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Love the styling,color and quietness of the ride. The smoothness of the ride is excellent and very comfortable. Very pleased with overall performance and gas mileage.

Love the tricoat finish in white frost and the interior color scheme of 2 shades of brown is spectacular. When you like all of the bells and whistles of a luxury car, but you need a truck It has a great motor and is very comforetable to drive.

Love it Great looking, has power, lots of features. Use the GMC for vacations because of the interior room and all the bed area for luggage and other equipment. The ride is tremendous and I love the navigation. Plus, if I want to tow its ready and w Plus, if I want Pokie Review Gmc Sierra tow its ready and waiting. Has all the perks nice and smooth ride also has plenty of usb connections for tablets and phone I really like it, it has a lot more than my other truck, which was a It is a lot bigger and better.

I have always owned four door Honda sedans which I loved. I've reached that point in my life where I wanted something different and something that allowed me to do "guy who lives in suburbs stuff" su I've reached that point in my life where I wanted something different and something that allowed me to do "guy who lives in suburbs stuff" such as getting my own mulch, being able to haul my own drywall Wheres The Gold Pokies Tips 2 x 4's etc.

The loaner is a small truck that is more like a car. We've been considering buying other GMC products, but I won't now because of their inability to provide repair and replacement parts in a reasonable amount of time and their poor customer service. Leasing a brand new GMC Sierra slt all terrain edition and 3 days after I drive it off the lot the thing's pissing transmission fluid everywhere.

It gets towed from my job leaving me stranded at Pokie Review Gmc Sierra and the dealership couldn't even accommodate me with a vehicle to get home from work. Then the tow truck company damages the front valance and the dealership tells me it's my problem.

Now I have to deal with the tow company. This this is suppose to have a Bose sound system and the front speakers sound raspy and blown. This truck has miles on it as I'm writing this and it's already a nightmare. Thank the good Lord I leased this toilet. I purchased a brand new 51k truck in October. Since then the hood and rear door have been repainted due to paint flaws from the factory.

Now there are scratches and swirls all over the truck just from drying it. The dealership has buffed the truck 3 times and said they can't buff it anymore before ruining the clear coat.

So I filed a complaint with GM and the district manager came to look at the truck. He said it was my fault and I shouldn't Tv Pokies Compilation Letter For Enrolled anything but air to dry the truck. And it's acceptable due to epa changes. That's funny my father has a brand new Ford with no problems and my buddy has a Dodge with no problems. The paint on this truck looks like it's 5 years old. Do not buy a new GM truck unless you don't care what it looks like.

In I bought a new Sierra Denali. I decided to pay that price for a new vehicle, and buy the extended warranty, because I didn't want to have to worry about maintenance and minor repairs.

I am currently at 65, miles. I still have miles remaining on the extended warranty. So far I have not had any mechanical problems; only cosmetic. I have had to replace a door handle and a windshield wiper cover. Now I have a crack in the dashboard right by the airbag compartment. I contacted two dealerships and was told that to repair or replace this is not covered under the extended warranty, and was advised to call GMC directly to see about assistance in paying for this. I reached a GMC representative who was obviously foreign.

He Pokie Review Gmc Sierra rude, patronizing, and condescending. He said I would need to take the truck in to the dealership to get a visual inspection, which makes sense. Then he felt the need to add that they could not be expected to agree to fix it over the phone if they didn't have an inspection, because they could lose money, right?

So then he attempted to do a 3 way call to my dealership to make an appointment for me to take it in. When I called the dealership see if they had spoken, the service rep who made the appointment said the guy had been rude to her as well.

The service rep who took my truck in knew where the crack was before he even looked at it. Cracks in the dash are a recurring problem with these expensive vehicles.

I am Pokie Review Gmc Sierra paying that for sure. It's useless to contact GMC for help. I'm giving 2 stars only because I haven't had any of the mechanical or rust problems I have read about Next truck will be a Dodge Ram.

Bought this truck used with 39, miles on it to pull small camper with for short trips and have taken very good care of. While coming home from work I heard a noise that sounded like a fan clutch or belt issue, next thing I notice the check engine light came on and then started blinking along with messages that the traction control was disabled and the senatrack was also disabled and engine started missing and would not go.

Had it towed to my local mechanic who does all my work. He call and said it was something in the motor and I needed to take it to the dealership because he does not do that kind of work. First I was told it sounded like a value spring but they was have to take the covers off to make sure.

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That was when they called back with this news. I have now that sits in the shop needing a engine rebuilt. Looking back I should have paid a little more for a quality built Ford.

In the past 35 years I have owned four GM products and I have Pokie Review Gmc Sierra say I have had problems with them all and as soon as I get this truck back it will be traded in on a F, and yes I will lose a lot of money but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and go on. Had this truck over 18 years and it still performs perfectly. I have had only normal maintenance--oil changes and two brake jobs.

I have the Vortex engine and it has never given me any trouble. I have driven it cross country many times Pokie Review Gmc Sierra I would trust it to go anywhere. Only bad thing is the body is rusting in several places but it doesn't affect the performance. I researched Pokies 2018 Redskins Roster vehicle before I bought especially the small V8 Vortex engine that just came out that year. This is the best investment I have ever made.

I love my truck even if "its body" isn't as beautiful as it once was. My friends with the new fancy vehicles are always having to have repairs done on their cars.

My truck is still getting 18 to 19 MPG just around here. I bought a used GMC crew cab about three months ago. It had little under miles.

Four weeks ago went on a hunting trip to Colorado from Mississippi pulling a trailer which didn't have but less than lbs on it. I was hesitant about the towing of the v6 but the dealer said it would do fine. Just outside of Albuquerque New Mexico the motor blew up. I was wishing I had followed my instinct then dealership where they towed it to done everything they could for us but it was like their hands were tied.

Took seven hours to get a rental car because it had to be a GM product then when I got home took another five to get something to drive while I was without a vehicle. I bought the truck at a Ford dealership and my mistake was not buying a Ford but I have always bought new or certified GM products. Seems like they are getting to be way overpriced and overrated. I'm stuck with this or lose 15 to 20 thousand. Also had to pay for everything upfront myself, suppose to get reimbursed.

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I want to stay a loyal GM buyer but GMC is making it very difficult when quality has been compromised to this degree. At this point I will be forced to venture out and shop for different brands. There's onlykms on it. I thought these trucks were built to last, it's supposed to be a work truck and I used it as my personal vehicle!!

Need your assist Sierra Review Gmc Pokie

I took very good care of it, always changed the oil when necessary. Did everything I was supposed to. I was told my transmission fluid needed to be changed so I did just that.

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Biggest mistake of my life was changing the transmission fluid. Reading some of these reviews also has me regretting buying this truck even more!! This truck was built on a Monday when everyone was hung over or a Friday when everyone's in a hurry to leave 'cause this is unheard of for GMC trucks or at least I thought.

The chrome started peeling from my wheels about 12k miles and 9 months of ownership. Theresa immediately said that the "DM" would deny the warranty claim. I urged her to submit it anyway, so she did. I had to bug her for nearly two weeks to get the denial, which was total BS. I purchased a completely loaded Sierra 4x4 Double Cab. Now when I test drove the truck I instantly noticed a vibration on the freeway. The salesman told me that it was just a simple flat spot in a tire from sitting in the lot.

Sounded reasonable to me. He said, "Don't worry. So as of right now I am searching Lemon Law lawyers! So if I was you I would stay as far away from any GM product that you can!!! At miles the engine blew up and the 7 piston was trashed. Dealer blamed it on the FMS. Truck has had constant hesitation along with hard shifting and loss of power from time to time. Now with exactly miles on it the same issue happened again. Engine light flashing, clunking noise under the hood, engine kept shutting down and now engine is once again torn down.

Hit over a month and the lemon law in Indiana kicks in. I'll be going back to Ford next time. I noticed a couple weeks ago that the dash on my GMC Sierra was cracking in three different places. I called Pokies Games Quizzes Puzzles couple dealerships and they told me it was happening a lot. So I told them I only have miles on the truck would they be able to replace it under warranty since it is a flaw.

I was told they are doing it only for the people that purchased the truck no one else. I ask them to explain that to me and they said that came from their head office. If you know you have a problem the smart thing would be to fix it so people don't go sour and tell everyone you don't care about their problem. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I will tell you this I will not purchase a truck from someone that knows they have a problem and don't fix it. Now I know why everyone says buy a Ford.

I do not recommend anyone purchase a GMC ever. Bought my GMC Sierra. The windshield wipers started acting up, just move a little and stop. I replaced motor and switch but that did not fix. I found out it is the wiper transmission linkage. I took that off and it was rusted and froze up so will not move wiper arms. I ordered one from Dorman and after 2 days they call to say they are out of stock, so when I call all the part houses no one has any of these parts.

First of all this should not happen on asecond of all they need to have a recall on these because from what I have read my GMC is not the only one this same part has messed up on. To sum up what happens when you buy a brand new vehicle from a GMC dealership.

I bought a "brand new" Sierra All Terrain in black with Pokies Games Gta Download six miles on it.

Photos will show just what you get from GMC or an affiliated dealer. Where did the damage to the paint come from, who knows? Both GMC corporate and the dealership where said vehicle was purchased both deny they did the damage. I guess it's normal for brand new black vehicles to look like this.

Mind you the photos don't even show all damage Uploaded is one picture of the vehicle purchased and four more photos of the swirls that cover every square inch of my truck minus the tailgate. I have inherited a lemon with no fixed insight, I am too stressed to deal with runaround with the dealership.

One of my child is 4 years old and can't long rides in my truck because he gets vibration sickness. I wish the lawmakers would buy this truck and maybe they could write some laws protecting the consumer. I know one thing for sure. GM is writing their own death Pokie Review Gmc Sierra. The amount of people this affects are mad just like me.

I was told over the phone the computer needed to learn my Pokie Review Gmc Sierra habits. Then I was told in another phone call that this was the normal operation Pokie Review Gmc Sierra active fuel management. The dealer never went for a test drive or even looked at the truck. I finally went to another dealer when it got to the point where it felt unsafe.

I often pull off the road or interstate to avoid being hit in traffic. I never know if the truck will go forward or hesitate or how long the series of hesitations will last. It feels like the transmission is confused. The new dealer has tried to help me. Here's a partial list of what's been done so far: The torque converter has been replaced. The rods in the transmission have been polished. Plugs have been replaced, fuel has been tested and most recently the transmission was replaced.

I've driven several new GMC loaner trucks and they do not drive like mine. I've been offered trade assist dollars, but what is being offered will just about cover the loss in value due to mechanical 9 Reel Pokies Twitter Stock. Yup, the dealer has reduced the trucks trade in value for a GM issue - nothing I caused.

I am left to shoulder the depreciation and price increase. GM customer service has been horrible. You can never reach them. I have called my agent at least 60 times only to get voice mail. Even after I was given specific times to call. I am so disappointed Pokie Review Gmc Sierra GM. Over the years I have owned many GM vehicles and praised their product and service to my friends and colleagues - even during their financial difficulties. What has happened to GM?

GM - step up and do the right thing. Fix my truck or replace it. Do not expect me to take on financial burden for a defective product that you made and sold to me!

Bought a Sierra. Almost immediately after purchase exhaust started making sounds on acceleration. Multiple times in shop and 3 exhausts later it may finally be fixed. I have hardly had my truck on bumpy roads. My z71 suspension is very rough.

Bumps feel like the box of my truck is going to come right off. Recently my steering column started making rubbing sounds.

GMC will not buy my truck back. The dealership returns my vehicle with the gas tank on empty and not once have I been offered a courtesy car. This has been by far the worst purchase I have ever made. Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use. Advertisements on this site are placed and controlled by outside advertising networks. See the FAQ for more information. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice.

The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission.

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  1. Read our most comprehensive review of the GMC Sierra 's standard features, trim levels, and available coinsluckyz.comg: pokie.:
    Read a full review of the GMC Sierra's standard features, trim levels, and available coinsluckyz.comg: pokie. Rugged, handsome simplicity sums up the attraction of the GMC Sierra, which charms in many ways and doesn't overcomplicate in coinsluckyz.com Economy‎: ‎5. For utility, the Sierra will offer a volt outlet in the cabin, alongside as many as four volt outlets, five USB ports (swoon), and an SD card slot. GMC's IntelliLink infotainment and connectivity suite is available on the Sierra. It combines Bluetooth connectivity, audio streaming, and voice commands with mobile app  Fuel Economy‎: ‎5.
  2. Amazon Vehicles: GMC Sierra Read expert reviews, research vehicles, leave comments, and ask questions!:
    Find your perfect car with Edmunds' expert review of the GMC Sierra , including the Truck. Get in-depth information and analysis on every Sierra , including the Base, the SLT, the Denali and the SLE. See what kind of fuel economy the Sierra gets, starting with the Base at 18 mpg city, 24 mpg highway  Missing: pokie. The GMC Sierra light pickups remain unchanged from Like its same-but-for-styling General Motors brand cousin, the Chevrolet Silverado, the Sierra doesn't need to change often to keep its place among the top-selling trucks — and even top-selling vehicles in the U.S.. The Sierra is the. Motor Trend reviews the GMC Sierra where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety. Find local GMC Sierra prices online.

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Crew Cab models have great rear-seat leg and head room, just as in front. The Crew Cab is a similar story, but with rear legroom reduced by a few inches. In both two-row cabins, the rear backrest stands nearly vertical up against the back of the cab, which is a hit to rear passenger comfort, especially on longer drives.

The bottom cushion does flip up to make way for larger items to be stored and transported in the vehicle. The Sierra's smaller side-view mirrors can be replaced with the available towing mirrors, but otherwise, outward visibility is good. The gauges and displays are clear, and controls and knobs are large and easy to grab for quick adjustments to fan speed and audio volume; adjustments don't require the concentration or distraction that some competitors' more finicky controls do.

In-cabin storage is excellent. On Sierras with bench seats, there's some storage embedded in the middle seat section, along with a trio of cupholders. Five-seat Sierras have a wide center console with cupholders, a deep rectangular storage bin, a pair of smartphone ridges, and, depending on trim level, up to five USB ports and both and volt power points so you can recharge or power almost anything—GoPros, camera batteries, even laptops.

There's a dual glovebox, and enough molded-in bottle holders to stash enough water for a desert crossing. The Sierra's visible quality is backed up by measures to limit noise, vibration, and harshness. Outside of the cabin, the Sierra has some features to make hauling and carrying more convenient. There's a "CornerStep" built into the rear bumper of all trucks, and four cargo tiedowns that can fasten up to pounds between them are included with each Sierra.

There's an LED light mounted on the cab that points down into the bed, which itself has LED lighting tucked under its rim for better visibility. Inside the bed, the Sierra has at least four feet of space between the wheel wells, and five feet between the bed walls.

Notches are stamped into the bed for stacking the bed or otherwise fully loading it. A factory-installed, spray-in bedliner is available. Of all the new touches, our favorite is the damped tailgate: All Sierras come with the mandatory airbags and stability control. The StabiliTrak setup incorporates trailer-sway control to mitigate the wagging motion that can be induced when towing, especially in high winds.

Hill-start assist is standard, and maintains position for a couple of seconds when the Sierra launches on a grade. For those who tow, larger mirrors can be fitted to help guide trailers into their spots; they're recommended, since the Sierra's standard mirrors are smaller and more aerodynamic. GMC also offers a trailer brake controller, so drivers can fine-tune the amount of braking applied to a trailer's electric brakes. The controls are mounted high on the dash, to the left of the steering wheel, where they're visible and easily used.

Although now in its third year, not all test results are yet available for the latest GMC Sierra. The GMC Sierra taps a wealth of safety technology. Available as an option or standard on most models, a rearview camera points out of the Sierra's tailgate handle, with output displayed on the color LCD screen. Front and rear parking sensors are available.

There's also a safety package with lane-departure warning and forward-collision alert systems, and a safety-alert seat that vibrates the driver's seat cushion for haptic alerts. The Denali Ultimate is new this year.

The Elevation Edition adds a version of the IntelliLink infotainment system with a 7-inch touch screen, inch wheels, a locking rear differential, heated power-adjustable exterior mirrors, LED fog lamps, remote keyless entry, a remote locking tailgate, a volt power outlet, and OnStar with 4G LTE capability and a WiFi hotspot.

Most Sierras will be sold at the SLE trim level or above, which means power windows, locks, and mirrors will be included along with a CD player. For utility, the Sierra will offer a volt outlet in the cabin, alongside as many as four volt outlets, five USB ports swoon , and an SD card slot. The luxury-oriented Sierra Denali boasts GM's Magnetic Ride Control suspension; its own inch chrome wheels and a chrome grille; body-color bumpers; aluminum trim on the dash; and LED daytime running lights.

Among the functional upgrades are an eight-inch LCD display in the gauges that can be customized to show audio, phone, navigation, or other settings. Color Touch navigation and IntelliLink smartphone connectivity are standard, as are five USB ports, Bose audio, ventilated front seats, front and rear parking sensors, and a heated steering wheel. It combines Bluetooth connectivity, audio streaming, and voice commands with mobile app connectivity Pandora, for example and available navigation, all delivered through a eight-inch reconfigurable touch screen.

The system is essentially a version of Cadillac's CUE interface, without the haptic feedback and excess customization to get in the way. We think its graphic layer is cleaner and brighter than Ford's MyFord Touch system, and the configurability gives it some distinction over Ram's UConnect, but in our Sierra test drive we encountered a few instances where the navigation system couldn't refer to its own contact database.

It gets a faster processor this year, and a version with a seven-inch touch screen is now standard in the Elevation Edition.

Leather seating is an option, with heating and ventilation for different seating positions, depending on the model. A sunroof and a Blu-Ray rear-seat DVD entertainment system are stand-alone options on almost all versions.

There's also a Safety Alert package with lane-departure warning, forward-collision alert, and a safety-alert seat that vibrates the cushions for haptic alerts. For more capability, GMC offers a Z71 off-road package. It comes with hill-descent control, skid plates for the transfer case, and Rancho monotube shocks. A trailering package includes connectors for lighting.

It also adds heavier-duty cooling, a beefier rear axle with a 3. It gets a painted grille and the Z71 off-road suspension, as well as an automatic locking rear differential for quicker reaction times. The GMC Sierra's powertrains are shared with the Chevy Silverado, and the two post identical fuel-economy numbers.

All three engines run on regular unleaded gasoline, and there are no plans to revive the mild hybrid model from the last generation. However, all engines get cylinder deactivation.

When driving loads are lighter, the truck shuts off four cylinders on the V-8s and two on the V-6, running on the remaining cylinders until driving demands increase. The increases in vibration and noise are offset by more sealing and a balance shaft for the V There's also a tunable exhaust system that can compensate for the different backpressure needs of the cylinder-deactivated engine and also smooth out the noisy pulses that can create.

Those numbers are close to the ones posted by the V-6 Ram , even though the V-6 is paired with a six-speed automatic while the Ram gets an eight-speed. Oddly, EPA figures are better with the six-speed.

With rear-drive and the six-speed, the 5. Reviews Specs Photos Inventory. Rugged, handsome simplicity sums up the attraction of the GMC Sierra, which charms in many ways and doesn't overcomplicate in any.

Ride and handling All Sierras feature a front strut and rear leaf-spring suspension. The interior features a well laid-out upright dashboard, with easy-to-use controls that can be manipulated even by a gloved hand.

Materials are as nice as any in the truck market, with soft-touch plastics used at almost all touchpoints. GMC's signature red lighting is used on the clear gauges as well as for ambient lighting on models so equipped. Power comes from GM's latest menu of improved truck engines. All employ cylinder deactivation, direct fuel injection, and continuously variable valve timing.

The step up is a 5. New for , GMC is adding an eight-speed automatic, paired exclusively with the 6. It improves fuel economy slightly while also making it easier to tow and haul large loads, making the powertrain more flexible. All models get electric power steering, and four-wheel disc brakes with special long-life brake rotors are standard across the model line. The Sierra's ride quality is a bit better than before; it's the steering that gets our attention, though, with its quick reflexes and just-right weight.

Crew Cab models get longer doors as well, with the B-pillars moved forward, resulting in easier entry and exit, and extended-cab versions get front-hinged rear doors—nearly rivaling the outgoing Crew Cab models in convenience. We prefer the Sierra's cloth seats to the leather ones with ventilated, for better comfort, but we know we're running against the luxury grain there. In the bed, the Sierra steps up with an integrated bumper step, LED bed lighting, and a damped tailgate that lowers as smoothly as the glovebox on a Lexus LS.

Safety features were also upgraded for , with a suite of new optional active-safety aids. Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning—both camera-based—can help you stay aware of hazards, and the optional Driver Alert Seat can vibrate with pulses on either side to alert the driver quickly to issues. A volt AC outlet is also on offer, and some models include up to four volt outlets and five USB ports, as well as an SD card slot. Blu-Ray DVD players and different seating configurations are available.

The latest Sierra also offers some high-content top models for those looking for a truck packed with options and style. Sierra All-Terrain gets the optional Z71 off-road suspension, monotube Rancho shocks, recovery hooks, a transfer-case shield, hill descent control, an auto-locking rear differential, and special wheels and tires.

The Sierra Denali adds its own styling details and plush features like Bose audio and ventilated front seats, plus a standard V-8 engine. It also gets Magnetic Ride Control suspension for this year.

The GMC Sierra received a ground-up restyle for , which carries over to the model year. The Sierra's styling will be familiar to prior GMC buyers, but now carries a modern flair as well as a muscular look, thanks to its blunt front-end treatment and squared-off, chunky fenders.

In most trim levels, we prefer the Sierra's updated styling to the Chevy Silverado's, but that is of course a personal preference, and the decision between the two likely comes down more to content packaging than looks.

The Sierra uses LED lighting and projector headlamps to differentiate itself from its Chevrolet sibling on the outside. Either way, it's good if you like your trucks big, because both the GMC and Chevy look like their and counterparts, thanks to stylized hoods that sit as high as those on the heavy-duty models. Inside, the dash is very upright, with a simple but bold design, and the bottom edges of the windows are several inches lower than the dash top.

Controls are arranged in several key areas, just to the left of the steering wheel or in a large center-stack area with a wide center console just aft , and all the controls and displays are large and straightforward, with cool blue primary lighting, red arms on the dials, and red backlighting. GMC's IntelliLink infotainment system makes a colorful splash on the big LCD screen found on most models, and the rich-hued trims in the cabin are soft-touch in many places, unlike the Chevy.

Most GMC Sierra shoppers likely will gravitate toward one of the two V-8s for stronger performance and better towing, but the completely reworked V-6 deserves more attention than ever.

It's no longer a penalty piece for utility trucks and fleets: The V-6 is an honest alternative to a V-8 for drivers that are honest about how often they tow and haul. Today's full-size trucks deliver the kinds of payload, acceleration, and towing that heavy-duty trucks did just a couple of decades ago. Recalibrating the powertrain needs of truck drivers was inevitable, and that was part of the Sierra refresh. The latest powertrain lineup has dropped some of the former stragglers, leaving behind a trio of engines that cover everyone's needs.

The Sierra's base engine is a 4. This one is a credible option for a light-duty truck that will only occasionally tow more than a few thousand pounds. It's quiet, responsive, and relatively smooth for a V-6—it even sounds pretty good, although it doesn't quite match the burble of a V It's efficient--direct fuel injection and cylinder deactivation are included--returning up to 24 mpg on the highway.

The V-6 Sierra is rated to tow up to 7, pounds. It's a muscular powerplant, good for hp and lb-ft of torque. In the optimum configuration, this engine can tow up to 11, pounds, and best-case scenario, that rippling exhaust note is backed by a mpg EPA highway rating, thanks again to cylinder deactivation, direct injection, and continuously variable valve timing.

Both the V-6 and 5. GM has a history of producing solid truck transmissions, and this one is no different; gear changes are often imperceptible, and there's no loss in refinement when towing or hauling a large load. For those looking for maximum performance, a 6. The biggest engine produces hp and lb-ft of torque. The increased output allows it to tow an extra pounds compared to the 5.

For , GMC is pairing a new eight-speed automatic with the engine, which should improve powertrain flexibility while also increasing fuel economy.

EPA mileage estimates are not yet available for this engine-transmission combination. We expect similar performance and refinement from the new eight-speed. All three engines have a choice of rear-wheel drive or shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive. All Sierras carry over a reworked version of the previous truck's strut front and leaf-spring rear suspension.

The truck brought a new steering rack with electric assist, and specially designed brakes with long-life rotors were new for last year as well. The suspension and steering improve responsiveness compared to the last-generation truck while also netting minor improvements in ride quality.

The Sierra is not quite as smooth and composed as a Ram equipped with air suspension, but its more progressive springs front and back have become a little more absorbent, over what already was a fairly good ride. Black, Outside, power-adjustable, manual-folding vertical trailering mirrors with Amber running lamps. Chrome, Outside, power-adjustable, power-folding vertical trailering mirrors with Amber running lamps. Outside manual-extending trailer mirrors.

Outside, manual-adjustable Black mirrors. Front license plate bracket. Spare tire carrier lock. Front and rear carpeted floor mats. Console insert expandable folder tote. Manual tilt steering column. Tilt and telescopic steering column. Steering wheel audio controls. Leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise and audio controls. Rear seat DVD entertainment system. Illuminated visor vanity mirrors. Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Jet Black, Leather-appointed front seat trim. Jet Black, Perforated leather-appointed front seat trim. Dark Ash seats with Jet Black interior accents, Cloth seat trim.

the story behind

Towing capability is generous with up to 12, pounds of capacity in rear-drive crew cab models with the 5-footinch long bed. Handling is confident for such a large truck; body control and steering feel are both good, but ride quality does suffer slightly as the truck is a little stiff when unloaded.

Interior quality is a Sierra strong suite, particularly in Denali models, with modern, well-appointed cabins. Seating is excellent with large, comfortable seats front and rear, ideal for long drives. In IIHS testing, the truck earned a good score on the moderate overlap front category good is the highest possible score. Power is good on all engines, particularly Vpowered Sierras; however, the largest engine — the 6.

Additionally, in a First Test review , we said that the throttle response with the 5. Horsepower - hp rpm ; Torque - lb-ft rpm. Armrest, Front Seat Center; Delete: Share this article in: Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. New for The GMC Sierra gains a new eight-speed automatic transmission in trucks with the 6. Read more reviews and articles about this vehicle. Certified Pre Owned Price what is this?

Used Car Value excellent condition. Top Ranking Competitors Base Model. V6 Flex Fuel 4. Climate control Std Std Audio System, 4. Tilt steering wheel Std Std Vanity Mirror: Passenger vanity mirror Std Std Delete: Bumper, Rear Delete; Delete: Dealer Selection Receive your free dealer pricing information by completing your contact information!

Our handsome hauler hit the sauce pretty hard late this summer, swilling some gallons of pure corn ethanol, cocktailed as it was with 38 gallons of gas dispensed from yellow E85 pumps. This being my first long-term test vehicle with a yellow gas cap, I was eager to prove the paradigm that despite the attractive pump pricing, E85 isn't…. Have you priced Detroit-NYC airfare? The airfare savings easily covered our down-front seats for "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder," and….

When we announced our Truck of the Year, loyal GM truckers lobbed some epic epithets our way. Motortrend - Motor Trend Staff writer December 1, Nevertheless, the Sierra distinguishes itself from the mechanically similar Silverado with its own unique sheetmetal, and a high-quality interior, especially in range-topping Sierra Denali trim.

The GMC Sierra can be tailored…. Motortrend - Jason Udy writer May 29, Details of the redesigned GMC Sierra Denali have been revealed, including estimated power ratings for the available 6. As GMC's top trim, the Sierra Denali model comes standard with many features that are optional on lesser trims, and has exclusive equipment as well.

With direct injection, active fuel management, and variable valve timing, the revamped 6. Get more info from GMC. X Newsletter Sign Up. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions. I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners. By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. Black driver and passenger door mirrors externally adjustable.

Wheels, 17" Steel with Wheelcovers Rim Width: If the transfer case switches to neutral while the vehicle is parked and the parking brake is not in use, the vehicle may roll away increasing the risk of injury to bystanders.

If the transfer case switches to neutral while the vehicle is being driven, the vehicle would lose drive power, increasing the risk of a crash. In the affected vehicles, an electrical signal short may cause the transfer case to shift to neutral without the driver's input. Don't see what you're looking for? Sorry, we were unable to perform your search at this time. Submit your question to our community by clicking the 'Ask' button. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Typical questions asked about products:. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Top customer reviews 5. The truck is beautiful and tough, rides nice and smooth and at the same time its a beast. I have the crew cab all terrain edition, I recommend it to anyone and everyone in the market for a new truck. You will not be disappointed.

After my Sierra I tried a few different trucks thinking I would change it up, I tried ram, the f, and the tundra. The Sierra was actually the only I didn't look at and then I was leaving a ram dealership one night and stopped in to the gmc I had bought the 15 at just to see and it was done from there I feel in love. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Powerful machine, stately experience, style, functional design, safety features, and absolute beauty.

I have been more excited about getting behind the wheel of this truck, than any BMW except maybe my first, America is turning out some incredible driving machines once again. And as long as they keep it up, I will continue to buy American.

Even companies making their vehicles here, such as Toyota, Nissan, and even BMW, send their profits to their company's country of origin. I can't believe how quiet the cabin is, or how efficient it is regarding fuel consumption. And once again, when put up against any of my BMWs, the safety features challenge BMW's reputation as the number one safest consumer vehicle! My Sierra even makes gentle gestures to the steering system keeping me safely in my lane!

And the auto headlight dimming is a must for anyone driving local roads at night! I can't believe how accurate it is at discerning the difference between a street light and a moving car! Cannot get over how well the Denali Ultimate monthly lease was. Using this for our business I needed a 15, mile a year lease and the lease payment was very affordable for a 62K truck.

Love the Crimson Red exterior and the Dark Sand interior. Ride is very nice, interior very comfortable. The Technology is easy to lean and operate. I'm 62 and I have been around a lot of the GMC generations and evolutions. Wish I had that thruck though!! Very happy after the first K miles. Highly recommend this dealer. My salesman Nate was very professional and found the truck I was looking for. Was worth the 1. It's a very nice truck. This is my third Sierra.

It's my preferred method of transportation. I don't think I'll ever drive a car again. I average 18 mpg in the city 25 on the highway. Even with the 6. The 8 speed transmission may have a lot to do with that. Crew cab with a short box meets my everyday and weekend handyman needs.

Go drive one you will agree. The styling, power, technology and comfort of this truck are all top notch. It really does feel "professional grade". It tows a 31 ft. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a half ton truck.

Upgraded to this truck from a Silverado LT crew cab V6, so I was already expecting most of what makes these newer GM trucks so good. The ride is moderately quieter, apparently GM installs active noise cancellation in this trim. Door seals are tighter. The leather is soft, seats are a little less stiff than the Chevrolet, and the aluminum trim is a nice touch. It's a nicely appointed truck, certainly much nicer than my old LT, although I was a little underwhelmed with the faux wood trim.

The ride is great thanks to the Magneride suspension. All the infotainment stuff is good. I was disappointed that the console lid Qi charger does not work with my phone, an S7 edge. The one in my wife's Escalade doesn't either, but its not a big deal. I got a pretty stellar lease deal on this truck from GM, but I was planning to buy one in , may still do that.

Rides great and the materials on the inside Purchased a 4x4 SLT Crewcab with the 5. Rides great and the materials on the inside are top notch. See all 55 customer reviews newest first. Most recent customer reviews 4.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Sign in New customer? MPG EPA estimates for fuel efficiency measured on a mile-per-gallon basis are based on laboratory tests conducted by manufacturers according to federal regulations.

Transmission The transmission adapts the output of the engine to the drive wheels. Seating The number of people the car will hold.

Horsepower A unit to measure the power of engines. Wheel Base Wheelbase refers to the distance in inches between the front and rear axles of a vehicle. Want to compare a different vehicle? Power Steering Adjustable Steering Wheel. Optional Power Mirror s. Cruise Control Power Windows. Number of Passenger Doors. Suspension Type - Front. Suspension Type - Front Cont. Suspension Type - Rear. Suspension Type - Rear Cont.

Maximum Alternator Capacity amps. Disc - Front Yes or No. Disc - Rear Yes or No. Min Ground Clearance in. Body Length Default Value ft. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Cap lbs. Curb Weight - Front lbs. Curb Weight - Rear lbs. Front Wheel Description Cont. Rear Wheel Description Cont. Front Head Room in. Front Hip Room in. Front Leg Room in. Front Shoulder Room in.

Second Head Room in. Second Hip Room in. Second Leg Room in. Second Shoulder Room in. Third Head Room in. Third Hip Room in. Third Leg Room in. Third Shoulder Room in. Cab to Axle in.


GMC Life - Trucks. GMC Life - News. GMC Life - Technology. GMC Life - How to. Regular Cab, Standard Box. Regular Cab, Long Box. Automatic locking rear differential. LED cargo box lighting. All Terrain X Package. Enhanced Driver Alert Package. Snow Plow Prep Package. Integrated trailer brake controller.

Cat-back performance exhaust system. External transmission oil cooler. External engine oil cooler. Transfer case with floor-mounted shifter. Hard tri-folding tonneau cover. Front and rear body-color molded splash guards. X Newsletter Sign Up. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions. I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners. By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.

Black driver and passenger door mirrors externally adjustable. Wheels, 17" Steel with Wheelcovers Rim Width: If the transfer case switches to neutral while the vehicle is parked and the parking brake is not in use, the vehicle may roll away increasing the risk of injury to bystanders.

If the transfer case switches to neutral while the vehicle is being driven, the vehicle would lose drive power, increasing the risk of a crash. In the affected vehicles, an electrical signal short may cause the transfer case to shift to neutral without the driver's input. GM will notify owners, and dealers will re-program the software in the transfer case control module, free of charge.

The recall began in early August GM's number for this recall is A seat that does not stay secured increases the risk of occupant injury in a vehicle crash. Due to an incomplete weld on the seat hook bracket assembly, the front seats in the affected vehicles may not stay secured in place during a high load condition such as a crash. GM will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the seat hook bracket assembly weld and replace the lower seat track, as necessary, free of charge.

The recall began on August 15, The overheated exhaust components may melt nearby plastic parts and may result in an engine fire. General Motors will notify owners, and dealers will reprogram the engine control module, free of charge. The recall began on January 16, Owners may contact Chevrolet at and GMC at General Motors' number for this recall is Due to a problem with the EPS module, the affected vehicles may experience a sudden loss of power steering assist during vehicle operation.

GM will notify owners, and dealers will replace the power steering assist motor kit, free of charge. The recall began on November 17, If the rear axle shaft fractures, the rear wheel may separate from the axle shaft, increasing the risk of a crash.

Due to an improper heat-treatment, the rear axle shaft may fracture while the vehicle is being driven. GM will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the rear axles, and replace any that were improperly heat-treated, free of charge.

The recall began on December 17, If stuck in the "Start" position, the ignition may suddenly snap back into the "Accessory" position, causing a loss of engine, steering, and braking power, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.

Parking alerts become available, too, and they're terrifically handy in a full-size pickup. At the top of the range is the Denali, which comes with most of the features available on lower trim levels and has all of the available driver assistance features. It adds exclusive Magnetic Ride Control dampers, inch wheels and unique interior appointments. With horsepower, lb-ft of torque and an eight-speed transmission, the truck is never short on grunt. But the brakes and the steering show considerably less advancement.

The inch wheels do it no help either. Read Less Read More acceleration There's stout performance from this 6. GMC offers a brake upgrade, which is a curious option we've never tested.

Read Less Read More seat comfort While they are wide and accommodating, there's nothing particularly special about the seats in the Sierra Denali. Read Less Read More small-item storage Like any good full-size truck, there's a ton of space inside the Sierra. Model Type Regular Cab. The GMC Sierra offers utility and comfort in a compelling, versatile package.

Edmunds Scorecard Overall 3. The powertrain in the Sierra Denali is nothing short of impressive. There's stout performance from this 6. Around town, the Sierra's brakes are friendly and capable. Pinpoint accuracy and feedback are not its strong suits. The inch wheel and tire package doesn't help the Sierra's cause.

The Sierra makes having this much capability and power easy to handle. Four-wheel drive high and low can be selected via a knob on the dashboard. The Sierra has the basics down with decent ride control, comfortable seats, and low road and wind noise. While they are wide and accommodating, there's nothing particularly special about the seats in the Sierra Denali. With its Magnetic Ride Control, the Sierra Denali does a fairly impressive job of delivering above-average ride quality on smooth roads.

The cabin is generally well isolated from tire and wind noise, even over rough roads. The functionality of the controls is hard to fault, but we found the airflow and performance in hot weather to be subpar. Most of the interior is a study on how to do a truck interior correctly. There are no real ergonomic gaffes in the Sierra Denali. The usually easy entry to a Sierra is upset by the optional power step rails.

Twelve-way power seats, adjustable pedals and a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel make it easy to get situated, but the off-center steering column spoils the driving position. As with any full-size crew-cab truck, there's ample room for both front and rear passengers.

All in all the Sierra has good visibility. At first glance the build quality is up to par with that of other luxury trucks in the segment. If you can't haul a lot or store a lot, you're not doing the full-size truck game right. Like any good full-size truck, there's a ton of space inside the Sierra. The 5-foot-8 bed came lined and proved easy to access.

The LATCH anchors are easy to get to, and with the power side steps deployed, reaching in to hook up a car seat is much easier on your back. GMC rates the 6. Don't have an account? Manage your saved cars in one convenient place. Come back any time without the need to start over. Let Edmunds do all the work! Be ready to buy with confidence.