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However, the graphics performance offered by the ZenBook Pro seems rather wasted on a mere HD display, since it's clearly capable of running professional video and graphics software that would benefit from a higher-resolution display. The keyboard is a full-size, backlit unit with 1. Note position of the power button, next to Delete in the top right-hand corner. The glass touchpad features an optional integrated fingerprint reader. Asus tells us that a 4k model is due soon, although no pricing or release date have been announced so it might be worth waiting a little longer to see the full lineup for the new range.

We can't fault the ZenBook Pro's raw performance, though. However, the ZenBook pulls right ahead in graphics performance, hitting It runs cool and quiet too, with two internal cooling fans producing just a barely noticeable hum during the intensive Cinebench tests. That's still about three times faster than a conventional hard drive, but we've tested several laptops recently that provide stronger SSD performance.

And, as we saw with the recent ZenBook Flip SAsus tends to get a little carried away with its claims for battery life.

The company quotes up to 10 hours for non-streaming video playback, and 14 hours for running general productivity software such as Microsoft Office. But, in our battery tests, the ZenBook Pro only just managed to reach 6.

But, to be fair, that's just about acceptable for a high-end laptop such as this, and you should still be able to squeeze a full day's work out of the ZenBook Pro if you're careful with wi-fi usage. The new ZenBook Pro is certainly good value for money, providing professional-level performance at a competitive mid-range price. And while the laptop isn't particularly stylish, Asus has done well to squeeze high-end performance into a slimline, Asus is, perhaps, missing an opportunity by not currently providing a higher-resolution display for the ZenBook Pro, since there are many designers and photographers who might balk at Apple's high prices and switch loyalties if only this laptop had a better display.

There's room for improvement with battery life too, but the ZenBook Pro should still appeal to many business users who simply want a fast, powerful laptop that can act as a desktop-replacement system both in the office and on the road.

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