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I had several black friends growing up and so did my kids no difference…times were good. You assume a lot. You assume he has been in my panties. I am a highly moral woman. He is Novomatic Pokies Prime Wire highly moral man.

Why is it people assume things? It always amazes me how when people cannot intelligently reply to someone they tend to insult them. I live in a city that is very racially and ethnically mixed. I enjoy learning from people who are not the same as I am. I am not Pokies 2018 Kia Soul that anyone has been mean to Joe and I. He is a very intelligent man, has lived in different countries, is Slot Machines Download Downloadable Free Games For retired professional baseball player.

I am not blind, I am not a child, I am an intelligent woman and frankly sir, you have no idea what you are talking about. You have not been in my shoes. I believe you owe me an apology. Thompson, you know nothing about me, how judgmental you are. I have noticed that on a lot of your posts. The Lord God made us all, there are good and bad in all races. IT is amazing to me how when people have nothing intelligent to say, they resort to name calling or insults, which you have done to me — insults.

I live in a very diverse community, which I love, I work with diverse people which I love. I have learned so much from all of them. I do not have to agree with their beliefs, but I do respect them. They are good people. My boyfriend is a retired professional baseball player, He has dealt with a lot of different people and lived in different countries. He is not a stupid person, I am not a stupid person.

I embrace learning about different races, ethnicities yet I am totally American. I am a conservative American but I do not and never will judge people by their race. YOu have not and never will walk in my shoes. You have probably never ventured out from your little circle of friends and have no clue what the rest of the world is like. I read all of your posts, all of them — you seem to be such a bigot and I am just judging from your comments. But, I can see Pokies 2018 Kia Soul you have come to your conclusions.

Working for the Illinois Dept. I am a great advocate of civil discourse in political conversations. I am no more afraid of a black man than I am of a white man when I am walking alone. So yes, maybe women get more careful around you…so what? I have been raped by a white man and women are taught from a young age to be careful when walking alone. ANY man following me will make me nervous…that is no excuse to call me racist, or even sexist…just careful.

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No, Maureen, being black is NOT a ticket to do whatever you want. Telling the truth, obeying the law, taking responsibility for your own actions are definitely Pokies Meaning Vindicated Lyrics permitted! I agree he is only speaking the truth, stop painting a picture of a innocent child he was not a child he was a grown man acting like a thug, robbing and bullying the owner of the store the way he did.

I would expect to die. And so should anyone else. And apparently are better able to rationalize and understand cause and effect than Ferguson protesters.

Just go fu k yourself, idiot. Its funny how liberals love to create fake profiles and then make racist comments pretending to be conservatives. If you were a conservative you would not make a BS comment like. The dumb ass grab the police gun thats why he is dead duhhh.

They would be more appropriate for michael brown and al sharpton. At least Williams is man enough to stand up and say hey there is a problem and we have to take a look at it. We have to own up and take responsibility. Anyone who still believes that liberals are tolerant has never met one. Very sad that he has to go through this Pokies 2018 Kia Soul for bringing up a valid point. How is it any worse than the replies on your comments?

I am no more responsible for the replies to my comment than you are responsible for the names they called Pharrell. As frustrating as it is, this sort of thing needs to happen. They need to show the country how insane they are in order for the majority of the American public to see that they are hypocrits of the highest order who inflict vile racial language against someone of their own race just for stating the obvious.


Nobody seems to care they have ruined a cops life. They are looking for entitlements.

And why is nobody talking about how he hit Wilson through the window of his cop car then caused the gun to go off in the car as he tried to take it from wilson. Take that and stick it your race card pipe and smoke it!! That is what happens wen u yourself choose the path ur on!!!!!

It is said n the bible you have to decide right from wrong!!! Was GOD a racist? This for me has nothing to do with color. The Liberal MSM is portraying those of us who are white of having white privilege. If they are oppressedthey oppressed themselves. They riot, loot and burn down their own community. Yes Michael got what he deserved.

I blame the parents…this was just another throw away child…like so many others…. The parents have no respect for rules with their own behavior and rap sheets. Im sad his parents were destructive and encouraged others to be. This shows how ignorant black people are. I have friends that are black and they said he got what he deserved.

It shows how their inbred ignorance truly is. There comes a time when we, the people, have to realize that there is a portion of the black community who will not be saved from the upbringing they have had and start treating them like what they are. Over the years I have known several black people, some of whom I was and am proud to call friend. These are the people who can do the most good in the rehabilitation of the gangs and the race baiters. Their labeled as animals for thats how they act!

Where does that make sense. I have to receit forest gump…stupid is as stupid does!! Must be those ppl gruber meant in his comment that Americans are stupid!!

I really think a lot of black people have been raised to believe that white people are their enemies and that they hate them. I was not raised to be racist. I cannot grasp Pokies 2018 Kia Soul thinking that you should hate someone because they are not the same color. How long did martin luther king protest and play the race card?? Along long time and what did he get for it…SHOT! It was a justified killing…. Pharrell just exposed that just because a persons skin is black they are human with brains that can reason with the facts.

THINK before you act and then the reaction to your actions wont be death. I would expect his fans would disown Pharrell because he understands the difference between right and wrong. Apparently there is a new mantra with that Real Money Pokies Gambling Addiction of the population. That being laws are made for the other people, they do not apply to us.

Our educational system has been a miserable failure. Education who has failed to educate about blacks owning slaves, slaves that were white, the role of the Irish and the Black community. Perhaps, had education not covered up those issues, things may not be as they currently are. Why is he getting criticized? What the hell else would you call it? So many on here never follow The Voice I guess. He made some pretty racist comments on live TV— now he is trying to clean it up. The difference is clear.

This is not the full story. This latest press release is back tracking. They are looking for entitlements. Nobody seems to care they have ruined a cops life. It does not matter what is said Here, There, or Where ever, One thing for sure is we all have too answer too God for what we do here on earth. Because your ass belongs to Satan and your soul Belongs too God. You better make right choice in life because you never know when your time is up.

That kid was mean to that store clerk, so why would I believe he did not assault that cop and try and reach for his gun. It is not about racism it is about stupidity. So this new statement is collateral damage.

No thanks at all for whitie??? You who think like these posters… brought onto yourselves by your own criminal and thug behavior…. Stop idolizing thug and criminal behavior. Stop cussing like sailors, even in front of children…. IF you want a better life…. Man in the Mirror People …. Man in the Mirror!!!

This story was his way to clean up the damage: This is why blacks will continue their downward spiral. They refuse to listen to black leaders who promote working, fathers doing their job and getting off welfare. MLK would be shunned if he was still alive. Are people so brainwashed by the race baiter narrative that they fail to see with their own eyes that this young man was on a path to trouble that day? Are the people of this country supposed to accept behavior like this to be the everyday normal?

It is bad enough that I left the neighborhood I grew up in to get away from people like that Thugs and Drugs and now I wonder if I even want to be in the country anymore. Decent people are driven out of areas and then later called racist.

It is just sad and disgusting. Thank God there are a few like him that speak out against gangsta behavior. His stock just went up in my book 1. This story here is all about back peddling. There is no room for racism in America, and those who can make Pokies Slot Zipper Ride economic difference: Read the back story here: Good to see that Pharrell Williams has some sense and common decency.

If they would act civilized, decent and responsile, the race issue Pokies Youtube How To Videos go away! How can you be mad at him for speaking the truth? You saw nothing wrong with what went down before his death….

Wow, so being black is conceding to the opinion of a majority who fail to see the facts for what they are now? I applaud Pharrell for having the courage to call it as he sees it. A large portion of african Americans are caught up in blaming everyone but themselves for their lack of advancement and opportunity. Get off your ass and learn that you can be anything you want to be if you work for it.

Moutains are high, but people climb them every day. I agree with you on this issue and feel the same way. Thank you for standing up to the unpopular way of thinking. He was a bullieI feel for his parents not for him. He was one who thought Fruit Machines Pokie Potbelly size would give him power.

And why is the race card always brought up. Would it had been better if it had been a black cop? Face the facts people he did wrong and he got what he was ashing for. Kudos to Pharrell for having the guts to say the truth. I am sure Brown did have things in his life that were very negative and was partially responsible for the young man he grew up to be and that was a criminal.

If every child, no matter of race, used the negative influences in their lives to justify a life of crime, we would have a nation filled more with those who use the negative influences to turn to a life of crime than we would have decent citizens who grew up with those same type of influences in their live. Most people try to overcome the negativity in their lives when they grow up instead of becoming a problem to society.

Any fans that Pharrell might lose will be replaced by those who agree with him that are not already fans. These racist black folks who are defending Michael Browns bullying tactics that fateful day is the reason why we, as a nation, can never move forward to solving this racial divide that holds America back. You have racist instigators and inciters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who lead the pack in fueling the flame of hatred and racism towards white Americans, and there suppose to represent christian values?

They are nothing more then attention getters who continuously strive to be in the spotlight. Their only purpose in life is to condone violence. He wanted to talk about how a kid gets to that point. I doubt Browns parents want to discuss their failures and the protesters definitely do not care about facts. Now this is a person that knows what he is talking about. Not some lame ass running off at the mouth or brain. Before analyzing the facts.

And for this brother own kind to cut him up is just wrong. I respect this brother more then I can say for the others that posted cut up comments. I felt that Michael Brown was being Pokies 2018 Kia Soul bully and enjoyed it.

Step Dad is a two time loser. Mom has a nasty big mouth so yes I can see Pokie Machines Handbook For The Recently Deceased Michael felt that he was allowed to be that way. There is no Black Card this is society and we are all part of it Parrnell is giving his opinion so take it as you will! He can be disappointed in the decision to not indict.

And, still feel that Michael Brown was a thug. Pokies 2018 Kia Soul simple mind may find that hard to understand.

I see so many bleeding hearts crying over the shooting of M. He was a huge bully, that is apparent anyone who makes it about race cause they have the courage to stand up to such things are cowards and racist…period….

Pokies 2018 Kia Soul loved this, he speaks the truth…. Here is his arrest record: I think we have a bunch of chumps in the people that would rather have a war between whites and blacks than to look at the real truth.

Grow the hell up and stop acting like you were free from slavery yesterday! Michael Brown is dead because of the choices HE made. Had he not robbed the store, had he complied with Officer Wilson he would be alive. Pharrell, but he is welcome to come to Texas, and my hole, any time! Thanks for bringing this bullish behavior!!!

He was just taking what he felt was rightfully his. A young Black man is, after all, entitled to have whatever he wants. Why you all picking on Michael Brown? And why you picking on Pharrell just cuz he got balls enuf to stand up for right instead of Black! Sign of the times….

Pharrell now this man see what Bulling leads too. I feel sorry for you blacks that are stabbing him in the back for Pokies 2018 Kia Soul backing his race but he is telling it like it is. You can not back a person like Mike Brown when he does things like that.

Only a total FOOL would think there was anything racist about it. Nobody gives welfare checks except in the case of WIK. They say the truth shall set you free! I say only if you open your eyes!

I have total respect for this man. Telling it like it is and not following the crowd blindly. Kudos to you Pharrell. If they pull your black card, so what! At least you are honest!! I respect that Pharrell can evaluate the facts and make a judgement unencumbered by color.

Sad state of affairs when a punk, gangsta, hoodlum is glorified and a hard-working, honest policeman is vilified!!! And the little boy watching? What kind of example did he get out of this behaviour. Stop glorifying thuggishness There is this false narrative that some people are above the law.

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Had a police officer ask me to Pokies Online Crossword Dictionary out of the street, I would have. Especially had I just taken something and had not paid for it. And if the so called rumor of white cops harassing blacks are true, in Ferguson, all the more reason to comply. Good for you Pharrell! And from all physical evidence, Michael Brown was attacking the officer.

Not a surprise that something would go wrong in this situation. Pharrell also said I believe that [the] Ferguson officer should be punished and serve time. He used excessive force on a human being who was merely a child.

Thank you for saying what other black people will not say for fear of being called an Uncle Tom. That he broke the law? That he was a bully? So does he get to break the law because he is black? Their color has nothing to do with anything.

He is a nice man and Pokies 2018 Kia Soul is Pokies 2018 Kia Soul on with what happened. Open up your eye folks. You are the ones making it all about the black………I Also believe Brown was a bill bully and he did start all of this and tried to take the cops gun.

The cop did his job and the court has spoken. If some of u racists and protesters spend half the time for a good cause. You are a waste of human space. So Pharrell you have gained more fans because you are honest. You are not all about the race the race. I guess some of his fans would not be happy with him. I guess they feel he is a brother and must side with some of the ignorant but Pharrell is much smarter and classier than that. Way To Go Pharrell….

Way to go Pharrell! If someone does something wrong like attempted to take a weapon away from a police officer! Should we now revoke his 2nd amendment rights? Here is just a suggestion… You are not slaves you can own things now. The way you say My Blackness as if it was a possesion is your problem. It may be a common thought in your head but to the rest of the world you are just a begger asking for more than you deserve so stop thinking you are more priviledges than the rest of the races in the world.

The responses above from blacks speak loudly and clearly to the notion that only white people are racially prejudiced. From those posts I read that in order to be accepted in black society you must never acknowledge or accept that violent behavior is wrong if the perpetrator is black. Cara Menghadapi Stress Menurut Islam.

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