Pokies 2018 Bmw S1000rr

No 6 speed transmission! No new tilted engine, Foot pegs etc……. I owned a V7. Is underpowered, but it does move very well.

I could not fit the bike and I sold it. I agree with the other commenters as well. The body style is great though.

I really like racers, especially hard tail ones. Email a Friend Your Name: Type what you see in the image: Sad to see the replica so unattractive and slow compared to the 40 year old predecessor.

ALL NEW 2018 BMW S1000RR ( HP4, Motorrad, 2017 )

Please no number plate, please. Good thing they only made 50 of them, butt ugly lil thing. Wait until you have to tell your insurance company that you dropped yours…. Hoping to snag a R next year. That thing just killed my wrists, despite its nominally more relaxed ergos. Sorry if I sound like a BMW ad. At 42 and being someone who only typically does hour rides, I buy them.

Had it less than a year. Too heavy and handled like a turd.

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Agree on the ks — borrowed one just for a day while my bike was in for service, and was really disappointed. So long, heavy, not even that comfy.

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  • BMW has an all-new SRR superbike in the wings for and we finally have the spy shots to give us a hint it could be well worth the coinsluckyz.comg: pokies.
  • The next-generation BMW superbike appears to be incredibly small and adopts MotoGP chassis ideas. We can't know for sure what the final styling will look like, but a narrower face and sharper edges seem to be destined to define the next SRR. Photo: BMH Images. BMW shocked its rivals when it  Missing: pokies.
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  • Documents filed with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) show that no changes will be coming for the BMW SRR, with the emission levels for the popular superbike shown to be the same as those for the model. This means that it is unlikely that we will see a new SRR model.

Expected a long distance GT, more an oil tanker. Older, more experienced riders with plenty of cash. I see plenty of them at my local sport bike hangouts and seldom is the rider under 40 years old. Although this is even more the case with the Panigale. Aaaall the old guys have to have one of those.

I saw 8 different grey haired panigale owners on Palomar one day. They are mostly wicked fast riders too!

Gone are the days when supersports sold in the tons. So discount everything anyone says. Thanks for putting a giant cat converter under the bike BMW, so those who wish to have to jump thru endless expensive hoops to decat our bikes…. Aprilia has it right, put all the shite in the silencer so it can be easily be dumped in the first week of ownership!

Suzuki too, but look at the ration of shit they get on the new GSXR about how big and ugly the can is. No worse than Korporal Schultz does. Where to buy genuine Windows 10 License and OS on wholesale cost? Email a Friend Your Name: Type what you see in the image: Looks like me on it…. Nah, my wallet hurts. At least BMW uses normal-sized test riders.

Roll on the sr derivative! Is that the BMW pit bike?

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BMW’s SRR is approaching its 10th anniversary but before it hits that landmark the firm will unleash this clean-sheet new design as its replacement. A perennial favorite for MO’s annual superbike shootout is getting a major update as spy photos offer the first glimpse of the BMW SRR. BMW has an all-new SRR superbike in the wings for and we finally have the spy shots to give us a hint it could be well worth the wait.