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These are the big winners from Sale of the Century. NBC Daytime Mort Kamins: Was the very first. Nov 02,  · coinsluckyz.com+Shows/ High dollar prizes and winners throughout the course of the US series. Sale of the Century is an American television game show which debuted in the United States on which coincided with the debut of the "Winner's Big Money Game".

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Even later, a randomizer was added to the Fame Game board and the player in control of the board selected a number by hitting their buzzer, which stopped the randomizer. To coincide with this change, Sale also increased the value of the shopping prizes. Originally, after the third Fame Game, three more general knowledge questions were asked, and the contestant with the highest score is the winner. It is believed that this tournament was originally broadcast in May , since that is a sweeps period, but not in February , as NBC's big event during February sweeps was the "Car-azy February Sweepstakes. The "Open House" round was played in early episodes of the original version, usually about halfway through a particular episode. Starting in January December on the syndication run , to cut costs, the end game was a prize matching game called "The Winner's Board", where the contestant won whatever prize they ended up matching on a game board. When the show started, it was the only Money Card.

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A contestant who did buzz in early was penalized by having the cost of the Instant Bargain deducted from their score and being locked out of purchasing the prize. The winning contestant or couple was given the opportunity to spend their score on at least one of several grand prizes at the "Sale of the Century". There were no tournaments in the syndicated run. Initially, contestants who won the game went to the "Sale of the Century" where they could use their winnings to buy prizes. Five prizes were presented to the contestants and each could buy as many of them as he or she wanted. Box selected, now the moment of truth. During the NBC run, there were tournaments held at least once a season.

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To start, host Perry gave the champ a choice three envelopes red, yellow, or blue. Unlike the regular Fame Game, instead of prizes, all other numbers are cash. This is a playing of the Speed Round from Alice Conkwright's last game. NBC —73, —89 Syndicated —74, — The tournament had 18 players, all of whom played during either the Shopping or Winner's Board eras, competing three at a time until two players were left. This contestant Margaritte Newhouse was so excited, she disappeared from the left side of the graphic. A longer-format question generally known as the "Who am I?

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