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Hoover firmly supported Prohibition, whereas Smith, an avowed wet, favored repeal. Roosevelt planned to run for a fourth term, and this shaped the coming campaign. The Republicans carried two states—Maine and Vermont—for 8 electoral votes; Roosevelt received the remaining

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WATCH: The Biggest Media Meltdowns to Trump's Win

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  1. This was also the first presidential election since Jimmy Carter's narrow victory in , that a presidential candidate from either party would win a presidential election with fewer than electoral votes, and the first time a Republican would win without breaking that amount since William McKinley's victory in :
    The table below is a list of United States presidential elections ordered by margin of victory in the Electoral College vote. Contents. [hide]. 1 Definition of the margin. Informal definition; Mathematical definition. 2 Table of election results; 3 See also; 4 External links. Definition of the margin[edit]. Informal definition[edit].Missing: pokies. The United States presidential election of was the thirty-eighth quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, In terms of electoral votes, it was the most lopsided presidential election in the history of the United States. In terms of the popular vote, it was the second-biggest victory for the winner  Missing: pokies. With the win, Reagan was appointed for a second time to the prestigious office of the President of the United States of America. The Democrat candidate, Walter Mondale, was defeated in this election by a margin of %, a major landslide in U.S. election history. Another interesting fact about this election was that for the  Missing: pokies.
  2. Mrs Clinton's lead is the largest of the five times when a US presidential candidate won the popular vote but failed to win the election. In fact, Mr Trump's margin of victory in some key swing states was smaller than the number of votes Ms Stein, a third party candidate, received in Michigan, Wisconsin and.:
    However there were no such arrangements for Icelandic fans in France and that could mean a voter turnout of under 65%, low for the Nordic nation, local reports said. Mr Johannesson is an expert on political history, diplomacy and the constitution, and has not said which political party he supports. He says. Events at little creek casino Casino Australian Online Pokies vivo free online casino James bond martini rezept Australian Online Pokies casino royal Free .. Pokies How to win slots jackpot Best and safest online casino Free bonus slots for fun Playtech Australian Online Pokies 3d roulette 40 casino party Alice in. Wild horse pass hotel and Sugarhouse Casino History casino arizona Ways to win free money your wedding online casinos australia are rigged Sky ute Reel king slots online Electronic roulette magnet Pokies Sugarhouse Casino History jackpot ringtone Party casino aus No deposit online casino south africa Slots a lot.
  3. In recent weeks the world has been fixated on the tightening race for the Democratic presidential nomination between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. As the all-important New Hampshire primary results roll in and Sanders claims victory, election deliberations.:
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He is not the person to lead as President. At least Hillary isn't like him. Hope the Democrats get in, it would be just scary if the Republicans or anyone else does. Just an Australian's point of view. Harvey - "It's a powerful and empowering message, after eight years of Obama's negative point of view about how the world sees the United States. What DO you think the rest of the world thinks of the United States?

I don't think they have a problem with the american people, per se, but must of us view their political system and government with bemusement, hilarity and horror, depending on how directly it affects us. They seem to be very adept at kicking own goals. I don't see Obama's point of view as being "negative", but rather as pragmatic - he inherited a list of problems: The Republicans refused to accept the democratic election results, spat the dummy, and been obstructive based on ideology and highl-paid lobbyists.

Having obstructed they will then accuse Obama of not having achieved anything. That quote, right there, told the whole story to me - the ladder.

If she hasn't noticed, 'the ladder' has screwed a lot of people over, and, there are a lot of people in the country who would like to get rid of the ladder altogether, not to just put a woman at the top of it, just so that she can say, "See? I can screw you just as effectively as a man can screw you over. For example, Hilary often refers to "my record" but never gives specific examples of what are probably some amazing achievements in that record.

She seems to presume that everyone is already familiar with that record. In turn, that comes across, to the neophyte voter, as though she is 'above' explaining or pitching herself to the electorate, furthering the 'establishment' label she laments. As for Sanders' electability, he isn't selling himself. He is selling the people their own agenda.

For example, beyond the police shootings, there is no possible way to exaggerate the effect of the privatisation of prisons on both the African-American community, and, law enforcement as a whole. However bad you think it is, it's worse. Ill-gotten criminal records disqualify innocent people from gainful employment.

As huge a problem as this is, name one other candidate, including Clinton, who is even mentioning this issue. I think the Clinton campaign is over-estimating the value of Obama's endorsement and the African-American community's loyalty to her husband. Hilary's campaign is about Hilary. Sanders' campaign is about the voters' concerns. You've nailed it, Richard. Hillary has no real consistency on anything, and adopts positions based purely on polling and campaign financing.

The cracks are showing, because she's effectively a business-as-usual candidate, funded by Wall Street. Sanders has shown consistency and, importantly, a passion for what he believes in, and if that hurts donations from corporations and favourable media coverage, so be it.

The establishment is no longer in control of the narrative. Americans are following Bill Clinton's lead and do what he has been doing for years: Perhaps younger progressive women in the USA are more radical and therefore they would naturally prefer the more radical Sanders.

Clinton is relatively more centrist centre-left and therefore she is far more likely to win the Presidential election against the Republicans than Sanders.

Obama only did a fraction of what he could have done Clinton, if elected, will also advance another bit Progressive change will occur, but in an Evolutionary manner.

If Sanders wins, the Democrats will lose the Presidential election, even against the loony Trump Amidst the hustle and bustle of the process I find myself feeling that things are proceeding as they ought. Maybe Trump is crazy but that's fine. As president his rhetoric will work or it won't. He probably won't be nuking anyone either way. On the democrat side, Clinton is well qualified but perhaps too close to the causes of the current US situation.

Sanders seems like the smartest guy in the room but just like Trump, in office his rhetoric would face the same test. Clinton with Sanders as VP seems like the best ticket to me, especially if his support is needed to give them a chance. I do wonder if Clinton is too compromised to do the things Sanders is talking about. Maybe his presence as VP would create the conditions in which she has to act. That would be good for all of us.

But once again, if it's president Trump, fine. He'll moderate and either succeed or fail. We'll all learn something. I'll watch with interest. I don't know about gender so much but Americans like most the world don't have this ridiculous hang up with age like Australia does Trump and Clinton 69, Sanders 74,Bush Biden in his 70's considered a strong chance to be 'drafted'by the Democrats if Clinton's campaign unravels In Australia PMs like Howard and Hawke were pressured to stand down after they passed The biggest liability for Hillary Clinton is her husband.

Because a vote for her as President is also a vote for having this man back in the White House as well. The fact that she did an old-fashioned "stand by your man" thing after he publicly admitted that he had cheated on her with a much younger woman and then had every sordid detail of his cheating splashed across the world's media, would have sent most women to their divorce lawyer's office. Sure stand by him whilst he was President, but when he is out of office, divorce him.

The message she then sent to other women was that she was the sort of woman who would put up with any amount of rubbish from a man in order to maintain a marriage. She had a long time to divorce him after he was President, possibly find a new husband or even stay single and do something radical like promote her own daughter as the "First Lady, and reconstruct a separate identity for herself independent of the Clinton name.

But it is like she is still trying to ride along on his coat tails. THIS is the main reason I think so many young women have not flocked to support her. Because she essentially represents an older generation of women who would put up with any amount of crapola in a marriage to keep up appearances. Why aren't young women convinced? Some issues are primarily influenced by gender, most are not.

When oh when will we stop dividing every decision along the gender binary line? A woman should vote for a woman? Give me a break! I am a woman. That makes me also a person. A person who uses all available information to make decisions - I don't base my choices on the genders availalbe.

Which one would any intelligent person choose? By intimating that a woman would prefer a female candidate simply on the basis of her gender, you perpetuate the harmful myth that women are clueless politically. US politics should have nothing to do with Australia, and we should be a strong enough country to ignore the US in just about everything. Unfortunately, we have become a very weak, uninspired and insipid country and now hugely americanised, and US politics now fills our news media similar to US movies now filling our cinemas.

I cringe at the mere thought of Hillary Clinton becoming US President, as there is so much controversy with her she will likely fill our news media each night with her latest failure to disclose, hypocrisy, lie, double standard, impeachment and finally her imprisonment.

That is, if she doesn't press the button first. In fact, it may be safest for her and everyone else on the planet if she is imprisoned before she becomes US president. I take the view that any given democracy should be interested in any other democracy in our world. We can always learn something positive and progressive from other democratic systems.

Sanders for instance has praised for some of its' democratic policies and believes the U. I do take your point that any democracy should see itself just as worthy of doing things its' own way no matter how big or small the issues are. I believe being democratically minded tends to bring out your sympathies for other democratic cultures and encourage interest in the issues being played out within those democratic cultures.

The US is not a democracy. The US is an oligarchy. Jimmy Carter eventually stated this one of a very few honest US politicians , and it was more scientifically proven in the study undertaken by scholars at Princeton university. See 'Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens' And the only thing to learn about an oligarchy is to avoid it.

It is highly praiseworthy that some in the US are looking elsewhere to attempt to solve the innumerable problems that beset the US. And these problems have compounded under Obama. Hillary Clinton is best imprisoned now and not later , as she will be getting in the way of the US ever looking outside of its arrogant and corrupt self. So the only worry for people in the US should be whether Hillary Clinton can be imprisoned now, or will they have to wait until after she is elected.

I have news for the old wave feminists, men can be feminists too and why would any woman with a brain vote for Sarah Palin just because she is female. I'm a feminist, in the sense that I think an individual is more than their gender, social class, skin colour, football team, etc, and needs to be evaluated on their individual merits and flaws.

Sanders seems like a better Progressive than Clinton. I honestly found it remarkable that feminists would try to tell women how to vote by shaming them for not voting for a female candidate, or trying to marginalise their voting choice by claiming they are merely "running after the boys".

These two acts stand pretty antithetical to what the feminist movement has represented all this time. Do you want women the right to exercise their choice or not? Do you want a woman's choice to be respected or not? I assume the majority of women didn't vote for Sarah Palin because of her sex. They didn't vote for her because her policies were wrong. This is no different - if Sanders represents their beliefs and hopes for America, who are you to say otherwise?

There's evidently different strands of feminist ideology. Mainstream feminists in the 80s and 90s certainly weren't affirming the choice of those women who wanted to stay and home and raise kids. An orthodox member of the sisterhood was expected to go get a career and climb up the ladder with support from those who'd already done so. Albright, who's a highly intelligent person, seems to believe in right choices and wrong choices. The results at the moment show a few things: Sanders is tapping into a seemingly new and emergent zeitgeist that is wanting to right the wrongs of the past; that more young women are interested in promoting fairness than in previous generations and that Hillary has to pull up her socks and keep up.

Interesting that Bush the latter and Clinton the latter are not looking like walk-up starts for their respective nominations. That can only be a good trend IMO. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it hence the rise of socialists promising free stuff for all.

Each generation seems to need to figure out things for itself. The way that Malcolm Turnbull is running this country of ours is a disgrace. Also, our Queensland Premier, woman though she is, whom many people hoped would be a bright light in this political darkness, has let us Pensioners down. We're now told that our Electricity and Gas and other Utilities bills regarding our rebates will soon be affected. This is just not on. Why are the older generation and the sick always the ones to be penalized while the fat cats like Clive Palmer sit around and sack good people, pretend to be a force for women in parliament when he has no women in his own PUP Party?

Both he and Turnbull and Anastacia are to be condemned. They are a total disgrace to our parliamentary system, but then when were politicians ever honest anyway? Palmer didn't sack anyone. Sure it didn't work, but you can't blame Palmer for that. He had a women in PUP, but she quit so she doesn't have to follow the party line. Obviously Lucia you have not seen the list of donors to each campaign.

That might explain why young voters, at least the smarter ones, are not voting for Clinton. I would vote for anyone who promised to jail a bunch of bankers. Clinton isn't that person. Moreover a symbolic victory is purely that; immaterial, largely inconsequential in a society which is obsessed with symbols and yet blind to the real world structures of power which confine them including in terms of gender. Much the same as having a black American as president; the only consequence is that now Americans can be chuffed or reviled, depending on their outlook to say that they had a black man as president.

Black Americans are still disproportionately incarcerated, brutalized, impoverished and generally less well off, despite the fact that President Obama shares the same skin colour as them. I guess I'm saying that the problem goes deeper than symbolism, and to put Hillary Clinton -- a woman who by many accounts is likely to continue class warfare in America, leaving many women in that country worse off -- in the Whitehouse purely so that Americans can say "we had a female president" is grossly irresponsible.

Its got nothing to do with gender. Hillary clinton is just a mass produced politician. A flip glopper favoring majprity opinion. Standing for nothing whilst trying to align with everything. Perhaps the American public wants more than another carfboard copy politician. Voting on gender should be far away from your mind when your future may be effected. If there is anyone offering hope or a political difference Clinton will loose. I will try again. Hillary is very loose with the truth and she has had a direct association with a number of issues which have been perilously close to criminal.

A strange article this one. In some sort of fashion young women seemed to be being blamed for not engaging in sexual discrimination in the selection of their candidate.

I would have guess that they might instead prefer Bernie's policies and perhaps think that Hillary is a very bad candidate with trust and ethical issues. I find myself hearted that the younger women are so capable to think that they can make a decision not solely based upon the sex of the candidate. The journalist Lucia Osborne-Crowley seems overly concerned simply with having a female president and doesn't seem concerned at all about the quality of the candidate.

Do people honestly believe somebody who accepts hundreds of thousands from Goldman Sachs will act in a way that will suppress that bank's profits? To regulate them in ways that will ultimately prevent them from making profits in ways that destabilise the financial system?

I believe I am a feminist. I think women are capable of knowing and comprehending what men are capable of knowing and comprehending. I think regardless of gender it is clear Bernie Sanders has the interests of people more at heart than Hillary Clinton. That is literally the end of the story here. For once, where people are voting on actual issues rather than gender, there is a movement against women for not voting BASED on gender?

What on earth is going on?? Gloria Steinem has insulted the intelligence of every heterosexual woman who supports Sanders, as has Albright the intelligence of women of faith. It's great to be young and idealistic but reality checks on promises and how policies would be implemented would be much more useful. Elections are not a beauty contest clearly, but maybe someone could promise "world peace". Are you implying that women can only vote according to gender?? Holy hell this makes me mad!!

Is it SO amazing that women seem to be voting for policy instead of basing their vote on gender?? How can you write such sexist, patronising rubbish?? I'm typing hard because I'm so mad. If I don't stop writing now I will begin to swear! The youth I know understand well that females can be equally gifted in manipulation techniques to the getting of what yee wants opportunities as any male gifted in manipulation techniques to the getting of what yee wants.

Of the boy bugs, girls bugs game we played back in primary school? Is that it, PG5 is the msm target audience? Sure is looking that way. The unbridled temerity of these older feminists to expect younger women to do anything other than vote pure self interest is breathtaking.

Sanders is floating the ideal of social university and medicine, like in most advanced Western democracies. Now that would be the best head start for any young person. Clinton says it unrealistic. Further, Clinton is not pure. She is a flip flopper and has dubious baggage. Her biggest clear pull is gender and celebrity. She's plenty competent enough in a bland kind of run of the mill way.

Nothing special or new or exciting, like Bernie, for some. Bernie says he doesn't believe in merely stating what you'd like but rather actively pursuing it.

He will probably fail but Clinton will absolutely definitely fail as she thinks it's unachievable and not even a worthy goal. Wall Street would not even approve of her uttering it as a stretch long term goal.

I can't imagine voting for a person purely based on their gender and to appease a bunch of older women. It's a preposterous notion. I support these younger women totally. They can't be co-opted and hoodwinked by symbolism and tokenism, not even if these old women think they are owed for past services and sacrifices. Gratitude is the lively expectation of future favours to come.

It seems to me that to suggest women should vote for other women because they are women is sexist, just as suggesting men should vote for men because they are men. The big difference between the US Presidential election and the upcoming Australian election is that in Australia women are struggling to gain preselection in safe seats so that there is a greater chance of equal representation of women in parliament.

The problem with Sanders isn't the fact that precious young women raised in an enlightened middle-class bubble think the feminist agenda has been served - but that if he wins then we are all doomed to a Republican president. And there's a fair chance it might be Trump.

Any of them would be a frightening prospect. I know, it's not 'our' president - but it is, really. GW Bush wasn't our president, yet we fought and lost in two of his wars, suffered his GFC, are enduring waves of his jesusist evangelical fervour even today in our policymaking and puritanical culture, and are now so scared of terrorists that we travel the world in stretch onesies like overgrown babies so we aren't made to strip in public at airports.

Eight years of Trump or Rubio or any of those other jesus-befuddled reactionaries would be our final eight years, I'm convinced. The Rapture will happen whether or not it actually happens. Armageddon is just a knee-jerk reaction away - and these guys are competitive knee-jerkers, we have seen this as they out-extreme each other on how hard they will stamp every issue presented to them to death.

These people are far more dangerous than Kim, Rouhani, Putin and Assad put together. They are a collection of english-speaking Ahmadinejads with a nuclear arsenal to rival the Big Bang. If we were witnessing these people and their rhetoric taking place in Russia, Brazil, China or even Germany we would be recommending pre-emptive strikes prior to an election. They all moderate through sheer necessity and the legion of public servants who give continuity between administrations. Which makes me wonder what Cheney really wanted to do lol.

If Trump is president, much of his rhetoric will have to meet the reality of the rest of the world. Who knows - maybe he's right? Stranger things have happened. Ronald Reagan had a core of heart and sensibility that wasn't obvious to a lot of people at the time.

But if he is wrong, he and the country will experience natural consequences of this. And those consequences, as with others in recent decades, will mean future presidents have progressively less ability to influence world affairs.

I might add a pool room to my bomb shelter just in case Sanders is a father-figure to so many young voters, especially women. Women still seem to listen to, overwhelmingly, men.

You can't wipe two thousand and sixteen years of male domination his research, his findings, his adventures, his pleas for understanding unless women realise that men have dominated the past, and that the outlook and insights of women arer still grounded in a man's understanding of the lives of men and women alike. The notion of merit still resides, in , in the eyes of the dominant tribe.

Small wonder the many value the pronounciations and machinations of only men. Continuing to do so is folly. But for feminists, women could not now attend a university, have the vote or open a bank account.

There is still a long way to go to have gender equality in our lives and livelies - our rules, regulations and laws are still formed and formulated by men for men and for women. And this must change. If women do not like a candidate who happens to a woman, it isn't that they are taking a non-sexist view of the candidates and their policies, it must be because the female voters are idiots. Sorry, but if the genders were changes so that this read as males, it would be deeply offensive to suggest that we should "think deeply about our expectations of men in power", just because the less popular candidate was male.

Members of one gender favouring a candidate BECAUSE they are the same gender, rather than the policies proposed, is the epitome of sexism.

Sexism is still widespread and it isn't confined to males. They are not voting for Hillary, why? Because she is not fair dinkum that's why. She has been round too long, the contrived , worn out rhetoric just doesn't hit the spot for males or females. Anyone who votes for a person based on gender is not a feminist, as that is the type of discrimination that sexual equality is opposed to.

Clinton is no different to Trump, she advocates big business over workers and smaller business owners. She is progressive in the same way the ALP are 'progressive'. It is a smokescreen designed to make voters believe they have a choice. As for 'Bernie bros' - this is a term used by Clinton's camp to discredit any real progressive change.

No one can every explain to me why Clinton is a better candidate other than gender, so when this is ridiculed it is called sexism. What an age we live in. Isn't that a bit sexist, assuming that women should vote for women?

What if men only voted for men? We could have two governments. One government for men and another government for women. Then there would be no need for quotas because each could decide how many politicians to pay, and how much income tax to charge, how much GST etc, and how much to budget for health and educatuion, welfare etc. It would take a little working out but it would get us back to surplus fairly quickly if we could put all the females in their very own separate group, and not bother them with mens' problems.

Plus, Bernie Sanders' politics is awesome. We needsomeone like him here. I don't mind Hillary at all, however what I am finding from speaking to women is that they still dislike how she handled her hubby's dealings with Monica. They have flat said they won't vote for her cause of forgiving him of his digressions. So it is more to do with a lack of respect for her as a strong woman. Sad as I think she could do alot for the USA. It certainly would not include Gillard in that list!

Because she's a lying warmongering spokesman for the corporate elite, just like Bill Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama. To hear that phrase " a special place in hell etc" Coming from a woman who said that , dead children was "worth it" What a sick twisted soul she is. If millennial ladies are going with Sanders over Clinton, I think it far more likely that the ladies are just as aware as their male peers that Clinton is dangerous. The reasons given in this article are just fluff and nonsense Reporters like Lucia make it all about gender and similar surface noise because they are fundamentally ignorant about the real world and the psychopaths that run it.

So much for your comments moderations. Why not just say , we are sensing all comments and will post the ones that are in line with US stipulations.

Why aren't supporting Hilary Clinton? Because she is too old. Will not this be a huge game changer. All the way from reality television - to reality world governance. I can't see how Lucia can possibly comment on this other than by using secondary sources. Also, while Bernie is much older than Hillary he is much more radical, hence attracting a younger vote.

The way the article is written seems to suggest that all women belong to some particular branch of feminism. The author makes the incorrect assumption that women and feminism are synonymous.

They are not, one being a female human and the other an ideology. By the logic of Madeleine Albright men should support men and women should support women - based on gender rather than policy.

It's basically the same logic that causes corruption - support family and friends over qualified ability. As others have said it just sets the whole gender equality argument back a few steps as there is no need to imply any gendered person should support someone based only on their gender, without having an opinion based on something a little more educated. There are really stupid annoying people in positions of power in this world and one day it will stop since the little people are just getting fed up with the whole system.

As Socrates implied thousands of years ago - politics should be governed by those who don't want to govern - based on qualifications rather than ego and money and now gender. I think the reality is a little more complex.

In fact, a first female president will probably leave many women disappointed. It's a tough gig at the best of times. Hillary would have to negotiate, compromise and make the tough decisions, just like the others. Unbelievable that Albright could make such a statement as " There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other," and Steinem would suggest " Perhaps the young men are voting for the candidate that they think will do the best job - just as it seems the young women are.

It may be that young women view Sanders as a trustworthy father figure, while Hilary has been around forever and has had more opportunities to disappoint them, Sanders hasn't yet had that opportunity Sanders would also appeal to anti-establishment ideals and young women tend to be drawn more to social welfare issues than economic pragmatism.

Why not just vote for the person whom you believe has the best policies no matter what their skin colour, racial background, sexual preferences or gender is?

Better still let's have a media that focuses on policies and not on the candidates skin colour, racial background, sexual preferences or gender because it shouldn't matter. Couldn't agree more - i'm sure the majority of news readers know what policies Donald Trump stand for - compare that to how many policies we know the other candidates stand for.

Why is this - simple - because the media splash Donald Trump all over the front pages and everyone else and their more normal policies are pushed into the background.

Is this article about Hilary Clinton's policies - or more about gender differences? Just think of it maybe fantasy land - the news media as an education tool rather than a ratings grabber.

If Donald Trump becomes president we can blame the news media first - a close second will be the voters. The so called feminists that say a woman should vote for a politician because they are female are from the Luna Left of academia. Real feminists would not be so stupid. Leftist feminists have zero influence outside university arts faculties. The two women who have done the most to shape the modern world were Margret Thatcher and Ayn Rand. Two women who would never be featured in a university Women s Studies course.

Hillary ClinTon's "qualifications and experience" con sist of one thing: Being married to Bill Clinton. She's not fooling anyone. I suspect it is because she is rightly seen as just another cog in the political machine- a servant of the big end of town, a political chameleon without any true principles. Add to that the fact that she seems to expect women to vote for her based purely on her gender and you've got a candidate who expects to be worshiped.

Most outsiders would not pretend to understand much about American politics and would probably choose to keep it that way, but there does seem to be a disconnect with the political process among everyday American folk which varies from State to State as sampled in New Hampshire a vital part of the long road to becoming President, the political themes are very theatrical and mostly based on ideological principles rather than putting forward a solid pragmatic workable mandate.

Probably not seen in Australia that often but Hillary Clinton has a little more than a Presidential campaign to deal with, there is a spoiling influence at work that draws Bill Clinton into her campaign asking questions about his lucrative speaking engagements which allegedly are also benefitting Hillary Clinton as well.

On an American opinion based discussion show the questioner asked how many millions did they the Clinton's receive and can we see the transcripts of their talks to find out what was worth the 3 million dollars, paid to Bill Clinton by a Chinese bank. If any clue to Hillary Clinton's struggle to eventually become the first female President is apparent it is the Clinton's dubious business associations most notably with American Bankers.

The furphy of feminism and empowerment is a distraction put there by powerful hierarchical female lobby groups who want to convert the world to their own image whilst conveniently overlooking the failings of character found with anyone associated with power. The process of achieving success and reaching the glass ceiling involves a lot more than intellect it is also a primal thing involving instinct and unerring ambition, there's still a way to go regarding softening principally male alpha personalities to make business and politics more regulated and ready to open doors for women, there are certain aspects of power that women may not like but will have to adapt to if they want to reach the top of the food chain.

Surely the real question is why is anyone voting for Clinton, given her heavily smudged reputation. So the female vote must only be about gender or just following the boys because women can't think for themselves I think the suffragettes had to deal with the same arguments. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. The right royal reason Brisbane's male-named streets in the CBD all run in the same direction, and how a New South Wales governor got to pick how wide they would be.

By Middle East correspondent Matt Brown. At a roundabout in the dead heart of Raqqa are the spikes where Islamic State soldiers displayed decapitated heads. It's become a symbol of the city's debasement as survivors return in search of hope for the future.

These days the greatest insult a so-called men's rights activist can hurl at another man is the word "cuck", shortened from cuckold, the term for a man whose wife is cheating on him. But the ideas and language are nothing new. The murky and confusing world of political favours means George Brandis' new London gig isn't as safe as it used to be.

Is Bernie Sanders really winning over more millennial women than Hillary Clinton? Comments Comments for this story are closed. Women are jealous of other women, simple as that. Alert moderator I don't no: Alert moderator John Hogan: Alert moderator Ron Tishler: Alert moderator EM Laidly: Alert moderator The Other John: Alert moderator Another Day: Alert moderator Son of Zaky: Alert moderator Argus Tuft: If you can get someone to switch sides of politics you're gonna get them to vote in the election Alert moderator Lucy: Alert moderator Simple Man: Alert moderator Richard L: Alert moderator Left of Centre: Alert moderator spacey Alert moderator Ms Bogan: Alert moderator Julie Lloyd: It seems to have some in out population feel good about themselves for voting based on gender is the be all and end all Alert moderator brl Alert moderator Angry Janet: Alert moderator Big Ben: Alert moderator R Supwood: Alert moderator Old Red: Alert moderator Jack II: Alert moderator Machiavelli's Cat: Alert moderator Forrest Gardener: Alert moderator Trevor M: It is for the advancement of women now, not equality.

Alert moderator Regional Australia: Alert moderator CF Zero: Alert moderator Freddie Frog: Alert moderator Erick Quang: Clinton with her vast moneybags will go on to the White House and will govern in exactly the same manner and for exactly the same interest groups as any other before her Alert moderator Tonynero: Alert moderator Ian Lawson: Alert moderator Harvey Wireman: Alert moderator Richard DeBow: Alert moderator frank of malvern: Biden in his 70's considered a strong chance to be 'drafted'by the Democrats if Clinton's campaign unravels In Australia PMs like Howard and Hawke were pressured to stand down after they passed 60 Alert moderator Concerned: Alert moderator pompass Pilot: Alert moderator Michael of Brisbane: Alert moderator Mitor the Bold: Alert moderator Mark of SA: Alert moderator Tim B: Alert moderator Robert Anderson: Alert moderator P Thompson: Alert moderator keyboard warrior: Alert moderator Fixed income: Alert moderator Big Apple: Why is it always up to the women?

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Connect with ABC News. Got a news tip? Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. Brisbane street names By Kristian Silva The right royal reason Brisbane's male-named streets in the CBD all run in the same direction, and how a New South Wales governor got to pick how wide they would be. Cuckoldry through history By Una McIlvenna, University of Melbourne These days the greatest insult a so-called men's rights activist can hurl at another man is the word "cuck", shortened from cuckold, the term for a man whose wife is cheating on him.

Brandis still hostage to Turnbull The murky and confusing world of political favours means George Brandis' new London gig isn't as safe as it used to be. Along with the sunscreen, pack this safety guide Saudi forces intercept ballistic missile fired by Yemen rebels Defeat and disillusionment sink in for Islamic State's foreign converts Victoria mops up after severe storm sweeps across state The figure of Churchill looms large on screen and over the Brexit debate You may soon have to pay to watch cricket at home.

Just In Defeat and disillusionment sink in for Islamic State's foreign converts Victoria mops up after severe storm sweeps across state Car bomb that killed Maltese journalist 'probably triggered from boat at sea' Angela Merkel admits mistakes in Berlin market attack response Sydney man charged over alleged Syria trip to fight for 'terrorist organisation' SA Health ignored warnings before inpatient's fatal crash The long and storied history of the insult 'cuckold' What's the story behind the men's and women's street names in Brisbane's CBD?

The figure of Churchill looms large on screen and over the Brexit debate Heading to the beach? Along with the sunscreen, pack this safety guide.

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The Christmas break makes us fat for life No easy answers to England's Ashes problems. We and our partners also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the BBC website. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. These are external links and will open in a new window. As mail-in and absentee voter ballots continue to trickle in and the country braces for President-elect Donald Trump to step into power, Hillary Clinton quietly marked a milestone.

The latest election totals showed that Mrs Clinton, who lost to outsider Mr Trump last month, has received more votes than Mr Obama did in his victory, according to data from the National Archives and a running total by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

Mrs Clinton's lead is the largest of the five times when a US presidential candidate won the popular vote but failed to win the election. In fact, aside from Mr Obama's win, Mrs Clinton has received more votes than any other US presidential candidate in history. The US has seen a dramatic rise in population over the last century, which would partly explain why Mrs Clinton received more votes than previous candidates.

This year the US had million registered voters for the first time in history. So the proportion of Clinton votes might be more illuminating than simply how many votes she earned. Her popular vote margin of 2. The last time a candidate won the popular vote but lost the election was in , when President Bush received , fewer votes than Al Gore and still took the White House. The election had a higher turnout than the election by about 1. If the election had the same percentage of voting age population, about 2 million more voters would have gone to the polls.

Mr Trump is well over the Electoral College threshold with his insurmountable lead of votes to Mrs Clinton's , which means former Green Party nominee Jill Stein's recount campaign in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is unlikely to change the electoral math. But the Pirates still won the series The disproportionate effect of her vote is focused in Democratic-dependent states like California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts, said Bill Whalen, a senior research fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute.

But though metric of the popular vote does not change the outcome, it undercuts the argument that Mrs Clinton failed to mobilise Democrats, giving her supporters some sense of vindication.

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49 rows · Largest Landslide Victories In US Presidential time in the country’s history, a major party had a Vote Victories In US Presidential Election History. But any intelligent discussion of must begin with the fact that history is very strongly Republican Party presidential party, the win in. TOP TEN BIGGEST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION BLOWOUTS Below is my list of the ten biggest presidential election victories ever. Party, circa , when.

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