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It received its international television premiere on Animax 's English language networks in Asia, Animax Asia. The manga series won the prestigious Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for best creative work in Init won the Kodansha Manga Award for general manga. The manga was on a 1-year hiatus, and it was resumed on the November issue of Afternoon magazine.

The series, set in Saitamafollows the story of Ren Mihashi. Mihashi was the previous ace pitcher in his middle school's baseball team, but it seems that he only got the position because his grandfather was the owner of the school. His teammates especially the team's catcherHatake hated him, and they always lost their games.

Mihashi is thoroughly convinced that he is a lousy baseball pitcher, and feels guilty because he believes that he is responsible for all the losses. Mihashi graduates through middle school with extremely low self-esteem. But in truth Mihashi is really a hardworking and skillful pitcher, and the main reason why his team always lost all the games is because of bad cooperation, because his teammates never talked about the game with him, and they did not try to come Fruit Machines Pokie Oakland with a plan or strategy to fight against their rivals.

Mihashi then transfers to Nishiura High School with plans of quitting baseball because he thinks he is not good enough to succeed at it, though he still loves the game deeply. However, Pokies Big Wind Up Characters Halloween Costumes is dragged into Nishiura's baseball team by their coach, Momoe, while watching the team training outside the field. Assisted by his new teammates and especially the catcher, Takaya Abehe grows in stature, confidence and skill, helping his team excel with his own abilities.

His nervousness and extreme lack of self-confidence is at odds with his skill, a result of his passion for and dedication to pitching. Mihashi was ostracized by his middle school teammates, who believed he had been given his position of ace because his grandfather owns the school.

During the time period, the catcher and team refused to cooperate during games, causing them to lose every game. Mihashi transfers to Nishiura High School afterward, where he joins their baseball team, though fears he will cause more losses.

As the series progresses, Mihashi slowly gains more confidence in himself and trust in the team, especially the catcher, Abe. Despite this, Mihashi retains his skittish and shy personality. He shows to have cynophobia. As such, he forms the team's battery along with Mihashi. Abe is a serious and mature character, whose short temper is often inadvertently provoked by Mihashi.

He is very strategically minded and initially values Mihashi for his obedience in team games. Abe is a capable catcher, signaling Mihashi the right pitches after thoroughly examining his opponent. As the catcher, he successfully memorizes the quirks of the batter and what pitches they are weak against. As time progresses, Abe strives to win games to improve Mihashi's self-confidence. He often gets partially jealous toward Mihashi. Abe normally doesn't show his emotions to everyone, including Mihashi and the rest of the team.

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He has a tendency to nag and yell constantly, but later on he's more and more caring and open to Mihashi's feelings. In some episodes, he smiles. He is an outgoing, confident, friendly, and extremely perverted, and very talented at baseball. He is considered to be number 1 in his baseball team.

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However, because of his small build, he is unable to hit home runs, and relies on the team to complete runs. Tajima and Mihashi develop a friendship, and he is able to understand and elucidate Mihashi's sometimes incomprehensible attempts at communication to others.

Many have commented that he acts as Mihashi's older brother. Tajima enjoys catching fast balls and, as a result, becomes a back-up catcher in case of Abe's absence and for training purposes. While originally presented as a hot-headed and rude character, he is later shown to be a relatively smart and observant person, and is unanimously voted to become team captain. He tries to surpass Tajima and compete with him, but decides that he must work for the good of the team, rather than taking risks to prove himself.

Sakaeguchi is very friendly and familiar with Abe from their attendance at the same middle school. When Abe and Mihashi have trouble understanding each other, Sakaeguchi generally attempts to mediate, being able to understand both of their mannerisms. Under stress, Sakaeguchi is known to get diarrhea, a trait revealed by Abe, who noticed it during their high school entrance exams. Sakaeguchi is closest to Suyama on the team, because they are in the same class.

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Unlike other members of the team, Sakaeguchi's mother is deceased. He is in the same class as Mihashi and Tajima and is revealed to share their lunchtime activities of talking, eating, and then falling asleep.

Izumi attended the same elementary and junior high school as Hamada, although up until high school Hamada was a year above him. He appears to enjoy antagonizing Hamada and does not treat him with the respect due to a former senior schoolmate. Due to his more serious personality, Izumi tends to get annoyed quickly, especially at Abe's constant bickering.

A level-headed character, he is generally quieter and less rambunctious than his teammates, although he once reacts strongly to Momoe's offer of a particular brand of protein powder to which he harbors a strong dislike. It's revealed that Suyama doesn't share many of the boyish qualities the other Nishiura boys seem to have, such as fantasizing girls, emphasizing his more mature personality.

In the series, he is closest to Sakaeguchi. This leads to Abe calling him the "Crap Left". Many of Mizutani's hits at bat are entirely based on luck; he admits that he does not have a good eye for the ball. He appears to be the most simple-minded of the Nishiura team, often sharing the same goofiness as Mihashi.

Mizutani appears to enjoy listening to music, as he is almost always seen with headphones on outside of practice. He is a very shy and nervous character who rarely speaks his mind because he is afraid that he might be scolded by the others. He has more pitching experience than Hanai, but was reluctant to admit it as he didn't want to pitch in official games.

However, he is inspired by Mihashi's dedication and decides to try his best for the team. Nishihiro is always the base coach next to third base when Nishiura is on the offense. He is a beginner at baseball and therefore has little experience playing.

When he does play in games, he often plays the position of left fielder.

He is supposedly one of the smartest first years at school because he never has to study for tests. At the start of the series, she mentions that she is a graduate of Nishiura, which used to offer softball instead of baseball. The team nicknames her "Momokan", short for "Momoe-kantoku" Coach Momoeand develop a respect for her, though often find her intimidating.

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Momoe is physically strong and is very dedicated to the baseball team, working menial side jobs to help pay for equipment. Though several characters comment on the peculiarity of having a female coach for a baseball team, Momoe is shown to be competent in the role. Momoe has a small dog named Ai who accompanies the team to practice, including practice games with other teams. She is also very attractive described by most of the baseball team. A very hardworking and earnest character, she has great pride in the baseball team and takes great strides in helping them, from making rice balls to writing detailed reports about opposing teams.

As manager, she has memorized much information about her own team, and knows all of their full names and birthdays. She stated [2] that she has no romantic interest in anyone on the team, but it is later revealed [3] that she has feelings for Abe, though she won't act upon them to avoid awkwardness in the team.

She went to the same middle school as Abe and Sakaeguchi, where she played softball in the position of shortstop. Chiyo also loves trying on other school's uniforms, and often swaps uniforms with her friends and takes pictures. Though he is a math teacher, Shiga-sensei appears to have a great deal of knowledge about the body and how it works, although he doesn't know much about baseball.

His relaxing and concentrating methods of meditation help Mihashi and the others to mentally grow as a team. Hamada founded the baseball team's cheering squad and is very good at sewing.

Mihashi calls him by his childhood nickname, Hama-chan, which has been adopted by other members of the baseball team. He attended the same elementary school and junior high as Izumi, and the two appear to Play Pokies Online For Free Without Downloads very familiar with each other, though Izumi shows him no respect despite Hamada being a year older.

Hamada was held back a year due to missing school because he had to work part-time to earn money. He lives by himself as his family has moved to find jobs elsewhere and has a reputation among the girls in his class, but this seems to be just rumor. Michael Tatum in English. Several opposing teams are introduced in Big Windup! Mihoshi Academy's team is a prominent subject, as Mihashi had left them after his three years as ace pitcher. Along with the battery Kanou and Hatake, the team has Hiroyuki Oda, a cleanup hitter who speaks in a Kansai dialect in Japanese, and the American equivalent southern accent in English.

Musashino First is the team where Haruna resides as ace pitcher. Originally lazy and laid-back, the team is later stirred into action by Haruna's desire to end the team's mediocrity. Along with Haruna, the team includes Naoto Kaguyama, the starting pitcher, Ohkawa, the team captain, and Kyouhei Akimaru, a kind back-up pitcher for Haruna.

Suzune Miyashita is the team's manager who Pokies Big Wind Up Characters Halloween Costumes dating Ohkawa. Tosei High School was the previous year's Koshien winner, who underestimated the skill of Nishiura. Junta Takase is the Tosei's ace pitcher, who uses sinkers and forkballs to strike out batters, while Kazuki Kawai is the team captain. His team had said that he would have been the ace pitcher of the team if Mihashi's grandfather, who owned the school, had not made Mihashi the starting pitcher.

However, Kanou refuses to accept the notion, seeing Mihashi's true potential as an ace pitcher and angry at how the team Pokies Big Wind Up Characters Halloween Costumes him. As such, he is the first of his team to play seriously against Nishiura in a practice game until convincing the others to as well.

Kanou and Mihashi were friends during childhood and Mihashi occasionally refers to him by the nickname "Shu-chan". In fact, at the last episode of season one, Kanou smiles upon hearing this and says excitedly, "He's calling me by my first name! It's like we're little kids again! He was the most opposed to Mihashi being their ace pitcher in middle school, believing that Kanou was a better pitcher and deserved the position more. Hatake goes as far as to threaten to break Mihashi's arm, even after he had left and joined Nishiura, but is later convinced by Kanou to take him seriously.


Hatake and the rest of the team makes amends after losing to Mihashi and his teammates, though Hatake still stubbornly declares Kanou the better pitcher. At first, he refused Abe to be his catcher because of Abe's short height and doubted his ability as a catcher.

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  1. Big Windup often shortened to just Ōfuri (おお振り), is a baseball manga series by Asa Higuchi, serialized in the monthly seinen Afternoon magazine since It has been adapted into an anime television series, animated by A-1 Pictures, which premiered in Japan on TBS. It received its international television premiere on  Missing: pokies ‎costumes.:
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