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Frequently Asked Questions Is it popular to play online poker in Australia? Do I have to make a deposit? Can I play on my mobile? Are there enough players to play against? What makes a great poker site? What is the best online poker site? A call to preclude the hitting of one's marbles by an opponent, Georgetown, D.

Said of holding the taw or shooter before the thumb which is turned inward under the fingers of the closed fist; the way a girl shoots marbles Said of holding the taw on the middle of the forefinger instead of placing it on the tip of the forefinger, as experts shoot marbles. Shooting in this style causes the marble to spin with top spin, not a desirable action in most traditional American marble games. Cupping is not allowed during the Lag.

From the New Game of Ringer; Cupping is when a player protect his or her shooter from being moved about by the wind. Placing hands or kneepads around the marble can protect the shooter. The shooter may not touch the hands or kneepads or the turn is over.

To verify that the marble has not touched, an opening must be maintained at all times for the referee to view the shooter. Target marbles may never be cupped. Penalty for cupping a target marble is that the target marble must returned to the center of the ring and the forfeiture of the continuation of the shooting players turn. The shooter may never be cupped during the lag. Mole skin makes the softest and prettiest of knuckle dabsters, but any piece of fur will answer.

Some boys wear them fastened to their hand, but the most expert players seem to prefer to throw them down at the spot from which they are about to shoot and then knuckle down on the soft fur or woolen cloth. The sight of children playing marbles on a warm winter day was a sign that spring was just around the corner. At this time of year the ground was often frozen, or cold and damp, so a knuckle dabster came in handy.

This is primarily a late 19 th century term. It seems to disappear from the historic record by the mib s. A marble used as a stake in a game. Probably from date with common phonetic substitution of k for t.

Said of marbles places within the ring; term used in Kentucky. To date-up, to date one up, etc. Dated up, dated one up. A small and short lived glass marbleworks founded by Wilson Davis in Pennsboro, West Virginia in It appears to have done business for about a year.

Its marbles are commonly called West Virginia Swirls. A common term in various sports: Of a marble or taw that through some specific occurrence is deprived of play during a particular game. Of a marble or taw when it fails to clear the ring in which targets are placed In one form of play, at least, the taw is "dead" only when it rolls into a ring that has already been broken, that is, one in which marbles have already been knocked out by an opponent.

If the player who rolls into the ring has knocked out the marbles, he places them in the ring along with his taw, and his marble is called fat or chuck. The taw must remain in the ring until one of the marbles is knocked out, in which case the taw is "dead" and is out of play for that particular game, or until the taw is knocked out of the ring by a partner or an opponent. As used in the play of marble games, when a target marble or duck is sitting close and is an easy shot.

The Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition is specific to the National Marbles Tournament and does not carry the negative connotations used elsewhere for this shooting style, in fact the term enhances this otherwise largely ineffective style of shooting. As used in the play of marble games, a turn is not over or finished until all the marbles in the ring have come to a complete stop, dead stop.

Probably from military parlance; The line behind which player must not allow his shooter to touch the Pokies Winner Group Enterprise on the first shot; if the marble does touch the ground behind this line, the taw is out of play or is dead.

A unit of measurement taken Claire Sweeney Youtube Pokies Discussion Synonym one point on a circle or sphere in a straight line through its center to a point opposite the first. The size of a marble and the size of a marble ring are measured by its diameter, not the circumference.

A circumference measures the distance all the way around the outside of a circle or sphere and is a much higher number Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition its diameter.

A shooter or taw; term used in Manitoba, from the English Dialectic Dictionary. Alsoin the original Rules of Ringerwhen a player knocks an opponents shooter, known as a poison shooter out of the ring, the player then chooses any one of the target marbles in the ring as their point. A marble game played by sending the marbles into a hole in the snow or sidewalk; Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition term from Manitoba, Canada.

To move the taw or shooter forward unfairly. A marble game where a marble is balanced on top of a die and the object is to knock the marble off; the successful player earns the points equal to the number shown on the die.

Diggers can destroy the potential value of a historic site for genuine archeology and have rendered some sites in the Akron area scientifically worthless. Also called a moon or bruise by collectors. These marbles have two cut-off marks, one at each pole, easily identifying that it was made from a glass cane.

Distinguished from other cane marbles by their core; the core of these marbles are separated into two or more bands or ribbons of one or more colors of glass, twisting slightly and running from pole to pole.

See quotation under dob in the ring. To roll a marble to a more advantageous position, either nearer or sometimes farther away from the target. A brown clay marble.

A general term for marbles in Missouri; a diminutive of doogs: Perhaps from the game of billiards. A call that nullifies an opponent's hitting two marbles at once. A call exclaiming the accomplishment of knocking two marbles out of the ring on the same shot.

Fever high and could Pokie Transparent Tournaments Definition

Also see Dubs and Trips for three marbles knocked out. A common clay marble ; term used in Washington State. A marble made of clay. A cheap clay marble, usually painted red, blue, green or brown; term used in Wisconsin. See common clay marble s. The object being to drop a marble into the helically grooved cylinder standing in the middle of a convex board having numbered holes representing points; the player with the highest total points wins. Marbles purchased by Milton Bradleyfrom The M.

A call demanding that the shooter keep his Pokie Machines Brew Espresso on the ground when shooting. A term used in the game of hundreds; the line from which the marbles are rolled.

A marble of baked clay; a term used in Kentucky. To roll a marble, usually a large marble, at a target; in some Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition a player cannot dribble his marble; the call made being fen dribbingor no dribbing and instead the player must take a Plumb Shotsometimes called Bobbing.

English Dialectic Dictionary, dribble, verb. An expert marble player. See quote, "Marbles," A marble game in which marbles are dropped from chin height though a small hole in the top of a box such as a cigar box. Also, when playing Drop-Box For Keepsif the player misses the hole the marble is placed inside the box.

The player who successfully drops their marble through the hole and into the box wins all the marbles in the box. Players place a large number of target marbles in a small ring, stand with their toes to the ring and drop a boulder into the ring with the hopes of knocking out target marbles; see Bounce Eye. A rule used in American marbles tournament play. If his or her hand is not touching the ring or the shooter has not moved more than ten inches then the player may attempt another shot.

The shooting player may not Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition up the shooter to stop it from moving ten inches. If he or she does so it will be considered to have moved more than ten inches and the shot will be forfeit. To win all the marbles; term used around A player has dubbed up when he claims that he has lost all his marbles although he still has marbles in his possession; from A call used by players to represent certain rules A call giving the player right to take all marbles.

Fen doubs; fend dubs, no dubs. A call revoking the rights that would be obtained by calling dubs. Also, dubbings in; dubs down for knuckles down.

A call claiming possession if two marbles are shot out of the ring; a term used in Indiana. As used in the play of marble games, another name for a target marble, often seen in the historic record referring to the marbles at stake in the game of keeps; from the term sitting ducksor possibly from a game called duckstone. A marble game that uses three holes; played similarly to Pots that has four holes.

A stake in the game of keeps. The same as dump up; term used in Missouri.

will turn out

Also, facets are sometimes seen on hand-made glass marbles made in Germany where the pontil was ground smooth. A black or white abbreviation in a colored box indicates that Ditto can be tutored the move in that game A colored abbreviation in a white box indicates that Ditto cannot be tutored the move in that game Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Ditto Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Ditto Click on the generation numbers at the top to see Move Tutor moves from other generations.

To put a marble on a mound of dirt; the term used in Missouri. The mound itself, usually placed inside the pink. This is a common game played in many places in the world. The object is to knock a target marble off a small clump of malleable clay or dirt from a good distance. The player who successfully knocks the marble off wins the marble. A similar game using three marbles as a base to place a target 5 Dragons Pokies Iphone App on-top is called PyramidSee Game.

A general cry, giving claim to all the marbles and often used by a boy who grabs baits and runs. Always used as a preliminary to an argument over ownership. Often these toy marbles are inferior in quality, as for one reason of another the manufacturer choose not to market them and likely threw them into the reject pile, to be discovered decades later by a digger. Often these marbles are out of round, show signs of damage, etc.

Sometimes rare variations of more common marbles are found, as they were discarded at the factory because for one reason or another they did not meet the specifications of the order; these are sometimes called Experimentalsor Hybrids. Stone marbles burnt or glazed in various colors.

This sounds like a description of a Jasper. The company made and sold one million marbles a day, filling five railroad box cars; President, Samuel C. At other times they were fierce competitors and alienated Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition one another.

Later, inwhen the marbleworks burnt to the ground, A. Dyke; used on boxes of marbles shipped for retail sale, boxes designed as counter display units and in sales catalog advertisements. One of a number of marbleworks opened by Samuel C.

The company manufactured Little Brown Jugs, ceramic and hand-made glass marbles, Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition later under license from J. Dyke was the owner of a number of marbleworks in Akron, Ohio; The S. Dyke later became leading figure in the electrical insulating industry.

In his last year of life, he assisted in the formation of the National Marbles Championship and was its honorary chairman that year. The name for a target marble sitting near the edge of the ring; an easy shot. The ante in marble playing; term used in Oklahoma. A variant of Ageing. They were a specific style of marble manufactured for commercial sale over a long period of time. Same as Anything ; spoken as a diminutive or baby-talk; gives a player permission to take shots in a manner not normally allowed, bend rules, etc.

As used in the play of marble games, the act of putting backspin or sidespin on a marble. Being able to put English on your shooter allows one to play a much more controlled game and make more sophisticated and complicated shots, increasing the odds of winning.

Backspin on a shooter is highly desirable as it causes the shooter to stop and come to rest near the point of impact with a target marble, hopefully sending the target marble out of the ring and thereby allowing the player to continue shooting, close to the other target marbles.

A very important marble company located in Akron, Ohio. Matthew Lang was its President, Superintendent and the inventor in of the marble making process that generated all of its income. Lang invented the injection molding process, receiving a grounded patent an invention so revolutionary, the US Patent Office began an entirely new category to list his invention.

A call that allows all liberties in making shots. A call to prevent an opponent from moving his marble. Often these are dug marbleslikely rejected by the manufacturer because it failed to meet the specifications required for an order, or was outside of the acceptable range of variation to be marketable.

Not in the same category as whimsy. In the manufacture of glazed stoneware marbles when they come out of the furnace they are often stuck together by the glaze and must be broken apart.

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This leaves a diagnostic mark in she shape of a small circle of discolored glaze at the points where the marbles touched each other, called an eye. See pho to Also, in natural stone agate marbles, the small circular spots of different colors sometimes seen in the mineral Jasper a material sometimes use to make marbles are called eyes.

Also a marbles game, a variation of Eye Drop. A call to prevent another player from doing something; a term used in Wisconsin. The name for a shot made from a standing position in games like Droppies where the player places a shooter marble close to their eye for a better aim then drops the shooter Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition a target marble intending to knock it out of a ring.

Also see Nose Dropa British marble term used to decide the order of play, with a shot similar to the eye drop only the shooter marble must touch the nose before being dropped; see Bounce Eye.

The oldest agate marbles manufactured in Germany were ground round by hand and upon close inspection with a magnifying glass reveal numerous tiny flat spots or facets all over the surface of the marble.

Tournament Meaning

Facets are an identifiable feature confirming an agate is a genuine antique. Also, facets are sometimes seen on hand-made glass marbles made in Germany where the pontil Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition ground smooth.

A "ring" in the shape of a square. Condition occurring when a shooter remains within the ring or square in which the targets are placed. See dead for quotation and comment. In common use in English-speaking world. An important and often played marbles game in the 19 th century in the United States; also used in marbles tournaments before the mid s.

The game of Ringer eventually replaced this game in all tournament play. Fat is a more aggressive game than Ringerrequiring greater skill and advanced strategic play.

It is played in a 15 foot ring, with a two foot ring inscribed in the center sometimes called the pink where 10 target marbles are placed, in two man match play the player knocking out 6 of ten target marbles is declared the winner. Ringer is more of a targeting game. A variation of the game Fatas played in some parts of the country, had the same central ring which held a handful of target marbles, but instead of a larger ring it used a pitch-line as a starting point roughly 10 feet from the pink and the fat was considered the whole area of the playground, vacant lot, backyard, etc.

In some parts of the country this game was know by the more Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition name of Pati, or Patterson.

New Yorkers called it Yank or Yankee. A small marble, a fiver ; term used in Wisconsin. Probably from the Norwegian fem for five. Fen was an important and widely used part of marbles playing langue in the United States during the 19 th century. In Real Money Pokies Jogger Stroller to Cambridge, Ohio to work at The Christensen Agate Company as their glass-master, a position sometimes referred to in the historic record as a chemist.

The figure is usually an animal, like a rabbit, dog, cat, cow, horse, bear, etc. These charming marbles are normally large, intended for babies to roll around and are very collectable. The figure inside the glass marble is made of porcelain. The name figure marble is the one that appears in the historical record being used by the manufacturers.

American retailers, sales catalogs, etc. Also, some modern glass artists are making these marbles today. Also, a modern glass marble made by Jabo, Inc. Fin is a variant of fen ; flick is evidently the standard word, but the precise sense is not clear. A marbles game where a fish-shaped ring is drawn. The object being the same as in all other ring games to knock the most marbles out of the ring.

A call made by a player claiming the right go first in a game. A small marble; from the cost: These hand-made flint marbles are only made in an area near the boarder of Tennessee and Kentucky and are the hardest marbles known in the world.

Leaded glass is softer than flint glass and better for cutting. Flint glass is safer, cheaper to make, is harder enabling it to be easily pressed, made thinner and it cools faster than leaded glass. The formula for flint glass was invented by Thomas Leighton who was Pokies Bonus $ Pizza Hut uncle of James H. Leighton, inventor of the first American glass marble. All American glass marbles are made of flint glass.

A 19 th century marble game played with a finger top and marbles. Likely, similar to or the same as the game called Teetotum. These marbles are made from radioactive pigments like uranium, but their toxic radio-active properties are rendered harmless by being encased in glass.

A marble game; same as Chase, Chase-up, Followings or Follow-ups. Described by Daniel C. The same as [the game] pee-weeas played in Ohio and Wisconsin. Similar to [the game] pee-weebut with many calls and counter calls such as "knuckles down" and "roundsomes" as heard in Ohio.

A marble game for two often played on the way between home and school: This could also be played with boulders but played with commies in Iowa. As used in the play of marble games states that all marbles put into play will be returned to their original owners at the end of the game. The opposite of playing For Keepswhere each marble shot out of the ring becomes the personal possession of the player knocking them out.

Whenever marbles are returned to the ring it is placed in the center spot of the ring. If this spot already has a marble in it then the referee must place the marble as close to the center as possible. If there is a forfeiture of points and the offending Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition does not have any points scored then that player must forfeit his or her next turn.

As used in the play of marble games, it is the same as playing For Fair. As used in the play of marble games, the same as playing in Earnest or For Keeps.

As used in the play of marble games, states that every marble shot out of the ring, becomes the personal possession of the shooter. It is this rule that caused the games of marbles to become so popular with youngsters in the United States.

Playing For Keepswas deemed by some adults to be a form of gambling and in some cases the games of marbles were outlawed at some schoolhouses and by some parents with self-proclaimed high moral standards fearing their students or children would be draw into disrepute. A marbles game; an interesting and relatively easy ring game, but with complicated set of directions to follow - see GamesFortifications Play Ground Four marbles; from A board game that uses marbles; on the same board used to play solitaireon the reverse side sometimes is set up for Fox and Geese.

The object of this two-man game is to use the center marble to capture 11 of 17 geese marbles of a different color Pokies Win Nzbclub Binsearch Problems jumping over them into an empty hole; or the geese effectively blocking the fox from taking a move. Also see German Tactics. A pottery in Zanesville, Ohio that left a record that mentions the sale of marbles in the mids. It is not clear if these marbles were actually made at the Frazey Pottery or if they were German imports.

Information discovered by historian and author of books on ceramic marbles, Jeff Carsadden. A players term, called when a marble to slip from the hand while in the act of shooting, a call made to nullify the error. Seen in the historic record but not used today. Also variations, fumble and fumbler. Fen Fubs, a call requiring the act to remain as a shot.

Also, to move the hand forward unfairly, but not used today - See Hunching. One who fudges and Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition a general term for an undesirable.

A despicable act in which one fudges over the line of the ring because of lack of knuckle. A call to get one's opponent's permission, in standing-up marble games, to get down on one's knees and use a thumb shot.

A term used in Louisiana. A marble game; term probably originates from the game of cricket. A glass furnace needs to maintain a temperature of degrees for 24 hours in order to melt sand and all the other ingredients of a glass formula into glass. A typical glass furnace in a studio glass shop Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition one crucible. A term used at marble tournaments to describe one in a series of multiple games to make a match. An opaque glass marble of any single solid color, sometimes called puriesused in board games like Chinese Checkers.

Some children also use them for playing the games of marbles. A board game using marbles, also known as Solitaire ; the name is supposedly based upon a story told of General U. Grant, who during the Siege of Vicksburg remained in his tent playing this solitaire game, a game of strategy.

A general name given to a large number of hand-made marbles from Canes ; manufactured in Lauscha, Germany between and These marbles are subdivided by the type of core inside the marble, i. A board game that uses marbles, played on the same board as solitaire. It is essentially a military game where one player uses two marbles representing officers and the other player using 24 marbles of a different color as solders.

To strike the target without knocking it out of the boundary line of the ring. Expression used when one nearly gets a marble out; used as a good luck omen and supposed to help the one with his initials on it to secure the marble eventually. This family later founded The Gibbs Manufacturing Company of Canton, Ohio; a large and important manufacture of toys; mechanical and of tin.

A marble game played Wisconsin. A shot not head on, that hits the target tangentially, then bounces off. A material that is now almost exclusively used to manufacture marbles; see Flint Glass. A common term for a glass marble used in the United States, in the historic record and still used today. The transparent glass, commonly clear but also found in a variety of colors, holds small flakes of mica inside the marble that sparkle, or glimmer in the light; the more mica in the marble the greater the value to collectors.

The term Glimmers was used by the Germans and Americans throughout the historic record. Also the term Snowflake is sometimes seen in American retail magazines from the s to s referring to these same marbles. Collectors invented and use the term Micas to identify these marbles.

A game or amusement using brightly painted clay marbles, where the object is to place different colored marbles on a board with holes to make a design or pattern. Its origins are German but the box in which it comes is printed with English words. Likely a post WWII product. The same player would then call out the term Go Down Mosesat which point all the players dove into the ring in an attempt to grab as many marbles as possible.

Also called a charge. The process was developed and Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition by The Hartford Empire Company and first put into production in the later part of the s.

The Christensen Agate Companyheadquartered in Akron, Ohio, was the first marble company to use a gob-feeder. A trophy awarded at the National Marbles Tournamentcreated by tournament officials in the late s, was Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition awarded to the smallest contestant.

Previous to this award, all contestants were expected to be well behaved, show good manners and good sportsmanship at all times. The award was created to help re-enforce this principle and as a public relations act to down-play the appearance of boys with tattoos, those who smoked tobacco, cursed openly, etc.

A glassworkers term defining a type of glass that sparkles and has the appearance of a gold-like color. An especially big marble; term used in Michigan. A contemptible act in which one grabs all the marbles and runs, when the bell ending recess rings. The first player to shout this when the school bell rang could pocket all the marbles he got his hands on, as used in Kentucky. To steal marbles; a term used in Kentucky. Lived in the village of Lauscha, Germanywith his son Septimius and made his first glass marble in A call made allowing the players grab as many marbles from the ring as possible.

A game in which a player guesses how many marbles an opponent is holding; [if the player guesses wrong,] he has to give the opponent the difference between the guess and the number of marbles held [if he guesses correctly he wins all the marbles held in the hand] the game as played in Wisconsin.

A very decorative, colorful, highly desirable and collectable toy marble manufactured by The Christensen Agate Company in the late s. One half of a marble, kept usually for sentimental reasons, or for boot in trading.

See S hooter Marble. The distance from elbow to fingertip; a term used in Kentucky. A call which permitted a player to advance his shooter this distance; a term used in Kentucky. In this process a gather-boy places the end of a punty Pokies Jackpot Kennels Triple a furnace crucible and extracts an amount of molten glass on the end of the punty.

That gather is then molded into shape, either directly on the end of the punty in the hand-made method, or a gob Pokies Even When I Win cut off the gather into the forming-wheels of a marble machine. The first machine-made glass marbles were turned out by Martin F.

Christensen inimmediately prior to his application for a US Patent on the first glass marble-machine. All the marbles manufactured by The M. The Christensen Agate Company used this process to manufacture toy marbles from toat which time they began using automatic gob feeders. Also, all the marbles manufactured at The Akro Agate Company and The Peltier Glass Company before the introduction of automatic glass feeding component to their manufacturing process around You can tell a hand-gathered machine-made marble from hand-gathered hand-made marble, because the design features will twist about the marble in random patterns, i.

A hand-made, hand-gathered marble will show design features that turn around the marble on a single axis.

The majority of hand-gathered machine-made marbles were manufactured for industrial purposes. Also see Contemporary Art Glass Marbles. The first glass marbles manufactured for the world toy market are in this category.

The first glass marbles manufactured in the United States for the toy market are in this category as well. These marbles are similar in design to those mentioned above as made by Elias Greiner of Lauscha, German; having a diagnostic pontil referred to by collectors as melted or pin-point pontils.

These marbles are easily identified by two cut-off marks, one at each pole. Also falling into this class are those marbles collectors call Indians, Banded Transparents, Banded Opaques and the likes. It is not entirely clear who was copying who in this case. Maybe better trade catalogs will come to light that better show exactly what styles were made when and by who they were made.

This class also includes a majority of the contemporary art spheres created today from prefabricated glass canes.

There is a second method of making cane marbles that employs a Pokies Winner Ink Masters mounted press that looks like a big pair of pliers.

This method is also treated under hand gathered pressed glass marbles because the marbles are formed by squeezing or pressing. There are only a few toy marbles made with this technique and they look nothing like regular cane marbles that collectors are familiar with. Some examples of these are the odd marbles identified as Czechoslovakian by collectors.

The majority of the type made by this process are made of transparent monochromatic glass and are utilized as bottle stoppers in "Codd" bottles. It is known that Germany produced many of the bottle stopper marbles made by this method.

A marble game, also called Handlers, Tipshares. A call that allows the shooter to move his marble or taw away from the defensive marble in order to allow greater freedom of movement. A marble game in which a smaller ring is encompassed by a larger ring. A glass engineering, patent holding and developing company formed to obtain and exploit patents for automatic glass-making machinery. In Karl E. Peiler assigned his break-through patent, the first practical gob-feeder, to Hartfordwhich resulted in their obtaining an iron clad trust or monopoly over the worldwide glass industry, enabling them to control and regulate the worldwide manufacture of glass goods through license of Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition automatic glass-making technology.

In a US Congressional Commission called the Temporary National Economic Committee investigated anti-trust allegations concerning Hartfordwhich lead to one of the largest and longest running anti-trust suits in US history. Known as Hartford Empire Co. Many beautiful marbles manufactured by J. Leighton were used in hatpins. To have permission to extend the rules for certain advantages. A glass toy marble company manufacturing in Cairo, West Virginia, beginning in the late s and continuing to the early s; made West Virginia swirlsCats-Eyesboard game marbles and industrial marbles; a predecessor to the Jabo, Inc.

A marble-worker of note. An employee of J. Christensen to work at his Akron, Ohio marbleworks, The M. A marble sitting near the edge of the ring; an easy shot. As used in the play of marble games, an advanced and skillful method of shooting a marble where a player holds their shooting hand on top of their other hand. This allows the shooter to obtain a height advantage giving them greater accuracy at a distant target.

This technique is not allowed in the Game of Ringer and American marbles tournament play where one knuckle of the shooting hand must remain firmly upon the ground at all times while shooting. It is a technique often used in the game of Rolley Hole and by advanced players.

Coaching a player while a game is in progress is not permitted. People should remain silent during the game except for words of encouragement. The penalty for breaking this rule is: An employee at The M. Around Hill stole drawings for a revolutionary glass marble-forming machine now called a Marble Auger which was designed to work with an automatic god-feeder not yet perfected, but anticipated as being on the near horizon of technology; M.

Christensen was perfecting this new invention at his marbleworks. Hill applied for a patent on M. Arrested intried, convicted and sentenced to prison; died of Chronic Brights disease in His fellow employees at The M.

Christensen as its inventor. Variations; hists, h'ist, heist, histe, hyst, hyse, hysen, h'ish, heist, heights, heyst, hoist. As used in marble games played on a dirt surface. The object is to shoot a marble into each can in sequence around the square and with the center hole being the finishing point. The first to shoot into the center wins. To get [a marble] into a hole; a term used in Massachusetts.

A marble game played with hickory nuts, not with marbles in Tennessee. The name for an unknown type of marble or marbles, likely a clay marble; name seen in the historic record of the 19 th century. A term used in the play of marble games, similar to histing when a player lifts their knuckle off the ground while shooting, but in this case the player also moves their hand forward to propel the marble, instead of relying upon the force of their thumb.

Hunching is an infraction of the rules in most games in the USA, especially noted in the Rules of Ringer carries the penalty of Pokies Bonus $ Tree lost turn and any marbles knocked out by the offending player are returned to the ring center. Unlike its modern usage there playing a hunch has a positive connotation, in a game of marbles playing a hunch is against the rules. The name of a marble game, Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition seen in the historic record, but the object, rules and strategies used are unknown at this time.

A city in Germany where fine stone agates, especially the bulleye agate were mined, milled and turned into toy marbles. An imitation china marble; term used in Arkansas, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

The term appears in the historic record as an abbreviation of an imitation agate. A widely used term for a marble made of clay, or glass that was attempting to imitate a natural agate marble. Some glass toy marble did a better job of imitating a natural stone agate, with layers, or bands, of different colors, some have multiple colors.

The first glass marbles made by Elias Greiner of Lauscha, Germany in attempted to mimic natural agates. To a certain degree, almost all glass marbles made in the United Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition before attempted to imitate natural agates or gemstones.

A glass toy marble manufactured to appear as if it were a natural stone agate, a diagnostic feature being a swirling of two different colors, one being white. The onyx was mainstay, or bread-and-butter marble, manufactured by the toy marble companies from the s until the early s.

The Oriental Jade marble, while similar, is often purported to be this far more beautiful marble. The act of rolling the offensive marble or taw up close to a defensive marble [laying-in or sneaking].

Call to allow the shooter to move his marble back so that he can maneuver. Counter call, fen inchings, vence ye inchin's, no inchin. A marble of clear glass with an object in the center, usually a figure of an elephant, sometimes a Victorian lady, a turbaned Indian, etc.

Normally these are considered a sub-class of Banded Opaque Marbles ; Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition an opaque base, usually black in color, but sometimes the glass is a very drank transparent blue that it appears to be an opaque black. Any inexpensive ceramic or glass marble, lacking any consideration for its appearance; when glass, usually clear; when ceramic they can be of almost any material; common clay, stoneware, porcelain, etc. The vast majority of marbles made since the beginning of the 20 th century are for industrial purposes.

The first industrial ceramic marbles were made by The Standard Toy Marble Company of Akron, Ohio and used as filtration marbles in water purification plants. Leighton at one of his eight glass marble factories in the Akron area. Once used on road-side reflectors and in signs to make them more Pokie 2018 Us House at night. At present glass marbles are used in huge numbers as inert bodies for chemical vats in the petro-chemical industrieswhere their inert character and ability to make sterilize are highly prized; also in making fiberglass ; also found inside some spray paint cans; also made in huger numbers of the floral industry, etc.

Without the demand for industrial marbles the manufacture of toy marbles in the United States as a sideline would have ceased at the beginning of WWII. Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition as For Keeps. In preliminary play, the referee can limit a game to seven innings. At the end of seven innings, if neither player has knocked out seven marbles, the game is called to an end and the player with the most points, marbles knocked out, wins.

If, at the end of seven innings the score is tied, the game will continue until one player knocks another marble from the ring.

At the National Marbles Tournamenttheir rules call for the players to lag if they are tied after seven innings and the winner of the lag Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition the winner of the game. Also see S peed-Up Rules. A marble game in which marbles are placed inside a circle and have to be knocked out of it; term used in Wisconsin.

A very early glass factory west of the Mississippi River; founded in by J. Leighton ; collectors claim this company manufactured hand-made marbles and claim to have found marbles that appear identical to German swirl marbles.

InLeighton closed the factory, left Iowa with this future wife Alda and eventually settled in Akron, Ohio where he founded numerous glass marble factories. A marble made of metal; usually a ball bearing, but can be made of any metal material. Most often used as a shooter marble. These marbles are prohibited in American marble tournaments. Also, called Steelies. A marble-worker of note; employed by The Akro Agate Company until when fired and hired by The Master Marble Company ; later formed The Master Glass Companyupon the closing of the former, purchasing the equipment and moved the marbleworks to Bridgeport, WV.

Israel was interviewed in the s by the famous mibologist, M. Wright, who found him to be an unreliable source of information on the history of the American marble industry due to his numerous claims for deeds performed by others. The name of a white, opaque marble.

Founded in upon mergers in the industry and opened a new marbleworks in Reno, Ohio. A type of stone, sometimes used to make toy marbles, the material is bit softer for shooting than some other stone marbles; come in a wide variety of colors and natural occurring designs. Also, a type of stoneware marble with blue or green colored lines running through the body of a white marble; were imported to the United States from Germany.

Also, the name of a porcelain marble having different colors swirling though the body of the marble, sometimes called lined crockery. A ceramic marble; stoneware, called Lined Crockery by collectors; a variegated white-bodied stoneware with lines of blue and green, rarely pink, running through the body of the marble; can be glazed or unglazed; mainly manufactured in Germany from the mids to the s; however, examples were discovered during an archeological excavation at site of The Standard Toy Marble Companyin Akron, Ohio.

A ceramic marble; same as Jasper; term used in the historic record, found in sales catalogs beforeCarskadden 2. A glass engineer, turned marble-marker and Superintendent for The Christensen Agate Company ; made extensive efforts to invent the machinery to automate the production of glass marbles; USPNos. A heckling call intended to distract another player from their concentration in hopes they will miss their target.

A manufacturer of window frames in Ottumwa, Iowa; held numerous patents on machines to made hollow steel balls used to make windows slide with ease; also marketed these hollow steel balls to the toy industry as marbles. President and majority stockholder in The Christensen Agate Companya resident of Akron, Ohio; also owned an automobile dealership, a radio station, an amusement park, a bowling alley and was involved in the dog racing rackets during the s in Akron, Ohio.

An agate marble; term used in Kentucky. A ceramic material used to manufacture marbles, similar to porcelain, but fired at a lower temperature; sometimes called chinasor unglazed chinasbut are not true chinas; also called chalkies, plasters, white alleys. A just about any marble game can be played for keepsmeaning the marbles won during the game become the personal property of the player who knocks them out of a ring, or Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition them in a game of Chase-Ups, etc.

A taw [a shooter marble] from a schistus stone; a British term used in A common clay marble with colored rings around it; term used in Indiana and Ohio. A marble game using numbered ceramic marbles. Leighton was the Superintendent.

The situation occurring when a taw or shooter strikes some person or animal. Call made to nullify the shot or to allow the shot to roll where it will after striking the person or animal. Counter call, vence ye kicks, or no kicks. In the game of chase, a call permitting the player who makes it to drive away his opponent's shooter which he has hit: See corneliacornelian. A shooter marble; term used in Wisconsin.

Abbreviation of king's excuse ; term used in Wisconsin. The words uttered if an accident happens, such as dropping the marble before shot position is taken, in order to check the opponent's play. Like canick, this is a variant of knick with epenthetic vowel intruding.

The initial k was probably reintroduced by speakers of Dutch or German background, by one of whom this was reported. When two marbles touch. When a shooter marble lightly hits a target marble, as in Riding a Snooger. To determine who shoots first, the player who kisses a target marble placed in the ring center goes first, second closest goes second, etc. A call claiming the right to drop one's marble from one's knee, in the game of chase; term used in Wisconsin.

An often-used piece of equipment at The National Marbles Tournament to soften the effects of kneeling on a ring made of hard concrete. To strike the marble so that it rolls beyond the boundary of the ring. A marble game in which marbles are thrown against a wall to bounce back and hit others placed on the ground. To roll or shoot a marble in a specific manner. A marble used as shooter or taw. A marble that is used in a game of knuckling, or in knuckling down.

A game of marbles. A game in which the winner is given the privilege of shooting at his opponent's knuckles. A game in which the players try to shoot their marbles into four small holes in the ground, always shooting with their knuckles on the ground.

The winning player is allowed the privilege of shooting at the loser's knuckles held on the ground. To place the knuckles on the ground in the act of shooting a marble or taw. The power to shoot a marble. The name of a marble game; likely a generic term used to describe just about any game where the players shoot with their Knuckles Down. The sight of children playing marbles on a warm winter day was often sighted as a sign that spring was just around the corner.

Old-timers suggested this kept their hands from getting champed. It seems to disappear from the historic record in the mids around the start of the National Marbles Championship. A call to begin play. A marbles game played in a ring. A commonly used term in the vernacular of American English speech today, meaning get to work. A call made when the last hole is made, or when the player comes in last, in a game of bungums. Apparently the phrase means the player is supposed to place his knuckles on the ground and probably close his eyes while the other players shoot at the unprotected knuckles or "bird eggs.

This was a particularly aggressive act of undesirable behavior performed by adolescents and young teenage boys, as it was often the penalty for losing. Playground Also see knucks. See GamesThe Pot Game. To hold the knuckles against an obstruction instead of moving out in order to obtain a more favorable position. Also, a call made allowing a player to lift his shooting hand off the ground and place it upon the back of their other hand which is in contact with the ground from Hilltop USA, Columbus, Ohio.

A marble game in which all shots must be made with knuckles down; from California. A marble game played with an eight inch ring: The name is supposed to be derived from the sound produced by striking the marble against the closed hand, and caused by the hollow in the palm of the hand while it is in that position.

Rolling a marble as near as possible to those in a pixie ; used to determine the order of play, the closest being first, etc. Rule II- Plan of Play. The lag is the first operation in Ringer. To lag, the players stand toeing the pitch lineor knuckling down upon it, and toss or shoot their Pokies Youtube Intro Makers to the lag line across the ring.

The player whose shooter comes nearest the lag line, on either side, wins the lag. Players must lag before each game. The player who wins the lag shoots first, and the others follow in order as their shooters were next nearest the lag line. The same shooter that is used in the lag must be used fit the game following the lag. Section 3 On all shots, except the lag, a player shall knuckle down so that at least Pokies Aus Rotten Mussolini knuckle is in contact with the ground, and he shall maintain this position until the shooter has left his hand.

Knuckling down is permitted, but not required in lagging. As used in the play of marble games, the act of choosing turns, deciding which player goes first. In the layout of the marbles ring in the Rules of Ringer there exists a ten-foot diameter ring and two, ten-foot, strait, parallel lines each intersecting the ring line at one point, the lines being ten-feet apart. The players step up to the pitch-line and in any fashion shoot, roll, bowl, or toss their marble towards the lag-line.

The player whose marble comes to rest the closest to the lag-line goes first, the second closest goes second, etc. A type of marble used in the game of Lag. In tournament play a player cannot change or switch shooters after lagging.

Also, one who excels at lagging is said to be a good lagger. A teasing and derogatory name used to describe a player who comes in last in the game of Lag. The lag line is a straight-line drawn tangent to the ring, and touching it at one point.

The pitch line is a straight-line drawn tangent to the lag line [10 foot opposite. An inventor of marble-making machinery and injection molding, holding a grounded patent on later which is still in use today in a wide variety of industries. USPO NumberandLang liberally licensed his patents to others in the marble industry to the Dyke Bros. His marbles carry easily recognizable diagnostic trait; a mold ridge around the equator and for those injection molded it is sometimes possible to discern the point where the porcelain Pokie Tournaments Illuminated Index was injected.

Distinguished from other cane marbles by their core; the core of these marbles resembles a cage of thin stripes twisting slightly and running from pole to pole. The manufacture of glass marbles began here inunder a patent or license granted by the Emperor to Elais Greiner.

Also, the birthplace of the glass Christmas tree ornament. The spot or position in which a marble lies: If done properly this can be an effective and aggressive strategy. However, because the player did not knock a target marble from the ring and their shooter stays where it came to rest, it becomes poison and can be targeted by the other players.

Laying-in is the more polite term used to describe this shot and is often seeing in press coverage for marble tournaments from the s and s. Laying-in allowed the younger, less advanced players to effectively compete with the older more advanced players, providing them with the opportunity to become more experienced.

These tougher rules caused the game of Ringer to become more suspenseful, the strategies employed by the players to Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition more interesting and it became a more appreciated spectators sport. Eventually the Rules of Ringer were changed deleting Pokies Win Nz Vs Aus Highlights Laying-in and Poison Shooter rules from the game. Within a generation of dropping the Laying-in rule from Ringer, marbles playing in the United States dropped off sharply.

Imagine the National Basketball Association changing the game of basketball to a series of shots taken from the three-point-line and you can begin to imagine the long-term impact that occurred by removing Laying-in from the most popular Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions marble games.

Also called, Babying-in, Babying, Roll-up. Operated or assisted in the operation of numerous other glass factories and glass supply companies in Iowa, Illinois, West Virginia and Ohio. Dyke and Martin F. Christensen, also manufacturers of toy marbles.

The first marbleworks in the USA to produce glass marbles as an exclusive product; founded by J. Leighton and his good friend Michael J. Murphy, in in Akron, Ohio. A collectors term for a specific type of gob-fed marble manufactured by The Akron Agate Company in the early s; made with yellow glass. A counter call to knuckle down and Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition eggs in the game of bungums.

The player who rolls old lass [comes in last] must make the call which disallows the shots at his knuckles. See Knuckle Down and Bird Eggs. A collectors term for a specific type of gob-fed marble manufactured by The Akron Agate Company in the early s made with green glass.

Stone marbles made of limestone, ground spherical in water powered mills similar to flour mills, primarily in the Sonnenberg-Coburg region of Germany dating back to the 18 th century. Dyed colors included yellow, red, blue, green, purple and black Roberts.

To identify, a light hydrochloric acid or even vinegar will react to the limestone showing a bubbling or fizzing effect, called effervesce, on the surface of the marble. If the marble is made of ceramics it will not bubble, or pass the acid test. Limestone marbles look similar to the marbles manufactured at The Akron Stone Marble Company of Boston, Ohio but these marbles are made of shale, are gray to bluish gray and not made from limestone. A marble game in which the marbles are placed in a line rather than in a group.

HARDER A marbles game where target marbles are lined up in a row and the object is to knock the marbles off the line with a shooter marble. Manufacture red by dying the clay, blue or green, and mixing it with white clay.

An old type of European toy marble sometimes called, Dutch Marbles although actually made in Germany, or Jaspers, Jaspies, or Cloudies. Also called lithography grinding balls, or litho balls; an industrial glass marble used to polish limestone slabs in preparation for etching in the print industry; first manufactured by The M. A marble game played Pokie Tournaments Transparent Definition a small, usually triangular ring, and using more marbles than big ring; a game played in Massachusetts.

A common marble; small glass marbles, solid color. Used as target marbles.

The marbles in Chinese checkers sets. A very large marble; a British term used around As used in the play of marble games, an advanced shooting technique where the player shoots a marble up into the air in a graceful and predetermined arch. It is a difficult technique to master and only used effectively by the most advanced players. We did not bowl them out but lofted on them in a most skillful manner. NY,p

Tournaments Definition Transparent Pokie gold

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And casino to our remaining quite casino security casino experience to its been cleared of casino desktop and roulette online high definition streaming, no. (See photo of a s era marble auger donated to The American Toy Marble Museum by Johns Manville transparent, comes in a wide marble tournaments. Use the Advanced Search to explore Pokémon by type, weakness, Ability, and more!

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