Pokies Big Winners Quilt

I can't wait until mine is that far! I like warm and natural batting too! How fun for me that I am using the same fabric as you and I get to "see" my quilt before I sew it! And another week of giveaways is marvelous!

I'll be at the beach for the next two weeks without my sewing machine but I'll catch up and make my quilt top when I get back! Thanks so much for doing this! And I love any chance for more giveaways, extend as much as you like if it means more prizes!

I've had a very busy week and haven't had time to sew my stripes together, but I'll be working hard this week to get it ready.

My blocks are ready for sewing - I am having so much fun with this. Thanks Dana and thanks for adding an extra week for qulting time I will need it!!! I'm a week behind. I'll be playing catch up the next 2 days and very happy about the extra week. Thanks for the inspiration!

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I've made several baby blankets and learned VERY quickly that it's the best! Be sure that your feed-dogs are disengaged, or covered with your stitch length set to zero.

I'm a beginning quilter. I love your tutorial. I would love a new quilt for my bed so I may have to try this one you have posted. Your fabrics are wonderful! I'm working on a baby quilt right now for a friend. I'm going to blog about it tomorrow if you get a chance to stop by I need to take some natural light photos. I'd love some advice! I haven't started cutting since I'm moving this weekend, but this quilt will be my first one in my new house! But I do love it, that's why its the only stuff in my quilts!

Love the quilt top too! That's going to be awesome to wrap up in! So I just ordered my fabric for the quilt along, and I have a lot to catch up on, but I'm excited. Hopefully I can win some batting! I LOVE the quilt! I love Warm and Natural as well. Thanks for the chance to maybe win this!

I am so excited. I'm loving your quilt top and can't wait to get started putting my blocks together this week and see what I come up with: Thanks for the extra week that will definitely help with the quilting part. And count me in for the batting giveaway Pokies Big Winners Quilt your quilt top. This quilt-along is a lot of fun, but of course I'm behind so an extra week is welcome: And yes, some batting too: I do love your quilt and can't wait to get started on mine Could really use some batting on this island too Have a great day.

I absolutely love this quilt along. I have all my fabrics and will be following your quilt along, but I have to wait 3 weeks first to complete my teaching degree. At the moment the thought of this quilt Pokie Machines Similar To Treadclimber is making me smile every day.

I need to get busy!


I'm working on a baby quilt as well and now I need to get caught up with my strips and blocks. I am having such fun - I love looking at all the different fabrics in the flickr pool, it's amazing to see how everyone will have the same quilt but all so very different.

Great trick with the seams!!! I have never thought of that till Pokies Free Spin X Cdr Salamander I just bought a ton of Warm and White! Now I wish I bought Pokies Big Winners Quilt Warm and Natural. Oh well, I guess I need to win the giveaway now: I still haven't sewn my strips together! I need to get with the program.

By the way, I used warm and natural on my last quilt and it turned out beautifully! I still haven't even cut out my fabric yet. I really need to get cracking before I am too far behind to catch up. And I am loving the way your quilt top came together, it looks beautiful!!! I can't wait to see my quilt top together I'm dreading that part I'm one of those newbies who feels like making a top takes for-e-ver! That doesn't look too hard. I think I can do it. Assuming of course that I find time to go to the fabric store and acquire supplies.

I love warm and natural too. Lucky I'm not a beginner and can whip it up quickly. That quilt looks amazing! I missed the quilt along but may go back and do it later if I feel confident enough: Thanks for the giveaway!! Automatic music on blogs is bad. I love how your quilt is shaping up, the colors look so pretty together. And the stars on your wall outside are just great too. Love reading your quilt-a-long. I'm not participating, though, but after my birtday I've asked for several quilting supplies I will surely use your explanation to make a quilt.

I noticed the stars, too! The fabrics you chose are very nice, and your explanations are detailed enough for me to understand! I buy my fabric on sale, clearance, or at the surplus store where it's cheap, so the batting is always the most expensive part of the quilt! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. I'm going to have to do a huge catchup week with end of school activities taking a toll on sewing time.

I'm having so much fun seeing everyone's fabrics being put together on flicker! I have 48 blocks since I used 14 fabrics instead of 12 so I"m making my quilt 6 blocks X 8 blocks! I actually have someone in my town who has a free arm quilting machine - who knew? Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful batting! I think I actually have a little bit in my closet Hope you tell us what to do when we don't have a piece that is Pokies Big Winners Quilt enough Thanks again for doing this I am having so much fun I put together groupings of stash to make 5 more quilts!: THEN I can feel better about buying more fabric!: I love the Warm and Natural.

I think it makes a nicer quilt. I wish I had used it in my first ever quilt. I can't wait to put my quilt top together and see what it's going to look like! It's so great to be able to make this quilt with such a great group of people. Thanks for all the work you are doing!! Love all your quilts!

I always get stuck on which batting to use We've got a lovely rainy Monday - Perfect for row sewing!!! Thanks again for the motivation! I remember when they first came on the market and it was so fun to sew with. I wasn't quilting then, but I dyed the batting and used it to make reindeer and Santas, etc.

It's really much more versatile than you would think. Thanks for a great quilt-along, Dana, I'm having fun playing catch-up! Hilo, Dana, I feel like I am making the quilt just by watching your step by step explanations and photos. So does that qualify me to receive free batting, maybe then I'll dig deeper for time to make a quilt??

Hugs from Georgia, yvonne. I am loving this quilt and the fact that a large group of people are doing it. I also love this batting. Thanks for adding an extra week -- I hope that'll be enough for me.

Your quilt looks wonderful! I love warm and natural! And yes, I am a bit behind. I hope I can catch up this week, I've only sewn a few strip together so far!

I have seen this product but haven't used it. Thanks so much for this quilt-a-long and all the fun I'm having with it. I have to stop myself from constantly looking at all Pokies Big Winners Quilt lovely Bally Pokies News Anchors I see.

BTW, Thanks Dana for doing the quilt along.

This is so much fun! It definitely is the best I've ever used I love how your top came together. So bright and happy! Thanks for the chance to win the batting!

The quilt has a great visual effect. I found warm and natural last year, love that stuff. Dana Your quilt is fabulous! Thank you for all the great direction. I can't wait to get my quilt put together. I'm so excited to see this week of instructions since I'm also using FOF summer and now I have a little preview of my final top look: Dana, when this quilt along is finished can your awesome daughter lead the next one? I've love to make her quilt block design seen in the previous post for a quilt!

I love warm and natural it is what I use. I can't wait to catch up my strips are sewn but I am only half way done cutting up my blocks. I really love the fabrics you are using. It is making a really pretty quilt. Your detailed instructions and photos are really helpful. Thanks for all your hard work. I'm so excited to see a Flights of Fancy quilt, I'm using that fabric for one of my virtual quilting bees.

Thanks for being so generous! I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I am really enjoying this quilt-along! Thanks for all your time! Can't wait to start putting my quilt top together today. I love how your quilt top turned out, great choice of colors. Thanks for offering the giveaway! The top came together so well! I love how it turned out! I have been looking for a great batting Your quilt top is great. Now to catch up.

It is a favorite of mine as well. It is great batting! I just uploaded the photo of my blocks last night Thank you for doing this quilt along and the giveaways.

I can't wait to see how mine comes out. Thanks for the extra week - some of us will need it! Terrific instructions, and thank you for all of the pressing guidance: I could use the Warm N Natural too, this hobby is very addicting and good batting is pricey! I just joined the quilt a long yesterday, choosing my fabrics now and will be fast catching up Pokies Big Winners Quilt cutting and sewing strips! This is my kind of sewing!

If this is your first time here for the quilt along then you need to go back to May in the posts and find the beginning. And, for the love of Pete, you need to join the Flickr group too. Before we get going with the work for Week 4, I want to announce a slight change in schedule.

Originally this was going to last for 6 weeks. I'm changing it to 7 weeks so as to give 2 weeks for the quilting phase. That just means an extra week of giveaways. Unless you have a problem with that. At this point you should have all of your quilt blocks. As per prior discussion both here and in the Flickr groupthe number of blocks that you ultimately have varies.

I have a total of 39 Some of you may have 42 blocks. Others may have more or less. It doesn't really matter. What does matter is what you do with them. Since I have 39 blocks I have decided to use 36 of them in my large quilt. Six blocks wide by six blocks long. With the remaining 3 A smaller quilt to practice my quilting on before I tackle a larger project. With my total number of blocks that I'm turning into a large quilt top, I want to randomly organize them.

Just do whatever you have to do so that no two of the same blocks end up side by side in the final quilt. As I stated, my quilt will be six blocks long by six blocks wide so I grab six blocks to start my first row.

Lay out your blocks as they will be sewn together into a row. You'll see that each block is turned 90 degrees from the previous block. In other words, the first block in the row has the strips going north and south while the second block they are going east and west. Now begin sewing the blocks together. Right sides of Pokies Win Nzz Format Podcast Download together. Line it up and pin it. Keep in mind that if your block that is underneath has seams wherein the pressed seams are facing counter to the way in which you are going to sew, that you will want to keep these flat as you are sewing.

You don't want them to flip and be twisty once you are done sewing this seam. Hang with me and you'll see more explanation further along. Sew your first two blocks together Ta-dah!! Now you're ready to sew on the third block in your row. Again, right sides of fabric together. You'll notice that this time I pinned it more frequently than the last time. This is because of the seam-folding-twisty-thing that I was just talking about. At Pokies Big Winners Quilt arrow in the photo below there is a seam.

If you Pokies Big Winners Quilt to see the back side of where those arrows are pointing, you would see that the pressed seam is pointed "north" in the direction in which it will feed through the sewing machine as you sew on the next block. So, I pinned at all those points to make sure that they don't do that folding-twisting-make-my-final-quilt-top-not-lay-flat-thing that they could do if I'm not careful. So keep repeating this process until your entire first row of blocks is sewn together Then you are ready to press all of those seams created from sewing the blocks together.

Press them all in the same direction. Make a mental note here. On your next row of blocks, you will press these seams in the opposite direction. This will make joining your rows together easier. I'll talk more about this in a minute. Row 1 is complete! Lay your first row out. Lay your Pokie Review Watch Brands for your second row next to them to make sure that you have rotated your blocks correctly so that they too are opposite of the first row.

Study the next two photos if my oh-so-clear explanation doesn't make sense. Sew your entire second row together following the same procedure as your first row. Once your second row is complete, pressed and ready to go, it is Pokies Bonus For Referrals Appreciated Property to join row one and row two.

This business may Big Pokies Winners Quilt

A moment ago I discussed how the block seams should be pressed the opposite way in row two as they were in row one. This become important now as we go to join the two rows. Lay your rows on top of one another with right sides of fabric facing each other. Obviously you want to line up the edges but the really important thing here is lining up the block junctions precisely.

So, as you begin pinning your two rows together in preparation to join them by sewing, start with your first block junction and make sure that they line up precisely. Then work back to your left pinning and lining up the fabric. Then on to your next block junction. And again, work back to your left pinning and lining up the fabric until you get to the point where you meet your other pins.

Keep at it until your whole row is pinned. Step back and admire your work. Even the back will look pretty. All those carefully sewn and pressed seams will yield a nice and flat quilt top.

Your odds win Winners Quilt Big Pokies

A nice and flat quilt top makes the actual quilting of it easier. So keep repeating this process until your quilt top is complete. I remember thinking that assembling a quilt top took forever. But then I did more. And learned my own tricks for making things work. It's just like anything. How about a giveaway? I'll give two people the best batting in the world to make their completed quilt. It doesn't bunch or separate. It gives the final quilt that nice wrinkly, crinkly antique look that I love.

And it keeps it shape wash after wash. I love this stuff. And you will too! Leave a comment here to this post before 7: I'll pick a winner by random draw soon thereafter. Which is fine, I'll take small profit over some of these doomsday figures any day of the week.

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