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  • Instantly recognizing the voice of Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby over the airwaves, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. The Big 12, Bowlsby declared, would officially begin to explore expansion. "Almost careened off the road," said the official, who immediately began phoning his colleagues  Missing: pokies.
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Manage Profile Log Out close. The Big 12 announced in July that it was going to explore candidates and evaluate resumes, with expansion by two or four teams looking like a certainty. But the league has opted to stay put, according to Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated.

Chip Brown of Horns Digest also confirmed the news. Status quo in the Big True, Big 12 realignment has been in the news for six years nowwith four teams leaving and TCU and West Virginia joining. Any team would need eight of 10 presidents to vote in its favor in order to be added. Oklahoma president David Boren said later Monday that the decision to hold steady was unanimous.

It was widely reported that as many as 17 schools were trying to get in on the Big 12 expansion sweepstakes, but three widely reported favorites stood tall throughout most of the process: BYU, Cincinnati, and Houston. The Cougars looked like a slam dunk. They have the hottest coach in college football, Tom Herman.

At one point, they had the conditional support of Texas heavyweights. You can call it scared; you can call it pragmatic. These are the schools with the least to offer in population and TV markets, and the most to lose if another Power 5 program emerges in Texas. The other slam dunk of expansionif you go by nothing but the numbers.

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This was particularly rich, as the strongest expression of Big 12 unity until recently was how angry everyone was at Boren for his willingness to speak into every microphone shoved in front of his face. Examining when remaining unbeatens could suffer first loss of season.

Bowlsby mentioned other potential elements on Monday, including starting a third-tier network and changing kickoff windows as the type of things that were being discussed.

Big XII decides not to expand

Ultimately, the Big 12 will get more money and has some leverage in all the other discussions. One thing it also did was avoid alienating its television partners, which viewed the pro rata clause as a loophole and would have been seething mad if the Big 12 did expand. That could help the Big 12 in its next negotiation. At some point over the past three months, the suggestion has been made that the Big 12 embarked on this expansion expedition in order to bilk its business partners out of a few extra million dollars.

With Strong expected to be let go, stage is set for robust coaching carousel. I ran that theory by a few people in the Big 12 and involved in the process over the weekend. That would be giving the Big 12 too much credit. This is a league that has trouble figuring out who won its conference some years.

If the conference spoke to 20 schools and invited in 11 for in-person interviews, it would be the college football version of Wag the Dog. In that movie, Hollywood spin doctors fabricate a war in Albania to distract the country from a political sex scandal. As Boren Pokies Online Vet Games through the past few months, the perception and concern grew around the league that Oklahoma was window shopping for other conferences.

If Oklahoma and Texas really wanted to commit to the league and extend the grant of rights, the other eight schools would have eagerly agreed and Fox and ESPN would have likely engaged as part of a greater negotiation. It would have been a strong ploy by the league to show unity. Texas has far more options than Oklahoma.

Pledging loyalty six or seven years before any real decisions are made is hollow talk. Why Corey Robinson decided to walk away from Notre Dame football. Still, any Big 12 defections come down to fundamental questions: Would OU or Texas go to a league where they have to play better teams to reach the national title game? Would they be O. Ultimately, the tenor of Big 12 realignment changed when Foxsports. The honor code reads: The Pac will likely never be a landing spot, as it already has the Salt Lake City market with Utah Pokies Big Xii Expansion the honor code issue would remain a big deal.

This whole saga appears to have solidified BYU as an independent for the near future. Cutting back the month window would cost more money. UConn would have paid it knowing there was a Power Five payday on the other end, as it would have made the money back quickly.

No school improved its profile more than Houston the past year, as it rushed to build and upgrade its facilities. Its football success the past two seasons showcased the logical reasons for the Cougars to be in a Power Five league. But where could they go?

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