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The content of Quantum Of Solace follows more of what Royale began.

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There's a handful of profanity, the worst being 2 "s" words and an unnecessary use of "Chr-st" by M. Sexual content is surprisingly limited to a few references to Camille having slept with Greene prior to the events of the film and a very brief scene where Bond is in bed with Fields after having slept together. It's refreshing that Bond's womanizing ways have been toned down, but it's unfortunately most likely something that is only so because of the nature of the story. And, sadly, the series' signature dancing nude women silhouettes return in the opening credits, a tradition that we could live without.

In the end, violence is one of the film's biggest problems as was the case with Casino Royalewhere most of it involves deaths by way of shooting and bloodshed caused by such moments as well as a Jason Bourn-esque knife fight. And with Bond being torn between duty to serve and protect and finding revenge, much of the film carries with it this bitter need for vengeance.

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Most reviews are rated on how the reviewer enjoyed the film overall, not on content. Quantum Of Solace Spanish. It soon becomes apparent that the organization behind the blackmailing of Vesper is more powerful than Bond and M had previously anticipated, and after discovering forensic evidence that links an MI6 traitor to a bank in Haiti, Bond immediately sets out to gather more intelligence.

At the same time, there's a meaningful exchange between and a dying character where the victim pleads with him to forgive someone who had wronged James, as well as himself, which brought into the equation a nice human element that we all can relate to have struggled with. When all is said and done, Quantum Of Solace feels more like the sequel that The Bourne Supremacy was for The Bourne Identitywhere sloppy action editing nearly ruins what was wonderfully established in the film before it.

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Marc Forster would do best to turn the Bond film making over to someone else, as well as retire from action directing, while hopefully we can see more of Daniel Craig as James Bond, as well as this more serious, no-nonsense, more human side of the character.

Casino Royale fans will have to lower their expectations while those sensitive to any of the aforementioned content will want to take a look at the usual content summaries below before seeing this one. Far from a bad film, but also pretty distant from the sequel that was hoped for and expected, Quantum Of Solace is a good James Bond film, but certainly not a great one.

The classic girl silhouettes return during the opening credits and with that we see what look like shadowed nude female figures dancing through sand and such; Greene tries to give Camille to a man as a gift sexually. He also makes a comment to her about her sleeping with him not seen ; We see Bond walking around his hotel room shirtless and then entering a room where he joins Fields who is naked in bed.

We see the side of her bare back and he kisses her there, and then pulls her back onto the bed and the scene ends it's quite brief ; We see a the dead body of a nude woman completely covered in black liquid therefore the nudity is not explicit ; A man tries to rape a woman and we hear her screaming and he tears her dress.

We see blood dried on the side of Bond's face; We briefly see the bullet wound in Mr. White's leg as they wrap it up; We briefly see a photograph that shows what looks like a man's lips having been cut off and perhaps his eyelids his face is bloodied and disfigured; There is some blood on the ground after a man was shot; Bond fights a man who has a knife.

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While the fight is quick, we see a knife going into the man somewhere and then blood on his neck his hand covers whatever wound he has and there's blood on his face. Bond then wraps up a knife wound on his arm and wipes blood off his face; A woman has some light burn scarring on her back; We see an actress preparing for a role in an opera with a bloody cut being painted onto her forehead; We see a scene from the opera where a woman kneels over a man with a knife in her hand and he's covered in fake blood; A man is found beaten with a bloody face but still alive inside a car trunk.

He's then shot we briefly see this and we see more blood on their face and hands and clothing, as well as a person who holds them; We see dried blood on Bond's shirt as well as some scrapes on his and Camille's face; We see some blood on a woman during a fight as well as on a man she is fighting.

We briefly see her jab what looks like a knife into the man's back; We see two man fighting Pokie Review Quantum Of Solace both get a little bloody. November 14th, Official Site. Film Review Two years ago, Daniel Craig suited up as the latest James Bond in Casino Royalesurprising movie fans everywhere with a more intelligent, more human Bond portrayal.

All reviews are based solely on the opinions of the reviewer. Most Pokies Bonus Unibet Casino are rated on how the reviewer enjoyed the film overall, not on content. However, if the content really affects the reviewer's opinion of the film, it will definitely affect the reviewer's rating. All materials copyright of Jesusfreakhideout. He looks classy and he kicks ass when he needs to.

Almost as strong as the first, Quantum delivers from every Bond angle. Contrary to many opinions, upholds the swagger and demeanor required.

Forster matches Campbell with quality style in his direction. Larry Nov 28, On balance, no better or worse than "Casino Royale. Craig is a special Bond, as was Connery. The development of his relationship with 'M' has been excellent, probably the best element of two movies. Plot was thin, but not nearly as On balance, no better or worse than "Casino Royale. Plot was thin, but not nearly as confusing as I'd been led to believe.

Really disliked the denouement scenes in the weird desert hotel. Lacked cleverness and the action was forced on the viewer rather mindlessly. Nerung Nov 22, A decent film but it does not manage to compensate for its bland concept. The story is uninspired and all about the film seems like a standard formula. All in all, the film is okay but still one of the weaker Bonds.

DeVr33z Aug 30, A huge disappointment after the stellar Casino Royale. Hopefully the next film can try to bring back the Bond we all know and love. I don't like this brooding antihero guy. ScottE Nov 22, Like many of the other reviewers the story line was much too thin, even for a bond movie. The bad guys were totally forgettable. Their entire diabolical scheme is never even close to coming to fruition which doesn't lead to any sense of urgency to stop them.

The American patsy Like many of the other reviewers the story line was much too thin, even for a bond movie. The American patsy operatives were boring and added nothing. HarryLeech Oct 31, This is not a James Bond film, i would have given it a 7 or 8 if it wasn't, but james bond does not drive a ford.

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This month's home video releases include some of the summer's biggest Get the details and watch trailers for all of the key films heading to By Metascore By Userscore. More From Quantum of Solace. My Name Is Fields. We're Both Using Greed. I Need A Passport. What Were You Expecting. Have You Ever Killed Someone?

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  • By Jim Vejvoda (Be advised: this review contains some SPOILERS.) Quantum of Solace is no Casino Royale, but then it never could be that. What made Casino Royale not only the best James Bond film to date but also a great film in its own right was its emphasis on Bond the man, its retelling of how he  Missing: pokie.
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It's Time To Go. Quantum Of Solace Spanish. Quantum Of Solace German Trailer. Something To Sweeten The Deal.

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  1. Put a beautiful beau in a hot sports car, toss in a gorgeous babe for him to boink and then prop up a bunch of would-be henchman to stand in between our hero and his goal and you have the recipe for just about every Bond film in history. Of course, with every movie comes a game of the same name and  Missing: pokie.:
    Deserving of 00 Status? Game. Quantum of Solace; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming. Category Missing: pokie. In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's James Bond Quantum of Solace. The box art is. In this boxed track set review, we look at Micro Scalextric's James Bond Quantum of Solace. The box art is cool enough to make you want to buy it. Enthusiasm fades some as assembly of balky track sections and then loose handling cars end the adventure. However, with a proper set of Super Tires to.
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In "Quantum of Solace" he will share no cozy quality time with the Bond girl (Olga Kurylenko). We fondly remember the immortal names of Pussy Galore, Xenia Onatopp and Plenty O'Toole, who I have always suspected was a drag queen. Oct 17,  · Quantum of Solace isn't as good as Casino Royale: the smart elegance of Craig's Bond debut has been toned down in favour of conventional coinsluckyz.com: Peter Bradshaw. Read the Empire review of Quantum of Solace. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.

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