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T - English - Romance - Chapters: Lie To Me by gemini69 reviews Does it ever get easier? Could you lie to me? He didn't stop her. To Be Loved by misorin reviews [KaiJou, Jounouchi centric, one shot] I remember the first time a girl confessed to meshe told me she loved me. What a big fat lie. I love the way you lie by Redmoon reviews Just gonna stand there and watch me burn Well that's alright because I like the Paylines Pokie Superman Man it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that's alright because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie I love the way you lie Yu-Gi-Oh!

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It only seems fair for me to keep my end of our bargain. I trick and I mislead.

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That is the way the fools tread, not I. Now give me what you promised. I promise not to tell any. You have a reputation to keep, after all. Dimitri 'loved' mebut he left me. Lissa 'loved' me but she threw me away. And I thought some small part of Adrian 'loved' meuntil the day he hit me. Vampire Academy - Rated: Love the way you lie by ladyjulianna reviews Mikaela is in Eminem is in the love the way you lie video. Therefore i combined it with the transformers universe.

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Now come on, it's lunchtime. Decide where you all want to eat. I'm not paying, but we eat lunch together. His students looked surprised, but after Naruto sent off a bunch of clones to fix the seals, the three started to argue about Pokies Big Wind Up Fanfiction Naruto In Real Life. We aren't eating ramen more than twice a week.

The ramen fanatic pouted; letting the others to try to settle it. In the end, they decided on a diner Sakura was fond of. Sasuke nodded, not liking to agree with a former fangirl, no matter what her nipples looked like through her shirt. He stopped and shook his head, trying to free it of that thought, before continuing to wherever Kakashi was leading them.

When you were in the Academy, the teachers gave you missions. As actual ninja, you go to the tower, where mission handlers, or if it's important enough, the Hokage himself, will give them to you. Today we'll probably see the Hokage since the new genin will be getting their first missions.

Most teams pick up a mission or two in the mornings, but I reserved a special mission for us. Oh god, I know that tone, it's the same tone I tell my friends what kind of adventure we're going to go on when I know it's going to be hell!

This mission, it's going to be horrible isn't it? Can't we take a boring mission to start? You're too high strung, calm down. I admit you might be challenged by it, but every genin team gets this mission eventually.

You're just lucky to get it now! Naruto groaned, and Sakura and Sasuke looked worried, no doubt remembering some of the D-rank missions that the academy sensei would assign Pokies Money Background Design punishment.

It's Pokie Yo Designs For Nails the way his mind works. Metaphorically, it's like asking him to solve 10 plus 10, getting as an answer, and then realizing two days later he was doing it in binary. The teens followed their sensei to the tower with some trepidation, though Sakura was excited to meet the Hokage. She had seen him out in public several times, but never had the chance to talk with him. She realized he would probably be to busy to do more than wish them luck, but it was still cool.

Sasuke had spoken with the Hokage several times since the incidentand while he respected his leader's great skill and power, obvious from just the way the old man moved, Sasuke was familiar enough with him not to be excited. The receptionist inside the entrance looked up and pushed a button as the team passed, but didn't stop them.

As they went up the tower, they passed several offices and workers busy taking care of all the paperwork an operation like Konoha produced. Konoha's government was more complicated than simply the Hokage in charge of everything. Bureaucracy had arisen by necessity. Finally, they found the mission room.

Sakura tried to hit him, but the blond was too quick for her. Sakura froze, and brought herself to attention. Naruto stopped and waved.

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  • Note: Takes place before the Bijou-dai Sayama game. Slightly-OOC!Mihashi ahead; be warned. Please read and review, thank you~. It was a hot summer day and the boys of Nishiura's baseball team were at the train station. They were going to attend another baseball camp with several other coinsluckyz.comg: pokies ‎naruto.
  • They could possibly be, and often were, off by hundreds of miles if not many tons of.

Sasuke bowed and stood at attention, though less stiffly than Sakura. The Hokage sat in his seat, a copy of the one in his office it's good to be the Hokage. Next to him were some clerical staff that none of the aforementioned genin knew, and surprisingly, Iruka. Kakashi answered his leader, "Well, it's been an interesting two days. I've given you the report about their test of course, and today I took them to do the river crossing exercise. Was the water cold enough for you Sakura-chan?

The girl nodded, wide eyed. Kakashi interrupted, "Actually, there's an interesting story there. A certain blond munchkin was curious why the water was so cold and found the chilling seals. Apparently he's taught himself enough to reverse them to warming seals, but not enough to make them stop raising the temperature.

I found out about it shortly before they fell in again and nearly boiled themselves. If he had pulled it off, I would be rewarding him.

If you aren't cheating, you're not trying hard enough. See, Hokage-sama agrees with me. Indeed, the old man was chuckling, confusing some of the clerks. You're the latest in a line of notable people including Jiraiya, the Yondaime, and myself. None of us got away with it either, though none of us boiled our teammates. Ah, that brings back memories.


On an unrelated note, I have to apologize for Kakashi's tardiness, I've tried almost everything to get him to be punctual, but short of a direct order, he doesn't show up on time for anything less than an A-rank.

Sarutobi chuckled, "But you're not here to listen to me go on, you want your first D-plus-rank I'm sure. It's a good thing your sensei saved you a mission, as awful as you're going to find Tora, it's better than cleaning the sewers. She is the cat of Lady Shijimi, the Fire Lord's wife. Tora, and Tora's mother, have been the bane of young genin since the Yondiame's reign. The cat said to have helped the Yondaime defeat the Kyubii? Naruto shook his head, "No, you don't understand.

Rumor has it she has some fire country tiger in her. I've heard chunin take border patrol rather than catch this cat. The adults were holding back laughter as Naruto and Sakura panicked, and Sasuke grew increasingly annoyed. This is assigned as punishment to ninja who screw up! The cat is smart! Sasuke looked at the adults at the table. I don't want to listen to this all day. Team seven was standing outside the summer home of the Fire Daimyo, from which Tora had recently escaped. Naruto and Sakura had finally calmed down, and had resigned themselves to their fate.

Sasuke had read the mission scroll out loud, and then lead them off to the balcony Tora was seen escaping from. I refuse to accept that a cat helped defeat the Kyubii. Your brother got mad enough once that he tried to kill it. He's not the only one to try. I heard someone say that Tora likes seafood, though," said Sakura. If the cat likes seafood, I know where it might be," the blond pondered. Dozens of them, they all want the fish heads and tails Ayame and her dad throw out after they strip the meat off the fish.

Look, it's a place to start, I don't Free Spins Pokie Licious Cafe of a bigger cat attraction then that anywhere in the village.

Pokie Machines Images Around Us two shook their heads, and reluctantly followed Naruto to his home away from home, Kakashi amusedly trailing behind.

I've heard dozens of ninja say she's as quick as lightning and knows where all the tiny holes are. I know you don't want to believe this Sasuke, but what's worse? Being over prepared and looking foolish, or a cat making us to look foolish?

Cats," the boy whispered, gesturing down at the alley. The four ninja were on the roofs looking down at a cat convention. There were literally dozens of cats in Pokies Big Wind Up Fanfiction Naruto In Real Life shapes and colors. Team seven minus the instructor searched among the cats for a red ribbon bow.

There were plenty of cats with collars, and even a few bowed ones, but no one found Tora until…. The genin rubbed their eyes as most of the cats bowed to their leader, as much as cats understand the concept anyway.

Tora skipped the line and took the best seat, right in front of the dumpster, before communicating with the other cats.

All the cats will fall asleep, and we'll take Tora easy as you please! Dosage will be hard," contemplated Sasuke. Naruto, you should make sure your friend is all right with us screwing around with his trash," Sakura directed. The two boys looked at her oddly. The boys, and now Kakashi too, stared at her, observing. Instead of becoming anxious, the girl glared back, "What's wrong? Aren't I allowed to be in charge occasionally? It's a good plan!

We need to talk about this later, Sakura; for now though, do as she says guys," Kakashi explained. The teens frowned at him, though for different reasons, before Sasuke and Naruto nodded and leapt off to do their tasks. Sakura paused a moment as Kakashi watched different muscle groups relax and tighten, before she turned to him. I have one in mind, but I'm not sure if the derivative version we need is available to genin or not, and I want to be sure I'll be allowed to buy it.

Sakura got back with not much time to spare, and looked around for her team. She found them on a roof a few buildings over, with two full black bags, and Naruto wearing gloves.

Great, the cats will wait a bit, but I expect Tora might get anxious if we wait too long," the blonde said. Kakashi-sensei, could we try an experiment at the hospital later?

I'd like a doctor to be on hand, but not knowing what'll happen could get me killed. We'll take a look at it in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Sakura picked up one bag, and then the other, estimating their weight. Pulling out a small bottle, she opened the first Real Money Pokies Revealed Synonym, wrinkling her nose.

She turned the bottle upside down and gave it five pats. Then she stood back and motioned for Naruto to start. The blond frowned, but proceeded to make three shadow clones, which put clothespins on their noses and stuck their arms in. The original Naruto began to meditate, preparing to try and stop the clone's memories from coming back.

Soon the first bag was mixed, and Sakura opened the second bag, then added the appropriate number of drops. The Naruclones looked pretty disgusting, covered up to their elbows in goop as they started to mix the second bag. Kakashi was standing on the next roof over, glad he was upwind of the whole affair. Sasuke tried to join him, but he was told to stick with his team. Finally, the clones popped and Naruto Prime smiled, to the surprise of his teammates. You did talk about that with um… Teuchi-san, isn't it, right?

I'm going to take the bags in through a side door so the customers don't get queasy, then he'll take them out as normal and throw them in the dumpsters. He seemed excited to be part of a mission, he's a pretty awesome guy. Well, let's get on with it. Naruto nodded and grabbed the bags, the tops already retied, and hopped down to the side door, out of sight of the cats. He knocked a few times before his favorite cook opened it and took the bags with a smile.

The boy actually bowed a tiny bit, before leaping back to the roofs to watch the results. Team seven gathered to watch, anxious for their plan to work. Even Kakashi was curious, he was too old to have caught Tora, but he remembered her mother, Shishi. She wasn't quite as bad as Tora was rumored to be, but the genin back then had still hated Shishi with a passion.

If his team's plan Pokies Bar Rockton Il, this would put them near the Pokies Big Win Sports Longplayer Meaning for fastest completion for this mission.

He might even get a few free drinks out of it from the other jonin-sensei. Teuchi walked out the back door and started to whistle, and act oddly. Naruto slapped his face and explained, "He's trying to be nonchalant.

He's like an uncle to me, but seriously…". The cats were too focused on the food to notice the man's odd demeanor, and since he smelled normal, even Tora didn't give it a second thought.

Teuchi threw the bags in the dumpster and walked back inside, still acting 'sneaky'. The cats immediately jumped in the dumpster, tearing the garbage bags open and picking prizes to carry off a ways and munch on.

Tora found a particularly large fish head and climbed to the top of a pile of junk, before starting to eat. The best choice was a rather slow acting agent for ninja work, but it should only be ten to fifteen minutes, and the only chance one of them will die is if it's really old or sick already. We'd never hear the end of it if we killed that many pets, even if almost all of them are strays.

Sasuke rose an eyebrow, "Sensei, should we contact the animal control? While some are obviously pets, many of these could be taken off the streets. While it's not part of the mission, ninja do need to know when to take initiative and seize opportunities. Okay, you three wait here for your main objective, and I'll contact the Inuzuka, they're in charge of the pound. Sure, some will be adopted, but the pound won't be able to take in so many cats at one time. They're not hurting anyone, ass!

And you must've had to lay through a night with two cats outside your window during mating season, right? This is necessary population control. Naruto looked like he was about to stop whispering, before Sakura interrupted the argument. And just killing them only makes the rest reproduce faster, since there's less competition. I read a magazine that said there wasn't any good answer, because even if you killed every single feral cat, eventually pets will get away and start it over again.

Still Naruto, we need to leave the decision up to the animal control, they might neuter and release them, or not even do anything. Naruto and Sasuke both frowned and went back to looking at the cats, some of which were looking drowsy. Sakura rolled her eyes, "I just read stuff and pay attention. If you ask questions whenever you don't know something, you start to know lots of stuff," she huffed. Kakashi returned at a quick jog, which was quite slow compared to his normal entrances and exits.

Well, she comes from good stock, she might take awhile. The Inuzuka are getting together some people, this many cats are going to take some effort, even if they are asleep. The four ninja sat and watched, Naruto practicing keeping still. Finally, 20 minutes after they had started to eat, Tora swayed back and forth, before falling over asleep. Naruto pumped his fist in the air, but remained quiet; grabbing a burlap sack that Teuchi had given him.

Wary of her reputation, the blond made twenty Naruclones and positioned them around the alley. He took the bag and hopped down, stealthily walking up to the cat.

Sasuke opened the bag and slid Tora in as fast as he could, drawing the bag closed. Immediately, the lump inside woke up, totally ignoring the tranquilizer, and started flailing around and hissing. Some of the cats started to stir, and Sasyke jumped back to his teammates as if the Raikage was on his tail.

We're lucky, let's get back before she tears the bag open! Sasuke held the bag as far Pokies Big Wind Up Fanfiction Naruto In Real Life from himself as he could, looking at it uncertainly, "Okay, I admit I may have underestimated her slightly. Let's return quickly, shall we? The four plus one headed off towards the Hokage's tower, eager to complete their first mission as genin.

I understand they keep a special jonin at their main manor whose full time duty is to catch the little jerk. The income from Pokies Big Wind Up Fanfiction Naruto In Real Life daily Tora missions pays for most of both the chunin and jonin lounge.

That's the only way to keep the miserable little fur ball alive, otherwise people would have killed it by now," the secretary explained. Is Pokies Bonus Clube American any chance I'm a delusional jonin in a padded room? It might explain some things about my life," Sasuke griped.

They walked into the room since there were no other teams reporting, and saw a large black board on an easel, with what looked like odds. And that's why I'm the Hokage," he said before turning to the group.

It helps take the monotony out of things. There was a lot of money riding on you three, I'm glad I was optimistic. Sakura and Sasuke were finding this rather surreal, their genin teammate joking back and forth with the leader of Konoha, one of the most powerful people in the known world. Normally we'd give Tora to Lady Shijimi, but she doesn't come in to pick her up for a while since it usually takes longer," Iruka explained, looking at the sack.

It had been tied with string at the top; he shrugged. I'm glad you were all able to put that aside to complete what is normally a challenging mission," he said cheerfully. Naruto immediately had a suggestion, "You could try teaching us something awesome, that would be good! I mean I know it's important, but we've been doing control exercises for years," Sakura complained. Without it, you are dead, either by an enemy, or by chakra exhaustion.

case you

Lie to Me Chapter 3 updated! But damn it, I shouldn't have needed to ask myself if making out with a girl would get her almost killed! The two boys shrugged, shivering, as they pulled the supplies back to the start.

There are two ways to make your chakra last. Grow your reserves, or increase your control. You can increase each of them only so fast, but both are very important. If your reserves are like a cup, it doesn't matter how precisely you measure out your chakra. Likewise, if you throw out a bathtub of water every time Pokies Win Nz Basketball Academy use a jutsu, even if you have a swimming pool's worth of reserves you'll run out quick.

You think you get it, which is not the same as actually getting it. Fine, I'll teach you all a diagnostic jutsu, and you'll get a visual representation of what I'm trying to get at.

Here are the seals, you should get it in a few tries. She was referring to a large, flat, rich blue circle that had appeared in front of the jonin. It was about four feet across and had a wave zigzagging in the middle. On second look, the students noted that it was slightly squashed, an oval. The Pokies Big Wind Up Fanfiction Naruto In Real Life obviously refers to my reserves; I am a jonin after all. The fact that the shape is nearly round means I have pretty even physical and spiritual energy.

The fact that the squiggly line isn't completely smooth means I could stand to practice my control a bit myself, although it's very good for the amount of reserves I have. The border tells you how good I am at nature composition.

As you can see here, I'm best at lightning, though I'm quite good at everything except wind, which I'm poor to mediocre at. It's mostly affected by your genes, but with enough work, you can make your chakra more potent, though usually one would wait until special jonin or higher to worry about it.

Chakra is sort of blueish for some reason, so almost everybody will have a shade of blue, deeper the more potent your chakra. You have relatively small reserves, which is somewhat natural in girls, but this is mainly from your lack of exercise. The fact that it's skinny vertically means you have more spiritual chakra than physical. More proof you haven't been exercising enough. You have plenty of spiritual chakra, so your reserves should grow fairly quickly if you follow the plan I'm going to give you before you leave.

Your calm, smooth line indicates you have exceptional control, better than mine, although that's partly due to your small reserves; keep practicing control and it will stay that way though. It looks like you'll also be better at earth as well. It'll take you a great deal of effort to learn lightning jutsu on the other hand.

Given your good control, and the fact you are good at memorizing things, I suggest you try to study medicine. I'm afraid I can barely help there, but I can get you in touch with some people who owe me favors. The three genin were impressed with their sensei's ability to analyze the girl so quickly, and come up with a plan for her.

While we are all a team, I'm sure you understand the value of privacy, Sasuke," his teacher replied. Kakashi began to explain. It's probably not because you don't think, but because you exercise so much. A… fellow jonin I know has the same problem, he's deceptively sharp mentally, but he is so physically focused he has more of that chakra type than spiritual.

Your control is slightly below average, but it shouldn't be hard for you to fix that if you redirect some of your physical training towards it. You are an above average Uchiha, which makes your fighting style fairly obvious, so I won't bother telling you what to study. I'm still increasing my abilities myself.

Desain simpel membuat ringan saat dibuka dan saat memutar lagu. Mendengarkan lagu online secara gratis. Dilengkapi dengan fitur waktu dan progress durasi lagu. Dalam aplikasi ini memuat lagu: Air dan minyak 2.

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    Legend of the Noblesse Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. 43 Amazingly simple but genius ideas to use and reuse stuff. diy reuse diy ideas easy diy interesting recycle tips life hacks life hack good to know . We have rounded up a group of images that were snapped at the perfect moment and time, Awesome! .. Big Hero 6 by Wind-up-Owl on DeviantArt Hiro - Are you okay? This Pin was discovered by Kathryn E. Smith. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.
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    I mean, the first Naruto vs Sasuke fight was 70% Uchiha backstory over what, episodes? Having just gotten through this arc, that basically summed up the last 4 episodes of the fight. I think there was one episode where it was them trading destroying each other, but it was pretty much all backstory.
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He needed to become a better pitcher so his balls wouldn't get hit. He needed to become a better pitcher to strengthen the battery he had with Abe.

He wanted to keep throwing balls to Abe; that was all that really mattered deep down. The first-year pitcher glanced up. His eyes widened in alarm. While he had been lost in thought, the train had gotten there and the rest of the team was already on board. He didn't want to be left behind while everyone went to train at camp. Panicking, he began to run towards the doors that were starting to close. Except he tripped over his own feet and was falling face forward almost as if in slow motion.

Before his face could meet the ground, someone pulled him to his feet by grabbing the strap of his bag. The person shoved him on the train and followed inside. The train doors slammed shut and Mihashi spun around to see if whoever pushed him was all right. A wave of terror swept over him when he saw who it was. His catcher looked at him with wide, livid eyes. The hands that shoved Mihashi through the doors were outstretched in front of him, twitching as if eager to strangle the small boy he just pushed onto the train.

Fidgeting and nervous, Mihashi looked around at his team mates, as if expecting someone to save him. They were all standing and talking amongst themselves, unfazed by Abe's screaming - he did that a lot, after all. The train was more crowded than usual. Mihashi glanced back at Abe, eyes wide with fear. His catcher's fingertips were so close that they grazed across Mihashi's neck and he jumped. Slowly, he shook his head. I want to go to camp with everyone Abe sighed and lowered his hands to his sides.

He felt bad for yelling and upsetting his pitcher. He always felt bad, but couldn't control his anger as much as he would have liked. He needed Mihashi in top form; they'd be facing a particularly difficult school after their training camp. I'm sorry," Mihashi replied quietly. Just then the train gave a great lurch and he was pushed forward right into his catcher. Someone much larger than the pitcher fell against his back and Mihashi let out a noise of surprise against Abe's shoulder. He didn't realize that he was gripping onto the other boy as hard as he could.

Everyone shuffled to compose themselves and once the weight was off his back, Mihashi pulled back from Abe with crimson cheeks and fidgeted yet again, using his hands to smooth out his clothes.

Abe was quite flustered himself. His cheeks were nearly as red as Mihashi's. I'm f-fine," Mihashi said, squirming. The way Abe was looking at him was scary. It was as though he was positive the pitcher was lying and wouldn't accept "no" as an answer. After several more seconds of staring, Abe looked away. Then he did something unexpected. He grabbed Mihashi's shoulders and moved him around until they had switched positions.

Now Mihashi was against the doors and Abe was amongst the crowd, rubbing his back against their team mates. He did not let go of the pitcher's shoulders, as if afraid the other would somehow injure himself once let go.

Ah, that made my day. If they drop customization in Gen 7, though The perfect Gen VII game: Though as far as characters are concerned, they should probably take some cues from Gen 5. Gen 6 music wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly standout, either, focusing more on atmosphere than memorability and catchiness Moreso for XY than ORAS. Them focusing on making more natural-looking environments would be a huge thing for me. Everything is still arranged in perfect rectangles with soft edges as of gen 6 and the grid the world is based on is still painfully apparent.

Nope, you can't walk on this rectangle of slightly darker glass, because we say so. XY and ORAS have started to explore outside of the grid itself a little bit, but with the hardware they're on right now, there's really no reason too keep the grid at all, other than complacency.

I've probably mentioned hundreds of times how I'd like them to rethink the battle system, but it's not like that's going to happen. Agreed on XY's soundtrack. It was their first try with orchestrated music, and for that it sounded great. It was grand and definitely set a feel for Kalos. It didn't have much character, however. In regards to the first thing, yeah, I pretty much just pick whichever Pokemon I like best and go crazy. I mean, there wasn't anything major in 6th gen, but they've been giving ideas a try and I respect that much.

Will we ever see any sort of major change? Though I would be interested in a Rune Factory-esque spinoff. A Pokemon NOT, of sorts.

In general, the Pokemon I like most tend to be strong anyway. My two favorites were pseudolegies i. Salamence and Metagross before I even entered the world of metagame. Aside for some outclassed gen 1 mons. I blame sneaky power creep.

Just finished rewatching the Tales of Vesperia movie. I love how they used the game intro for the credits cutscene, that was smart. It's why I never really got into Gen 5. Gen VI got a pass because even if it was the same, it tried things, and the 3D conversion made it feel fresh. Where did AZ go after the credits?

Man, B2W2 were good though. Those games felt so complete. As I've said before, story's one thing, but even if Pokemon did put its story first, the gameplay's stasis would still be glaringly noticeable. If you look at games like Ace Attorney, that works because you're always doing something different even if the game, overall, does nothing different from the last.

Same engine, different assets. But then you look at games like Danganronpa, Inazuma Eleven, and more relevant, any of the Pokemon Spin-off sequels, most of which have higher priority on story than the main games, they're similar to their predecessors moreso than more major sequels, but seldom so similar as the main Pokemon games are.

I mean, if you're going to just look at the story and ignore the other parts of the game, you're just as well off watching the show or Let's Plays. Or playing other games, really; Pokemon's a strange choice in title if you're looking for a compelling narrative in a game and nothing else.

So what I'm perceiving here is some sort of twisted self-love. Remember, it's vital to love yourself, and masturbation is completely natural. But when you just write your own name with a heart next to it, things have gotten weird. Been out for a month and a half, old man. Orph, why has it gotten to the point where you can't even stand a picture of a girl?

Tell more I haven't seen her in about a year so I have that picture of her to remember her. That's all there is really. As are most Pokemon, really. In that sense, she's actually showing an attempt at decency.

That's an interesting way if looking at it It bothers me anyway. Nothing can contain the sadness I have. And she's barely in anything else as of late, so it's just Feels like this is the end. I imagine she'll always be my fave, though, but Reportedly, her friends outside of school get all suggestive when they see that. Thanks, I feel a bit better now. And a little less congested. I don't know what any of those things are.

I don't see it, but if I make 'em happy, I don't have any complaints. But I assure you that I am really the gender I have listed. As far as you know. How would you denote one's sex? Because female and male are both gender names, yeah? Doesn't really make sense when you think about it, considering most other animals don't have genders and yet we call them "male" or "female". It's an inherently sex-related term that in no way ties in with gender.

And in terms of medical documents, one's sex is "male" or "female" because that's what they denote , but it seems like simply through decades upon decades of sex and gender being used interchangeably it just kind of stuck. Because "male" and "female" are or should be, at least sex-related, but in that case what would refer to one's gender? I suppose I ought to give it a shot. Izumi takes a step back, only then realising that he's been shouting.

His throat burns a little, feeling sore and as he glances around, he notices that the rest of the class has gone silent, watching them with surprised looks. They weren't staring because of Abe; the catcher yelling at Mihashi is a common sight. Abe yelling at Izumi, however, isn't something they see every day. In fact, it's something they have never seen before.

Hanai looks at him, then at Abe, his expression a mixture of emotions. Finally, he says, "Abe, go ahead and take Mihashi to the infirmary. Tajima, will you go with them? Tajima, who has been staring at them both in silent wonder, mouth open in shock, immediately nods. After a while, Abe follows suit, not looking back. The rest of the class returns their attention to their lunches and small talk once again fills the air. Izumi sits down, picking up his chopsticks; in front of him, Hanai takes a seat.

An awkward silence hangs between them, as heavy and sepulchral as a storm cloud. It grows thicker and thicker until Izumi, swallowing the last of his lunch and washing it down with his drink, says, "Sorry.

Guess I lost my temper. Hanai exhales, sounding relieved. You were bound to, one of these days. I'm actually kind of surprised it didn't happen sooner. I mean," and here, Izumi hesitates a little before pushing relentlessly on, "if I didn't know better, I'd say he has a thing for Mihashi.

That makes Hanai laugh. He does get very obsessive when it comes to Mihashi and he is constantly picking on him. But, Abe…" Hanai trails off, shaking his head and chuckling nervously. That doesn't sound like Abe.

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