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The article, perhaps necessarily because of lack of evidence, provides the most positive slant on the disappearance, putting it down to sloppiness. Internal Affairs investigators lost a vital file in their own office for nearly two years — and delivered a report on the allegations it contained by incorrectly guessing at its contents…. Legge handed over thousands of documents between September and November that provided a series of revelations about his former employer, Trusts Charitable Foundation now Trusts Community Foundation.

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Documents released under the Official Information Act show the request prompted a scramble in the department to find one particular file. The query bounced around seven staff and one email simply said: When it was found, the original investigator, David Bermingham, who was removed from the case in latewas flown from Christchurch to Wellington solely to confirm it was the right one.

Bermingham said he had long suspected the file was missing. It is all a bit murky. But back in November shortly after the investigation began, Graeme Ramsey of the Problem Gambling Foundation predicted there was more evidence of abuse of the funding of Pokies trusts to come.

Graeme Ramsey, Problem Gambling Foundation CEO, says this will address the issue of the blatant misuse of pokie money by people held in positions of trust that is rife in New Zealand.

Graeme Ramsey says there are around 50 pokie trusts operating in New Zealand and anyone can set them up. It seems like some in the pokie industry have a lot of influence and a long reach. The pokies-for-convention centre deal should be scrapped after the Deputy Auditor General confirmed minsters did wrong over the deal, and were not completely vindicated as the Prime Minister has claimed, the Green Party said today.

The end result of this flawed process was a deal that would include an increase in SkyCity pokie machines. Significant International Affairs files going missing, deals made through flawed government processes. I slipped into to the kind of hybrid Spanish that I often resorted to when hitch-hiking in Spain in my youth. Money laundering is a concern, but so much is allegation and lack of evidence,and my immediate concern was the disappearance of significant IA evidence.

Thanks for the article link. The most significant bit re-solid evidence is the final sentence:. Hitch-hiking in Southern Europe. I found southern Europeans to be. Not on my own, but with a friend. Though I did hitch-hike the length of England and into Scotland on my own — it was different times back then. It will need further study before I fully understand the ramifications of what you have brought to light but one thing of which I am sure… New Zealand can no longer be described as a corruption-free country.

It may take a while before the international organisations OECD?

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Our perceptions have been wrong but, hopefully, cases like this will start wake people up to the fact that we have some work to do on this. When are ordinary NZers going to wake up to it? When is sleeping beauty going to be kissed by a handsome prince? All we get is Robney in a yellow jacket and his ilk. I wonder would Winston do the job? Yes karol Winston does have difficulty keeping up his level Pokies Big Wind Up Operator Jim integrity, highs with the winebox and others, but some lows too.

Internal Affairs was undergoing a lot of restructuring at that time. This sort of thing is bound to happen when back office staff are thrown under the bus. My guess is the files went missing as somebody cleared out their desk. More details here in the ODT. The ODT article says:. A source has told the ODT the funds were used to finance two South Auckland bars aligned with racing friendly pokie trusts and that grants then flowed back.

Former Internal Affairs gambling compliance director Mike Hill told the ODT in August the department was investigating southern clubs for alleged possible breaches of the Gambling Act. As I understand it, this is a diversion of pokie profits which should go to the community in the form of grants being diverted to cronies.

Especially when strolling through the cashcrop pastures of pokie machines. Ultimately I guess the size of the fraud in relation to other spending in the corporate world is not the main issue here. The cover story used by the pokie industry is that the profits from pokies are returned to the community. As DH points out 1. Well it is most certainly not those who are meant to be benfitting from the charity dollars.

What this looks to be about is the parties charities who were receiving the gambling proceeds were allegedly also the parties who owned the pokies and handed out the proceeds.

Which is the I thought the majority of the proceeds were meant to be returned to the community. No, from memory its a minimum of If they own the pub their pokies are installed in the temptation might be to charge more rent than is justified. The Pokies Winner Either Way Sheet running the charity might have a different idea to others how much they should be paid.

Lots of ways to game the system. The usual sign of corruption in law enforcement is an investigation being killed mid-stream. They all have a ready list of excuses and typically cite a limited budget as justification.

The system has worked like that for a very long time. One of the moderators at the What if?

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A press release from IA early in March shows they have taken one scalp int heir investigations and are crowing about it. The press release ends. The investigation by the Department of Internal Affairs revealed that over a period of six years Samson had altered receipts and bank statements for the purpose of obtaining grants from 11 Societies which distribute money lost on pokie machines to community groups. General Manager of Regulatory Services at the Department of Internal Affairs, Maarten Quivooy says that this case demonstrates that the Department will investigate alleged non-compliance and will not hesitate to call serious offenders to account.

Show the sacrificial lamb, so you do not ask about the pack of wolves. Fraudsters often dob each other in, if only to divert attention away from themselves. The enforcement bodies follow up very few of those tipoffs. IA would be the same I expect. The various regulatory bodies all have relatively small budgets and an investigation that leads to criminal proceedings will chew up a large chunk of their annual budget. They have near-complete discretion over the cases they decide to pursue. The various pokie frauds are a matter of public record.

Concerns over money laundering come from within the Ministry of Justice. The requirement that Pokies 2018 Xterra Review prove their assets were gained legally — as opposed to a full investigation into their money laundering activities — is a neat way to avoid the issue.

How can it be a conspiracy other than an incompetent one when the facts are becoming more obvious to everyone? Gambling proceeds from poor Pokies Big Wind Up Operator Jim being spent in wealthy ones is common: Wonder if he will be embarassed by being a hero of the left and saviour of the poor?

Fully agree with the post. SkyCity are masters at lobbying and their expense accounts are utterly fabulous. What goes on in Vegas …. But ass-covering it with a stacked procurement is the worst market signal you can send to every other potential investor, and the worst democratic signal to citizens wanting to see what price is put on their legislators. And having no economic intervention strategy to make sense of the national interest when doing these deals compounds the failure.

Then turning around and as usual offloading the blame to officials who drafted the deal is the usual political cowardice. The fact is DIA approached me about becoming a whistleblower and put me to considerable risk and work in doing so. They convinced me that working with pokie trusts had been a failed experiment and now Senior Management were about to change their ways and get tough with pokie trusts.

But then politics kicked in and DIA realised that TTCF was just too big and too well politically connected to be cancelled or actioned against.

It was easier to manage me while fudging the results of their work, not interview witnesses and disregard evidence in their possession. TTCF is founded on Licensing Trusts, these publicly elected people that are elected to manage the liquor and hosptality businesses in their area. I provided info on a number of issues but none more serious than 1 TTCF approving millions to ORFU and Racing from the Jokers Bars in South Auckland between knowing at the time of approving grants that those entities owned the bars.

That was over 3 weeks ago. I think we know who is lying!!! Thanks for your comments Martin.

Thanks for that further explanation, Martin. The article DH 9. Since the introduction of liquor sales in supermarkets, dairies and on every corner of our communities Pokies Big Wind Up Operator Jim no longer drink in sports clubs, after the game club members will come into the club rooms for a couple of soft drinks and then will head home to drink discount liquor.

I have found the pokies we deal with to be very diligent and above board. I think 10 years ago there were some problems with the pub owners having too much influence over the pokie Trustees but I think that most of that has stopped.

The only leverage the pub owners have these days is the threat of shifting their pub to another trust but I think that has pretty much settled down now. I guess the bottom line is that sports clubs would rather be self funding but our main income source The bar has dried up, this may be a good thing but I suspect that it is not as people are now drinking huge amounts of high alcohol content drinks in uncontrolled environments.

Sports Clubs and Rugby Clubs in particular provide a huge social contribution to our communities, they are the last institution left I suspect where people from all races and income levels still mix. Without Pokie money most rugby clubs and I suspect other sports clubs would fold. This is a tough one because I have seen the damage done by problem gambling on the other side but if pokie money disappeared it would be catastrophic to a Saturday afternoon sports in New Zealand.

What happens when these groups fold — in regard to sports clubs what will the councils response be when loans for club buildings are defaulted? Will the councils wind up these sports clubs and who will take them over. Whilst such issues do not register with Wellington, the destruction of our social fabric will have far reaching consequences both social and financial!!!

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  1. Takaya Abe (阿部 隆也 Abe Takaya) is the main and most experienced catcher on Nishiura High School's baseball team as well as one of their vice-captains (along with Sakaeguchi). As such, he forms the team's battery with Ren Mihashi. His skills as a catcher were developed during Missing: pokies ‎operator ‎jim.:
    【Big Windup!】(おおきく振りかぶって) Program Catalog coinsluckyz.com Missing: pokies ‎operator ‎jim. Shonica Guy says playing the pokies took over her life. Photo: Peter Rae. In the first-ever case of its kind, Australia's Federal Court on Tuesday begins an extraordinary day legal test, against Aristocrat and against James Packer's Crown Resorts, the biggest casino operator in the country. Former pokies. Modern slot machines develop an unbreakable hold on many players—some of whom wind up losing their jobs, their families, and even, as in the case of Scott Environmental factors and personality traits—a big gambling win within the past year, companions who gamble regularly, impulsivity, depression—may also.
  2. Court on Tuesday begins an extraordinary day legal test, against Aristocrat and against James Packer's Crown Resorts, the biggest casino operator in the country. "So putting dangerously addictive pokies on trial for misleading and deceptive conduct has given hope to everyone campaigning to wind back Australia's.:
    They force themselves on to the TTCF board because the West Auckland Licensing trust is TTCF biggest venue operator and TTCF will damn will do as they say regardless of pokie laws or what westies think. These people know how to spend your money the best. I say its time Westies woke up to the reality. She announced that the theme park operator would demolish the Thunder River Rapids ride out of respect for the families of those who lost their lives. "The closure of the ride is the only The Money a reminder of life's curve balls. Have you ever sat through a long meeting only to wind up putting off the decision until next. Woolworths Limited is a major Australian company with extensive retail interest throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is the second largest company in Australia by revenue, after Perth-based retail-focused conglomerate Wesfarmers, and the second largest in New Zealand. In addition, Woolworths Limited is the largest.
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His continuous interviews with poorly treated home owners and school communities after the Christchurch earthquakes exposed MPI dragged its feet, and extended the timeframe into the never-never.

Are those horrible Russians cheating by getting their children to read? Rosman OK — must stress this is satire. Open Parachute By Ken. Yesterday, the government announced that it was planning to publicly consult on its proposed zero carbon law, before introducing it in October next year. In the interim, it was establishing an interim climate change board to provide preliminary advice, including Back in August, Tonga's king dissolved parliament and called new elections because the unelected inbred nobles didn't like the elected Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva.

The subsequent elections saw a landslide victory for Pohiva's Democratic party. And now, the Tongan parliament In short, Christianity has always been about The retire or resign offer has Who are the winners and My Thinks By boonman. In this post, I am Transport Blog By Harriet Gale. Briefing Papers By Oksana Opara. First published on Werewolf S ome would querulously ask, zero net carbon emissions by — while others would say, why not?

Gordon Campbell By admin. The first alarm rings, then the second, and so on. Little by little the sound invades your sleep; it starts to disturb you.

Not so much because of the noise, but because of what it Lincoln University Lincoln University is set to become the only university campus in the country without a bookshop.

According to the Tertiary Education Union, the university has this week told staff A most interesting nomination discussion has been had — and now it's time for the vote. Keith is a retired computer programmer, and The increasing levels of death and destruction on our roads has been a major issue for us this year. Punakaiki Fund is undergoing an offer to all New Zealand investors at the moment closes on Thursday 21st. Read about it on the PunakaikiFund.

Lance Wiggs By Lance Wiggs. I hate end-of-year "best of" lists. I mean, I like reading them, but they make me feel inadequate. They're always full of records I haven't heard — or even heard of. Some writers conjure great insight into every pick when Their own courts say so: British troops breached the Geneva conventions and subjected Iraqi civilians to cruel and inhuman treatment by hooding them and taking turns to run over their backs, On Friday, SSC released the information it had provided to political parties during the coalition negotiations phase.

Among this was advice to the Green Party on the cost of ending all future coal mining, offshore oil drilling, and fracking.

Story of the Week Editorial of the Week Toon of the Week Graphic of the Week Photo of the Week Coming Soon on SkS Poster of the Week SkS Week in Review First published on Werewolf I t has been a grimly fascinating week for Brexit train wreck spotters. The latest British polls now give the Remainers a ten point lead over those still wishing to leave the European Union , and the a For those who do not follow Scottish politics with the diligence it deserves, Leonard is the newly elected leader of the Left hand palm By lurgee.

I encountered this on the interweb the other day, in an inconsequential discussion: Now, I may be wrong it happens but I do not believe that is actually a quote from Orwell at all. He died before the term "the media" Those 32 years in England have of course left their marks, one of which is my Bryan Gould By Bryan Gould. Up Where We Belong? Keeping that promise is unlikely to retain the confidence Frankly Speaking By Frank Macskasy. A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook page during the past week.

Not long ago and quite close to home An election was held to decide a new throne. With many votes cast and results nearly in National began with their post-ballot din.

They are also extending Transport Blog By Kent Lundberg. That's how often, on average, a child is killed in New Zealand. Usually the chid is under five and usually the killer is someone they knew. A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

The figure is from paper Climate change mitigation 1. The fiscal benefits of stringent climate change mitigation: Pundit By Brian Easton. Our weekly recap highlighting the best feature stories from around the internet.

We talk to two of the great minds behind this hilarious web series. Jaya and Aria who play Karen and Sharee. Andi Crown If you can relate to the struggle of trying to scratch a The Justice Committee has called for submissions on the End of Life Choice Bill , you can either submit using the online form linked above, or by sending two copies to: We need you, smart Gwyn seems to have eschewed diplomatic niceties for the benefit of plain-speaking.

State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes The Internet has faced many threats. Dictatorships building cyber walls, a hostile takeover bid by the International Telecommunications Union and states and companies trying to block websites, but last night the U.

Federal Communications Commission repealed U. Brian Edwards By BE. Same As The Old Boss? Four years ago, this blogger pointed out that then-existing polling methodologies — relying solely on landline respondents — was flawed. This is a guest post from Ed Clayton This is the first post of a three-part series exploring the relationships between freshwater and transport in Auckland. The aim of the combined series is to demonstrate how Auckland could seize the Transport Blog By Guest Post. In essence, education arms them with the PFLP rally, Gaza city, photo credit: For nine long years, National doled out tax Sign the petition here: Coal Action By tjonescan.

Its an overwhelming vote, much larger than the bare majority I think people were expecting. And while some of it What a time to have been alive. This is a guest post from reader and friend of the blog, Shan L With Sunday being the launch of the New Network for the East, together with Harriet I yet again decided to get on a few buses and First published on Werewolf T he spending lavished on Defence projects to meet the risks that could maybe, possibly, theoretically face New Zealand in future is breath-taking, given how successive governments have been reluctant to spend even a fraction of those Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-entry Andrew Little has announced the appointment of Rob Fyfe as an independent advisor who will provide impartial advice on plans for the re-entry of the Pike River drift.

Greens By Gareth Hughes. Send your submission on the bill by midnight on Friday 2 February The bill would give effect to Family First NZ says that any legislation on medicinal marijuana should be based on legitimate and responsible scientific research on the potential benefits and risk of medical cannabis.

Family First has also released a Briefing Paper on the issue. An East Coast company developing medical cannabis products is excited about new legislation announced by the Government. Media Release 20 December Better access to medicinal cannabis welcomed The government Bill introduced today to enable production of medicinal cannabis and establishing a body to set standards is to be applauded.

Campaigners for medicinal cannabis law reform have welcomed the new legislation to be introduced today by Health Minister David Clark. The new government's efforts to tackle poverty in New Zealand are welcome and long overdue, but bolder action is needed to turn the tide on inequality, Peter Malcolm, spokesperson for the income equality project Closing the Gap, said today.

New Zealand's corporate tax rate is now one of the highest in the world with the expected passing of a massive reduction in business taxes in the United States, says the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union. It is calling on the Climate Justice Taranaki is teaming up with other groups to take the protest to sea against seismic survey ship the Amazon Warrior, in a bid to stop more drilling and bring in a much needed marine mammal sanctuary in the The incoming government has hit the ground running but will face many obstacles in as it seeks to sustain a stable economy, leading New Zealand economic forecaster BERL says.

The Commission has had another busy year. Police has today welcomed a milestone report by the Office of the Auditor-General on its culture change progress. Women working in New Zealand can take good heart from the announcement of Government negotiations on equal pay for people working in mental health and addiction support, says CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

The Ministry of Transport will be updating crash data throughout the break and you can find it on the right hand side of their home page at www. Further background and historical crash data for the holiday period can The Zero Carbon Act campaign partners welcome the first concrete steps the Government has taken today towards strong legislation for a safe climate future, with its announcement of the plan for developing the law and establishing an independent climate commission.

The Forest Owners Association believes the government appears to have got the balance right in creating a separate Forestry New Zealand, but keeping it as part of the Ministry for Primary Industries. A union economist and the head od Business New Zealand are among the members of the government's tax working group. Radio NZ — political. Augustus Dos Reis left and Pricilia Xavier … fellowship winners.

Evening Report By Keith Rankin. The new government is aiming to build , new affordable homes — likely to be off-plan apartments and townhouses — in the next decade. This Christmas many are struggling to come to terms with miscarriage and infant loss. In this personal essay, Lucy Kelly, a student midwife, shares her own story of the heartache of pregnancy loss.

I remember as a child threading beads onto The Spinoff By Lucy Kelly. A few months back, as New Zealand sweated in The Spinoff By Marama Fox. It says Syria and Mexico are among the most dangerous places for If you look at pop culture and the real world at the moment, there are a lot of people trying to flee their grim The Spinoff By Alex Casey.

All week this Christmas week we count down the six best books of The Spinoff By Toby Morris. With massive hits like Legend of Zelda: Henry Oliver talks to singer-songwriter Nadia Reid about the highs and lows of her year, the rigours of touring, and being accepted by the music industry.

The Spinoff By Henry Oliver. The government will create a legal defence for the use of illicit medicinal cannabis for terminally ill people. The government has formally moved to stop the sell-off of state houses. The Spinoff By The Spinoff. Christmas is when charities receive some of their biggest donations — and, for a lot of organisations their time of greatest need.

The Spinoff By Sarah Watkeys. Parliament is sitting under extended hours this morning to progress two Treaty of Waitangi Bills. Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. The Beehive and Parliament Buildings. Evening Report By Bryce Edwards. The head of New Zealand's spy agency supports the US in "calling out" this type of "reckless and malicious" cyber activity.

But what do they do, and where did they come The Spinoff By Don Rowe. To punish you all for being naughty this year, The Spinoff made an unholy mash-up of four of its podcasts.

Simon Wilson wanted to like Star Wars: The Last Jedi , and some of it he really did. But then there was the rest. The Spinoff By Simon Wilson. National MPs say there's no need to rush through legislation banning overseas buyers from purchasing existing homes. Alex Casey and Calum Henderson relive the top 10 most electric, shambolic and memorable New Zealand television moments of Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw are giving themselves most of their first term of Parliament to try to build a Climate Commission and a Zero Carbon Act with bi-partisan support.

National is open to it. The Spinoff By Breeder's Digest. We have a beautiful summer upon us. The school and kindy holidays are very long. Every parent with toddlers needs to know about the Capital E creative play space. The Spinoff By Emily Writes. The Government's bill to stop foreigners buying houses has passed its first reading in Parliament.

The third issue in the case is Dolphin Treasure's information provided to players about the payouts, or "return to player", is misleading. In different Australian states and territories, the return rates are somewhere between 85 and 90 per cent.

Dolphin Treasure's machines in Victoria say the theoretical return is The 85 per cent return figure is calculated over the lifetime of a machine and includes jackpots that occasional players rarely win. If you play multiple games - as the machines encourage - the return to the player often ends up approaching zero, because you lose an average of Calling it a 'return to player' is just false.

Industry sources said both defendants are treating the case with the "seriousness it deserves", but believe they have walked within the boundaries of the law. The Gaming Technologies Association - the group representing poker machine manufacturers - said the industry firmly stood by the integrity of its products, "which are heavily regulated and comply with strict standards".

Mr Costello said the Australian public was "never asked if they wanted our pubs and clubs to be laden with the world's most dangerous and addictive poker machines. Abe is a serious and mature character, whose short temper is often inadvertently provoked by Mihashi's stuttering and annoying personality. He is very strategically-minded and initially values Mihashi for his obedience in the team's games. Abe also becomes determined to win games using Mihashi's pitching and prove to him that he is a good pitcher.

Abe is noted to have a loud voice, even when laughing, which intimidates not only Mihashi, but sometimes his other teammates too, such as Oki , who admitted that Abe intimidated him, as well [2]. However, when this is pointed out to him, he takes great pains to be more patient with Mihashi and speak more gently. He was charged by Momoe to look after Mihashi, and he takes this very seriously, constantly monitoring Mihashi's practicing, what he is eating, his weight, and how much sleep he's getting, which causes Izumi to note that he's very bossy.

Abe is also a driving force on the field, generally shouting out instructions to his teammates during play and closely analyzing the opposition.

He uses this habit to his advantage, as he is very good at predicting which of Mihashi's pitches will cause a batter to strike out. Despite his seriousness, he is easily moved to tears, especially by Mihashi's past or being thanked by him. He is also a bit of a worrywart, especially when it comes to Mihashi. Ren and Takaya are currently working together to have a proper battery.

In the beginning, Mihashi relied too much on Takaya and believed that he was only a good pitcher if Takaya was the catcher. However, when Abe was injured, they both realized that they need to rely on each other.

They are currently working on learning how to trust each other completely.

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