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I hate using public computers. The only computers I am comfortable using are my own. Sometimes you have to leave your machine at home.

One of the best ways to solve this is to shove a desktop distribution onto a USB drive and boot into it as required. But which one should you install? For the longest while, Puppy Linux has been seen as little more than a curiosity. Designed to be used on the most austere of hardware, it could Pokies Biggest Win Usb Ubuntu chug away on early Pentium machines without breaking a sweat. Puppy Linux isn't based on another distribution; it is Updates and new versions are still regularly released.

But you can now use it to get stuff done. There are three different versions of Puppy. One, called Slacko Puppy is based upon SlackWare, which is one of the longest established Linux distributions. People continue to use it as their day-to-day operating system.

Another is built around Ubuntu The third version of Puppy is the mainline project, originally founded by Barry Kauler. The recent versions, codenamed Quirkyhave been built with the express goal of running on a USB drive. I know that people have their own preference when it comes to what Linux distribution they want to use.

But please, indulge me just one more. Want to turn back the clock to the "Human" theme? You can, with the help of Elementary OS and the "Humanitary" theme and icon pack. Plus, it proves to be buttery-smooth, even on low-end hardware, like laptops and cheap Atom and Celeron-powered machines.

Or it might have a partition for your programs, and another for your documents and files. From time, you might need to modify these partitions to either resize them, or wipe them entirely. Many distributions come with this pre-installed. The GParted Live CD is a simple Linux distro you can use to change the size of your partitions — or wipe a drive entirely.

Be careful though, as one mistake could potentially render your hard Pokie Review Appraiser Remote unbootable. When malware strikes, it can often be game over. Your machine will run slowly, or perhaps not at all. Your files and folders will be held to ransom.

Everything you do on your computer could be monitored. Worse, many viruses and Trojans are designed to actively fight removal. But you have alternatives. By booting into a special Linux distribution, you can scan your system for problems, and resolve them. Over the past twenty years, one of the biggest names in computer security has been AVG.

The Czech-based firm has produced one of the first free antivirus programs to hit the mainstream. AVG have chosen to market it at their enterprise customers. Instructions can be found in the video above. Another big name in computer security is Romania-based BitDefender, who boast an array of premium and free antivirus and antimalware solutions. Antivirus is the type of thing where you want to pick a product and commit to it, so as to avoid causing problems.

BitDefender have some helpful instructionswhere they explain how you can use the Windows tool Stickifier to create one. But how does this actually work in practice? You might have concerns that running a desktop operating system on a USB flash drive would be an exercise in frustration. Here's everything you need to know about why you should always pick Pokies Biggest Win Usb Ubuntu 3.

Read Morewhich is an increasingly common feature on laptops.

USB drives that stretch into the hundreds of gigabytes still remain an expensive proposition though. Do you run a Linux distro on a USB stick? Tell me about what it is and why in the comments below. Your email address will not be published. And being Linux it's a breeze booting and running them on most modern machines. I prefer to use a minimum 32 GB stick for the same.

And these days these sticks don't cost much. I tried to install Slacko Puppy 6. Run xorgwizard to set up X". I do that, selecting "use Intel drivers, x resolution" I used all the options, I tried with both versions trying all the options, to no avail. I pressed enter when it said a nice dialogue box should appear, it came up with a lot of text, not a dialogue box.

Run xwin, fails to boot, says to re-run, I do, still doesn't work. I even burned one of the. I have no idea why it won't work.

I even tried using a different USB, still no difference. Have you tried Qubes OS? It's behind Ubuntu and Mint with everything if we ignore that all three are same under the hood. Everything in Elementary is too minimalistic.

Completely freed from Ubuntu Biggest Pokies Win Usb

Even file manager don't have any features except basic one, unlike one in Linux Mint. Choice of applications is terrible. You cannot choose which one is worse but they all have one thing in common, they all look good.

There is no reason why would anyone choose Elementary based on newest Ubuntu but worse in everything than Ubuntu itself or Mint. I think you may have Pokies Biggest Win Usb Ubuntu how to count. I use a persistent xubuntu live on my 64gb USB. It's a bit bland but iI like the simplicity and the few useful programs that are preinstalled.

It also feels faster and less clumsy than other distorts. Are there any distros which support a persistent partition so I can use all the USB instead of just 4gb. Instead of running from the live USB with persistence enabled, you can install to a USB drive like you would a hard drive.

That way you can use the entire drive unless you want a few GB as a linux-swap partition, which it might do automatically anyway. That way you can also install programs and even run system updates, plus it works faster than the live option too. You need 2 USB drives, or to use a live DVD for the initial installer, but other than that it works fine with Ubuntu at least, haven't tested anything else.

Be careful when you do it to avoid installing anything to the hard drive, make sure the "drive to install bootloader" or something like that is set to the USB. Much better and more detailed instructions are available if you search "how to full install ubuntu to a USB drive". My Arch Linux root partition stopped booting for some reason. I put BunsenLabs Linux a community continuation of the defunct Crunchbang! It's been so useful that I'm going to do a permanent install on another USB stick to keep around in case of emergencies like this one.

This is because the laptop uses a proprietary form factor, and I cannot buy the SSD that will fit in my laptop, and still waiting for it to be shipped. My third problem was installing an Pokies Biggest Win Usb Ubuntu language in my case Korean. Are there any workarounds to the problems above, or at least find a Linux distro with Business and Productivity programs pre-installed? Well, I repair PCs and I use to keep in my pocket a multiboot USB with tons of tools which can help me to solve most of the problems I face almost every day.

Bitdefender, Kaspersky Pokies Completion Report Picture Dr. Don't ask me why! Many of its features are good for Windows too. Porteus, on my opinion, is the best live OS you can use: I've contacted them, and they were actually very helpful.

They pointed me towards Grub4dos etc. So now I'm trying to replicate their booting workflow You can see how it works in this manual: As for the customized grub. My grub2win system on it was copied from my harddrive system rather than installed to it.

I agree with many of your view, however the part about Grub2Win not "seeing" Linux partitions is incorrect. Grub2Win generates the C: This file is then read at boot time by Grub, which fully understands many many filesystems including Mac, Linux, Windows and 20 or 30 others. So there is no reason Grub should have a problem seeing a drive or partition as long as the BIOS presents it at boot time. When using labels, you do need to make sure they are unique, but they are much less clumsy than UUID's which are almost impossible to remember.

I did not mean to imply that the grub. Grub2 can of course do that. But Grub2Win itself cannot read Linux format partitions and thus can't help in creating the grub2 parms to be used by verifying the files and folders on the Linux partition.

As for UUIDs, who remembers them? Copy and paste them. I may have to Google something, lol. The user would enter the file to search for on the USB drive either via grub2's cli or the grub2win setup menu.

Can I ask a different question here? Considering I've explained the context here, it makes sense to ask it here. How would I go about installing Grub2win silently to a specific drive and folder? Finding out which drive is the Windows system partition seems feasible, but how do I install Grub2win efficiently in the background?

Correct me if I'm wrong. Any hints much appreciated there as well: Since there is generally only one EFI partition per system, this should be simple for you. I Pokie Tournaments At The Bike Shop provide a simple. When I return home Wednesday, I will ask you to run a couple of simple tests to determine why your USB drive is not detected on some of your systems.

On May 24,at To unsubscribe from further messages, please visit https: That would be awesome if you could provide a. I can then incorporate this into the Python app. I remember having to use efibootmgr on Linux to actually register an entry after copying the relevant files.

There are totally different Usb Biggest Pokies Win Ubuntu complete

No idea which similar utility is used on Windows. Here's the test for detecting USB drives. Please run on the machine you had the problems with. The USB drive should be inserted before the machine is powered on.

When you get to the Grub2Win boot menu, enter c This should give you a command prompt. Hold the shift key down during boot to get the Linux Grub menu. Try the same c and ls commands in Linux Grub. Is the USB drive detected? Normally they are loaded dynamically as needed, but this may not work with all BIOS firmware.

Cheers for the debugging steps and the script. Me and my limited programming skills will get to work with those commands as soon as possible: I've done the debugging steps on the problematic laptop regarding the USB boot.

But I don't believe it matters. I'll describe the process I went through:. Anyway, I figured out the problem I think.

The usb drive is only recognized after having booted from USB just before. If I then reboot again from the hard disk, it's no longer present. I can repeat this pattern indefinitely.

So as it is now, grub2win does not make use of it's builtin USB drivers, correct? If possible, it would be cool to try this out. I can try this on the normal Ubuntu grub2 maybe first, if you would be so kind as to guide me through it. I tried doing 'insmod ehci', but after that no devices at all are available, not even hd0. When doing a ls -l, it does list the partition and its partition type being btrfs. Once Linux or Windows is up the drives are visible.

The problem is that the size of the module went from 35K to 88K. I believe this violates some sort of size restriction and it would not boot at all. Just a black screen. I removed the USB driver and all worked fine. You may want to download the latest firmware for your machine if you haven't already done so. The current version is A Sorry for my tardy reply, I had to divert my attention to other stuff at work for a bit.

Cheers for trying to generate a new first stage. I'll try and forget about this one machine for now and try and focus on machines that do work: Regarding the automated registering of Grub2win, can you hint at a similar method to the batch file commands to register Grub2win as a EFI boot entry?

I believe it would be extremely difficult to create a. Your script would call grub2win. Then Grub2Win would exit. Your script Pokies Slot Buster On Facebook then create the appropriate C: That would be exactly what I'm looking for actually!

I've made a grub. Sorry for late reply again, it's annoying sourceforge doesn't send emails for new replies to a thread unless I'm missing something somewhere. The program now supports silent install as you requested.

It will automatically install to C: Grub2Win sets an return code of 99 if it encounters problems creating Pokies Biggest Win Usb Ubuntu renaming the directory.

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Can you advise me on chainloading a USB boot? Thanks so much, Dave. Gonna try this ASAP at work tomorrow. I'm very excited to try it out! Then has to assign a letter to the partition, copy files and release the letter. Probably takes 30 - 60 seconds on EFI machines. I've completed testing and uploaded version 7. Simon Wydooghe - Hi there, I work for a non-profit in Belgium that offers a free videoconferencing solution to children suffering from a long-term illness.

I've tried to insmod the usb drivers ohci, uhci, ehcibut when I do insmod ehci, it simply says: If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Ed P - I hope you don't mind my questions. Here's an answer to your questions: Hi Simon, It may be that Grub is looking for the wrong disk address at boot time.

Please give this a try and let me know if you need any more help. Hey Dave, Thanks so much for your reply and for making this awesome project. On my several machines, the USB flash drives are all visible to Grub at boot time.

I'll be away from home through Tuesday, but I will look into this further when I return. Hey Dave, Sorry for late reply, was in London for a few days. Thanks for the clarification on the grub2win being the same as on linux. Various thoughts on this: Ok, out of thoughts, and coffee.

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Hope some were helpful. Hey Ed, Thanks for the input! That FixmeStick sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. Hi Ed, I agree with many of your view, however the part about Grub2Win not "seeing" Linux partitions is incorrect.

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