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As we all know Hothead reduced the payout structure for winning trophies constantly downwards in the past, making the last big fail recently in removing big bucks earnings completely from 4 th and 5 th spots in trophies. The chance to survive with your bankroll and be successful in the game same time is in fact done to zero.

To understand what I am talking about I put together some simple charts to show you what I mean. Generally it comes down to how many Bucks you can earn in playing Big Win Sports Apps compared to the Bucks you have to spend to get at least in the top 3 of a trophy collecting some earnings back from Hothead.

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Ignoring additional Bucks you might like to invest in buying better players or skill them up, there are at least three things you have to invest Bucks on a regular basis: Impact Cards, Contracts and Fountain of Youth. Of course it is up to you how many gold impact cards 2. It should be mentioned that beside Big Win Hockey the Gold Impact Cards have a strong impact on your match winning percentage. Means if you play more of course good combos of them you will win more games and hopefully more trophies and more Bucks.

If you have found and skilled up good players for your team you have to keep them playing on to avoid ongoing investment in new players.

To do so you can use the cheap standard Green contracts or the more expensive Big Contracts Gold. Anyway, you should not forget that using smaller contracts gets your players much earlier to retirement after 6 renewals and you have to pay around twice the times for a fountain of youth to keep them as if you are using Big Contracts 60 matches in average. Comparing now both systems please note that there is no Pokies Big Win Sports Basketball difference for your ongoing costs in Basketball and Hockey, means you have to pay almost the same for both kind of Pokies Winner Dwts Last Yr renewal strategies.

In Football and Soccer it is still slightly cheaper to use the standard contract cards with some extra fountains considering the large number of players in your teams. Saying this I like to draw your attention on the results of my investigation in the two charts below. The result is quite disillusioning if you see that winning all trophies in a week, which requires for sure to play the best Gold card combos only, will force you to invest in between 1, and 2, Bucks on top of what you are able to win as prize money.

Considering that the most top teams on the leaderboard are able to manage in between 22 to 26 wins at their best, the gap is slightly bigger in reality. To keep your bankroll even the most Hothead Sports require to win around 15 trophies a week just using one Gold Impact Card per match. Good luck on that mission! By the way, as you can see from the chart, Hotheads structure provides Soccer and Football gamers with the worst odds and a more expensive mission, where Basketball the less worse.

OK, you might say that the ridiculous low amount of Bucks payout by Hothead for winning an Amateur trophy makes the situation worse. Fair call and therefore I took another look into scenario B, means just playing the weekly PRO trophies and stay away from Amateur events. It shows you the maximum amount of Big Bucks to earn if you win all 14, 10 or just 5 trophies compared to the required Big Bucks investment.

So, you are right, if you win all 14 PRO trophies during a week you end up with a small gain in your wallet also if you are playing three Gold Impact Cards in every match.

In Soccer it means you have to invest 16, Big Bucks per months and even more in Football. Saying this it has to be mentioned that Hothead did not run any store promotions for a long time reducing the 5, or 30, packages and for good reason. Well success and fun must be paid off but that much? If you not have a proper filled wallet at home you might start looking for some cheaper games out there to have fun.

Unfortunately this is already the case as we can see dramatically dropping numbers of regular players every month but Hothead seems to read Pokies 2018 Uga Spring situation correctly and try to counteract in appropriate manner in increasing the price for a Big Rush Pack from 10 to 25 Bucks.

Good on you guys! However, you cannot change how the apps are merchandised but at least I can try to help you saving some Bucks until the next Hothead axe cut the cake again. So if you like to publish your friends code over here just send me an e-mail. Big Win Baseball Legends! Hi guys, I updated recently all Big Legendary Teams Showcases and introduced a new style to list all the team screenshots.

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It has superb graphics that feature a basketball court drop. Means if you have to play 4 extra matches in a pro 20 to get the 10 Bucks for completing all trophy matches remember that the contract cost, for instance in Soccer, will be already 9. Impact Cards, Contracts and Fountain of Youth.

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