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Jack Pitney, a professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College, recently calculated the electoral college margins in all 58 U. Separately, there's the question of whether Trump's victory is a "landslide.

Clear landslides came most recently in the s. Ronald Reagan won electoral votes to Jimmy Carter's 49 in the election. Four years later, Reagan won 49 states, delivering him a to 13 victory over Walter Mondale. InGeorge H. Bush succeeded Reagan by amassing electoral votes to Michael Dukakis' Each of those Reagan and Bush victories came with an 8 to 9 percent margin in the popular vote, as icing on the cake.

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  • The presidential election was the first election in American history in which the popular vote mattered, as 18 states chose presidential electors by popular vote in (six states still left the choice up to their state legislatures). When the final votes were tallied in those 18 states, Andrew Jackson polled , popular  Missing: pokies.

Trump currently trails Hillary Clinton by about 2. There have been five candidates who lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College. Dave Leip's Atlas of U. Presidential Elections hide caption. To be certain, Trump's win in the Electoral College is what matters. But his loss in the popular vote to Hillary Clinton is itself historic. Election results sourced from Dave Leip's Atlas of U.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. President-elect Donald Trump Falsely Claims A 'Massive Landslide Victory' The president-elect is pushing back on the conclusion that Russia tried to help him win, claiming a historic margin of victory. But the winner received more electoral votes in 37 of 58 U. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

December 11, 5: The entire campaign was dominated by the issue of dealing with the Bank of the United States. The bank was highly unpopular among a large section of the American population, which considered the bank to be only a tool for the rich.

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While Jackson was completely determined to eliminate the bank after he came to power, and went on to veto the reauthorization of the bank shortly after being nominated, Clay decided to criticize Jackson on this issue.

However, his efforts proved futile in the end, and he lost to Jackson in the elections by the large margin of The Presidential Election of the United States of America that was held on November 6,led to a major victory for the Republican presidential candidate, Ronald Reagan.

With the win, Reagan was appointed for a second time to the prestigious office of the President of the United States of America.

How the states voted in every presidential election

The Democrat candidate, Walter Mondale, was defeated in this election by a margin of Another mistake made by Mondale was his pledge to raise taxes, which was highly disapproved of by the American society. Following the assassination of President McKinley inthe late President's running mate in the election ofTheodore Roosevelt, then aged 42, was appointed as the President. In the process, "Teddy" became the youngest United States President in history.

This included ensuring pure food and drugs were available, and that railroads and other large industries were properly regulated. It was not surprising, therefore, that Roosevelt managed to defeat the Democrat Party nominee, Alton Parker, in a landslide win in the presidential elections ofwhen he came to office for a full term in his own right.

In one of the most crushing Presidential election victories in U. Kennedy indefeated the Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater, in the elections of The election ended in a landslide victory for Johnson who, by a staggering margin of President for a full term.

With a margin of McGovern ran an anti-war campaign that was well appreciated by Pokies 2018 Nfl Schedule, though his 'outsider' status, and the scandal surrounding his Vice Presidential Democrat nominee, Thomas Eagleton, contributed to his failure in winning the election.

On November 3,in a landslide win, incumbent President Franklin D. President Roosevelt had first assumed office four years earlier at a time when the U.

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This was the major issue that formed the basis of the campaign for the Republican opposition. However, Landon was no match for the forceful personality of Roosevelt, and, in the end, Roosevelt won over the votes of the people, with his leadership qualities, rather than his policies, likely giving him the necessary boost to do so.

The American presidential election saw the second greatest landslide victory in the history of the United States, when President Calvin Coolidge, the Republican candidate in the elections, defeated John Davis, the Democratic candidate. Coolidge had been the President for a short term, following the death of President Warren G. The short term served by Coolidge was largely peaceful and successful, characterized by an apparently booming economy in the country and no apparent crisis abroad.

Thusly, Coolidge was already a favorite of the people when he stood up for Presidential election in

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No matter how "inevitable" a U.S. presidential candidate may seem, history The 7 Most Shocking Election Upsets In Presidential No one thought Truman would win. Donald Trump shocks world, wins presidential election in electoral votes needed to win the the biggest upset in modern political history. 49 rows · Largest Landslide Victories In US Presidential Election History. With the .

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How the states voted in every presidential election