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If there are other terms that you would like to see added, please send your requests Oscar Salgado. Within the GSA Certification Program, this also means that the lab has been assessed by an accreditation body that meets GSA requirements; and that the lab has been assessed as technically competent according to GSA-defined requirements, if applicable, to perform specified GSA standards conformance testing of gaming products.

A accredited testing laboratory must also comply with Novomatic Pokies Through T-shirt Design applicable GSA certification program requirements and policies. An acknowledgement, or to 'acknowledge' in general, is a means of conveying to a sender that something was received. In G2S and S2S, there are message-level and application-level acknowledgements. Applicable to G2S v1.

An Action is the physical or logical occurrence that triggers an event. Examples include a bill inserted into a note acceptor, a cabinet door being opened, a meter subscription being cleared, or a myriad of other occurrences that may affect an EGM on a gaming floor.

The act of making a device active. This is done by an operator at the EGM or remotely by the commConfig class. The active denomination is the current denomination in the gamePlay device that is being used. A gamePlay device may contain multiple denominations. By inactivating and activating these denominations, any of the available denominations may become the active denomination. However, there may only be one active denomination at a time.

An active device is a device that is exposed by the protocol to the owners and guests of the device. Owners and guests of the device may use commands within the protocol, as permitted by the protocol, to manipulate the device. Devices may Pokie Review Definition Dictionary activated and deactivated through the commConfig class.

An active device is not necessarily able to perform its intended function. Any form of storage device that allows the modification of the programs or data on the device during the normal operation of the gaming device.

This does not include devices typically considered to be alterable but through either software or hardware means approved by the jurisdictional authority, have been rendered un-alterable. The application level is where the protocol commands are executed, including retry and recovery.

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These commands initiate an action or report the results of an action. An application level acknowledgement indicates that a command has been processed. An area is a portion of the casino floor that is larger than a bank but smaller than a zone. The hierarchy of machine location Pokies Win Nzb Downloaders For Youtube EGM position, bank, area, and zone. The areaId is one of the attributes used in the cabinet profile command to identify the location of an EGM.

Audit mode is initiated at the EGM, usually with a key combined with machine button presses and, typically, with the cabinet door closed. This mode is used by an operator to access a display on the EGM of meters and other historical game information. In audit mode all money in, money out, and gamePlay devices are typically rendered inoperable.

Authenticate is the process done to ensure that an item or a belief is fully trustworthy and is exactly what is claimed. An authentic voucher or a voucher that has been authenticated is one that can be trusted to have been issued or be an exact copy of a voucher that has been issued by an EGM. An authenticated endpoint in a communications connection is one that has been determined to be trustworthy and connected to the source that it is represented to be.

An authorization Host is a host system that has been granted the right to authorize specific transactions within the download and configuration classes. Authorization hosts typically have specific criteria that must be met before further action in the process that the authorization host is monitoring, may proceed. For example, in a Pokie Review Definition Dictionary change, the authorization host may Pokie Review Definition Dictionary specific meters to be captured before the configuration may take place.

A bank is a group of EGMs, typically situated immediately next to each other. A bank is smaller in size than an area or a zone. The EGM position identifies a specific position in the bank.

A bankId is an attribute used to identify a specific bank of EGMs. A bonus encompasses a wide variety of game enhancements for the player such as win multipliers and mystery progressives. A bonus win differs from standard paytable win or progressive win in that the determination of the award amount and the win criteria are solely the responsibility of the bonus host.

A particular area of functionality defined in a GSA standard that a product may support, such as accounting or player tracking. The cabinet refers to the physical housing of an EGM. A cabinet is the housing in which the note acceptor, video monitor, printer, etc. A style convention for names, such as the names of XML components classes, commands, attributes, etc.

Carryover refers to an amount that a player has accumulated towards the awarding of a loyalty point in a 'points for play' system. What a player does to remove unwagered credits from the EGM. A cash out is typically initiated by the player by pressing a cash out button or in some cases by winning a large amount.

The act of cashing out is more closely related to a player ending his session on a machine than it is to actual cash. Cashable refers to credits or monetary amounts on a slot machine that may be redeemed for cash and have no promotional status.

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Any central site computer provided to and controlled by the [gaming] commission to which video lottery terminals communicate for purposes of information retrieval and terminal activation and to disable programs. A significant characteristic of a central determination system is that if the central server fails, play ceases on all the attached clients. Detailed and checklist versions of GSA standards certification requirements are available for download on the GSA Certification web site http: Some commands may be broken into chunks, or portions of a command, if they are too large to be contained in a single message.

In these cases, each chunk of the command is contained in a message and the resulting multiple messages form a multi-part message. A class represents a specific function or feature of the EGM, e. Some classes represent physical devices such as a printer or hopper and some classes represent logical devices such as progressives and handpays. From a schema point of view, the Pokies Big R Ranch element for a command contains the command-level elements for all the commands within that class.

Each device that supports meters must keep meters specific to that device. The class-level meters represent the cumulative lifetime meters for all the devices within that class. Because devices may be added or removed from a class, the class-level meters may not always balance with the device meters.

The class-level meters are available at device identifier 0 zero. A 0x57 Coin Status event which reports no cheat, jam, or diverter faults—that is, all bits are set to zero 0 in Byte 2. A coin is a stamped piece of metal issued by Pokie Review Definition Dictionary government as money. A coin can also refer to a wagering token, or token, which is also, typically a stamped piece of metal, not issued by a government, that is used in an EGM as a substitute for actual coins.

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Free Spin — Some pokies offer free spins. Two Bristol-based companies, Cutting Edge Telecom Ltd and Pokie Ltd, and two company directors have already pleaded guilty to 83 offences under the Trade Descriptions Act and the Consumer Protection Act in relation to the promotions.

The term coin is also sometimes used as a legacy term referring to wagers coin in or wins coin out. This dates back to when the only way to place a wager on a slot machine was to drop a coin in a slot, and winnings were always paid either by dispensing coins or by an attendant pay jackpot.

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With modern EGMs, there are many ways other ways to wager and pay winnings. Therefore, the protocol generally attempts to avoid usage of these legacy terms. Coin in is the total amount wagered on an EGMs. This amount is metered and accumulated on a Coin In meter and figures into the calculation of gross revenue and payback percentage.

This meter lost its association to actual coins when other forms of monetary value such as currency and vouchers began to be used in EGMs. Other names for this meter include 'turnover'. Coin out is the total amount paid by the machine as a result of winning wagers.

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  • s: from poker machine, a type of fruit machine on which playing-card symbols appear. Pronunciation. pokie. /ˈpəʊki/. Word of the Day. colcannon · Find out what it means · Woty blank x Word of the Year is Arrow line graph x The year in review: 's most-viewed dictionary entry pages.

However, the specific contributing factors that make up this amount, and result in the corresponding meter value, are not consistent between jurisdictions. In G2S, this amount is metered in the egmPaidGameWonAmt and the G2S meter is consistent with the definition of coin out in the Nevada Technical Standards - it does not include progressive or bonus wins.

A command is a complete application level request, response or notification. A command always has a class-level element and, usually, has a command-level element. For example, a progressiveCommit command is generated after a progressive has been paid. A voucher which contains, at a minimum, a complete validation number and is of a quality that can be redeemed through the use of an automated reader or scanner. A conditional certification is issued only under special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis, where requiring support for the specific function would be contrary to the intended goals of the GSA certification program.

Prior to entering configuration mode, any transactions pending on an EGM must be completed, and typically there must not be any credits on the EGM.

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Once in configuration mode, no new transactions may be initiated that are not directly related to configuration. Pokies Games Naruto 899 may be configured without entering configuration mode.

It is anticipated that configuration changes that do Pokie Review Definition Dictionary affect game play, such as volume control, will be made without entering configuration mode. A configurator is a host that is authorized to configure the options of a specific device. The configurator is typically the owner of an optionConfig device within the EGM. Each device may have an owner host, a configurator host, and one or more guest hosts.

Only the configurator — that is, a host with configuration authority for a particular device — may specify option changes for that device. A device incapable of being altered while installed in a gaming device and may contain executable programs or data that are directly addressed by a processor. The countdown may increment or decrement towards a target value. When the target value is reached, one or more points are awarded.

A coupon is an EGM wagering voucher that has a fixed dollar value that can only be used to acquire non-cashable credits. As used with an EGM, a credit is the value associated with a particular denomination, i. The total monetary value remains constant throughout the process. Credits are accumulated as funds are accepted by the EGM and winnings are added to the credit meter. Credits are removed from the EGM when a player wagers or cashes out.

Credits, when used, are the gaming currency on the EGM. A slot machine indicator that displays the number of denominational credits or monetary value available to a patron for wagering.

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