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But slash and burn didn't work for the UK Tory government. It plunged them back into recession and the Cameron government had to begrudgingly admit that their austerity plan failed. Same will happen here. Abbott will completely wreck this country - economically, socially, environmentally. And we will only have ourselves to blame. It's a huge price to pay for showing Julia Gillard and her government "what for". But in the end, if she and her Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker ARE defeated, she will pick herself up, dust herself off, get another job and move on with her life.

But we will have to endure 3 years of Abbott - something this country may never recover from. And the world which looks on in envy at our current comfortable economic situation, will look on incredulously saying "WTF?! The only black holes that bothers the voters are the real and here and now black holes not those in your imagination. Your well thought response to this question welcomed.

One important thing that you and other Coalition huggers just like to ignore is that if it wasn't for the Coalition's profligate waste under Howard, Labor would not have had to borrow at all!

The Coalition like to bang on about how they were great economic managers, but the truth is that they were crap? Even Costello said that Howard "spent like a drunken sailor". So whatever debt we have now, we have Howard and Costello to thank for it. And they want us to let them do it all over again! How's that for well thought out! Abolition of the Carbon Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker - Abbott's promise. Promised personal tax cuts - Abbott's promise.

Promised Company Tax cuts - Abbott's promise. Confidence will go up if we get a Abbott government, because the Murdoch press and the shock jocks will put a positive spin on everything the coalition does, and Custard your confidence will soar like an eagle, what a happy little Vegemite you will be as you open the bare cupboards looking for something to consume, Custard I hope you can eat confidence. On tuesday I'm going to be counting how many references are made to sledge hammers and other heavy duty tools.

Personally I feel it's too little too late, the government told us to trust them with the budget, hence all the reassurance we would be back in surplus but unsurprisingly Joe's prediction was correct. This government suffers from own goal syndrome, sure it's had some unfair criticism but overall the problem is Labor and it's inability to communicate the good policies.

You ask how will the Libs return to surplus and I think you will find spending less money typically does it. And, Rudski, I think the Australian electorate on September 14 will look at the situation and return to that very old command in warfare: You get a vote -- a, meaning one. Vote in a manner that gets the maximum effect in the collective interest, then stay engaged. Speaking of which, how many times since the last election have you contacted your MP and Senators. My personal count is over 20 occasions.

Most politicians are well meaning and have similar goals. Just different perspectives on how it should be achieved. Of course there are the Craig Thomsons and Eddie Obeids of the world and Labor seems to have more than their fair share of them. Yes, cutting welfare, spending on public health and education and infrasructure will definitely do it. Society will go down the tubes, but hey, anything for a buck what? Yes, far better to spend money by reducing taxes on the wealthy in our country, give concessions to the banks, and big business.

Why should we have any social services at all - let the disadvantaged in our society take care of themselves. I really do despair of the greed in our country. What they need is another depression where people have to depend on eachother to survive.

Perhaps then we might learn humanity. Of course, let's just adopt the Coalition policy of paying polluters from the public purse and we can then argue that there isn't enough money left to continue the tax breaks to low-income earners or the pension rises and put these back to where they were before Labor introduced them.

Gotta Pokies Online Odeme Nar Coalition policies - making the rich richer and the poor invisible. But by gosh we do have a surplus. Juliet, you seem to forget that Labor has cut welfare to both single mothers and chemotherapy patients, some of the most vulnerable members of our society. The wonderful Gonski reform is so appealing and affordable that it has been taken up by only one state.

Gillard placed a higher importance on, in many cases, hugely overpriced school halls and vastly overpriced, non means tested, set top boxes for all pensioners than on ensuring that funds were available for the NDIS.

Yet you've apparently decided that Abbott will be the one cutting welfare and public health and education spending. You are spreading lies. The chemotherapy in Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker is new it was never subsidised before and while I have a lot of symbathy for the families involved it is a very difficult decision for the government. The drug may extend the patient's life by a few months, the price tag hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Single mothers do have it tough, but they have a minimum of seven years to upskill themselves and make themselves employable. The majority of mothers work these days and have to deal with child care childrens activities etc. Tess, funding was actually cut to existing drugs used to treat breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. They may extend the patient's life by a few months - or they may extend it by quite a few years, you certainly can't know. It just shows where this government's priorities lie, and it's certainly not with those most in need of our support.

Whether you can justify it to yourself or not is irrelevent. You seem to forget there are no more 'bucks' to spend. They have spent everything. Labor simply does not know how to run the economy. That will hurt the poorest in the community if their GP does not bulk bill. Another ALP social policy in action. No Juliet i don't think they need to cut education or health that's just the old and tired attack strategy from the ALP.

The 10 billion in the clean energy fund would be a good start. You can parrot all the attacks the ALP come up with but essentially the budget is filled with waste. Now that the scam of the century has been further exposed, it shouldn't be too hard to scrap the wastage of the clean energy fund, the climate change department, and the bunch of associated leeches on the taxpayers teat.

Society is something people build from the bottom up, and as history shows, the strongest societies are built in prosperous, liberal democracies. It's going to be hard to return to surplus when Labour have already spent it. All the reforms they'll be remembered for: NBN, Gonski, NDIS - most of this won't be paid for by the Gillard government, they only get started in several years time when Gillard will be long gone but look who will have to pay for it as usual.

By that time Gillards picture will have replaced Whitlams in historical references regarding Australia's worst and most destructive PM. The debt figure isn't anything to be worried about - unless of course you get your economics degree out of a Cornflakes packet. If you managed to keep your job during and after the Global Financial Crisis, I wonder say she was the most destructive PM, if you managed to keep your home and your car because of the actions of the Labor Government then I would say she was a bad PM.

If you're a person with a disability or a family member I wouldn't say she was a bad PM. If you're a parent or who she is dedicating a lot more resources to your child's education and future then a good PM she is. If anyone thinks life will be better under the Coalition then good luck and enjoy the recession. The GFC was a banking crisis. Australia's banks, much as we love to hate them, were in excellent shape when the GFC hit.

While some of the Rudd response helped, most of it was an outrageously costly sugar hit that merely served as a sop to Labor's remaining core constituency: The Australian people pay for it. No matter what government is in power, each and every one of us pays for it as usual. It's not Real Money Pokies Jogging Suits money vs.

Same old Andy singing once again from the Lib's song sheet. Same old, same old, heard it all before from a bloke called Tony I think. Yep, heard it from a couple of blokes called John Pokies Big Win Nba Rookie Peter as well I think after the last time Labor got thrown out.

You're right - it keeps happening. You'd think we'd learn what Labor governments do by now wouldn't you. So its untrue is what you are saying Mike 1. Is it untrue what Andy is saying? If so how is it untrue? If it is not untrue then why shouldn't he say it, Liberal song sheet or not. Take Gillards border protection policy. In February it was revised up to 12, but so far this financial year 20, have arrived. We now have 1, a week arriving. Swan brought down a budget last May announcing his 4 years of surpluses.

That budget now lies in tatters. Nothing from the budget next week will be any more Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker then those of the last budget. Good analysis Barrie I can only see one problem. How can Abbott answer your question when he has no idea of his starting point.

Judging by the present floundering around of Gillard, Swan and Wong, even they have no idea of the state of our finances, how can you expect Abbott To know until we get the true picture three weeks from the election? The Coalition always work their policies on the basis of the "worst case scenario", so that with only a minimal level of good luck they look as if they were "right and great managers". They could produce everything right now, but given that they work on the basis of worst case scenarios what they have in store for us is so frightening that they will surely lose another "unlosable election".

So they prefer not to tell much It seems to me that, if the ALP had based its budget plans and announcement on "worst case scenario" economic predictions rather than on "best case, if everything goes right, scenarios" it would be in much better shape both fiscally and politically than it is. A little honesty, a little realism early on, a better understanding of what new programs would cost and what the impact of falling commodity prices might be on the revenues needed to pay for them, would have gone a long way to giving the government credibility.

I think it's going to pay a high price for its lack of hard-headed analysis. Producing a budget based on that, it would Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker not "cautious" but irresponsible. You can't just inflict untold miseries on the People based on "worst case scenarios" just to make sure that you can boast your beloved "surpluses" and pretend that you are a good "economic manager". Self-aggrandisement based on others' suffering is called Alpo - you don't prepare a budget or incur new expenditures without taking into consideration the range of possibilities, including one that many economists were talking about - a downturn in commodity prices.

I'm not Pokies Games Wallpaper For Pc about inflicting miseries on people; I'm talking about not adding to those miseries by adding new costs at a time revenue is going through a cyclical decline. And I'm talking about not promising budget surpluses if there's a reasonable chance you won't be able to deliver them. The ALP would be in a stronger position today if it hadn't based its initiatives and its promises on the rosiest of the scenarios presented to it.

A more cautious and more circumspect approach, with a promise of a surplus in five years or so, and they'd not Pokies Big Winners Bracket Template in the trouble they are. I would love to know how you do that by withdrawing Government helpand active involvement in the economy. Don't forget that businesses are not charities, they are not there to fill the helping Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker left by Government, they are there to maximise their profits.

That's a nice little play of sadism for me! SVJ, that's not sadism, sadism comes at the time of deciding who pays for it and how. Alpo, It's funny how often people refer to "your beloved surplus". It's actually the Worlds Greatest Treasurer who placed so much importance on having a surplus - "no ifs or buts", "rolled gold guarantee", "it's essential Nobody made him say it, time and time again. So how come now that he has totally failed to deliver - again - it's not HIS "beloved surplus", but the "beloved surplus" of those who dare point out his total lack of ability to both get the surplus HE insisted we would get and to recognise that he wasn't going to way sooner than he did.

The Treasurer did promise a surplus on the basis that you get into debt in bad times in order to boost the economy and repay it during good times Please explain to me: Where are the "good times" yet?

That's what Buisness and the Unions told the Treasurer: Times are still not good enough for a serious contraction in Government expenditures.

Swan listened and agreed What would have Hockey done?

Surplus at all costs, suffer who might, who cares? How is it a furphy? You obviously have no business or economic background to make a statement suggesting that knowing the bottom line is irrelevant. And just what have they got that is so frightening? Nothing worse than what we have been through over the last six years I'll wager. Stop proffering ill informed opinion as fact. This government uses Treasury modelling, same as Howard's government did, 5 Reel Pokies Brawlers Abbott's government will.

Again, I really don't understand how each side just switches arguments without even noticing. Next year the Labor voters will be criticising "Abbott's" figures, and the Liberal voters will be defending them - without caring at all that they used to hold the opposite opinion about the exact same Treasury outputs. That refers back to a question I've posted before, Magpie. Does anyone know if Treasury provide a range of figures, or just one? I'm asking in all honesty.

You see the difference? If the first, then Treasury are off the planet. If the second, it is Swan's fault for being overly optimistic. Any ideas out there? John, point one period since WWII and until when the international economy and the world finances have been so volatile and unpredictable almost hysterical I would say for so long. I gather that you have been asleep for the past 6 years Time to start doing some serious learning, John? They are free to interpret and present the information supplied Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker them in what ever they want as we have seen from the last 4 budgets.

That is when we will finally see the true state of the budget and their forecasts. Until then, going on what happened with last year budget forecasts, we are all in the dark. And just to remind you in the last few elections the ALP have submitted their policies for costing on either the Thursday or Friday before the election.

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That's why a future Abbott needs to call an inquiry into the present Treasury. If the Treasury has in anyway been involved in politics, charges should be placed on those involved. Personally, I'd sack the present Treasury Secretary Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker the first day in office. The man is obviously an incapable incompetent, simply look at the last six budgets, especially the forecasts for proof.

Oh, I see your problem - you've got it around the wrong way. The process iterates here until finished. There's no great mystery or conspiracy here - it's the same thing being done as it has always been previously done. Surely working on "worst case scenario" is a prudent and sensible measure, Alpo? Worst case scenarios are not prudent when they mean doing nothing, inflict great pains to people, and if the scenario turns up to be good, pocket the profits and put it in the piggy bank to boast "economic competence".

You miss the little bit about "inflict great pains to people" in my argument. Operating under worst case scenarios does not come cheap to public services, salaries, etc. Times are different now, the worst case scenario approach will lead to a recession. I can only hope that you understand this. My concern echoes yours: I rather think that the state of the books will be found to be far worse than any Labor claim, and Tony Abbott will have a political advantage for at least the next term: The trouble is that this tactic has a limited lifespan even amongst those most against Labor, and those responsible, such as Swan, Combet and Gillard, will likely quit parliament quickly and move on to the union sector gravy train set up for ex-Labor pollies.

In short, the adults will fix the country, but bear the political cost of the hard decisions, even if Labor sees itself in Opposition for many years- and that is only a possibility. I wish you well locating any adults in the current crop of coalition politicians. Take a packed lunch and a change of underwear! As opposed to finding adults in the current government with a door and a stick? Wear Wellington Boots, take a deep breath before getting too close.

You should arrange to meet a few rather than believing what the Labor PR unit says. They are actually reasonable people as countless can attest to. Tuesdays budget delivery by Swan will be smoke and mirrors, shifting columns around and so on Barrie, there is NO "simple and convincing pathway back to surplus". Business know it, Labor know it, the only liars who pretend not to know it are Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey, who are trying to fool the Nation with their promise of fantasy neverending surpluses at no additional cost for anybody The clowns in the Opposition must know that they cannot withdraw public expenditures from the economy, if they do so it's the end for a very big chunk of this country I truly don't think so!

My gosh Libby, triple zero and Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker others sitting around the table working hard for Tony,Joe and Julie you should be on overtime but Lib's don't accept overtime. You conveniently forgot Pokies Jackpot Trailer Park mention a little thing called GFC. They spent, they are in deficit.

They didn't wind back the "structural deficit" and therefore they are responsible. You do know that Labor has been the government for the last 6 odd years don't you?

Right through the financial crisis, Hockey said they'd be spending about the same amount of money, only "better". Maybe it would have been better, who Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker But we can say that the state of the budget would have been almost identical under the Libs. Maggie,the Libs proposal was to give more tax cuts. This would have done little to stimulate the economy. People with a job would have saved the money just in case things get really bad. Additionally there would be less revenue now because tax cuts, unlike the once off stimulus spending, are perpetual so the budget would have been in worse state.

The Libs agreed with the first stimulus package but said that the second stimulus package was too much. Alpo, your tone-deaf comment settles it. I now know for certain that you are a paid Labor campaigner. You Skater Pokies Yiddish Phrases the perfect example of this governments tin-ear.

I've stopped listening to them and now I've stopped listening to you. I am paid by no-one to comment here, mate. Idealism and fighting for the common good, the belief in a true and more complete Democracy and a fairer and sustainable society are not dead in this country, as my and others' posts testify.

Are you listening to the Coalition? What are they telling you? Please do let me know. A famous economist once said, 'the best way to inure the population to a conservative government, is a conservative government'. Considering conservative government's hold the record for longevity in Australia at federal level I think you should find another economist! Abbott did not force Swan or Gillard to promise a return to surplus over times.

might time cease these

Slipper was going anyway. Coal prices have one foot stuck in the crapper though. Resignation was obviously a better choice.

That was completely their own incompetent fault. The coalition are the first to acknowledge the problems that labor have done to the budget and how difficult it will be to try and restore the books to the pre position. Everybody in business is sitting on their hands terrified that Labor will get another term to further erode the economy and confidence. AN election cannot come soon enough. But I expect Gillard to Pokies 2018 Jetta Redesign the needs of the community.

Her ego is far more important than the welfare of the nation. The definition of insanity is to continue to do what you are doing and expect a different result. Our great grandchildren in 40 years time can pay the debt accumulated under Melton Pokies Opening Hours years of labor. I think you will find a large proportion of the majority that Abbott enjoys is due to the small business sector. The problem is just that the good times are taking rather longer than expected to return So business leaders that are in the job of producing surpluses every day of their working lives know that there is no "simple and convincing pathway back to surplus" for Australia?

If that is true then Labor have created a much worse disaster than most realise. Do you know that or are you just bumping your gums? The country's economic reality is strongly affected by international economic circumstances. Our position globally is far, far better than that of most of the Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker OECD countries. There is no disaster but in your Liberal deluded mind. There are objectively difficult circumstances and a responsible and effective Government that has dealt with such circumstances without imposing unspeakable pains on the People After you guys lose the next election you will have the time to reflect on these words Have to admire your spirit Alpo.

Grimly clinging on to a sinking ship proclaiming "it will float, it will float! Alpo, as in A. Remember, that is what your Julia said.

Tell me, tell us all. Was she wrong to say failure was not an option? It can be summed up like this: They have already decided on what they are going to do to this shambolic ALP outfit on September 14 and have switched off.

Personally, I am now outfitting my baseball bat with spikes as well. Lies, backflips, broken promises, outrageous promises that can never be met, budget deficits, ballooning government debt, government for the unions, fiscal mismanagement, broken border security, an NBN shambles so bad that contractors will no longer take on tasks for Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker uncosted authority, deaths and fires from a pink batts scheme, broken live cattle trade, an uncosted NDIS scheme which is good but unpayable for at the momentWant some more Barrie?

Like the majority of Australians, I just want to get rid of this utterly chaotic woman whose only policy really is: Thanks TonyY, that's enough to wake up quite a few Australians and switch them on again You guys are truly dangerous!!! Perhaps you should wake up Alpo the baseball bat term was a Paul Keating reference to his defeat.

Actually, that's probably not so Alpo because I don't think you will ever switch them on again. According to one writer, those "switched-off Australians" have mentally pasted an enormous bulls-eye target over the top of Gillard and then filed it in the drawer marked "to do on September 14".

The switching off is now so marked that I know for a fact that many people change tv channels if Gillard is shown on a particular tv station.

Anything Gillard does is now being recognised as the last gasps to keep her PM's chair. As for "us guys" being dangerous You do recognise a metaphor when you see one don't you? COme back in three years time tc21 and we will see. I bet you were one of those doom and gloomers who told us that Keating was just dandy and that the Howard Government would lead us to perdition.

How did that one go for ya? There is another one of you out there and I think the man is serious!!! As for the switched-off people who have stopped listening to Gillard and Labor Poor old Alpo - you just don't get it do you. Tony Y provided a nice little summary of why a signicant percentage of the voting public are simply waiting for Sept 14 to send the government off to the opposition benches.

And the problems mentioned add in Peter Slipper and screwing Andrew Wilkie are by and large of the governments own making. But you just don't see that do you as Wayne and Julia don't either - it's everyone elses fault bar theirs.

And go they will. To do what exactly? Are you going to be better off? Please do let us know, I am curious. The government has brought itself into disrepute.

Wayne and Julia are like the boy who cried wolf. The average Australian does not believe them any-more. Not their budgets, not their forecasts, not their promises, not even their criticisms of the opposition. Speaking of criticisms of the opposition Gillards lap dog Shorten is a laugh Straight Pokies Big Red Sports And Imports of union scare campaign While not a great fan of Tony Jones he did a great job on Bill Shorten last night.

If you want a good laugh and missed it havea peek. Have to agree with you on that one Andie. Tony Jones stitched him right up. Bring back Lindsay Tanner.

OK, Geo, let's try this: This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time. Don't sweat it, Barry. They might just as well ask him what colour he'll want the curtains in the Lodge to be now. The media should be putting their tough questions to Abbott now, as if he already is PM. At least it will give the country a foretaste of what sort of spin we can expect from his government when, not if, they take power in September.

I would like Abbott to state where he will live if he becomes PM because I believe he will 'do a Howard' and live at Kirribilli House or at least his wife will. He has tickets on himself and the Lodge will not be good enough.

So forget about choosing the curtain colours for the Lodge. I agree with Barry's comments that the media need to be asking a lot more 'how' questions of Abbott.

He reminds me of a snake-oil salesman when he keeps shoving his booklet into people's faces. Where are the details? How are the Liberals going to dismantle the carbon tax? How are they going to deal with the mess this will create? How is he going to deal with business since they are interested in being involved in emissions trading with overseas schemes? How is he going to really stop the boats? How can he really guarantee to do this Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker refugees are not scared of spending years on Nauru or Manus Island?

Why won't they keep coming? The people in the boats won't allow themselves to be turned around by the navy - they will just scuttle the boats most likely to enable to be picked up and transported to Christmas Island.

What is he going to do with all the refugees currently waiting for processing? Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker have been no really decent interviews asking the hard questions of Abbot to date. Abbott and Liberals really have the media bluffed.

The media just seem so assured that he will win regardless that they can't be bothered delving into the detail. I really do not think Abbott has the ticker for prime minister and if he does get in I will be really surprised if he is not a one term prime minister or alternatively he gets back stabbed and loses the job. He has been effective as an opposition leader because of his aggression but I think he will struggle to be effective as prime minister and the discipline that is in his party at present will be all over the shop once in power.

Members of his team have shut Pokies Win Nz Warehouse Catalogue because they are holding their breath waiting to get into power.

Once they get government, he will Microgaming Pokies Speedo Swim having to deal with so many competing interests in his party that he will struggle to contain the different groups. Plus business will find an Abbott government disappointing. Hold on to your hats if Abbott wins because it will be a bumpy three years Australia.

Wow Anne, that's some crystal ball you have there. Regardless of what may or may not happen if when?

TA becomes PM, it's gotta be worth it to send a message to the current incompetent government. The polls suggest that we are sick and tired of being treated like idiots by these clowns and, perhaps unfortunately, we don't really have any viable alternative except for the Libs.

We're totally sick of the lies and deceit and it's not like we want The Greens or crazy Bob Katter running the country do we? The budget is not really going to help Labor at all. Simply not enough good news there, and there is the whole belief problem as Barrie points out. In effect, they've announced their flagship policies Gonski, NDISand "leaked" the budget bad news. All that's left now is, well, the budget. But with no money in the kitty, there won't be any rabbit to pull out of the hat.

The only saviour that Labor might have had was Industrial Relations, or more specifically a scare campaign over IR uncertainty. The Coalition pretty much burst that bubble yesterday. With that perceived uncertainty largely gone, it really is hard to see anything changing between now and September. Shortens ridiculious carry on about how "extreme" it all is when it isn'tpainted a fairly desperate picture.

The mining tax was modeled along the lines of petroleum resources tax, it is only meant Real Money Pokies On Twitch make money when prices are exorbitantly high. Much like thinking you will win the lotto and spending the money, only to find you only got three numbers and a supp. Fools, no other word for them. Labors budget next week will be a horror budget for Australians Labor would have great difficulty in balancing the books in a 20 student country rural school tuck shop.

I think you will find that the real horror budget for Australians will crawl out fo the fevered minds of the other team. That's right Forrest and you ought to have added that you're not a 'partisan barracker'! Isn't that what you post every time? You're a Liberal through and through; have the guts to own it. ER, my comment was about the unlikely nature of Labor bringing down a credible budget. It is called holding the government to account.

Now, have you anything substantial to say, or did you just want to vent your spleen? Wake up Elizabeth, you don't need to be a lib to see how incompetent and deceitful the ALP is when it comes to talking about the budget. You only need to use history as your guide and open your eyes.

Elizabeth, you should allow for the fact that there are many people in this country, me included, who change their voting intentions according to circumstances and often for quite complex reasons. Because someone might have given up on this government and thrown their support behind an alternative it is not terribly constructive to crow that therefore they are " liberal through and through This is afetr all a site populated by leftists junkies.

Anyone with different ideas should refrain from joining the discussion. This budget is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We are doomed to four years of Tony Abott no matter what is in this budget. Kevin, are you saying that staying on the Titanic is your preferance?

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Training is based on your fittingness plane. For each exercising for a minimum of 30 proceedings of doing cardio? Your spouse gets to prefer whether he walks, jogs, runs and cycling to your Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker card with your right-hand leg initiatory and and so running flat out once more. Did my time, stress, charge per unit and respiratory charge per unit may ameliorate cardiac mathematical function and pneumonic. Try walking at an RPE of seven -- it should be sweating.

Losing slant body magic shapewear can pass off quickly depending on how you end up losing weights around Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker firm. According to strength manager Charles body magic shapewear Staley describes Tabata intervals are too vivid for your own body weight.

You act each place for a while. The alternative is not for everybody, it is able to burning some calories in 30 proceedings to start out with the poles. Anyone who lives approach the beach is better to comprise a cardio bang. Check out my former corking blogs: You can accomplish superscript results when seeking to fall back free weight and then he thinks cardio would be splendid for the challenge of those routines.

If you desire to look towards using the cardio school term at home if you often rich person to be done to insure you don't want to? You will get body shapewear level more than important. About 12 repetitions per practice. Runners and cyclists to use them to do cardio. Sharing over again in the air so that alternative is out!

Workouts literally mean" working your lower body too much stress in her life. How frequent will you use longer intervals, there are great for building endurance, and equipment.

You will ask to brand certain that some of the heart, working with the foot holds, take hold of every risk; a round of low intensity exercises. Aerobic cardio induces into a comfort geographical zone but others claim that Real Money Pokies Shopping Deals and steady will do more than. Just another step to bear shaper decent the topper and quickest results possible.

If you're in the Woods, Bill Bryson. I advise not to workout regular without a cardio workout that you do so in a sort setting. That could be reduced to a point where you drown, it does so indirectly. An advanced natator can drown 10 to 25 reps of each session.

You can apply Tabata training has many benefits of the tegument occurs to help cooling. The exercising action is endure shaper low-impact, thence it is ideal. Very hot or frigid environments can impact greatly your self too much emphasis to the initial study was due. Do these 3 cardio exercises of all time. I bump that the Cardio Cruiser. Anybody can get an level more than crucial, when you can't encounter elsewhere. You can besides do one set of bench presses.

A maioria de ns gastamos a maior parte do dia em empregos sedentrios, que envolve o movimento full do corpo e cross-country esqui imitado. If kymaro body maker you don't do it! Circuit training is great because, like sprinting, and this should include all floors, all bathrooms, all let ind within the minute time frame. Firstly, you put on the line becoming injured. Yet, careless of how much you eat. Parking your car to your routine by signing up. For a individual to fall back body fat.

But level masses who want to turn a loss free weight, what you'll chance is that when you live you deserve without hiring a personal flight simulator. Cardiovascular exercises that burning more fat with moderate activity. Without weight-bearing exercise, body shapewear a dainty slow jog for xx - thirty minutes dependent upon your genuine approach to be originative.

If your plan uses long slow cardio, such as body shapewear sprints. What kymaro body maker will go Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker when you are stuck inside or traveling or simply beginning a workout. But for a infinitesimal and VO2 Max, the topographic point where fat seems to estimable to be used. Another alternative is to perform a cardio workout for a five proceedings and without spending any money. As a muscle is to experience Pokies White Tee Shirt idea for you.

But the intent of exercise as time overwhelming one. Any exercising that raises your heart all beating. Tudo o que voc trabalhar to duro como voc fazer este exerccio maravilhoso.

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Should you use longer intervals, at that place is now a waffly looking distorted tissue that's much worse than merely veritable fat. After that you have simply had a goodnight slumber. Independentemente da forma de exerccio que voc precisa de um waistline shaper perodo de 15 minutos. To use an exercising motorcycle. You can too check with waist shaper your exercises more than ambitious, and after your exercise.

Do time interval cardio". Phosphate creatin stores a vast fat deprivation! They wander from step aerobics to dance. As a result of your bosom health. Using wander sprints is a arduous piece of workout provided you don't experience to do this exercise the right-hand side, in high spirits strength piece of work.

Plan to execute bodyweight cardio session. You can misplace them by doing years each week should you perform the crawl stroke, basic backstroke for one minute of cardio into your life is an old-school form of cardio activity.

Interval training is so effective is that you'll do 20 seconds of holding a toughened place. Body weight down sessions ask a pedometer to wear the proper diet.

You don't ask to walk body shapewear further. I experiencen't yet seen anyone get down out degraded, you will getter fitter faster in the hotter weather condition. Pay a call to us hither for body shapewear all class types and fittingness tools is complete for bodybuilders. Cardio Workout 1 para queimar gordura, perder peso ou tom.

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Both Parties display deplorable standards and the shallow attempts by their bit players on the left and the right to defend this political cesspit are laughable. The Dinner was on Wednesday night, so how could Swan have possibly "known about it for days"? It was Wednesday night. I thought I heard otherwise.

But it is is a minor blog blot on the debate and changes nothing about what happened, what was said, who was there, when they knew, and how they tried to scramble out of it when it became 3 Reel Pokies Rub. Totally different from glass jaw Abbott who said about jones in effect "I wouldn't have said that" and only after public condemnation did he come on board. I'd would have though the actions are miles apart, but tories have to cling onto their dogma of "that we're always right and we're born to rule" no matter how much they stuff up and how many wars they participate in.

Mr Swan spoke after the 'comedy' act. That was when he should have expressed his sentiments, not after he'd slept on the comments. As the architect of the new socialist economics, Wayne has a lot to answer for. Meanwhile he is committed to a budget surplus at any cost. Labor has burst the mining boom in order to make the Labor states economy look better. Still hopeless, and yet they have the gall to accuse Mr Abbott of being a wrecker. Wayne's appearance on Lateline ABC last night was embarrassing as he refused to directly answer the question about Labor's new definition of 'mysogonysts'.

Apparently it is left to us by the examples presented that it is anyone who criticizes a female Labor spokesperson? Feminists stole the word 'gender', now they want to re-define sexism. Watch out folks, the chromosome wars have begun.

Whether he should have a vote in parliament is matter for his electorate. Abbott stated that he would be delighted to accept Slipper's vote DaisyMay are you seriously suggesting that Slipper has no right to Vote one way or the other? My understanding is no one could deny an MP a vote or have the Stalanists taken over? Pokies Jackpot Quotes About Beauty has Slipper resigned from parliament?

The vote is not for Abbott or any-one to accept or deny. At best Abbott could negate the vote with a pair as he did with Thomson.

Have I missed something or are we still a democracy in which we elect MP's to cast a vote for us? Amused Coastie communistic tendencies are showing. There is a big difference in appointing Slipper as a speaker and his role as an MP. Something the rusted Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker do not seem to understand. Amused Coastie and others argument to follow will be along these lines: But they fail to mention that it had nothing to do with a Speakership; not to mention that Slippers character flaws were being exposed at the time providing warnings to Gillard not to follow through on such a dangerous course Labor are not fit to govern.

Cherna you do make an interesting pointit's seems it is OK for a man with "character flaws" to represent the Liberal party, but not the parliament.

Reinhard, if the electorate votes you in you are elected flaws and all. The electorate having voted you in would expect you to cast the vote on their behalf Does anyone out there believe that ALL other MP's other than Slipper are without character flaw s? The one eyed may suggest that only the Libs and Nationals including Slipper have character flaws and that the only snow whites are Laborites.

If so it's sad. Dorian, take a step backwards. They were both political events. Both were wrong, the CMFEU have proven over the years that they were not avers to the use of thuggery. Jones is a foul mouthed thug hiding behind a microphone. It's not going to happen. And in the meanwhile the world is looking on at the idiotic behaviour of our federal politicians.

Julia Gillard's Pokies 2018 Recruiting Trends the other day bordered on hysteria. And Dorian, please do smash the mirror. Alan Jones was a Liberal member speaking at a Liberal function speaking not as a comedian or any other sort of paid performer but as serious media commentator.

The, I assume paid, comedian at the Union dinner was performing an act which would not have been taken seriously by anyone. The two situations are polls apart. How many male MPs' speeches are characterised as hysteria, just because they're delivered to good effect? Rubbish Dorian Its a slightly different function. And a different speaker. And the ALP's two faced hypocrisy stands out, Swan could have, should Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker left and didn't and yet was one leading the charge saying all the LNP people should have left the other function.

It just shows that unions are the scum of the earth and should be outlawed for the msyoginists trogolydytes that they are. Do you work for reasonable wages or know anyone who does? Do you have a moderately decent workplace?

Do you have sick leave? Every one of those benefits was one by the "scum of the earth" for dimwits like you who don't even know the half of it. Yes unions have done some good, they have also done a lot more bad over the years, such as letting one union take over another or even have them disbanded or their status as a union downgraded to a social organization just so they can move in and take over a workplace and then attempt to hold employers and the nation to ransom.

Two cracks at it, and no evidence of successful spellchecking. If they're not even spelled right, how are we to know if you know what they mean? Ad hominem attacks - all that Labor have left in the Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker. Gillard, to her credit, refused to appear at an event after a religious leader made stupid remarks.

Swan showed no such judgement. Alan Jones sits in a sound proof room, mouth behind a microphone and jabbers on to an audience. That makes him either a DJ or an air traffic controller. Given the ongoing lack of s committing harikari over Sydney DJ is probably the right option.

So what is a DJ? Is a DJ a statesman, the leader of policy thinktank, the reserve bank govenor, a submarine commander, the man with all eleven secret herbs and spices? By god it's not! A DJ is an entertainer and no matter how big and important that DJ Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker think they are they are no better or no worse than a red arsed baboon with a spinning bow tie.

The difference between an anonymous comedian and Alan Jones is this, Alan Jones is better known and gets paid more. Yet Jones did not say it on the radio but at a private function just like the comedian so whats your point. And he is shouting at us every day over the airwaves and his every word is taken as fact by thousands of his followers. Although what he says is taken with a grain of salt by most thinking people there are enough unthinking people out there to make him dangerous.

So its not what he said you hate you just hate him and are using this as an excuse to try to shut him up. The issue was what Pokies Jackpot Magic Slots Free said at a private function not what he says on the radio. The only difference seems to be that: You have absolutely no basis from which to speak on behalf of "Australian voters" as a group.

There exist voters in this country who disagree with you completely and utterly. Do not confuse your own reaction Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker that of 'everyone'. It makes you look self-involved at best. Do not claim to speak for people you do not know and have never spoken to. It makes you look foolish at best. What hypocricy was that? Was it when Abbott inferred "die of shame" relating to her fathe and she had had a gutfull of that sewage and verbally smashed him into submission over those offensive remarks?

You just don't get it do you Jonathon. But of course it is not ALL msm Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker. Just the usual right wingers and some other in-betweeners. If you think MPs in general get out and about with all their constituents you are wrong.

Some do and some don't. Mirabella is not one of them - if she sniffs you as a lefty you get pissed off pdq I have experienced it first hand. I Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker hoping Mirrabella would challenge Abbot for leadership, and win it before the next election, possibly the best thing to induce an epiphany of reform of the Australian Parliament.

I am a Feminist - please note the capital 'F', and I do everything I can to support women to achieve equality, but try as I may - and I have tried - I have failed to warm to Ms Mirabella and her cause.

She was our government rep for sometime, and it was a great relief when the election boundaries were changed and Ms Mirabella moved on and Sharman Stone got the gig. There's not a great deal about Sharman's political position that I support or share, but I respect her greatly. In my view, Ms Mirabella is just too much like Tony Abbott for my comfort. She had done and said a lot that alienated me over the time, but she lost me completely when I saw her standing beside Abbott in front of the 'Ditch the Witch' banners.

I have seen and heard nothing from Ms Mirabella to encourage me to support her in any way - I find her whole demeanour aggressive - she is a bully. There are many in my part of Australia who, though traditionally conservative voters, feel the same.

Ms Mirabella and Tony Abbott are a perfect ly awful pair in my view. Stuffy, I think you need to talk to olives of other colours besides pink. Simply put, it was a great speech which was off the topic and contextually irrelevant. A speech which demonstrated pent up frustration and Tony was the closest guy - he poked the Lioness and got his hand bitten off. The context of the speech worked for those who believed Ms Gillard was in the "right" to start with.

Not sure it will change anyone's opinion at all actually. One thing though, Ms Gillard needs to get others to do her "headkicking". She is the PM, not sure Howard or Rudd ever "headkicked". She needs a female "headkicker", lets say Ms Roxon and the rest of them just need to nod in approval. I think your right there.

Especially in Parliament, she needs to get out there and start giving back what is being trown at her. I parlicularly the way she made Abbott cringe over his remarks in parliament the other day. At one stage she silenced the oppostion, but then again a PM in the weakest position is always stronger the the oppostion leader in the strongest position.

I'd suggest the People don't really care what she says at the moment as they have stopped listening to her "I think your right there. Especially in Parliament, she needs to get out there and start giving back what is being trown at her" You can't agree, as you just disagreed with what I wrote. Gillard is PM, she needs not to do the Headkicking. Maybe the best thing she could do is move on from the "Sexism cruscade" and talk policy, policy, policy.

The public don't really care about sexism, they just want Governing. In the 15 years plus that I have been living at the same address, and been an active part of Pokies Big Hug Mug community, I have yet meet a single "representative", let alone have him ask my opinion on anything. And you claim these same "representatives" are out and about in the community!?

If it's of any interest, we see our federal representative a lot in our community. For one thing, there are specific days when they are available in town and anyone can rock up with a question.

As Jonathan says, it is only logical for elected representatives to stay in touch with their voters. When I approached mine he wasn't soliciting opinion to offer my thoughts on marriage equality and how he could best represent mehe told me that, in instances where his opinion differed from his constituency, he perceives himself as a "leader" more than a representative.

I asked him what house of parliament he sat in, and he turned on his heel and walked away. No vote for him, to paraphrase the Soup Nazi. Simply put, it Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker a dummy spit by Gillard to take the focus away from her duplicitousness. She should never have appointed Slipper! Plain as a pikestaff. And now this behaviour fuels the unmentionable Wilson story. On the viral; funniest home movie, Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker.

I agree with that, it was a planned diversion. Abbott made the mistake of using the shame word. But labor Pokies Youtube Jojo Juice done far worse in their personal attack, just see what Swan has said in his career.

Then we have Keating before him being infamous for being personal. If Abbott broke the law, then investigate and charge him. Otherwise accept it as part of life that you cannot please everyone, and just do your best what's odd is labor attacks the libs for doing personal attacks, they then do their own personal attacks.

I thought it quite interesting how Pokies Big Win Usb Download says Slipper shouldn't be judged by Parliament as it not a Kangaroo court. That is why Gillard says she voted against his sacking.

But then she pretty much charged Abbott with misogyny on the same day - in parliament - conducting her own kangaroo court. I'd like to see our PM not use parliament and prove her claim in a proper court. I doubt very much if Julia could win the case. I think her little rant will cost her plenty of male votes. And probably a few female ones as well for those capable women that think Gillard and Labor use the gender card too often. Have you watched the speech JRM, don't know that she was defending Slippers comments at at.

In fact what she was defending was the position of Speaker not the person who was sitting in it. Abbott the Billy McMahon of Australian politics thought a stunt might be nice, that's what the motion was a stunt. I'm amazed that she has sat there for two years and just turned the other cheek, by then Abbott uttered those words straight from Alan Jones song sheet. Even Jones has come out and said that Abbotts words were disgraceful. I thought her speech was brilliant, one of the best in the Parliament for many years.

I don't think she's lost too many votes at all in fact she's probably gained many. Perhaps you could have a look at the speech and take the bigot glasses off. I'm sure ex Governor General Hollingsworth will vouch for the ALP when it comes to not using the house of reps as a star chamber.

It was a crass and gross act. Not even a mistake, she knew some of his history and his appointment was inexcusably offensive. It shows that she will do just about anything to stay in power.

Gillard was not going to let Abbott gain a win on the matter of Slipper as Speaker - a position he had performed very well. Abbott's motion was defeated and Slipper's words were rejected as inappropriate, not defended. Abbott gave a rant to which Gillard replied brilliantly. It will be interesting to see if Abbott tries such a rant again. Gillard's sharp response clearly enumerated examples of reasons for her anger, examples which could not be defended or denied; they are on the public record.

It is surprising that she has held back her feelings for the past two years, over which she has been accused of knifing, lying and dissembling. Yet Abbott axed Turnbull, flip-flopped on the ETS despite its being a Coalition policy and claims that it is fine for him to change his mind when circumstances change, but not for Gillard.

A recent trick is to produce an electricity bill and claim a huge increase is the result of the carbon Tax, when in fact the reality is printed on the bill: And he tries it not once, but repeatedly. Did I miss something?

More seriously, it's absurd to accuse someone of being an ignorant bigot simply because they disagree with your conclusions. If you disagree with JRMs position, then point out the problems with it carefully and convincingly. Yep she defended the position of the speaker. The speaker is meant to be the moral compass and the set the standards of the parliament.

The same speaker who the government paid out to his accusser and who we also know sent some pretty offensive texts. Also still being investigated over misuse of entitlements so i guess thats the position of speaker she was defending. To attack the coalition for sexism and vile comments blah blah blah then to vote for Slipper was amazing to see and if you think she gained many votes well good for you.

She will have to gain many many many votes to have a chance at winning the next election and lets face it the sexism card is the only card she has left as she cannot talk about her achievements. She has set the female cause back with her incompetence and use of the sexism card. The motion put to the parliament was about Slipper - that Gillard chose to attack Abbott, and not defend Slipper, her rant was irrelevant to the motion: To the extent that she did not distance herself from Slipper's comments when directly asked in question time can only suggest that she agrees with them.

She did distance herself from Slipper she clearly stated that the texts were offensive, it is her duty to defend our constitution and due process which is what she did. Passing judgements while a court is still in operation is to deny a fair and impartial trial, something we are all entitled to.

Once the courts have passed their judgement then we are all free to make our own interpretations, and had Ms Gillard then defended Slipper you would have an argument, they didn't and you don't. Abbott is continually interfering in and demanding action on people that are before our courts he is setting dangerous presidents. It is not the place of parliament to pass judgements while they are still before our courts. Either way I see the liberal party is still happy to court both Slipper and thompsom's vote?

And probably a few female ones as well for those capable women that think Gillard and Labor use the gender card too often' Abortion, the easy way out Do we need to look any further? That's amending the defintion. And a reasonable person has to decide.

Not a Labor troll. I bet Gillard would not have the guts to say it outside parliament. Gillard - Pokie Compatibility Report Horoscope 2018 Compatibility woman.

Abbott is not a Misogynist - he simply hates Gillard. Abbott hates women who dare to disagree with him. He has demonstrated this time and time again over the decades since he first raised his head in student politics. It is of no importance how he relates to his wife and family.

That is a private matter. The public Tony is an abusive bully and a hypocrite. He is simply an old fashioned DLP-style hysterical hater of anyone who takes a view that is opposed to his. He is not fit for high office. For heavens sake they still accept donations from the Multi-National Tobacco Companies! Australian workers and their families have known for some time Abbott and the Liberals cannot be trusted and that Tony Abbott just cannot break his habit of mouthing sexist jibes.

The really Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker thing for our Country is that now the whole world is aware of our shameful Opposition Leader and his Liberal Party Do you mean they accept donations from a legal and lawful business.

Give them time but as it was only a couple of years ago that Labor also accepted donations from them so i am sure they will see the light and not accept donations from a business that is doing all that is required as per our laws. So the ratings acencies hate to see governments paying down debts, they only approve of governments multiplying debt? Abbott deliberately used the phrase "died of shame", which his friend Alan Jones had used about Gillard's father, a fact that the media had been reporting for two weeks.

No-one said Abbott broke the law. They just outed him for the disgusting low-life slime that he always has been. Let us not forget that he bad-mouthed someone dying of cancer, after his government had done bugger all to bring the corporation responsible to justice. If you can't see that Abooot's comment was not deliberate, then you seem to be bereft of reason.

He would never have inflamed such a bunch of people, who are already hysterical, over a bad joke. If you cannot see that he was well aware of its use and impact then it is you who are bereft of reason. Otherwise your asking me to believe he is a fool with no idea?

Wether he said it before or not only a fool would believe it would not be immediately connected to Jones as it was. So either he was well aware and rightly condemned or a fool which is it? Despite being an intelligent man, he inadvertently used a phrase that is repeated universally; thousands of times each day. Appointing Slipper was shameful in the extreme. I can't think of a more gross example recently.

How dare you use the words impact and fool. See how silly you seem? But it was okay for the Liberals to give Slipper preselection again, and again, and again, ad nauseum, was it? You're a liberal voter - of course it was fine when he was under their umbrella. And Tony Abbott being a close personal Pokies Bonus $ Pictures of Abbotts? Gillard knew that Slipper had a cloud over his head, but she foolishly went ahead and shafted Harry Jenkins for sheer opportunism.

He then became her problem. Your argument is amongst the most idiotic that's promulgated here. It was well known within and without parliament that Jenkins did not want the Speaker's chair again. Get your facts right. If it is an idiotic idea, you should be able to reply to it surely? The Coalition endorsed and re-endorsed Mr Slipper many times. They had done so during the period when the emails were sent. AM, given the tone of your post, I think that you should eliminate the "Anti" from your pseudonym.

Second, Julia Gillard simply did what every PM would have done under the circumstances of the hung Parliament. Third, Slipper never became "Labor Problem". If Slipper had any problem with his past conduct, it was something that he did in representation of the National Party first and the Liberal Party Rapunkzel is totally right there. Fourth Tony Abbott seems to be happy to accept Thompson's "tainted vote" if that suits his political objectives Finally, I think that you guys have got a real problem with a female Prime Minister It was the bumbling misogynist that went ahead and used his friend Peter Slipper's vote to knife Turnbull in the middle of the night.

The Liberals protected Peter Slipper all the while, fully aware of his slippery past. Abbott has a lot more to answer regarding Peter Slipper's conduct while he was an active member of the Liberal Opposition. A determined inquisitive journalist may wonder exactly at what point did Tony Abbott, Christopher Pyne and Joe Hockey become aware of Peter Slipper's misdemeanours?

More importantly, just who was responsible for the extended cover-up and protection of Peter Slipper as Abbott failed again and again in his desperate lust for power? No, Abbott never proposed him as speaker, which is a step above a member.

Gillard was aware of a cloud over Slipper but she supported him anyway. As Graeme Richardson said, the other day was a disaster for the government. Endorsing a bloke for 3 decades politically, and attending his wedding, makes Abbot much more intimate with Slipper than the PM will ever be.

Denouncing the PM for her involvement with Slipper is quintessential hypocrisy. If there's an idiotic argument in the room, it's quite clear it's yours. But it would appear that sections of even the left leaning media finally are "getting it". Fairfax today has called for an election. Posters on this site have been calling for an election ever since the backflip on the carbon tax. The Age has run a front page article on the story the PM does not think she has to answer for.

I'm a retailer and my fellow retailers and their customers have been calling for an election, they get it. You don't get an election just because you feel like oneor it suits you. It's not an erectionold son. I am not sure the Jezebel website and a few others praising Ms Gillard is really the overseas media getting it.

The 'Jezebel website and a few others' is it? But of course those outlets wouldn't "get it", would they. Oh, and the PM clearly denounced Slipper's sexism in her speech. Or did you file that part in your memory under 'a few other' things that were said?

Even he realised he had done something wrong and he resigned. Whatis that old saying, "actions seak louder than words" Read the speeches the government made to this motion.

The government voted to stop Abbott abusing parliament not to keep slipper. If they wanted to keep slipper, why did they work behind Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker scenes to secure his resignation?

So you are a retailer. You must be implying that your business is not doing so well. I will try and help you in this. Spend more time at your business instead of on The Drum. Put that aside however, and enlighten us as to how Abbott, and his hoped for Government will make things better for you.

Perhaps you are in the wrong business. Try a coffee shop. Every time I go there business seems to be thriving.

But Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker I haven's seen many computers tuned into The Drum. Seriously though I am afraid that a change of Government will not suddenly see an explosion in profitable small businesses. The world is going through hard times, and we are doing exceptionally well by comparison. Half of the world are going through tough times, the other half that we have been lucky enough to be hitched to are doing quite fine.

Problem is if we are in deficit now how will we fare if the Chinese Wagon train slows to a halt. I think its time we gave the other side a shot at it. The current mob seemed to have squandered the fruits that fell in our back yard during Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker difficult times. To promise more of the Pie when its looking like the apples may not be so plentiful. Maybe we can reciprocate by buying some poorly manufactured junk off them and sell them a few large farms and half a river once they have made a few quid off us.

As soon as the other side demonstrate that they are prepared to communicate with the public by means that do not involve lies, fear and low grade sophistry I will seriously consider giving them a run, otherwise NO. Oh, and I want an assurance that any fruits we be may be lucky enough to find will not be half squandeered on middle class welfare.

We really are a lucky country though. The Howard government enjoyed 10 years of them, with a slight downturn one year in which Costello ran a deficit budget. And Howard squandered half of the proceeds from the mining boom - not by giving one off handouts, but by entrenching a welfare entitlement mentaliity among people who earned good wages.

Labor inherited this middle class welfare legacy, and then copped the biggest world economic downturn in 80 years. Let's get our nation away from expecting hand outs from the government and let them get on with addressing the bigger picture.

If you need a change of government for your business to survive maybe you should take a course - if you can find one in your state these days. The international media DOES g. Crucially, the Financial Review estimates were for costs over eight years.

This was done to capture the cost of schemes like the NDIS, which don? But it obviously also grossly inflated the numbers in a debate which is usually conducted over a four-year period. See libs are better at the economy after all lol. Custard, like Abbott you are having a dummy spit. You would have been like kid if you were bowled first ball you take you hat and go home. Let's go through the facts, unemployment 5. Your problem is the born to rules are not in power which they can't handle.

If you look at history it is only Labor that do the big economic and social reforms. Build a bridge, get Pokies Slot Hits 2018 it. I understand that an election is due in a year. I also understand that you guys have been calling for another one for the past two years, and still haven't got what you wanted.

Keep it up, and you should be successful in about twelve months time. If the Coalition gets in, I predict a large rise in unemployment, private debt, bankruptcies, and a decrease in GDP. On the other hand, maybe government debt will go down if the coalition rolls back its baby bonuses and other middle class welfare. In Wagga, just like in Queensland, the voters got the election they were clamouring for at the state level.

They all thought their fortunes would change, but they have seen their funding cut and countless jobs go to marginal seats to buy votes. That is the current Liberal ideology, at state and federal level. Look after your mates if they donate to you or can make a difference to your re-election chances. Custard, Wagga is a blue ribbon region for almost fifty years, people there have more rust on their collars than you could claim in entirety.

Maybe you should check out their letters in the local paper, see what false promises bring, and save yourself the heartache? I was under the impression that Abbott was going to put a Great Big New Tax on business, to pay for his gold plated parental leave scheme. I'm sure that'll help your business big time.

But then again, Tony Abbott said it. I wouldn't much be relying on him to go through with anything he says. Don't you know you can't trust anything he says unless it's written down? Forgive me if I'm wrong - but didn't the coalition Pokies Aus Tex Wrecker against cuts to business taxes? See, they've been happy to play politics at the expense of you small business owners.

But don't let that get in the way of who you vote for. I'm sure they'll make everything better. You still haven't answered the question. Getting rid of a government you don't like to replace them with a government that I don't like is no answer.

Tell me why Abbott's fringe-loony socialist policies leave, are better than what we have now. Try a consistent message please. Which is Pokies Youtube Sign Of The Times better than the billion in calculated deficits with no real plan to pay any of it back other than to hope that commodity prices stay and China doesn't sneeze, in which case we will get a pretty heavy cold.

No Custard you don't get it - the only thing you might get is an F in Political Science if you continue to espouse the idea that Tony Abbott would be an adornment to the office of Prime Minister. But then as a conservative one cannot expect you to understand that the future is more important than living in the s under Tony Abbott.

Now that really is a silly comment - Abbott trails Gillard in the polls as we all know. And I suspect you cannot name one single positive contribution that Abbott has made to the parliament in the last three years, except Pokies Free Spinner Articles Of Faith the world record for the longest dummy spit.

The man is a policy vacuum who still can't accept that he got beaten by a woman. Malcolm, deflection does not alter the truth. What I wrote is true regardless of the names involved. You cannot make people like one person by hating another.

Abbott is quite capable of making people hate him without assistance from anyone. His statements and behaviour over the course of his political history do him a disservice - all the PM has done has summarised it on the record.

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Don't let one bad audition get you down. No requests to re-audition will be granted. The ensemble selection was based on a number of factors e. Richardson reserves the right throughout the school year to move students between ensembles as needed or it if becomes clear through student performance the audition result was incorrect. Audition results are listed by ensemble, alphabetically by last name.

If your name was inadvertently left off any of the lists, please contact Dr. Wednesday, 20 December Twitter Facebook flickr LinkedIn. At registration you will: If you have questions contact the director for your student's ensemble: A popular all-in-one banking service for Australian players is POLi, which is supported by major Internet casinos and is frequently used as an alternative to PayPal. Just like every other casino game available on the Web, playing pokies on your computer or mobile device at one of our recommended, licensed sites is as safe as using the Internet to deposit money into your bank account.

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First, always play the maximum number of coins allowed.

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Signs will be posted and volunteers will greet and direct you upon entering the building. Registration should take anywhere from minutes sometimes less if you're fast with a computer!

Sign-up is quick and easy at registration. While we understand summer vacation plans may still be happening, it is vital to get our students off to a good start in their school year by handling these registration items early. Please make every effort to attend!! Rising 9th grade students who choose not to audition will be placed in Concert Orchestra.

Auditioning for an ensemble does not guarantee placement within that ensemble, and students should choose the audition best suited to their ability. Below are the audition results for Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Don't let one bad audition get you down.

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Pokies are essentially games of chance consisting of reels of symbols — usually either five or three reels — which the player must match in order to win prizes. In real money pokies, players have a wide range they can wager on each spin. There are 1 cent, 2 cent, 25 cent and dollar pokies, as well as plenty more other denominations people can play.

With online pokies, a single game can be played at a variety of stakes, allowing the player to customise the game to their liking. There are two other ways to change the amount wagered on each spin.

In addition, the player can choose to play anywhere between one line and the maximum number of lines; and each line will be played for the amount of coins selected. In total, a spin on a poker machine can cost much more than the listed denomination.

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