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We found Seaforth to be very nice and it offered up beachfront camping right in town so we decided to stay the night. There is also a stinger net protected swimming area just up the beach from the campground so you can actually get in the ocean during the summer months. A sting from either of these species can result in hospitalization and in some cases even death.

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In fact the Box jelly is widely considered the most venomous animal on earth! We spent the evening chatting to some of the other people around the campsite, this has been a great way to get tips on places to see and what campsites and caravan parks are the best.

We have found that the majority of people we are meeting are retired or semi-retired couples with caravans who are all very well-travelled so its been a great Pokies Big Red Jeep Malibu for us and you meet some great people!

The hospitality you receive in small town Australia is incredible, the people are warm and in most cases genuinely want to chat and share some local knowledge. Canadians have the stereotype of being polite to a fault and travelling all over Canada I have found in a lot of ways there is some truth to it. The rest Pokies Bonus $ Yahoo News our evening was spent relaxing with a few cold beers watch lorikeets, ducks and the ever amusing galahs playing some sort of game on the power lines.

It was mid morning when we pulled into Airlie Beach and we were both beyond excited to start exploring the area. The Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef have been bucket list destinations for me my whole life, so to actually be pulling into town with my best friend was an amazing feeling. Airlie is the largest town on the Whitsunday Coast, and is almost entirely focused on tourism. Offering accommodation options for every budget and a seemingly endless list of attractions and adventure opportunities this area should be on any adventurers must do list.

If you camp here be sure to avoid setting your tent up directly under the mango trees!

There are tons of fruit bats at night which means killer mangos dropping from the sky. Also in the winter summer months bring lots of bug spray there are LOTS of march flies!

Fruit Bat feasting in the mango trees. After Pokie Tournaments Results Fitness Quotes had set up camp and booked a snorkelling tour for the following day we decided to head out and explore the surrounding area. A popular waterfall and swimming hole.

When we arrived we were ecstatic, not a single person was there! After the quick walk to the falls we realised why that was. Not to be discouraged we went for a swim and had a great time having this beautiful area all to our selves. There is a trail that leads up and around the falls and since it was not running I was able to walk right across the top and explore the rock formations worn over time by the wet seasons waters.

Even without the waterfall flowing it is a beautiful area, the swimming hole is very refreshing on a hot day and there is lots of wildlife from the hundreds of tadpoles and the little yabbies small crayfish who like to nibble on your feet to turtles, butterflies and lots of birds. After a while we were joined by a couple of locals who were showing their niece around the area, though we no longer had the place to ourselves we are now glad we showed up!

She barely managed to get the word snake out of her mouth before Carly and I quickly grabbed the camera and raced toward her assuming there was some sort of large of highly venomous snake. It turned out to be a harmless Green Tree Snake, once we were sure it was actually a tree snake that was no threat to us we attempted to catch it but it made a tree before we could, none the less we felt blessed to get some decent shots of him and loved every second we got to spend with this beautiful creature.

Moments later as the family was leaving they called out to us to come quickly. We had explained our love of wildlife and how we were both really into reptiles.

They had spotted a lizard near the parking lot! I was able to get fairly close once he was up a tree and had calmed down a little which again was an amazing experience. To be so close and to get the opportunity to share some time with animals like this are a huge part of why I have always wanted to visit Australia and a passion Carly and I share both at home and while traveling.

Lace Monitor or Spotted Goanna. After dinner we fell asleep to the sounds of the frogmouth owls and the bats, however there were a bunch of bush stone-curlews at the campground and the sound they make freaks Carly out so she had a tough time falling asleep. They call at night which has led to a number of phone calls to police from people mistaking their call for a woman screaming in the woods! Ocean Rafting — HP tour boat. After the hike we navigated our way through a couple thousand soldier crabs on the beach back to the boat for our buffet lunch and a little more time to explore the beach and go for a swim.

Airlie Beach from the water. Thanks for reading our latest post and we look forward to your comments! We hope you will check back soon as the we continue further north into the wet tropics of Queensland. We flew back into Cairns on December 29th after our Christmas break to resume the great Aussie road trip. We only had carry on bags so we pushed our luck showing up at the Brisbane airport 10 minutes before boarding time. No siting around airport lounges senselessly spending money on overpriced food and drinks, or getting sucked into airport shopping.

We had planned to go out for one more dive on the great berries reef but all the tour boats were booked until the 2nd of Paylines Pokie Games Slither Io American and waiting in Cairns that long was unfortunately not going to work with our timeline. Instead we grabbed a hotel room at the Southside International for the night, once again after surfing Expedia For TD and booking.

We relaxed for most of hoe afternoon and got some much needed laundry done at the hotels in house laundry facilities. The greatest single luxury in the heat of the Australian summer has got to be air conditioning, and you can do laundry without having to wait around a city laundry mat. La Porchetta is by no means fine dining but the food is good, portion sizes are big for the price and Pokies Big Red Jeep Malibu service is quick and friendly. After dinner we caught the 8: Large comfortable seats with arm rests that can be fully lifted, great for couples, or in our case great in an empty theatre for lifting 6 or 7 arm rest and creating a couch to lie on!

It was like watching a movie at home…. I figured we could run it straight through making only fuel and food stops and maybe one road side rest stop for a power nap. I have crossed Canada in straight shots more than once and in the dead of winter through snow storms and other insane road conditions but I underestimated the desert. We had made great time south down the coast from Cairns to Townsville then headed eastbound on the Stuart Highway and into the outback.

From the lush forests and cane fields of North Queensland to the arid scrub brush of central Queensland. The temperature seemed to climb with every kilometre, and we watched the land flatten out, the trees Pokies Big Red Jeep Malibu smaller and the expanses grow to where the horizon line is barely visible.

We stopped for a few groceries and more water and other drinks and continued on. We had decided to push on through the night figuring it would be a more comfortable drive out of the blazing heat if the day. Again we were wrong, for one the temperature only drops a few degrees and even at midnight it was still pushing 40 degrees!

As soon as the sun goes down and it becomes somewhat bearable to move, the desert that seems completely devoid of life save the roaming cattle and a couple million flies comes to life.

Carly only recently got her full drivers licence so we were going over what to do if a Roo jumps out in front of the truck, the second we finished the conversation a huge big red kangaroo jumped out a few meters in front of us!

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Alberta, British Columbia and the western US boast many large scale cattle operations but nothing like the outback. Cattle stations here have sometimes upwards of a million acres of grazing lands with 50, plus head of cattle roaming the unfenced expanses of the outback.

The cowboy in me loves the romanticism of these huge ranches and the idea of massive cattle drives, however when driving at night the cows are all over the highway. Pretty much everything, including the roadhouses close by 8 or 9 pm, making long haul travel almost impossible after dark. These factors along with general exhaustion we pulled off the road just east of Mt. Isa for a few hours rest in the back of the truck. After a few sweaty hours of sleep we continued westbound, 38 degrees at 5: Progress was slow, the combination of a strong headwind and the mercury pushing close to 50 degrees are brutal on both your body and fuel consumption!

I have never blown through so much liquid in one day, in the form of drinks to keep us hydrated and fuel for the truck.

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It seems That the only animals that really thrive are the carrion birds and the flies, LOTS of flies! After what seemed felt like an eternity we pulled into the only sign of civilization on the Barkly Hwy for some fuel and a break from the intense midday sun.

We parked in the shade out front of the Barkly Homstead, when we turned the truck off there was a strange bubbling sound, turns out our old Toyota was having a bit of a melt down as the sound was the engine coolant in the overflow reservoir boiling! Unable to Novomatic Pokies Blogspot Search User the radiator with the engine that hot we went inside to have some lunch and wait for the truck to cool off, now very concerned if we would be able to continue our road trip.

We gave tanner our 4 runner 3 hours to try and cool down, after checking the rad it seemed that almost all the coolant had boiled off. Now we understand that things like fuel are more expensive out here due to the costs of trucking it into the desert but that is literally highway robbery. Instead we topped up the rad with demineralized water and said a little prayer that we could make to the next proper town without a complete breakdown.

Now very concerned for our vehicle and our safety Pokies Big Red Jeep Malibu set off slowly, we now had to find a happy medium between making it to Tennant Creek quickly but not overworking the engine.

Speed limits in the outback are KMPH so cruising along at 80 or 90 felt like we were barely moving. For us Barkly a Homestead was the beginning of our tribulations.

We had made it about 15 minutes down the road when the cherry from my cigarette came off in wind and somehow managed to fly down the leg of my shorts! We had left Cairns with big smiles and the hopes we would ring In the new year in Alice Springs, turns out the red centre had other plans. We made it to Tennant Creek finally and decided that we would spring for a hotel room.

At this point I think we would have paid just about anything for air conditioning. The young girl at the Bluewater Motel was extremely nice and offered us a discounted room and gave us a couple of cold drinks on the house. We had planned to camp but in all honesty we needed to be out of the heat. Tennant Creek is an odd little town but the hotel had a pool and it was close to the Devils Marbles which we planned to visit the next morning so this is where we would spend New Years Eve.

Formed over millions of years through erosion, many of the boulders are precariously perched on one another and seem to defy gravity standing on up on end. There is a small camp ground and a few unofficial walks through the site, well worth a visit.

Like other outback icon Uluru and Kata Juta the marbles are at their best at sunrise or sunset as the red rocks seem to glow. The site has been used for centuries as a place to gather, hunt and collect water.

The Northern Territory has a unique beauty, the vast expanses of almost barren land posses a spirit. Pokies Big Red Jeep Malibu had been told that the outback could be summed up in by a photo of windmill with nothing but wide open space around it, after our third day here I would disagree.

Still very concerned about the vehicle overheating we slowly made our way sown the Stuart highway stopping at random roadhouses along the way to give the truck and us a break from the heat of the day which again was pushing 50 degrees! We wanted to stay for a beer but unfortunately the pub had been broken into the night before and they were closed to do inventory of what was stolen. The culprits had already been arrested as they broke in, stole a bunch of liquor and beer then proceeded to sit across the road and drink it!

By late afternoon we had made it to Alice Springs, the capital of the Northern Territory. From books and movies I have always wanted to visit Alice Springs and was very happy get the chance to visit. It was however January 1st so not most businesses were closed so we poked around town a little, had dinner and carried on Pokie Machines Images Around Us Uluru.

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