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Posted September 19, Governments that were once a check on the ambitions of the gambling industry are now enthusiastic supporters, despite the devastating effect it still has on the community, writes Mike Steketee. Whatever happened to gambling reform, the issue that not so long ago was such a big issue on the national Pokies Big Government Meme No, in case anyone was wondering, it has not magically resolved itself. Problem gambling, mainly poker machine addiction, is still Pokies Games Unlocked In School havoc through the break-up of families, suicides, bankruptcies and resort to crime.

It is just that it is no longer a political priority and therefore receives little attention. All the grand promises the minority Gillard government made to address the issue disappeared in a puff of smoke when Labor came up with its fiendishly clever plan to elevate the not-so-admirable Peter Slipper to the job of House of Representatives Speaker, meaning it no longer had to rely on the vote of independent Tasmanian and pokies reformer, Andrew Wilkie, to survive in office.

But it's worse than that. The cause of gambling reform has gone rapidly into reverse. Legislation introduced by the Abbott Government and passed in March with the support of Labor marked the complete capitulation to the clubs industry. It repealed the few measures that survived after Julia Gillard, under pressure from Kevin Rudd and the NSW right, broke her agreement with Wilkie for meaningful reform.

They included limits on withdrawals from ATMs, fitting replacement poker machines with so called pre-commitment technology - thus enabling players to nominate beforehand a limit on how much they were prepared to lose - and a trial of a mandatory pre-commitment scheme.

The parliamentary debate was notable for the resort to weasel Pokies Big Government Meme, such as those from Labor frontbencher Senator Claire Moore that "we have decided, because of the sensitivities, the pain and the frustrations, not to continue with the measures that were in place and which had not received full commitment across all of the various interests in this area". It would have been much simpler to say that the clubs had waged a highly misleading campaign that scared the hell out of Labor MPs in marginal seats.

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale summed it up when he said that Labor's surrender "represents everything that is wrong with politics in Australia". But that also has not been the last of the retreats on gambling reform. Last month the Victorian Government extended the licence for James Packer's Melbourne Crown Casino by 17 years to and approved an expansion of its operations, including more poker machines. Emboldened by its comprehensive political victory, the clubs industry is looking for fresh fields.

The pokies will have to be bought from Victorian clubs and pubs, thus not adding to the state's total of almost 30, machines.

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But according to one estimatethey will generate at least three times as much income at Crown as at suburban venues. The new agreement with Crown contains an additional, quite remarkable, provision - the Government will have to compensate Crown for any measures taken between now and to tackle problem gambling.

This surely must set a new low standard in political surrender to vested interests.

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First to placate an angry Packer after poker machine taxes were increased in the last state budget. You might think an opposition, particularly one in a parliament where the numbers are precarious, might want to try blocking such a deal, since it requires legislation.

Labor says that, despite misgivings, it will not oppose the bill. It is as anxious to placate Packer as the Government. Clubs Australia has suggested to a Productivity Commission inquiry that, in return for tax concessions, clubs would be in a good position to provide childcare facilities. It based its proposal on a report ClubsNSW commissioned from the McKell Institute a Labor think tankwhich argued that up to one-third of the clubs in Australia that currently paid income tax could gain tax exemptions if they diversified into both aged care and child care.

With cheap meals and plenty of pokies thrown in, it gives a whole new meaning to cradle-to-grave welfare. Governments that were once a check on the ambitions of the gambling industry are now enthusiastic supporters. The Newman Government is particularly gung-ho about turning Queensland into a gambling mecca. Although meant to cater mainly for tourists and international high rollers, it includes plans for poker machines, which traditionally have been of no interest to Asian gamblers.

And it is offering another casino licence for Brisbane. Such grand plans - on a bigger scale than anything previously seen in Australia - may not translate into reality but it will not be for want of urging from the state Government.

Tim Costello, chair of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce, told me this week his concern was that the real reason international high rollers wanted to come to Australia was to launder money. There is already a casino in Cairns. As the ABC's Four Corners revealed this week, so called junket operators in Macau organise visits by high rollers to Pokies Big Government Meme, including providing them with credit. It Pokies Big Government Meme big business and the companies often have links to organised crime.

Singapore, which has opened two mega-casinos in recent years, has refused Pokies Australia Imports Exports allow Macau-based junket companies to use its venues. Australia has no such blanket restrictions, though junket companies are subject to probity checks. Perhaps the saving grace will be that the new Australian facilities, if they materialise, will not make a major contribution to problem gambling by Australians.

If Costello is correct and if the authorities crack down on money laundering, say by banning junket operators as in Singapore, then the casinos will have another sure fire way of making money - poker machines.

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It found that pokies were the gambling drug of choice for per cent of Australia'sproblem gamblers. Xenophon's office estimates the current number of poker machines in Australia at , including more than 95, in NSW and almost 43, in Queensland. Casinos in Hobart, Launceston, Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide all started without poker machines but have now all installed them. In at least one year for which figures are available, Crown casino in Melbourne made more money from pokies than from high rollers.

Both Costello and Senator Xenophon believe it is only a matter of time before poker machines are allowed at Barangaroo, although the development has been approved on the basis of catering solely to high rollers. Mike Steketee is a freelance journalist. He was formerly a columnist and national affairs editor for The Australian.

Now they, the pokies, are the real 'terrorists' aiding and abetting the collapse of a society. Not much action on that front. Dear oh dear we are all gloom and doom. What about the majority of people who find the clubs great entertainment and a good Pokies Games Explorer Steam out.

Not everyone is addicted to gambling and alcohol you know. No, cathy, not everyone is addicted to gambling but some are, and those are the people we should be focused on. Great idea Ted everyone just sits there longer and spends more on drinks and we end up with more drunks as well as addicted gamblers very clever the clubs will love it.

Pokies are a money sucking venture designed to prey on vulnerable people but disguised as a bit of 'harmless fun'. Would you still play them for a giggle if they paid out in ice cubes not dollar coins? Pokies Big Government Meme Cathy but there will be deaths caused by people's inability to control their bad habits. And it wouldn't take police time for one early night raid to manage the problem. No cathy, we don't all "miss out".

No one has suggested banning pokies all together just placing sufficient checks and balances to help those who do have addictions or those who are vulnerable for other reasons eg mild intellectual disability or under stress for other reasons. I hope you agree that those people in our community deserve our protection.

If they don't want our help however, then other people should not be punished through restrictive controls on their individual choices. There are numerous restrictions placed on the majority because of the behaviour of a few. Thus everyone could have their punt if so inclined and the impression that one could get rich would be eliminated.

Agreed Freddie, but how about if they don't know they have a problem? I'm thinking of someone who may have a mild Pokies Big Government Meme disability but can otherwise work and live in the community but they are susceptible to the allure of the pokies and don't know how much money they are going through unti it's too late. I'm sure you would agree that these people would need our support and protection.

It isn't too much to ask they wealthy providers of gaming technology to do their bit in the community. Tha's of course, if they are genuine.

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That's my opinion as well. If I had a choose between drop coins down the a drain and playing the pokies, I know which I would choose! No one is saying to ban betting Cathy. The question is controls being put in place so there are not too many lives destroyed.

Same as with any vice.


America, Charlie, and Children: With underway we must consider four Second Amendment fights that the House and Senate should address sooner rather than later.

The Yank, there are already numerous controls and regulations in place and various problem gambling controls to assist addicts to stop their vice if they wish to do so. If people don't avail themselves of the myriad of help options available should we really be trying to force them to stop? When does free choice kick in? What do we miss out?

Food and drink subsidised by poker machines. Most communities would be better off without local clubs. That is a silly response. There have been all too many cuts to mental health, AA, gamblers AA, you name it. Pokies Big Government Meme work has been cut to the bone.

We need help to help those who AT Present cannot help themselves. Think on about long term, let the clubs pay for this type of help and support. I agree Cathy I don't really play pokies that much anymore because I can get a little carried away, but I used to go to the clubs with friends and we would have a good dinner, a few drinks then play the pokies I always lost.

In the ACT Netent Pokies Escape Plan only way a club can refuse someone to gamble is if they themselves have told a worker at the club that they have a gambling problem, putting limits on pokies isnt going to stop someone. But the only reason they can provide the services they do at the rice they do, is because there are a heap of gambling addicts filling the coffers. I prefer not to go to clubs, because I don't condone the way they prey on the week and poor to subsidize everyone else.

Lets call them what they are, casinos. Your reason given for not going to clubs is exactly why I do not like the Church - plus I am an Atheist. For each addicted gambler up to 10 more people are seriously affected That impact is huge: The commission says for each addicted gambler up to 10 more people are seriously affected, including families, friends and employers. If that isn't enough of a concern, the commission warns 60 per cent of problem gamblers who have sought counselling spoke of killing themselves.

And suicides each year could be attributed to addictive gambling. If you don't understand the power of the poker machine on many many people you can't truly appreciate the pervasive hold they have and the consequences of that hold.

If you are sensible and smart enough not to be spellbound then good for you.

Pokies Big Government Meme

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  1. Governments that were once a check on the ambitions of the gambling industry are now enthusiastic supporters, despite the devastating effect it still has on the community, writes Mike Steketee. Whatever happened to gambling reform, the issue that not so long ago was such a big issue on the national  Missing: meme.:
    Predatory pokies are ruining lives on every shore of this land. Please post image macros/memes to /r/ausmemes. . benefits the community/government (whatever decision that is), not the individual as its sad in the small scale but such a decision on the big scale could change a lot of things for the worse. The Tasmania Labor Party has released a radical new policy to abolish pokies from pubs and clubs. If elected, poker The Tasmanian Liberal government wants to reduce the number of poker machines by 5 percent. Even though Tasmania is a small stage, the new policy is a big step forward. If state. Pics Of Pokies And Some See Through Clothing. I should be more grown-up like you and watch Jersey Shore, condescending Wonka meme. Find this Pin and more on Politics and "We are spending altogether too much money for government services which are neither practical nor necessary." One of my favorite.
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However, although being legal, the winning and profits derived by these harbingers of bankruptsy is really tainted money. I think the senate should be de-politicized.

Only normal people who can pass a test of brains and knowledge. And have a history of doing normal, useful work beforehand. Then we actively vote some out each time, based on their performance. I really don't see any benefit from gambling whatsoever. It's a complete blight on our society.

Political will has crumbled on ' pokie' reform because no doubt, like developers the Casinos ,gambling machine makers and the Bookmakers fund the slush funds of the Liberal Party. If they look hard enough Buildev will look like a kindergarten.

It was always obvious Packer was going to be granted a Licence and his casino approved as soon as it was spoken about. And surprise, surprise the Packer family donates huge funds to the Liberals. While we have rotten , rorting liars called Liberal Politicians we will never see good reform on gambling, after all the Polies need to get some kickback somewhere and stuff the old, lonely and addicted after all there are weddings and bike rides to be rorted.

I don't believe in political will anymore. Governments wonder why the public has lost faith in them. Give us a reason to hope and we will I have been waiting a long time for some faith in our elected officals. I don't see why you only blame the Libs. The article makes it perfectly clear that it was Gillard who dropped the ball after she installed Slipper as speaker and forgot Wilkie. Fair enough, the Libs have dumped whatever token reforms were in place, but Labor agreed to them.

Its amazing the political power that the heads of an industry that builds machines for the gambling industry. Only with these machines it is not gambling where at best the return to the client is 85c in the dollar and if you were a share holder in a business with sort of a return you'd go broke very quickly.. There is also that fact that these machines do not pay in any sort of sequence or pattern because what comes up is a computer generated screen showing randomly selected numbers, cards etc.

So it is a business aimed at fleecing knuckleheads and the government gets a nice piece of the pie. I share your amazement, JohnnoH. Gambling is a tax on the innumerate. You get a far better return on your money as an investor in these companies.

And as long as they are legal, the ethics of that is up to the individual. Organized crime has always run gambling and the money lending associated with it, they have extended their tentacles into government just like the Fossil Fuel Mobs. Time to end all corporate political donations and restrict corporations political marketing activities.

Corporations need to spend their money on dividends to shareholders not spending on political activities to benefit boards. We need a referendum on poker machines, then we will see if the public really want them.

Somehow so nostalgic a moment takes me back to that historic Sinatra concert in Sanctuary Cove, what a moment that was. I don't know why Governments don't just cut out the middle men like James Packer and the Pokies owners an deal directly with the Triads and the bikie gangs.

One real problem with these machines is addressed in this article. Certainly problem gambling is a serious issue with a harsh impact but the machines have an impact in the wider economy. Money laundering facilitates crime, revenue streams allow pokie venues to compete in the hospitality, accommodation, convention industries and other industries with an otherwise flawed business model. But the real problem to me is the dependence State governments have to the machines.

Technology changes here could see the market generated locally transferred to a wider international market with a collapse of locally collected taxes. There is a growing market for offshore gambling sites. Secondly, these machines are made to be as attractive or addictive as possible to the punters.

If intent could be proved class actions could see the courts do what government has not and provide a framework where clubs and pubs could easily be sued. Frankly this may be the only way to control the problem!

Hi Lachie, You've said it: To echo a TV personality of yore! Well, governments of every colour are still terrified to mention raising taxes; however, they know that revenue has to come from somewhere. Thus in this land today there are only token efforts to impose fairer and greater taxation on big companies in mining, fossil fuels, tobacco and alcohol. These brave attempts are immediately met by barrages of propaganda from well-funded vested interests. Keep an eye on the plain-packaging debate as it unfolds, here and OS.

Yes, the elephant in this particular room is trumpeting loud and clear. To date, those intent on maintaining their 'margin a' profit' have managed to silence it or distract us from its noise.

I hope the elephant wins in the end! Oh it's a wild world out there 67, life is a gamble. If you mean we should refrain from discussing matters of importance in this time of heightened security, why not come out and say so.

People, in this time of heightened security, take care what you talk about, there are eyes everywhere and nay a secured watercooler anywhere.

I agree in part old It is futile to expect a person addicted to anything to "Just Say No! And the young who have not previously tried such temptations are yet unable to say No!

Life is just not that simple. Therefore it is necessary to remove the initial temptation by minimising the risk. The same principle is involved with other addictive objects such as methamphetamines and heroin. But making poker machines illegal would not work either as people generally speaking for simplicity need to have some form of distraction and other people who are less prone to addiction will always want to "dabble" for the thrill - and who are we to deny them a recreational pursuit which causes them no harm?

I could certainly make the case for banning poker machines altogether. Certainly simple, just not that easy for some. There's also a bit of a difference in buying a lotto ticket or two each week and blowing the mortgage on gaming machines.

They're both a tax on stupidity but the former is pretty harmless, but largely pointless entertainment, while the latter can be very destructive, with signficant collateral damage for those caught in the blast zone. Pokie addiction and gambling addiction are not the same thing. Pokie addiction is more closely aligned to on-line games such as Candy Crush than it is to punting on horses. I would encourage everyone to read about and understand the psychology principals that are used to design the games to make them addictive.

When you consider you can now place a bet online by phone anywhere the humble pockies now days may more about adult entertainment for those not addicted. Those addicted to gambling have never had more ways to get into trouble the pockies are just one. If pokies constitute "adult entertainment" we've dumbed-down "adult" even more than I thought.

This has been explained by a number of articles on this site. Both types of addiction can be extremely harmful, not just to the individuals, but their families as well. A compassionate society would seek to limit these harms. Big M someone did an experiment on rats where a water dispenser 'paid out' in a similar random fashion to pokies.

The rats drank themselves to death. There's something specifically alluring or satisfying about that random pattern of trial and reward. Gambling on the pokies is in reality voluntary taxation for government and generous gifting to the clubs. The call for clubs to provide more community services provides double value for the clubs, a facade of concern for the community to increase their political clout and a population attending their clubs from whom to recruit there next gambling addict gold mines.

Governments are addicted to the gambling tax they receive, and the direct support for re-election the clubs can provide, while being fearful of the consequences if they threaten club power. Both parties are a disgrace in this area except perhaps in WA.

Next we will see toy pokies in the playgrounds and real pokies in the child pick up zones of club supplied childcare centres AND no extra fees for late pickup! There is probably no better example of the way in which political parties have become captive to the lobbyists and donors. It is nothing less than the subversion of democracy. The major parties really should hang their collective heads in shame on this subject.

Wait, allowing functional adults the freedom to choose whether or not they want to gamble is a subversion of democracy? I'd say it's the rejection of the nanny state and the promotion of individual liberty. This was what the legislation that Wilkie wanted would have dealt with. I heard some expert say "Gambling is taxation for idiots.

I am not trying to give a simplistic answer to gambling addicts though, as this is a mental health issue and needs complex treatment. I hope for your sake you never suffer from a mental illness. Merely telling an addicted gambler to stop is like telling someone with clinical depression to pull themselves together. The trick to solve the problem would be to remove the trigger.

In the case of gambling the trigger is to get rich. Or as is most often the case the desire to win back lost money to cover up the gambling problem. But this is addiction-speak and not a truly valid argument. If people have a true desire to throw away their money, I recommend donation to Oxfam or Medicens Sans Frontieres. Its easy money and buckets of it for those who control gambling and set the parameters of how gambling pays.

Perhaps it might be better for gambling to be nationalised and offer odds which give a punter a fairer chance of balancing their outlay to their "win". But of course the criminal orgs would set up a massive hue and cry about government interference and deprivation of their right to make huge bucks. I would advocate this principle for all addictive illicit drugs. Grants by the Commonwealth to the States come with strings attached. Taxes on gambling are one of the few independent sources of income for the states and they are now dependent on them.

The whole scenario is nauseating. Why on earth don't the eastern states take a leaf out of the Western Australian songbook? Here pokies are allowed in one place only. No sporting and social clubs are permitted to run them. Even so, problem gamblers at the Casino a re an ongoing worry.

So far the political approach has been bi-partisan. Long may it stay so. I will not pretend to know enough about the pokie industry. I am not a gambler, I am informed, understand my odds, and therfor do not participate. I am very much against gambling. However, I can understand the harmless fun for some, while of course not ignoring the terrible impact on others. I feel people should be able to have a little flutter with their money if they like.

With the wave of new technologies, the focus on fighting 'pokies' may trickle over into a new, further reaching market. Online gambling, micro-transaction games on smart phones and other such mediums. Take for example many of the 'freemium' no up front cost, in game purchases games on the market. They are far ahead the most grossing and turn over massive profits.

Because they offer all the same addictions and incentives as gambling. But with one lovely catch for the owners. You dont hand back real money, just virtual items. The amount of people bill shocked by kids going wild with these games is common place.

Which is the other issue, kids can play these games with no restrictions other than that their parents set. At the end of this I am not saying it is not a fight worth fighting. I am just pointing out that with the rapid development of technology and its overarching reach to the masses, education based campaigns, with proper, clear messages about the negative impacts of gambling being delivered to our younger generations is the best way forward.

As there will always be an avenue for people to blow their money if they have no will to resist the odds. So informing people, and educating our youth about the problems of problem gambling is the best option in my eyes. Pokies will be gone one day, but there will be something else in their place.

Proper education on the matter is our best path forward, in my opinion. Proper education on the matter is our best path forward, in my opinion' Online gambling is already the next big thing. And we allow sports betting to go unchecked. Education is boring and dry compared to the glitzy marketing and implied happiness that comes with gambling. If it was a predictable payout we would wait through the cycle and get the reward reinforcement everytime.

Well, yes I agree. It is the typical gambling mindset of 'just one more go' that is the problem. So, taking out one head pokies , will only leave you the countless others to deal with. A direct approach focused on only one aspect of the problem runs the posibility of pushing people to utilise the other, and in some ways more dangerous, avenues of gambling out there, while never addressing the root problem. This is why we need to attack the root of the problem. The problem ideas of 'ill get my win' and other such thoughts are not necessarily governed by the medium utilising this impulse.

It is the impulse control of the person that is the issue. Which is why I believe we need to address this, as there will always be multiple ways for people to chuck their money away. His rabid need to continue till he won was a problem of his, not so much the machine. As I had one go, laughed at how rigged it was and left it at that. He on the other hand could not stop. Became aggressive when I said he needed to stop, and that he could have bought 10x the toy of his choice over already.

It was the need to win, to not be beaten by a machine. These are the sorts of attitudes that are the problem. Addressing them indivdually is nigh impossible. How do we communicate this education? Well I dont know. There are far better minds than me who are only making marginal ground in this area at best.

But, it is my 2c that this is till the best way to tackle the root causes of problem gambling. Because there will always be avenues for these people to go down, its convincing them to just turn around that would nip it in the bud.

I used to look at those big clubs as tacky but benign sources of a cheap roast. I now think we're better off without them. We're better off without them. That would give them a good start to life and ensure the continuance of club patronage, wouldn't it?

The ease with which small interest business groups can control Australian politics through strategic donations is a threat to our democracy. Acting for the people who elected them no longer motivates most politicians and they need to be reminded that their first duty is to us and that they owe no duty to the business interests who are trying to buy them.

But it better bloody work this time" Here's a new thought, how about people take some responsibility for their own actions and decisions?

Pokies are already heavily regulated, we do not need the government taking more control of the individual choices of adults. The only reasonable controls I can see are making pubs and clubs more responsible for their existing requirements to tackle problem gambling and taxing pokies at a higher rate to offset more of the social problems caused. The same pathetic argument out up by the grog pushers, the sugar pushers the tobacco pushers and everyone else who preys on human weakness.

Here's a new thought how about we shut you down, put you in jail and throw away the key for ruining lives on a massive scale. Trump, ah the authoritarian stamp on individual freedoms simply because you don't like them. If people want to engage in activities that have potential harm to themselves then they should be allowed to.

If a functional adult wants to choose to gamble then I'm not their nanny and I'm not going to stop them. I do however support reasonable controls and government taxation to pay for some of the social costs arising out of these activities. But the idea that we should simply ban something because a tiny minority of people can't control themselves and refuse to seek or ask for help is beyond a joke. Care to post a list of interests and hobbies you like and engage in? I'll then decide whether I think they're fun or worthwhile or whether they should be banned.

I'm sure you'll be OK with that right? They pay for ALL of the social costs arising. Gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and sugar in particular need to be scrutinized and taxed at a rate that makes them revenue neutral. I would suggest they already do cover all of the direct costs through taxation and community spending.

But it's definitely going to come down to how you define the costs. If a young man goes out partying all weekend and then can't pay the rent is it the alcohol company's fault? Or did he make his own conscious choice where he wanted to spend his money. Why does Packer get some year-guarantee that no future government takes any decision that might affect his business. Why can't anyone else get such a guarantee? You can do what you like except manufacture and market destructive products to people that cost billions in health costs.

Crown Casino built on the broken lives of tens of thousands. Walk through there at 11 in the morning. Had to walk through Star Casino at about A most depressing sight. No-one laughing, no noise except the machines. Everyone staring forlornly into the screens as they watched next month's rent disappear.

Dressed in trackie dacks. Cleaners vacuuming around them. This was definitely the dark side of the industry. When there are so many zero's at the end of the revenue figures, one should not be too surprised that the state and federal governments are only too reluctant to do anything about it.

One should not look into the gift horse's mouth? I like my money too much. This is because every cent I own, I had to earn it. I can't see myself giving away my money at the pokie machines, that is for sure! Unfortunately, there are others who do not have the will power, or the good sense in keeping away from them. I believe some gambled away the weekly grocery money. Some resorted to frauds. There were cases where big time drug dealers targeted gamblers who lose regularly and who didn't?

Of course, drug trafficking. A pull of the level, some rapid movements of cute little figures, lots of flashing lights and a bit of noise Yes, that elusive jackpot all committed gamblers wasted much of their time to attain.

A good way to while your time away, and of course wave goodbye to your cash reserve too. So where is all that money go? Well, I bet the casinos or the clubs are not setting up the joints just to entertain those suckers.

They are there to make money. Judging by the odds, I am certain that the pokie owners come up trump. But what about the other winner? I am talking about the governments. They are in it chest deep too, and I mean chest deep in revenue. Yes, they provide some token money for "gambler education". So there are actually two addicts here. The gamblers and the governments. The sad fact is that the gamblers give away their money, and the governments rake it in. It will take a very ethical government to say "NO".

I am glad that the WA government still able to resist such sweet temptation. But for how long? I could never understand attraction of the pokies. I find sitting in front of a spinning machine the ultimate bore. What is it that makes people waste their lives and money in such boring way? I recently went to Las Vegas and thought, being in the gambling capital of the world, one had to 'join in' and gamble some money away.

As I said I just cannot understand the attraction of such boring and stupid way to waste your life and money. Oh my goodness Benjamin you've got it, it's our attraction to flashing spinning things combined with our weaving and spinning heritages!

Benjamin, You are a good human being. However, did you realize that beggar could have had walked straight into the casino, and hit the jackpot? Perhaps that is why he was begging The mess surrounding social problems from gambling is very real. Usually the problem is left unaddressed on the grounds that people have free will and the state should not dictate what they can do with their own money.

But leaving the problem unaddressed and justifying that on grounds of freedom is rampant hypocrisy. Our laws prohibit people from damaging themselves, and more importantly damaging others, in many ways. Otherwise we wouldn't have speed limits on the roads, stop signs, traffic lights, drug laws, licensing laws for alcohol and firearms, and so on.

The lack of control of gambling is purely a selective choice to allow people to damage themselves financially and, as a consequence, physically and psychologically.

It also allows spouses and children to be harmed or deprived by the consequences, often despite their efforts to counter the problem. Get some balls, Australia. Put limits on gambling. Restrain people who risk harming their own health or lives and the health and lives of those around them.

Punish casinos that ban people who win through their own legitimate capabilities for memory and judgement, because that is blatant profiteering. You could even, heaven forbid, tax the profits of gambling in proportion to the number of gambling induced disasters. That might even add a caring responsibility to the obscenely rich people who own and run that ridiculous industry.

This thrill of anticipation stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, which feels nice, so you keep doing it to keep getting the nice feeling. Some people are more likely to become addicted to this than others, especially after what to them is a big win early in their gambling career. Common sense says you can't win and you probably know this but find a way to deny it or rationalise it to yourself. The bad part is that there are unscrupulous greedy people out there who will prey upon your weakness to enrich themselves, all the while defending your democratic "right" to gamble your life away free of outside interference.

The best 'value' is usually with the machines in casinos with a larger minimum bet - their return rate is programmed to be higher. TwoUp, I thought the chance of winning in all forms of gambling, especially pokies and Russian Roulette, are random.

Is there a computer to decide when to give away money? This is not the chance to win, but the percent of the money put into the machine that is paid out on all wins over a period of time.

What it boils down to is that the machines are programmed to make a profit and cannot lose over the long term, therefore you cannot win. Ah there's the rub. The fruits come up "randomly" according to the programming. But just think of it as a tax on people who paid no attention during maths. A true low point for the Gillard govt. As far as responsible govt. You have to wonder at the power of a lobby group that could have Julia Gillard give way, instead of trying to curb gambling addiction.

Take the word "bunkers" for example. It seems an innocuous enough word. Until you discover that it's a derogatory term used against families that have a lot of children. There was a reason why long-resident Sydney people avoided moving to Miller's Point. These kinds of injustices and accusations of favoritism or inequity have never been welcome in our nation's big newspapers. Simon and Garfunkel made a killing out of just such afternoon card-party chitchat.

Still it was popular over here, mostly for the right reasons we hope. Yes that is right, that is exactly where "I have an allergy" saw you booked in discretely on a Wednesday. It is an awful addition. I seeked help from the government but was belittled by so called counsellors, as they just talked and had no solutions. Every day I thought of suicide, I was going to lose my job and family. I spoke to Doctors, read as much as I could. Exactly, it's the fact that they're pretty much everywhere and are designed to lure in vulnerable people.

I mean addiction is a disease. Especially during the grand final. I felt like everywhere I looked I was being told to gamble. If I was any drunker I probably would have. Problem is some of them are using other people's hard earned to play with.

My mother 'used to' be a gambling addict, she'd piss away thousands a year despite our family being below the poverty line. We had just enough to cover bills and food each fortnight, while school supplies and our computer had to be paid for with lump sum payments. She finally gave in a year or two ago and ran the numbers, I taught her how to track and calculate her expenses over different periods of time and her reaction was utter shock.

If she put the money she spent on gambling into savings, she'd be able to buy a house in cash anywhere she wants. For those who have a gambling addiction or who know someone that does, all gambling providers are required to offer free self-exclusion; it's essentially voluntarily banning oneself from the premises.

I'm a big believer of a players card system where you have to select a daily loss limit Former NSW deputy premier Troy Grant was advised in May last year to make public "as soon as possible" a landmark gambling harm report that recommends banning a controversial poker machine feature that was the subject of a Federal Court battle involving billionaire James Packer's casino company Crown.

But the NSW government sat on the report until October this year — almost two years after it was delivered — despite inquiries from its lead author, University of Sydney gambling researcher Professor Alex Blaszczynski, who "expressed frustration" at the delay.

Among its recommendations is banning a controversial feature of poker machines known as " losses disguised as wins ", blamed by experts for fuelling addiction.

Losses disguised refers to when celebratory music and graphics are played when a player wins an amount, despite it being less than what was gambled. The government sat on the report as Crown and poker machine manufacturer Aristocrat fought a Federal Court case in which it is alleged the feature is "misleading and deceptive". When will people learn. The opportunity to gamble and to take drugs or drink to excess aren't the problem. The issue is what drives people to do this in the first place.

Turns out when people have shitty lives, problems they can't fix or simply don't think they'll ever get ahead; they turn to comfort food like the aforementioned. Happy, wealthy people can also become gambling addicts, for example if they have the right brain chemistry combined with an early win. It doesn't 'play a role,' it is the reason.

Some people have addictive personalities but that only makes it more likely they will become and stay addicted. The hard thing is you need to change it so it so that recreational gamblers that do it for a bit of fun the vast majority I suspect, but I haven't seen the statistics on what percentage of people are problem gamblers aren't affected that much while trying to reduce the amount problem gamblers spend.

If you want to give money away and feel good at the same time, make a donation to a charitable cause. I don't really like them and they aren't getting any xmas presents. Why would I invest in them when I'm just going to lose them anyway? Which number are they on this list: My mates and I used to do a lot of drugs socially but it was only when one of us became addicted to gambling that we saw them totally fuck up their life, they pretty much lost everything, including a lot of their friends.

Meh people are responsible for their own shit. We cant bubble wrap the world because some people are too impulsive and or irresponsible for their own good. I am of the opinion that gambling should be legal, and people should have the freedom to use Pokies. But the predatory shit has to stop, the flashing lights, psychological tricks and spitting out a dollar to trick these poor cunts has to stop. If pokies were an honest game it'd be fine.

Harm minimisation could mean limiting the access to them. We do this with alcohol, why not pokies? Like it or not, Australias pokie situation is abnormal when compared to the rest of the world. Govts could just charge stupidly high licence fees for them which would severly limit the venues that could afford to host them. Put that revenue into gambling programs. Okay then do your duties and head to a country that doesn't have pokies in every pub and start fighting for their rights to have poker machines everywhere!

Be the change you want to be in the world! Trouble is, if you ban the pokies you will have to be like us in WA and pay more for your drinks and food when you go out. Also all your sporting associations will have to find another way to get funding, which will probably from raised taxes, like Wa. And since pokies dont go into your gst carve up, you cant request an even bigger peice of the pie.

A night out at twice the price in the east is still cheaper than in the west. Ive visted qld and vic and i was astounded by the price you guys pay compared to WA.

Go to a restaurant and watch that head to high 's low 's. Well in the grand scheme of things it's probably better that I pay a few extra bucks for my schnitty instead of it being subsidized by some poor gambling addict. From the rise of the harsh outback sun, to the chill of a southerly draft people are falling victim to these colossal money guzzlers from end to end of this great southern land. You watched him for 2 hours, were you playing the pokies as well?

Were you the RCG officer involved in overseeing compliance of rules and regulations? I was sitting in the dining area drinking, this bloke came on the dot every 10 minutes to take out another , them went back to the pokies. He was getting his money via cashback and the bartender never said a word, he's probably told not to.

Nothing to do with welfare, it's about the richest elite of the world literally preying on the most vulnerable. They know full well "bludgers" are squandering benefits, maxing credit cards, borrowing money from unsavoury individuals. They just don't fucking care as long as it pays their salary. Gambling these days is about using psychological tricks to stimulate brain chemistry to trigger addictive responses.

When it comes down to it you're basically a bag of meat running a fairly sophisticated OS that you interpret as "free will". Poker machines are designed to efficiently hack that OS whether you like it or not. How well they do on your particular version of the operating system is something that isn't necessarily in your control.

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Then, Pokies Big Red Engine Hoist

Sarah+Michelle+Gellar+pokies+braless big government means you don a powerful meme went viral that summarizes much of the double standards and sexism. NZ Police apologise for 'insensitive' road death tweet featuring Steve Carrell meme. and that she is so close to winning the big one Pokies players get. The Federal Government's poker machine laws passed Parliament Poker machine reform passes NZ Police apologise for using The Office meme in car crash.