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In PvP, Hunters take just a bit more work. But it may be pleasant to get out of your house and take part within the communal activities an arcade options.

Your PCs might be very injured coming through the portal so you might want to say that the creatures are out hunting. Survival hunters forgo use of a ranged weapon, choosing instead to fight toe-to-toe in melee.

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Pokies Meaning Resilient Channel

Pokies Meaning Resilient Channel

Pokies Meaning Resilient Channel

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Pokies Youtube Documentaries On Serial Killers

Pokies Youtube Documentaries On Serial Killers

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Pokie Blouse And Skirt

Pokie Blouse And Skirt

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Pokies Bonus Quest Twisted

Pokies Bonus Quest Twisted

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Pokies Winner Kim Jinwoo

Pokies Winner Kim Jinwoo

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Pokies Games Uno Games

Pokies Games Uno Games

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Netent Pokies Walmart Tires

Netent Pokies Walmart Tires

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Everyone's favourite failed Nine Network CEO even threw in a cheapshot at us, declaring that you can't just steal players from Collingwood like you could from Melbourne. When played with the right spirit, you can thoroughly enjoy your game and also win treasures.

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If the title explains it all, then you are ready for war.

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In the late 1850s the Westbourne was piped underground to create the Ranelagh sewer, allowing a tide of upmarket housing to engulf the area.

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    Phone This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. com Best Battle Deck for spell Valley arena 5 clash Royale- YouTube 85k- jpg youtube. He will be the main card to take the coveted crown towers. wiki Arenas Spell Valley- Clash Royale Wiki k- png forum. Clash Royale 5. ON Sept 18, Bogia MP John Hickey went to Tangu village to address a large crowd at a volleyball tournament. We later find him playing pokies or out partying. .. I showed BSP our travel bookings but it was adamant it would send the card to Australia with the PIN through PNG's unreliable mail service.
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Please change the strategy to win the remaining games. He is the first MP from the electorate to be made a minister since independence. This is a historic moment and we are proud of his achievement.

It goes to show that sheer determination, commitment and hard work do pay dividends. On that note, I would like to suggest to the Jiwaka Transitional Authority to tap into young, outstanding Jiwakan individuals such as Wisil to assist it in conjunction with its personal viability training programme to reach the younger Jiwaka population.

She is a true testament of the Jiwaka spirit: As a Lahanis fan, I was not only cheering my team but also keeping an eye on the clock. However, to my surprise, the game was declared over with four minutes still on the clock. That game did not last the full 80 minutes. The missing four minutes had robbed Lahanis of the match. While the Mioks played well and I congratulate them, the timekeeper had brought shame.

I call on the Lahanis management to conduct an investigation into this. As a proud daughter of PNG, I would like to know why we have to bring in such a huge number of Indonesians to work here. We have talented and highly skilled people. Is it because the companies involved in the LNG are foreign-owned and as such they prefer to bring in their own people? I think our people should be given the first priority. We have many educated people who are jobless.

Since March, the residents of west Goroka and those all the way down to Faniufa, have been facing water problems. While settlements such as Banana Block, Genoka and others are having 24 hours of free water supply, those of us who are paying our water bills are left without water.

Where is the justice? It should have been the other way around. Tribal fight getting worse THE tribal fight in Tipini is getting worse and it is letting the people of Porgera and employees of the mine down.

This fight has claimed many lives, including prominent leaders of the area, and we should allocate funds to churches to enable them to organise peace mediation ceremonies in collaboration with the law and justice sector to stop this fight. The current crusade hosted by the Tipini Apostolic church has seen many people giving their lives to God. We believe this is the way forward. We will use the money to build a new double classroom. Not only is the number of potholes increasing but some of these potholes are beginning to look like craters.

The governor must act quickly and firmly before we are being compared with Lae, which is famous for its potholes and craters. We need basic services WE need basic infrastructure like roads, piped water, bridges, banks, health, port and airports, and electricity. Some services are deteriorating while others are non-existent. As a result, they are causing a big problem for our people. Our government has failed to maintain our infrastructure or provide them. As such, it must look into these problems.

Roads are important for the people to travel from one place to another and also to sell their produce besides making it easier for basic services to be delivered. The government must seriously look into providing water, especially to settlements. We all need water to survive. If we want to be a developed nation, we need basic infrastructure. Otherwise, we will continue to remain where we are. Havoc at national high schools I AM disgusted with what is happening to our national high schools.

According to the education minister, these schools are supposed to become schools of excellence next year, But what is happening to them now? We see landowners demanding compensation at Passam, Kerevat is in dire need of maintenance and the principal of Aiyura was chased out by boycotting students.

Can the superintendent of national high schools and the assistant secretary of secondary schools please explain? In , the government allocated K6 million each to all premier national high schools to have them maintained.

To date, nothing has been done. I call on the education minister and Ombudsman Commission to launch an investigation. I was at the game and, in my opinion, the referee was at fault by making a very poor decision. It was one of the many poor calls he made.

The organisers must appoint a neutral referee. I call on bemobile Cup administrators to take measures to avoid a repeat scenario. The Mioks should not be held responsible for what happened. Muruks need to work on attack WHEN Mendi Muruks won three consecutive grand finals from to , it was based on solid defence and potent attack.

The current team has being doing great in defence but the attack is poor and failed to any real pressure on the opponents. The free flowing football and flair that the Muruks are well known for were missing in the last two games. I call on the coaching staff to inject some venom into the attack in the remaining games. Muruks have a very formidable forward pack but not the backline.

I fail to see his logic in blaming the government. He should not be blaming the government for his failure to delivery basic services to the people in his electorate. Their performance since the beginning of the season has been solid. The finals are knocking at the door and the players must maintain their discipline. Remember the adage — no pain, no gain. As a follower of the Eagles, I am disappointed to see politics involved in running of sports in the province, especially rugby league.

The Kuris have brought nothing but shame to all Western Highlanders. I commend Peter Bepi for his tireless effort to bring the Eagles back. I cannot wait for the new bemobile Cup season to start. I am confident the Eagles will restore our tattered pride. Have the Bomana jail staff gone mad or are Papua New Guineans becoming animals? To impose punishment on the mother was right but for a precious, innocent life to enter the world the way it did was disgusting. The staff of Bomana jail had the means to do something but failed to do so.

The law and justice sector should be ashamed of what has happened and must do something to prevent such humiliating and inhumane acts from ever repeating, — LMC , Port Moresby. As a young father of a lovely little girl, the mistreatment of an innocent child is beyond the guidelines of the Correctional Services and a clear deprivation of human rights. If William Kapris could receive medical treatment, why not little Paula?

This child deserves to be treated like any ordinary Papua New Guinean child. The police have done a good job to arrest and charge those involved with the BSP robberies.

What about the members of parliament involved? Wenge a true patriot I support and commend Morobe Governor Luther Wenge for taking a stand over the proposal to appoint an expatriate to head the Correctional Services.

We have many capable people who can do a good job as the head of CS. If we can have Papua New Guineans as vice-chancellors in our universities, doctors in our hospitals, why not a local as head of CS?

We have been independent for 35 years and it is time we stand on our own feet. We have to come out of our wells and see the bigger picture, rather than being held back by minor petty issues.

Stop attacking Polye, Ipatas IT is time for Enga Governor Peter Ipatas to put an end to his prolonged political differences and work together with Don Polye to bring much needed services to the province. What has Ipatas done for Enga during his term, apart from free education and rugby league? Where has all the annual collections from the giant Porgera mine gone to? Polye has made Kandepians very proud in terms of development and leadership.

His outburst in the media is shameful and only demonstrates the narrow mind that he has. If Ipatas were a true Engan and leader, he would have got behind Polye and support him to be our next PM. Unfortunately, Ipatas has been trying his best to create disunity among the Engan MPs.

Ipatas, we can see what you are doing. He has been outstanding for the LBC Warriors. From an intellectual perspective, I think that such criticisms are shallow and do not warrant any substance for argument. Kaeok has formed the Wapenamanda Coffee Society Ltd and also acquired K5 million from the Department of Agriculture and Livestock for the coffee project, which is expected to generate some K20 million for the district.

He purchased two sets of bridges to replace the old ones in the Tsak and Lower Lai ring roads. He has also allocated school fee subsidies for all schools in the electorate. He has also presented a vehicle to the Yaibos-based highway 14 police. Havila Kavo has tried his best to do what is right for the people. However, all his time was taken up to stave off power-hungry Gulf politicians since the day he entered office.

It would be good if the spends more time back in his electorate and see how his people are struggling so he can reach a better decision. He is one of those yoyo MPs. How can he lead the province when he has lost the trust of the people? How can he lead when he lacks integrity?

The only support he has are the 10 LLG presidents, not the people of Gulf. Havila Kavo has shown himself to be a good leader and a true son of the province. I call on Bombom to stop making childish allegations and provide concrete evidence. Otherwise, he should just keep his mouth shut. Basil and Parkop are the best IN my opinion, there are only two candidates — Sam Basil and Powes Parkop — who have the potential to be the prime minister in The others are either briefcase carriers or kowtow kings and they do not deserve to lead this country.

They do not have the people in their heart and look after their own interest first and last. Sir Puka Temu could have been the new PM but his chance has gone. I believe the recent chain of events we saw was made by the government as a ploy to destabilise the NA Highlands bloc to prevent the PM from handing the reins to his son. It is in the best interest of the PM to have the son to succeed him.

This is as far as the highlanders can go in the fight for power. I must admit that many people admire his leadership and commitment. Keep up the good job. I believe that his long-term development plan and actions will turn Port Moresby into a jewel in the Pacific. Marketing with responsibility THERE is an extent to where corporate firms and businesses can do their marketing and advertising.

Each corporate firm has a social responsibility to ensure it conducts its marketing or advertising in a responsible manner. This is something we do not need. Public and some private properties should not be defaced in the name of marketing. It has made our country look cheap.

THE national selectors and coach Adrian Lam do not have national pride when selecting the Kumuls team. We have many talented local players who are capable of taking our national team to the next level but they are not given the chance. Instead, they opt for overseas players who are not even playing in the NRL. Just because they are overseas do not make them better than our players who play in the bemobile Cup. How can the selectors and Lam be so blind?

If these so-called players cannot find the break from feeder clubs, then they do not deserve to be selected. Is Lam telling the world that PNG does not have a single player who can play rugby league and he is forced to pick players from feeder clubs in Australia? Why should they be penalised when it was referee John Kaupa who provoked the fans with his poor calls throughout the match against the Vipers? It seems the PMV drivers do not value the lives of their passengers.

There was one driver known for taking such risks and he was eventually terminated by the owner when it was found out that the driver was infected with HIV. From my observation, it is really unsafe to travel on any PMVs unless you know the driver. Those who are given a clean bill of health must be given a certificate so commuters know these drivers are healthy. Otherwise, the accident rates will only increase.

K7 housing allowance a joke WHEN will the government increase the housing allowance for public servants from K7 per fortnight? This ridiculous figure has been in place since colonial times. If the government thinks that increasing this allowance would blow a big hole in its coffer, then it must provide affordable accommodation.

The housing schemes that are currently in place are long term solutions and are best suited for public servants who have enough savings. This is not applicable to the new graduates. Where are they going to live? How are they going to save if what they earn go to paying rentals? This is a serious issue. And with the anticipation of the LNG project, rentals have shot through the roof recently. School examinations are just around the corner and we cannot have these warring students disrupting those who are preparing for their examinations.

I have a lot of things to thank The National for. You have done a good job with your reporting and there is a wide variety of articles to read. There are one too many false reports in the Post-Courier. They also do not clarify details. The National is also affordable with just K1 and you have not changed the cover price.

I have been collecting The National since the start of the year. I have a suggestion for you. Keep up the excellent work. However, many of us found his decision to be unprofessional. He has tarnished the good name and identity of the people of North Waghi. If he were a true leader, he should have crossed the floor of parliament when there were talks of a no-confidence vote or when several MPs joined the opposition.

His move clearly shows the people of Jiwaka that he is in search of position. The people of North Waghi are not blind or stupid. We gave him the mandate to fight for our rights and say no to corrupt practices. We have lost our trust in him. The people of North Waghi are not yo-yos.

Pretenders, not leaders I am disgusted by the greed of some highland leaders. I have no respect for such people because their actions speak louder than words.

Their words are mere propaganda to mislead people for devious and malicious schemes for their own political interests and personal gains. They do not know the true meaning of honour, integrity and leadership. I still salute Sir Iambakey Okuk for his renowned political leadership and achievements during his term as MP. The Wosera-Gawi MP has shown himself to be a poor leader. It appears Ronald Asik wants the people of Wosera to labour for him.

We have now seen his true colours. Asik has lost the plot and his integrity. Without integrity, his apology is of no use. It is to late, Asik. Are we looking at the overall statistics after examinations? Are we concerned with the individual performance and mastering of skills produced by our Grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 students? They should leave our formal schooling system confident with their reading and writing skills.

Many of our students who entered universities have real problems with academic skills in reading and writing. Just ask any lecturers at the universities in PNG. Many MPs are not spending enough developing the human resource. As such, Bonny Oveyara has made a wise move by funding the students.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time a MP from Okapa is helping students from the electorate. It is one way of showing its commitment to advancing and improving the health system of Papua New Guinea.

Colgate-Palmolive is a good role model when it comes to supporting the health sector in our country. Through its continuous support and donations to the health sector in PNG, the Health Department will be able to provide a better health care to the people in need.

The company is known for playing an important role in our health sector. Referees like John Kaupa is past his use-by date and should be among the first to go. It would have been better if a referee from another centre was appointed.

We need referees who are younger and fitter who can run up and down during a match. Please explain delay CAN the authorities tell us what is the cause of the delay in finalising the selection of subordinate position of the Southern Highlands provincial administration? This exercise has taken far to long. I am sure the more than 1, applicants are just as fed up as I am. We all will greatly appreciate it if the relevant officers can give us some positive information.

Sepiks must go THE Sepik people being accommodated at the care centre in Bulolo must be repatriated immediately. Morobean leaders must stand firm. Recent events have shown that Morobeans have suffered in so many ways at the hands of the aggressive Sepiks. MPs must clean up Scandals and allegations of corruption were unheard of in early years after independence.

However, this no longer applies today. Corruption has become part of our culture and it is now entrenched in our society. We do not seem to realise what is happening but there is a perpetual violation of our national constitution by parliamentarians. If we are not careful, our constitution will become ineffective within a few years. Our MPs must act responsibly before it is too late. The people of North Waghi have not seen any impact projects since his election in while he was in the opposition.

We can now expect to see some progress in our electorate. The days of buying coffins and dishing out cash for compensations are over. We are looking forward to see projects that will change the lives of the rural population and make basic services accessible.

This MP lacks vision, is power hungry and an opportunist. His district lacks basic services because he has not delivered. It looks like he crossed over just because the PM was in Jiwaka. Jiwakans are not puppets. They are real men who stand up and fight for what is right. This is the last thing we want from a Jiwakan leader. Be wary of Mul.

The move initiated by Nipa-Kutubu district administrator Robin Pip is a good idea. This is a move other district administrators should follow for the sake of good governance and transparency. For decades, millions of kina budgeted for the delivery of essential services has been diverted elsewhere. People have been taking advantage of the inability of officers to physically inspect the project sites to confirm the acquittals.

If we are to eradicate gross mismanagement of public funds, such remedial measures must be adopted by all district administrators. It is important to deliver basic services like health, education, agriculture and, most importantly, roads. She has won over the judges during crowning night, but the real judges are out there, waiting to see how she can best represent PNG on the regional and international arena. She outlined so many interesting and challenging goals she intends to achieve upon winning the quest.

Let us see she means what she said. I hope she does not go into hiding like other previous winners and come out only on the next crowning night. By the way, given that there are many environmental groups, both local and international, what on earth is a marine biologist doing in a bank? This is a win for Papua New Guineans because, for far too long, companies like BSP have made huge profits but failed to reward people.

We must not be slaves on our own land and I call on the unions and workers of ANZ and Westpac to follow suit. ANZ and Westpac have boasted about being in the country for years but have nothing to show for it.

I call on them to reward Papua New Guineans fairly. It is time to bury the Gurias at their own graveyard at Kokopo. This is very disgraceful and utterly embarrassing for the country. Who in their right mind would rob a grave? For the culprits who did this, I hope they rot in shame. People terrorising graves are mentally sick and must be locked up forever. How can a sane human being do such thing? It is unbelievable and frightening.

The authorities must do something immediately. This was the main highlight of the night as I wanted to see them answer with intelligence and confidence. I was a little disappointed with a few whom I thought could have done better. I understand many would have been nervous in front of the camera and a big crowd and that was why they all had a chaperone.

The chaperone was supposed to guide and mould the contestants. I commend the current Miss PNG who answered so well. What was she thinking and to say that in front of the patron of Red Cross, the main sponsor? Miss PNG is not a hip hop competition. PNG has a rich culture and tradition, As such, it is important that we identify and preserve our artifacts, war relics and ancient historical sites. Our rich heritage has the potential to lure international visitors and tourists.

It was an immature and poor judgment by the so-called action governor. Polye is a young and vibrant leader. Instead of giving words of wisdom, Ipatas chose to criticise because of petty politics.

I am surprised and sad to hear that Madang is becoming a dangerous place to live and visit especially with the sudden increase in crime. I was there two years ago and things looked ok.

I am planning to spend my honeymoon in Madang but after reading the letter, I am reconsidering going there. Madang is a beautiful place but the poor law and order situation will scare people away. Will PM retire on Saturday? He claims he is a Christian leader. As such, it will be interesting to see whether he will live up to his promise. The Muruks cannot afford to have an off day, especially now when we are in the critical stage of the season.

He is the right man to lead the electorate as our people need a strong leader who stands for honesty and fights corruption. Your perseverance has paid off. He was a great and charismatic leader. We have lost so many great leaders in recent months.

They fought for good governance at all level. Their deaths have left a vacuum in Imbonggu. Stop domestic violence now WE need to have safe houses for victims of violence, not only in Port Moresby but throughout the country. We want them now.

How long must we be awaken by the violent and foul language of a male attacker and the helpless, persistent, pitiful screams of a female victim? How long must PNG women suffer? We must stop this violence that is killing our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties and nieces. Our police officers must be trained so that they can react when they get a call about domestic violence.

We must have a police hotline which the community can use to report such incident. Domestic violence is destroying families. It is destroying our society. If we commit ourselves to action on behalf of the victims, if all of us speak out, if we hold hands together, we can do it. Stop domestic violence now!

No check and balance IT seems Australia has been handing out aid money without proper supervision. It is afraid that if it stops, Indonesia will take over and gain eventual control. A proper system of providing aid to PNG should have been set up prior to independence while Australia still had some influence. Australia did fail PNG in not giving enough thought to independence and the method of government that was to follow.

More consultation with the people of PNG would have produced a better outcome. Former prime minister Gough Whitlam was in a hurry to get his name in the history books before the Australians kicked him out.

The head teacher would have done a huge favour by specifying how much the Abau MP had contributed to the building of the classroom. This nationwide project is an initiative of the Australian government and the people of Australia. He has the qualities of making a good prime minister. Somare is a humble leader who shows respect to others.

Some of the decisions he made are fair. You just listen to speeches he delivers, the way he defines problems and suggests ways to address issues. He understands things and makes good decisions. He has nothing more to offer PNG. It is time for him to hand over the reins to a younger leader like his deputy Don Polye. The Bulolo MP always puts his electorate first. Even though he is a first-time MP, he speaks and fights for his people. Papua New Guinea needs more young and energetic leaders like Basil, not recycled leaders.

I wish he represented my electorate. Supt Joseph Tondop is hands-on officer and since taking over the top job, he has cleaned up the district and carried out effective campaigns against drug and alcohol abuse in the province. He has questioned and arrested a national minister recently for attempted murder. Chimbu needs a tough cop and Tondop is the right man. How can we appoint a coach who spends his entire life in Australia? Is Adrian Lam around to watch the bemobile Cup players, some of whom are outstanding, week in week out?

How much time does he spend watching out bemobile Cup players? Does he know who our rising young stars are? Why is he constantly complaining about the progress of our local players when he, as the national coach, is not even here to watch how they play?

He relies on the local selection committee but the committee members are not responsible for who plays in what role and which position. It is the coach who makes the decision and how can he do that when he is not here to watch the players in action? Did Lam make any attempt to watch the recent zone trials? This area has been neglected since independence and public servants had to walk from Margarima to Panduaka.

Many people have stopped taking up postings there because the road condition has deteriorated. Potape promised during his campaign rally in he would look into funds to rehabilitate the roads in the district, regardless whether these people voted for him or not.

Criminal elements along the Miles area are hindering business growth and robbing the innocent travelling public.

As such, this is a positive move to minimise law and order problems in the area. Yet its library is of no help to students who want to carry out research for their assignments and projects. Many, if not all, of the books are outdated.

Can the government look into this problem because without proper books, how can we become knowledgeable? It used to be very bad, especially for women commuters who are trying to get to office in time in the mornings and get home after work. I wonder when the bus services will operate normally.

The school is the smallest in East Sepik but it has produced many bright and quality students, who are now doing well all over the country. All the efforts are down to the teachers and they have done a wonderful job. The huge crowd that came to see the match went home dissatisfied. The violent end was a result of a poor referee decision. The referee saw it fit to award a penalty to the Vipers without even consulting his touch judges. His action at such a critical moment was unprofessional and poor calls throughout the match caused the fans to react.

The PNGRFL board must seriously into getting better qualified referees and there is a need to move referees from one centre to another. It must also consider introducing a video referee. As a league fan, it is disappointing to see such violent behaviours. While it is frustrating to see poor calls being made, it is not an excuse to attack officials. Players and fans owe the referee an apology.

Our players must understand that they are representing their major corporate sponsors and such poor conduct reflects badly besides bringing the game to disrepute. Rugby league is our national game.

So, players who want to throw a punch must think before they act as their actions affect us all. How can he say he does not tolerate violence while trying to justify the attack on the referee in the same breath?

Assaulting a referee is simply not in the book. It is time our players learn to show professionalism. Shame on you, Mioks. He is the right man to lead Wewak. His perseverance has paid off and I am glad that the PNG justice system is working. The vote difference is a lot. Manwau has always strived to make life better for the suffering people. Congrats, Manwau ON behalf of my family, I would like to congratulate Dr Moses Manwau on his court victory and subsequent declaration as duly elected member for Wewak.

I know my late father would have rejoiced upon learning of this news. While I appreciate the fallen soldiers for their efforts, what is the government doing to ensure former PNG defence force soldiers who have retired or retrenched get their entitlements? They cannot return to their respective villages but live in another province. Where I work for the lowest pokies online wheres the gold from our price increase. Instead, it is powered by a professional.

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Loud music can be heard everywhere, drunk students shouting, singing, fighting, etc, making the zero tolerance on alcohol a joke. What is the Unitech administration doing? Rural people suffering THE people in the rural areas are most affected with the lack or nil services. Although the government has allocated K16 million for the district services improvement programme to each MP, there is hardly anything to see.

At the moment, no one knows who is benefiting from this huge amount. Corruption is rampant and, at the end of the day, it is the people who suffer from the lack of services. I call on our MPs to visit their haus lain in their electorate and see for themselves how the people are suffering. The recent report in The National about the rise in the number of accidents caused by speeding and alcohol is a fact. I have lost count of the number of accidents I have seen caused by drivers who are drunk or speeding.

Sometimes, some accidents are caused by the poor road conditions and drivers not following road rules. I support the call by the national road safety council that drivers caught drink driving be punished. To eliminate drink driving, something must be done — ban alcohol or increase higher sales tax on alcohol.

Papua New Guinean drivers have an attitude problem and we need to change it for the better. Seriously speaking, I think we would have been much better off and far more developed than what we are now had we let Australia look after us for another 20 years. Look at the Kanaks in New Caledonia. They are enjoying the best of both worlds, more developed and still under French colonial rule.

I read in the papers early this week about an independence story that said there was actually widespread opposition against Michael Somare and his like-minded colleagues who were treated with disdain by old colonial masters. This group was right to say that independence would be a catastrophe. I can only say now that they had a really good point.

It is facing a breakdown in leadership which has caused PNG to be stripped of its natural resources. An honest man cannot win elections and become a leader in parliament because he is a minority. My taxes cannot give me sealed roads or roads without potholes.

Schools fees are sky-high. Public servants are easily bribed. Medical services are scarce and the bulk of the population lacks basic comprehension. Too many yoyos in parliament IT is sad to read about our MPs joining the opposition and then returning to the government when the vote of no-confidence failed to eventuate.

It is sad to see our MPs behaving like a yoyo. They have no shame and are opportunists looking for short-term gain. Papua New Guineans must not elect them back to parliament in the next election because they are a disgrace.

Bulolo must resolve problem AS we celebrate 35 years of independence, I would like to challenge our government and Morobe leaders not to go ahead with the eviction of Sepik people in Bulolo and resolve their problems rather than blaming the Sepiks.

Let us deal with the criminal elements and send them to jail. The Sepiks left their homes to develop Morobe. They deserve a better treatment. What if the Sepik people were to do the same to remove all Bulolo and Morobeans working in East Sepik? This will destroy PNG.

Congrats, John I would like to congratulate Parkes for being the premiers of Group 11 after beating Wellington, in the grand final last Sunday. He scored three tries, made 24 tackles and 17 hit-ups in a non-stop display, according to www. Milep High School is in Nondugl and building another secondary school will serve the children of Nondugl and Jiwaka.

It is not a waste of money but an investment for future generation and a service to the people. As such, it does not make sense to question the building of another school. Let Mul do his job. We appreciate their assistance and will have a great impact on the people of SHP.

Anti-govt campaigns seditious IT seems the NGO anti-government activist, Noel Anjo, has nothing constructive but criticisms for everything and anything. He is one of the most miserable human beings to have inhabited this land and seems hell-bent on dragging down with him as many ignorant and ill-informed Papua New Guineans as possible. What we have seen from his campaign are widespread destruction and looting of properties and goods.

If he is serious about the welfare of PNG, then he should offer constructive suggestions. One wonders if he is capable as he professes to manage large organisations. Experience with others of his kind shows that they are easily corruptible. Grow up and do something constructive for yourself because the government is not going to do anything for you.

PNG has grown tremendously Papua New Guineans living at home and abroad must take time-out and reflect the last 35 years. In my opinion, we have come a long way in a short time. Thirty-five years ago, the sealed roads we are driving on were savanna grassland, LNG was unheard of instead benzin was the household word. Many are picking on the negative things and pointing at the Haus Tambaran for all the shortcomings and failures.

But I salute and congratulate our country for achieving so much despite the many hurdles scattered along the way. Happy 35th anniversary I would like to wish my fellow Papua New Guineans at home a joyous celebration for the 35th independence anniversary.

Let your celebration at home be with reflection and resoluteness for change. PNG far from being united AS PNG turns 35, founding fathers showed they were true champions in uniting the people of diverse cultural background. But one question still remains: Sadly, we still see regionalism and tribalism.

The recent clash at Unitech showed we have yet to overcome this crucial hurdle. It is the biggest challenge for our government and leaders. It was an experience as we listened to some very interesting papers presented by academics and senior professionals. On behalf of the environmental health students, I would like to thank and commend the chairman of the organising committee Alphonse Begani and our HOD Kari Totona for a job well done.

During his two terms or so as commissioner, Papua New Guineans have seen nothing but large numbers of jail breakouts, including William Kapris.

In any organisation, the top management is held accountable for such failures. It does not matter which branch fails. This is nothing but a serial failure by top CS management to address problems resulting in the breakouts. I cannot believe the reasons given by the minister responsible. Who does the Bomana jail commander reports to? Who oversees the CS overall? For Tony Aimo to blame the commander is not only outrageous but also stupid. I call on the Ombudsman Commission to investigate Aimo and Sikani.

Getting tourist visa tedious CAN the Australian High Commission make up its mind about the requirements when applying for a tourist visa for a holiday or short trip?

My family and I have been visiting Australia since the mids. We have seen the criteria evolve but the latest was ridiculous. We have no plans to migrate or even become citizens of Australia. We want to visit and shop there. As such, why make it so difficult visit to Australia? I was educated in Australia and after graduating, returned to PNG to work.

Since then, I have been a regular visitor there. As such, I am disgusted over the ever changing criteria for a tourist visa. It is more effective than any firearm. Put the K9 million into education resource centres in all PNG prisons, appoint well-qualified and specially trained teachers and, believe me, breakouts will be a thing of the past. When prisoners are rehabilitated and educated, their lives will transform. Does it have the capacity to secure such weapons?

What is the use of buying such weapons when they continue to fall into the hands of criminals? I call on the authorities to investigate the people who negotiated the deal. I believe this is a recipe for national security disaster. My wife, who is studying overseas, applied for a replacement Visa card.

She attached a cover letter to the application authorising me to pick the card when it is ready. But BSP told me it would send the card to her address in Australia even though I told the bank my five children and I would be visiting my wife. Is this the kind of love BSP is promoting? Is he telling the people of Nondugl and North Waghi that he is blind?

What are his plans for Milep High School? Now he wants to build another secondary school at Nondugl. It is a place of higher learning and research, not a village backyard or in the bush. It is a place for intellects and not trouble makers. As individuals, we have to be responsible for our own actions. God has given us the power to choose and think. Cultural revival vital In PNG, many societies are breaking apart because we are losing our culture and traditions.

What we have now is a mixture of modern and traditional cultural values. The younger generation has forgotten our indigenous cultures that make us unique. Even our so-called Melanesian culture is losing out. As such, it is vital for us to revive our traditional culture and we must start this process by imparting our knowledge to our children. Kainantu falling apart Kainantu is the gateway to the highlands provinces.

It is renowned for providing abundant economic resources to the development of Eastern Highlands and PNG. Lately, the town has been in the news for the wrong reasons such as the deterioration of basic infrastructure, an influx of outsiders, illegal fencing of state land and decline in law and order. The elites of Kainantu have never at any time pooled their brains to advice and direct leaders and officers in charge of managing and developing the town.

The MP has not shown much initiative either. It is time for him to lead the way and we need more input from him than just a lousy tractor. Garia the yo-yo I read with interest how Chimbu Governor John Garia has changed his stand from being the so-called leader of the Eastern bloc to topple the prime minister to giving his assurance that he will back the government. In my opinion, he has lost his credibility and that he has no vision. He is no better than a yo-yo. He tried to justify his switch by saying two Chimbu MPs have been given ministries.

We do not need such narrow minded leaders boxed in regionalism. We need strong nationalist in the calibre of Sir Iambakey Okuk. The news reports are always focused on the major centres but nothing on rural areas. Even what is telecasted is not to the standard. We want to see events as they unfold, not a slide show.

It is different listening to a radio. Some programmes telecasted are not of any use to the majority. Programme like In Moresby Tonight disturbs the flow of rugby footy. We need competition to give EMTV a run for its money. Although he is still in his early days as secretary, I would like to point out that his department is at the forefront of all industries in PNG. I urge him to recruit people who have heart for their fellow countryman.

I believe Minj should be a separate province because it has almost everything like minerals, land mass, human resource, etc, to survive on its own. On top of that, we also have a very unique and diverse culture that is found only in the Minj region. Please email me on betani.

Previous leaders did not bother to deliver basic services. But Sir Puka changed all that when he entered office and the people are grateful to him. While the minister has the prerogative to make important decisions on behalf of the government, it is sad hat his department has not considered accommodation and related problems faced by his officers and their families before deciding to buy guns. Do they really need weapons at CS? Their use will be abused and lives will be lost should there be jailbreaks.

The CS does not need such sophisticated weapons. What will happen if the guns are in the hands of wrong people? This purchase should be reconsidered. I know these boys because we go to the same church. I am ashamed and appalled by their primitive behaviour. I call on Fred Yakasa to investigate since he is also a member of this church. Dismiss security company THE fight between Unitech students would not have taken place had the guards from Kuima Security been present on that fateful night.

However, they failed to do just that and a young life was taken away. To see the guards carrying arms now while patrolling has left a bad taste in the mouth. I call upon the Unitech administration to consider replacing this security company. The personnel of these companies are professional and well trained. The problem at Unitech turned for the worse because the current security guards failed to act decisively and professionally. I call on the vice-chancellor to do away with the present security firm.

War cry not important THE people of PNG expect their athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games next month to be at their best to win medals, not to make the loudest noise or war cries. We have spent so much money on our athletes and it is now time for them to show the results. We do not want to be in New Delhi to make up the numbers or, God forbid, make the loudest noise.

The team should not have been called the Kuris as they have not even come close to being impressive like the kuris or parakas, the two famous and unique birds found in Western Highlands. Kandep has no natural resources except for its human resource. However, it is disappointing to learn that many Kandep students in universities and colleges have yet to receive the promised subsidy. I call on Polye to find out what is happening as those tasked to release the funds are not doing their job. Congrats, Dekena ON behalf of the people of Koblaku tribe in Gumine, I would like to congratulate Lucas Dekena on his recent appointment as minister for lands and physical planning.

This is another stepping stone for him. The appointment is just reward because he has done a lot to the people in the electorate after being left in the dark for so long. He must keep up the good work and he will be rewarded. Where are we heading? Unfortunately, we are not only very poor financially but also in our attitude and behaviour. I dare to say some Papua New Guineans behave worse than animals. In Samoa, there are hardly any graffiti on the walls or footpaths, no human wastes on the streets or shop fronts, markets are clean and hygienic with vegetables being displayed on tables while cooked food is served on plates like restaurants, and the people can roam the streets at night without fear of being robbed.

I wonder where PNG is heading as we prepare to celebrate 35 years of independence. Our leaders cannot behave like ostriches with their heads buried in the ground. Why hand out cash, Dekena? During the launch of the Gumine project last week, the MP distributed a large amount of cash to the Dom people.

Amongst them was Kopan clan, who got K50, cash in front of more than 4, people at Kolma village. This means each person got K What can one person do with K Handing out cash is wrong. His appointment did not come as a surprise to all of us as we have the belief and confidence in him. We pray Polye will continue to serve the people of Kandep with high distinction as he has been doing.

Road awareness WE applaud the recent announcement by the national government to upgrade Lae roads. This piece of news is long overdue. One major concern is the rate of accidents that will happen once the roads are upgraded as more people will speed. I suggest proactive measures and safety awareness campaign be conducted. The administration has let the students down by not taking action. I urge the administration to be considerate, make firm decisions for the students and improve the security in the campus if lessons were to continue.

At the moment, we do not feel safe. If our safety cannot be guaranteed, then students should be asked to go home. Why impose import duty? It is my understanding that the vehicles are being auctioned to recover import duty owed to PNG Customs by the importer of the vehicles.

If I have to pay the full price on a vehicle plus the import duty, I might as well go on line and order a vehicle of my liking.

I think it is only fair if the PNG Customs eliminate import duty charges on the bidding prices of the vehicles auctioned. Give youngsters a break I HAVE been following the progress of some young in-form players who have been consistent from the semi-professional bemobile Cup competition. These players have been performing to expectation and have caught the eyes of spectators, supporters, sponsors and, hopefully, the Kumul selection committee.

I am sure these boys can add fire work once they are given the chance to wear the Kumuls jersey. However, a broader benefit for all citizens can be achieved by reducing the income tax rates. It is better to reform the income tax rates and allow the people to have more disposable income in their hands. The current tax net is sufficient to raise the required revenue for the country. The goods and services tax is applied to everything that we purchase.

Betting activities are covered by the gaming taxes. Investments are covered by the interest withholding taxes. Even royalties and dividends too are being taxed. The culprits should be hanged.

This is totally unacceptable and the university administration must take responsibility. It could have nipped the problem by conducting reconciliation process instead of allowing it to escalate.

Why did the administration report the incident to the police late? The Kuima Security Service should be fully investigated and its services terminated immediately for failing to protect the students.

They are seen to be carrying offensive weapons around the campus. Unitech has lost control THE Unitech administration has failed miserably to contain the number of students killed within its ground. Since , when I did my final year there, there has been five deaths. The statistics is alarming and clearly depicts a lack of management ability and ignorance by the administration.

To date, the university does not have any crisis committee to address the prevalence of ethnic clashes. Furthermore, the VC is never present in any tough situation.

He is said to be on holidays at the moment instead of handling the situation. As long as the VC is on holidays, the rights of the students will be held at ransom. It is a problem between the Sepiks and Chimbus. The National was correct not to mention the origins of students involved in the fight.

When reporting such sensitive news, the truth must be presented. The two Sepik students killed were innocent students going to the dining hall when they were attacked. What made the report worse was to link the incident with the Bulolo situation.

What is the Post-Courier trying to prove? Keep up the good work, National. He died together with his wife and three children when their house caught fire last week. I cannot believe a great man would die in such a manner. He was known for restoring peace and upholding the good principles of leadership. We need good quality leaders like him. I convey my sympathy and condolences to the immediate relatives of the late Pep.

What is more important is to lower or eliminate law and order problems and where people respect each other. We need to bring back what it was like in Minj in the s and early s. It was then the model town, unlike a cowboy town today. The people must change their behaviour and attitude.

What a sad state of affair the provincial capital has come to see the people ransacking shops last week. The looting has confirmed that some people have truly lost their way and will resort to any opportunity that comes along. My question is how many of these people are from the working class staying in the surrounding areas? Are all the looters unemployed? Lae is deteriorating fast due to these reckless and careless attitudes.

And the endless potholes is making life an absolute nightmare. While I am a supporter of our prime minister, the reality in regards to what happened last week has sent a message that all is not well with the masses in PNG.

If the PM had been in the vicinity, I am sure he would have been shocked, sad and disgusted at what happened at Eriku. Please do something, prime minister, before it is too late.

Road rehabilitation and upgrade is being carried out along Pitpit Street complete with drainage works while feeder roads of Koisere, Pune and Kunemaka are being sealed including Somare Circuit. I commend the NCD. However, in the midst all these road works, the road leading into the housing compound opposite Koisere Street and Pune Place has been being neglected. You must see the sorry condition of Talio Street. Can you imagine what it is like when it rains?

I appeal to the good governor to please upgrade and seal this road. We are taxpayers too and deserve to enjoy the benefit of a good road.

It is good the governor has seen fit to provide some form of recreation for the people of Port Moresby. The park is a good idea as city folks can go there to enjoy the cool, fresh and clean air. The turnoff to Sogeri road until the Bomana junction is filled with potholes and can easily put some of the roads in Lae to shame. Please seal the road, governor, and save us some money from having to change the suspension and brakes of our vehicles regularly.

Seal road to Saka Saka Valley is about 5km from Wapenamanda town. We, the people of Saka, call on the MP to upgrade and seal our road as it has been falling to pieces in the last 10 years. No MP has tried to fix it. On top of that, one of our oldest bridges, Wakiam River bridge that connects Saka with Wapenamanda, has been washed away. Our only direct link to Wapenamanda has been cut off for a year and we are suffering.

Can the Wapenamanda MP do something about it? The people want the road and bridge to be fixed before the end of this year, not Marape must fix roads, bridges THE people of Hela are suffering. There are big potholes along our roads and the bridges are falling apart too. I call on our MP James Marape to fix these essential services. The people are finding it impossible to reach Hoiebia because the Tabi and Ajana bridges have not been replaced.

Put more thoughts into meet I REFER to the recent newspaper advertisement for teams to register in the southern nines tournament. We have been participating in this tournament for years. Unfortunately, nothing good has come out from this tournament.

I call on the coordinators and members of the organising committee to plan the tournament properly and maybe invite the national selectors so that they can identify potential players. Recently, he presented a cheque for K44, to students from the electorate attending the University of Goroka. He has brought services to the district since entering office in as he knows Jimi is one of the least developed electorates in the country.

He is investing in human resources in the future. He has allocated K, to subsidise tertiary students from Jimi. As someone from North Waghi, I commend him for his initiative to develop human resource. Keep up the good work, Goi. The K10 million question is: What has he done for the electorate in the last eight years he has been in office?

If his definition of development means the colourful piggeries at his backyard, then I suggest he remain there and look after his pigs. State a letdown Every Papua New Guinean has a right to security and protection.

The police manpower in Bulolo is not sufficient to control the situation. They could not do much to protect the children, women and the innocent. As a result, lives were lost, properties destroyed and many were injured.

I failed to understand why Morobe Governor Luther Wenge did not act sooner. He could have nipped the problem instead of allowing it to escalate. I agree with his call to address the law and order situation in Lae.

Murder is a serious matter and he must let the police handle it. As lord mayor, he may be entitled to some form of recognition but he has no right to demand the provincial government meet funeral and transportation expenses. It should not be the sole responsibility of the NCDC to fund road upgrades. This will enable air service to reach some , plus Engans.

It does not make any economic sense not to resume air services to Wabag. Air Niugini is robbing us without providing this service. We are already well into the second semester but are still waiting for our fees to be paid. If the funds do not come soon, we will be asked to withdraw by the PAU administration. Can the Kandep MP look into this immediately? Engage foreign auditors IF finance secretary Gabriel Yer is genuine and serious about the way public funds are managed, he should consider engaging auditors from abroad.

Papua New Guineans do not trust their own auditors especially those who audit provincial and district expenditures. They are seen to be part of the corrupted system.

The perception is they are easily manipulated and exploited by MPs and their cronies. The finance secretary must direct his officers to physically inspect the projects prior to releasing the funds. It does not matter whether it is in Minj, Banz or Kudjip.

They are about 10 or 20 minutes of drive or bus ride from each other. It is not like our current K5 bus fare to Gomins. We should not give unnecessary headaches to the JTA. Let them make that decision. I am sure it will be for the good of all Jiwakans.

What I care most is not where the provincial HQ is but a bank, good water and sewage system, less electricity blackouts and access to internet broadband. Ridiculous meals CAN you imagine young adults eating meals meant for elementary school pupils? What we are getting a few pieces of chips with a tiny sausage roll. For us to do well at the school of medicine and health sciences, we need to eat well too.

I think Eurest Pacific Catering Company should look into this issue and address it as soon as possible before it leads to another student strike or boycott!

Is climate change a core banking function? BSP needs a department or an officer to talk to the government and customary landowners to free up their land to build houses. Money invested in impact projects can results in good turnover. Law and order, education, health, infrastructure, ICT and self-sustainable micro-economic projects are what the 70, people of Gumine need. Development projects are now being rolled out in Gumine.

It is time for Gumine to embrace development. I can be contacted at or after hours on or email: Resolve issue quickly I AM from Wampar. I am not happy with the decision to relocate the Sepiks from Bulolo at Nadzab. Wampars are friendly people and we are happy to live and assist anyone. I do not want Wampar to end up like Manam.

I call on the prime minister and the MPs from Angoram and Ambunti-Dreikikir to put aside their political differences and work with the MPs for Bulolo and Lae, and Wenge to resolve this humanitarian issue once and for all.

They are also Papua New Guineans. Send them to their homes so they can start their lives anew without fear of violence. Wrong call IT is good to learn that the prime minister has honoured his commitment by allocating K20 million for the Karimui road project. But it is frustrating when the top road builders in the country are overlooked in favour of a junior in awarding the contract.

The Karimui road is not a maintenance job, it is a new road and you need people with experience to do the job within budget and quality expected. How can one overlook companies like Curtains, Shorncliff, Global, Dekenai, etc? Even a fool can tell what is going on here. The introduction of liquor into Enga has claimed thousands of lives, properties worth billions of kina have been destroyed, no basic services in remote areas, communities in turmoil, etc.

Alcohol must be banned. We have suffered long enough. What has the governor done for the province when people in the remote setting are crying for basic services? What is this brand new vehicle doing a long way from Gumine in Chimbu? I am pretty sure the MP who assisted in the purchase of this vehicle will not be happy to learn of its fate. Is Gumine free from law and order problems? I have never seen a primary school taking an initiative to do what the Boreboans have done.

I must say that they really deserve to become a proud owner of a truck. As a trainee there five weeks ago, I have seen the teachers and students really mean business when they went about to raise funds for the truck. They have reaped what they have sown. Keep up the good work and maybe a school bus could be the next project.

They deserve a huge pat on the back. They have put the smile back on the faces of Muruks fans in Southern Highlands and elsewhere.

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