather be self funding but our main income source The bar has dried up, this may be a good thing but I suspect that it is not as people are now drinking huge amounts of high alcohol content drinks in uncontrolled environments.

Sports Clubs and Rugby Clubs in particular provide a huge social contribution to our communities, they are the last institution left I suspect where people from all races and income levels still mix. Without Pokie money most rugby clubs and I suspect other sports clubs would fold. This is a tough one because I have seen the damage done by problem gambling on the other side but if pokie money disappeared it would be catastrophic to a Saturday afternoon sports in New Zealand.

What happens when these groups fold — in regard to sports clubs what will the councils response be when loans for club buildings are defaulted? Will the councils wind up these sports clubs and who will take them over. Whilst such issues do not register with Wellington, the destruction of our social fabric will have far reaching consequences both social and financial!!!

Coming soon there will be a sports club fold or become insolvent. Speaking for the clubs in our area 14 clubs in our sub unionmost of the members would be under 20 years old. Many of these clubs also run JAB 6 years to 14 years. I have never witnessed the boozing culture in our clubs, I suspect that this is a thing of the past Baby boomers probably remember this from when they were young, very rare in most rugby clubs these days.

What I do witness in the clubrooms are young people doing speeches, in maori and english, i see haka and waiata, i see club members working together to create outstanding meals after the games. It is nothing but positive social experiences for young people. It would be an absolute tragedy if this Pokie Machines And Mechanisms Applied to end from my Pokie Machines And Mechanisms Applied of view. If we get rid of pokies we better make sure there is a solution for clubs and their long term survival.

Your concerns outline just how reliant rugby has become on pokies. Gone are the working bees or players playing where they live or work.

Down, inquire issues Machines And Applied Pokie Mechanisms

I am aware that pokies has meant that even the new bred of amateur player shops around between clubs every year, seeking the best deal for himself, whether it be petrol money, playing gear, tracksuits or a cash allowance of some sort. Of course this required the full knowledge and complicity of the pokie trust TTCF because they approve the grants and would have seen the flow of money from the poor area of South Auckland to the Highlanders.

I am neither anti rugby, racing or pokies — I am anti the corruption and wastage that if stopped could mean more funds available for causes such as struggling rugby clubs. Keep up the good work. Sure people will always bet. They have done so from time immemorial and will always probably do so. Pokie machines are supposed to be one of the most addictive forms of gambling — playing against a machine, which is also part of the industrialisation of gambling. This spurious idea is at the very root of the issue.

Gambling of the legal kind is based on the fact that the game is straight, that there is fairness built in. That is why gambling is legislated. We play against an opponent, by means of skill or chance. But we assume and expect that the game is fair. If we discover that the game is rigged we complain, take action Microgaming Pokies Captions Inc never play with that opponent again.

We would be foolish to do otherwise.

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We have taken a risk not a true risk in an attempt to achieve a benefit. Pokies if assumed to be gambling machines are to a greater degree, a true risk activity. There is little chance of achieving benefit because that is not the function of a pokie machine. Pokie machines are not gambling machines, they are gaming machines. They are not created to be fair, they are, in fact, designed and built to provide the player with purchased time at the machine. Many players will experience sessions of play when prizes won exceed the amount spent.

Pokie machines are simply that, an amusement device if one is so easily amused. Yes Martin, I am aware of Provincial Rugby using pokie money to fund the commercial side of the game. Once again though I suspect that hopefully this is a thing of the past.

The Otago situation was replicated by many racing clubs, also I think Canterbury, Counties and Waikato also got involved in owning pubs via trusts. The other positive downstream consequence of these strong regulations is that the Provincial unions are now operating in the black more. I thought pokie money had to be spent in the community it come from!. Thugby, booze, pokies and organised crime in bed with local and national pollies…what a surprise! What role models for our children….

As I have stated the rorts I experienced and witnessed first hand were whilst I worked for The Trusts Charitable Foundation Inc now extinct which remorphed itself and transferred its assets and its trustees into a new entity called The Trusts Community Foundation Ltd which now operates out of West Auckland.

West Auckland is Labour territory and when the Gambling Act was introduced by labours George Hawkins he deliberately set out to exclude Licensing trusts from having involvement in the pokies because he considered that their commercial liquor and hospitality Pokie Machines And Mechanisms Applied was a gross conflict of interest. The West Auckland Licensing Trusts imediately lobbied David Cunliffe their local MP and got the law amended to allow elected members of Licensing trusts limited say into who got grants money.

Thanks to David Cunliffe, the pokies have been allowed to prop up the liquor business in West Auckland and maybe a reason why Labour have not waded into this TTCF scandal and the whole pokie corruption business as we could have expected and its all been left to the Greens. Pursuant to the reasoning that the case is solid then these people at IA could be assumed either corrupt or unfit for the job. Even if there was outside political pressure to kill the investigation they should still have the moral fortitude to resist any interference and do their job.

This is what concerns me the most. There is enough evidence of the way the pokie industry and its money-ground works for the DIA losing evidence to be a major cause for concern.

And when the same industry involves dodgy processes on the part of Key and Joyce to do a deal favourable to the pokie industry…. Real Money Pokies Joi wonder how high up the corruption goes.

The actions Pokies Big Win Celcom Blue many involved might involve small acts of rule bending. The corruption is in the sum total of Pokie Machines And Mechanisms Applied, plus some more extreme corruption carried out by a small number of people. Something to raise with him or his office when I get a chance.

Notice the comments about lawyers etc in the Stuff article I referred to. I personally lean towards the bureaucrats in charge of these offices lacking a moral compass.

The NZ public should be extremely angry at the refusal of all of these offices to enforce our laws but You are probably also in the West Auckland Licensing Trusts area. Completely false and misleading public advertising. It was pokie money, not liwuor profits there are none that paid for all those torches, the first aid kits, the car seats and the fire extinguishers available to everyone in West Auckland if they went into a bottle store and collected them.

The Trusts like any other private venue operator had just found a clever but unlawful way to enhance their own commercial liquor business and brand off the back of pokies. If you are further interested and want further proof these guys are fooling their electorate then google Warren Flaunty on youtube. Why would omit tthat role considering thats where the money came from. These 17 elected members of West Auckland licensing trusts love the kudos and the adoration the pokie money brings them at election time but its pretty obvious they do not want to tell the truth or publicly announce their association to the dirty business of gambling and pokies.

I will save it for future reference like the up coming council elections. Most of the people I mix with out this way are more likely to go to a restaurant than to just want to go drinking… and some go to places like their local RSA. I do find the implication of Lopdell House in the money-go-round to be a bit worrying. I see now they acknowledge TTCF directly as a sponsor. I do go to some Lopdell House events, but it also leans towards events that draw in middle class audiences.

Lopdell Pokie Machines And Mechanisms Applied was a historical, earthquake risk building owned by the Waitakere City Council. When complete it will contain afew community arts clubs but of more importance to the council is the fact that it will house a commercial tenancy including -cafe and bar and other commerical tenancies that the Council will reap benefits from over years.

How does this happen. These people know how to spend your money the best. I say its time Westies woke up to the reality about Licensing trusts, force a vote and get them ousted. At least there is something honest about private cafes and bars rather than a fieifdom that takes its cleint for suckers.

The Trusts are putting some money into it but Auckland Council is putting in most. There is also some support from ASB Trust.

The total precinct will have significant more space and better quality space for art and Lopdell House itself will be made earthquake proof. There will be a commercial tenancy but the overall operational costs will be increased and making it affordable is important. Sorry it is not an example of corruption.

Lopdell House is an absolutely vital piece of infrastructure. I do agree with you about pokies. They are evil pernicious machines. Out west they are harder to find than elsewhere so it is actually important for the trusts to remain. As for the trustees well if you live out west you can vote for who you want. For me I actually prefer that there is local control on how the money is spent. It further highlights the lack of transparency over the origins of the money in West Auckland. The business plan only contained reference to the 5.

The problem here was that the TTCF Board knew little about the project or the financial committment and were less than impressed with the fact that Ross Clow was entering into agreements without their knowledge.

The subsequent investigation found that serious breaches of the gambling laws had been committed. No action followed and the matter never made public. I guess it highlights the fact that while pokie funding is meant to fair and totally transparent, the West Auckland Licensing Trusts have been allowed to play fast and loose with other peoples money. Older posts Share this: Print Twitter Facebook Reddit Related. So NZ is not a corrupt country, then, just one governed through sloppy processes?

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Antoine to greywarshark on. Union city greens to Morrissey on. Now under a pilot scheme, the Salvos will be stationed in one of the biggest clubs in NSW to help counsel problem gamblers. But the initiative has created a fracture within the Salvation Army.

In fact, some Salvation Army officials are worried that their much respected organisation could give cover to an industry that relies on gaming machines.

The Productivity Commission found that 40 per cent of poker machine losses came from problem gamblers. So are the Salvos in NSW being used by the club and gaming industry? This week on the program is one of the most venerable welfare and religious organisations in the world being used as a fig leaf for the gambling industry? A decision to trial Salvation Army chaplains inside a poker machine filled club has divided the organisation.

And the census reveals that immigrant communities from Asia are keeping the Catholic Church alive. Now under a pilot scheme, the Salvos will be stationed in one of the biggest clubs in New South Wales to help counsel problem gamblers. The leaders of the Salvos Southern Territory fear that the trial of chaplains could delay more substantial reforms to the poker machine industry.

These include one dollar bet limits and mandatory pre-commitment. In fact some Salvation Army officials are worried that their much respected organisation could give cover to an industry that relies on gaming machines for much of its profits.

The Productivity Commission found that 40 per cent of poker machine losses come from problem gamblers. So are the Salvos in New South Wales being used by the club and gaming industry? Not in Pokie Review Quickbooks Pro negative way. If you mean are we partnering with the clubs so that we get access to the people who need our services then certainly a partnership exists there.

And we certainly will be going into clubs and getting to know people, like building relationship and that kind of thing, build the friendships so that we can lead to a deeper intervention at some other time. But the Salvation Army has always had the reputation of being religion with its sleeves rolled up.

I mean your chaplains may well see people putting hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars, through the poker machines. You know, to bring about the best possible outcome. Because you seem to be suggesting that the Salvos as I say, an organisation with a very strong reputation for intervening in crisis situations, may well be sitting back waiting rather than being proactive.

If it were me being the counsellor then I would ascertain and you know, evaluate the circumstance I face. I guess the scope of our work will become more clear. It will be very much a service that evolves and develops as the need arises.

Taylor Adams Pokie Machines And Mechanisms Applied be pushed into a key role at Collingwood this season. The main concerns for the AFL is the growing revenue that comes from club-owned poker machines. AFL chief Andrew Demetriou did agree that the government needed to help raise awareness around problem gambling and actually tackle that issue, but not at the expense of AFL clubs.

Firstly, the AFL is not particularly in need of any money, nor likely to go broke any time soon because of any government initiatives, especially ones aimed to help reduce problem gambling.

Every cent of every dollar they earn is spent on AFL, including poker machine revenue. It certainly pays its executives like a business, with bonuses for increased revenue. How are poker machines classed as solely the promotion, administration and development of Australian Rules Football? I find that hard to swallow. The charitable tax-exempt AFL sporting organisation now pays its CEO five times more than the Prime Minister bringing in the pokie legislation receives.

Certainly businesses will structure their organisations to minimise their tax outgoings, but how much longer should the federal government allow a business like the AFL to pay no taxes?

And how can the AFL claim that it is hard done by when its tax arrangement would be the envy of any business? Sign-in to skip these 2 steps. Not a member of The Roar yet? Check out our Member Benefits page. If not logged in, please enter your name and email before submitting your comment.

Please review our comments policy before posting on the Roar. Subscribe to this article to be notified via email when new comments are posted. Oldest Newest Most Recent. January 12th 6: January 12th 7: There must be a conspiracy to explain some of the terrible A-league numbers. Real concerns for the FFAas it appears that their Harry Kewell led early season increase in TV ratings and crowds was a dead-cat bounce, with both sets of figures back down near historical lows.

Melbourne in particular has seen a massive drop off, with the victory struggling to half-fill its purpose built rectangular arena, while the heart continues to attract NBL-like crowds. Maybe A League clubs should look at installing pokies as a means of raising revenue. The pay tv ratings are not likely to yield a good TV deal. January 12th 8: Being trounced by a competition with even less history than theirs, the gap between soccer and the mainstream Australian sports seems to be getting even wider, not narrower as soccer fans had hoped with the signings of a couple of ageing hacks earlier this year.

January 12th January 13th 8: Its pretty clear their market is not mainstream and with their weird views on Australia and difficulty in understanding even basic structures who can be surprised. January 12th 1: And the AFL takes a big financial hit for that privelige. Its why the contra part of the AFL deal is worth as much as it is, and the AFL isnt crying poor over pokies in any case. January 12th 5: You failed to provide a single link in your thread on this and in any subsequent replies.

January 13th Secondly, the AFL itself does not earn any pokie revenue so your point about tax breaks and execs salary is ridiculous. AFL clubs individually earn pokie revenue.

However It does not change their not for profit status as it is one form of revenue raising albeit insidious like a raffle ticket competition,etc by any club. Yes, other sporting clubs do have pokies, but I am against poker machine gambling as a rule. The fact that the AFL are diving headlong into this is of concern. I think that claim is a bit absurd. Its also a bit abhorent and going over the mark to be a tax free sports support organisation and then collect Poker machine money tax free.

I think that the government should tax any revenues that are not directly football related or even take away their tax-free exemption if they continue to expand their poker machine operations. Also would you continue to support the A-League if it was announced that all 10 clubs were going to get pokie licences and start generating revenue in that manner? I have no objections to the proposed reforms, it is obvious that some people cannot control themselves when the lure of a jackpot is just a spin away!

January 12th 2: TWo club presidents oppose it. The AFL is not investing heavily — although some clubs may be doing so — and are well behind their NRL counterparts in doing so. Your FFA clubs may not have pokie machines, but your lower level clubs do, as will be the case in most codes. The Government has acknowledged the AFLs desire to work with the reformers. You cant do much more than that.

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January 12th 3: His entire anti-Australian Football mentality is based around him believing that the AFL, AFL clubs, and the game itself are a monolithic entity that is out to dominate the world.

That actually says nothing about the nomenclature issues you have here. The code has been Australian Football for more than a hundred years. January 15th 7: The AFL earns from pokies indirectly — money generated at a club level is less headquarters has to provide. And your nanny state argument must logically suggest that heroin should be freely available and toys that kill babies should not be banned.

I assume we can expect more anti-AFL articles from you as times go by. A couple of things you failed to mention:. Big headline in the Australian on September 26th, As opposed to organisations not worthy of an article by this author, notably the NRL. In fact, Andrew Demetriou is on record as saying that while the proposed pre-commitment scheme would almost certainly reduce club revenues, the AFL was also cognizant of the issues related to problem gambling and would be happy to work with the government on the matter.

Clubs may oppose the legislation — none more violently than NRL clubs, some of whom rely on the grants from Leagues clubs which are almost solely based around pokie machines.

As usual two of the louder club presidents, Mcguire and Kennett, were the only ones to speak up. These two, while colourful, do not represent the AFL. They dont represent a majority of the AFL. It is however their job to look after their revenue sources. As for the tax exempt part, you Pokie Machines And Mechanisms Applied know that your beloved FFA clubs, and indeed most sporting clubs are tax exempt Real Money Pokies Lion Brand accordance with section of the Income Tax Assessment Actthat is the exemption status of a club put together for a game or sport.

You may also wish to note that Government funding for the FFA — just so it can operate — exceeds the total funding supplied to the AFL and the NRL put together and Im doubting that tax is paid on that. While you find it hard to swallow, the income derived from these pokie machines is spent on football. Further, ALL clubs are required to spend a certain amount of the income in community objectives that are somewhat sporadically audited by the Victorian Government.

The AFL itself spends millions upgrading community facilities across the country every year — and is the only code to do so. Clubs spend money on youth sport and education, aboriginal development assistance, education and the AFL supplies support and infrastrucutre for any Australian football club across the country for insurance and administration assistance.

In fact Demetriou reacted angrily and publicially rebuked the head of Clubs Australia for suggesting the AFL was right behind them. Its interesting that troll comments will get deleted but an entire troll article is published by a known AFL hater. The moderators decide which articles get published not me and I congratulate them for having an open mind about these issues.

There seems to be a tendency in Victoria not to criticise the AFL, and cover it with candy floss as they are trying to do in Sydney with the GWS manufactured interest. I have also written negative articles about football and posted critical comments about football articles too if you would like to take the time to read them. So its not a hate campaign, just trying to get some genuine discussion going amongst sports fans — not just invented hype — you should appreciate that, I would have thought.

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For example, outer-suburban areas often have a significant concentration of pokies and high losses. The process used to make these chips is a trade secretand varies slightly by manufacturer, most being relatively expensive and time-consuming per chip. The author doesnt provide this.

In other words your whole article is based on an entirely false premise. If anyone is ignorant on the topic it would seem to be those who react to everyting I say without reading the literature surrounding it.

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Everyone else is saying it should apply to all clubs. From the Grassroots to the pros. The AFL issue with pokies isnt a patch on certain other leagues, but you dont care about that.

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