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You are in the hands of an offended God, and, shocking to think! You have reason to tremble every moment. But who can tell to what an enormous height the guilt of one single act of rebellion against infinite Majesty must arise in the boundless empire of God? Does my reader profess to believe atid embrace.

Has he tasted that the Lord is gracious, and is he a real Christian? This doctrine informs Pokie Review Upwork Cover whence his happiness flows, and to whom the glory is due. Hence he learns, that Grace is an absolute sovereign, that she dispenses her favours to whomsoever she pleases, without being subject to the least control.

And as this dodariad presents you with a view of grace in its sovereign giory, so it pointy out the objects of eternal love, lii in a state of the utmost security. For whd shall toy 4fmf tfnng to the cMrge of God's elect? To k ow your interest in the election of grace, is therefore A matter of great importance: Whoever has reason to conclude that he is called hj the gospel and convertedto Christ; may, frotn tho very yame premises, infer his election.

If gratitude have any persuasive energy, or if love have any constraining influence, here they should operate with all their force. Among those names of distinction which the people of 6od bear, that of the elect is none of the least remarkable.

Of this character the Spirit of wisdom reihinds believers, when he urges upon them the fiiities to which they are called. Ye are a chosen gmeroHon, a peadiar people. While pride and covetousness, wrath and malice, with various other unsanctified tempers, go- vern his conduct, and render him a scandal to Chris- tianity. Because it is plain that you are an enemy in your heart, and a rebel in your life, against that infinite Sovereign whose rights you pretend to maintain.

We have seai in the preceding chapter, that Grace presided in the eternal counsels, and reigned as an absolute, sovereign in the decree of election. That important change which takes place in the mind and views of a sinner, when.

Street Pokies Australia Map Nsw depreciates the work of Christ, and rer lies on his own supposed good performances.

This, he thinks, ]S the obvious and easy way of placating an offended iaod, and of obtaining the divine favour. On such a sandy foundation are the hopes of men commonly built. The justice of the Lawgiver appears ready to vindicate the law, as holy and good; and, like ati incensed adversary, unsheaths the sword and makedl a loud demand for vengeance.

In a word, he considers himself as. My crimes, how numerous! Shall I plead with my Sovereign and Judge, that I have not beeii so wicked as others? But how shall I prove the fjact? For Jehoyah declares, Cvrsed is, every sme tliat contintieth not in alj. Here, alas, I am entivelf. Shall I day, with him in the sparable that owed ten thousand talents, Have pa- tience with fnBy afid 1 tbill pay ihee att?

I kave treacled the Bible as if it were not worthy of a isieriouS perusal, andin so doing have been a practical Deist. Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions assemblies of the saints, my closet, my fconsciejice, all bear testimony against me, that I have? Or, if at any time I,haVe attended religious worship in public or pri- vate, how have I mocked my Maker? Cared how he was. What is the Almighty tJmt I shoidd serve Jam? The idea chills my blood. Biit Qodis just; and justice requires that sin should not escape with impunity.

Does it not follow, then, that my eternal misery is inevitable? I am lost for ever. But his all being at stake for eternity, and not being sunk into absolute despair, lie ventures to address the blessed, God. I have no right to complain.

This will give one Regions Wine Biggest Pokies Producing

However, as a supplicant at the throne of grace; as a perishing sinner, who has. I have no such in- tention ; being well aware God is a Sovereign, and acts as ht ideases in this, as in M other things. Nor have we any business to inquire into the reasons of this difference in tbe divine bondiict.

To what a degree of thrror did they proceed? Is it a fact, that noihing but the grace of God can relieve me? What could I have, what can I desire more? Here I will reiSt; in this I will glory. Observation Viid experience prove, that the awakened dinner is frequently backward, exceedingly backward, to re- ceive comfort from the glorious gospel. This is a bar td his comfort, this is his grand embarrassment.


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Terrifying apprehensions of eternal punishment are no JW of diat which is required of sinners, but of what is inflicted oH tfaem. There is indeed an evangelfcal sorrow for sib, that is.

Manifesting, that there are no good qualities to be obtained; no righteous acts ta be performed, either to gain an interest in him, or to qualify for him. The gospel of peace is preached to such, and them the gospel calls ; even those who are not conscious that they are the subjects of any good disposition. These hear and rejoice! Yea, they iave an exclusive right.

Such as, I came not to 'call the HghteauSy hut sinneri to repentance. Him iJmt cometh unto me, I will in no uns6 tast out. These free declarations are founded on the glorious undertaking and finished work of Christ, who suffered for the unjust; who died for Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions, while pinners and ungodly; and who reconciled them to Oodj when they were enemies.

Now a new scene of things opens to his TieW, He beholds with amazement how God can be just, land yet the justifier of the ungodly. Jesus Christy and bis righteousness, are now his only hopie. Gratitude abounds in his heart, Pokies Money Jewelry Designs praise flows from his lips.

He is fully persuaded that God was tbe first mover in this. What shall I say? Here is your blessedness, and here is your duty. The word of God and the gospel of Christ will be a swift witness against you another day; will be the savour of death irnto death to yout 80ttl: Vain, then, are the pretensions oS all fhose, whatever knowledge they, may have of the gospel, who live in sin; whp love not God.

They may shine in religiotis conyersa.

  • Wine grapes mostly grow between the 30th and the 50th degree of latitude, in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Grapes will sometimes grow beyond this range and minor amounts of wine are made in some very unexpected places. In , the five largest producers of wine in the world were, in order, Italy,  Missing: pokies.
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Pardon of sin is a blessing of superlative worth,' because absolutely necessary to present peaceiinii future salvation. Without it, no individual of AdaKaVi face can be happy. Bibles; mankmd would have lain under a sad: Beipg conscious af, guilt,: For, by whafeyer medium they might have come to the knowledge of Ood, as the Author of nature and Sovereign of the world; by the same mean they must have known, tha. For, possessing a divine revelation of the richest grace, we are taught with absolute certainty, Pokie Machines Clipart Car there is forgiveness with our Maker and Sovereign.

This revelation of mercy iis of great antiquity, ajid almost coeval with time itself. It was known to Jhe patriarchs ; it was exr hibited in a clearer mariner under the Mosaic eco- nomy. Ahd the Lofd passed H 2. Is the sinner describe as all over defiled and loathsome with hateful impurity?

It is an absolutely perfect pardoh; and to make it so, three things are required. It must be full, free, and everlasting.

That is, it must extend to all sin ; it must be vouchsafed with- out any conditions to be performed by the sinner; and it must be absolutely irreversible. Every sin being a transgression of divine law, and every transgres- sion subjecting the offender to a dreadful curse; if the guilt of every sin be not removed, if tlte penalty due to every sin be not remitted, the curse must fell upon us, and wrath must be our portion.

Hence appears the necessity of a full pardon in order to happiness. For, says the King, iitrhose Pokies Win Nzs Srbija Poslovice is the Lord of Hosts, I will cleanse them ft mi. To forgive sin is a divine prerogative.

None caii dispense the unspeakable favour but God. Thid he declares he will do: Let us hear another ambassador from the court of heaven. The prophet Micah, when speakipg of the King Eternal, with an air of thanksgiving aud of joy declares, He will turn again.

Beholding with pity our miserable condition and helpless circumstances. He will luLve compassion upon us; He will relievie our distress, and richly supply our various wants. He nnli subdue our stubborn iniquities; he. And, as a further expression of pardoning loVe, Thou tvilt cast, not a few, or the greater part only, but all their sitis into the depths qf the sea. God, and suitable to ihe chief of sinners. The blood of Christ is possessed of infinite energy, aris- ing from the superlative dignity of him who shed it, and is able to cleanse from all sin.

I be it ever s6 beinous ; from all lAns, be they. Nor would they form the rash conclusioii— TFi? The Sovereign of all: As he never confers the favour, on account of any thing amiable in the object, so he never withholds it, on account of any peculiar aggravations in the sinner's conduct or character.

To dispute this, is to deny that salvation is by grace. In a word, there you will see sinners of every sort and Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions every size. In regard to Christ our surety, the pardon of any, even the least offence, was suspended on the performadct of the most dreadful conditions and the hardeijd terms. The conditions were, his incarbatioii. Ikis most perfect obedience to the divine law, and sutn? This forgiveness is, notwithstanding, absoluteljp free to the: As it is written.

Thi last passage is so remarkably apposite, that I cahnoi forbear transcribing it more at large. In the instance before us, we behold a ipeople, highly favoured of the Lord, neglecting his positive appointments, though easy to be performed; we behold them restraining prayer before God, and quite weary of his worship.

The Spirit of inspiration, speaking by the same prophet in another place, declares. What expedient does the Lord try next?

Since these milder methods did not reclaim the obstinate, rebellious, covetous wretch, it might naturally be expected that God Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions pror ceed immediately to lay on severer strokes, and to make him feel the vengeance of his lifted arm. But reigning grace does wonders ; such wonders as will fill heaven with hallelujahs to all eternity.

I have seen his ways, says the Lord.

Such would be the: Here' grace takes the rebels in hand: Let us now consider some few of those eminent and everlasting monuments of Grace, as it reigns in the free pardon of sin, that stand recorded in the New Testament — Saul, afterward called Paul, was a: The sacred historian informs us, that his rancorous heart breathed out threatemngs and slaughter against the 9aints of this Most High.

Had it been in his power, he would have dealt destruction among the ChriB- tians by every breath he drew. Would you behold this tiger in human form pursuing and clevouripg the innocent lambs of Christ, to the litmost extept of his power?

Is it possible for words to ex? What had the objects of his implacar ble fury done, that he became so highly incensed against them? Yet this man, than whom, none can be greater enemies to God, none more vile or unworthy; this butcher of the members of Christ obtained mercy.

Nor was he required to perform any condition, as in the least entitling to tliese blessings, or as qualifying for them. Is it recorded of him, that he was exceedingly unad against the Christians? That I naight appear as a siqgular instance of divine mercy? He breathes out threatenings end slaughter against tlie Christians. I was exceedingly mad against them, I compelled them to blaspheme: The practice, not of a man, but of a fiend! Tis the very picture of an incarnate devil.

If ever there was a sinner oq efulh tliat had sinned beyond the reach of mercy, beyond the possibility of pardon, surely it must be this Saul of Tarsus. Where sin has abounded like a flood, divine mercy abjiimds like ap ooeaii. But Pokies Biggest Win University grace of God is immensely rich and infinitely free.

It prevents die most vile and hardened rebels. This overtook the persecutor on his journey to Damascus. Light and life were poured upon him, not from any dawn of reformation in himself, but from a very different quartet. That his employment was detestable, none can doubt. That his character was profligate, appears from hence. And that his company was esteemed fcandalous, is evident from that keen reflection upon the conduct of Jesus, when he became a guest at his table.

They murmured, Pokies Big Win Sports Youtube Live Stream, that he was gone to be a guest wtth a man that is a sinner — a worthless, infamous fellow. A complaint of the same kind with that of Simon the Pharisee: He saw that Just One.

He adores that Je;i. This day, without any previous paration, is salvation come to this house. This, therefore, is a noble instance of an absolutely free and nnconditional pardon. The conversion of the Samaritan woman is an instance much to our purpose. The conversion of the Philippian jailer is equally apposite, and equally strong in proof of our point. Now, as their judgment and conduct in these important affairs are acknow- ledged to have been according to the mind of Grod, we may venture to assert, that there is no good dis- position, no holiness, nor any fruits of sanctification requisite, as the condition of pardon.

I might produce various other instances, from the volume of revelation, to the same purpose; but I Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions content myself at this time with selecting one. It is that of the thief on the cross: To this death he was deservedly brought; his awn: Yet he joined the common cry; he poured' the bitterest reproaches on the most innocent and glorious person that ever appeared in the world. This he did when Jesus was in his dying moments, and when his own body was extended on a cross, transfixed with nails in tlie most sensible parts, and racked with exquisite pain.

He acted as if his tor- menting others were a relaxation of his own pains. Whence could such a conduct proceed? Such was the state of this thief, till some time after he was crucified. Such were the qualifica- tions which he possessed, predisposing for pardon. Yet he, though enormously vile — let reigning grace have the glory!

Being convinced of the superlative dignity of Jesus Christ, as well ais ike injustice of his condemnation; being informed of the design of his sufferings, and of the nature of that work he was then finishing; when the other thief, his companion in wickedness, continued his opprobrious language, he rebuked him sharply, and addressed a prayer to the dying Jesus. In doing which, he 'paid him the highest honour which mortals can pay to the true God. In the time of his public 4ninistry he was addressed by a very decent, respectable.

10 Countries That Make The Best Wine

Pokie Machines Klcc Map, can it be supposed that the dying Redeemer, when he vouchsafed pardon to him, considered him in any pther light than that of a notorious offender, a most ungodly wretch? Can we imagine that this thief, when he said, renkember me, could possibly consider himself w any other than the vilest miscreantPf Yet, witb interest Yet, iKilwithstaHduig all his repommendations of worldlj property and polished manners, of honourable character and devont address, he was sent away exceeding sorrowful.

But here we be- hold the holy Jesus returning the most gracious answer to the vtiy first petition of an abandoned malefactor, a thief, even just before Ijie bveathed his last. So true are those words, though spoken with an ill intent.

Behold a friend ofpuHieans and sinners. And why should the jrighteous, or the self-sufficient be offended at this 1 If they can do without the manifestation 9f such grace, others cannot. But if the elder brother will be displeased, because the prodigal is accepted, who can help it ] Such, however, as feel their want and look to the cross alone for relief will entirely acquiesce in the coadtict of Christ.

With what confidence, or upon what ground, could he say. Astonishing procedure of Jesus the Judge of the wbrld! When such a wretch is saved, who can despair? This, this is grace indeed!

When first extended on the cross, we view him one of the most hardened wretches whose character is recorded in any his- tory. Then we hear him pray, and behold him a sincere poiittot. And lot before the day is elapsed, even while his body — a deformed spectacle, still hangs on the gibbet, and declares to all the world that he was not fit to live ; Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions immortal spirit enters ihe portajs of paradise, and is blessed witii the Veaitific vision.

Here also we behold, in a striking light, the sovereignty of grace. For the other thief, though not more unworthy, dies unrelenting knd is lost for ever. He died, not only the most abhorred of deaths, but in the worst of company.

Nor was this a casual thing: This was gra- ciously ordered, in the purpose and providence of God, to afford relief to the most Vagrant offenders: Had any the least regard been paid to moral cha- racter and human excellence, in that most amazing of all transactions, unbelief and pride would soon liave concluded, that it was principally intended for the more respectable part Of mankind; for those who want but little assistance, and would be able to do tolerably well without it.

What but absolute despair would have awaited the entirely worthless? But this Would have afforded small encouragement to those, who are not only condemned by divine law, an4 fitand guilty iu their own consciences; but have tdso, by a criminal conduct, incurred the public ipdium. But reigning grace was by no means willing that the most ab- horred of men should be reduced to such a dreadful situation. Yet this is a certaiii truth. For salvation is entirely by grace; and grace is unconditional favour.

Zaccheus was instantly changed in his dispositions and conduct: The woman of Samaria immediately drew numbers to hedr that gracious voice which quickened her own soul ; and to receive him, as the Christ, by whom she was instructed, pardoned, and comforted. The jailer manifested a ready obedience to the commajids of our Saviour, as King in Zion, by submitting to the ordinance of baptism. Otherwise, I might easily add to their number, by producing other examples and more declarations from the sacred volume.

But these I omit, and shall only remind my reader of that remarkable and truly evangelical text. Here let us pause a moment and indulge reflec- tion.

Is there no forgiveness of any offender, or of the least offence, but by shedding of blood — the in- finitely precious blood of Jesus, our incarnate God? To contrive it, was the work of infinite wisdom ; to manifest it, a display of boundless grace. In Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions a method of dispensing forgiveness, how safely may the alarmed conscience rest? Is there a full and free forgiveness ; a forgiveness vouchsafed without any terms or conditions to be performed by the enfeebled and corrupted creature?

How shamefully, then, do those persons injure the grace of Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions, and veil its most shining excellencies, who teach, or imagine, that pardon of sin is not to be expected, nor can be received, till the sinner is prepared for it by a course of humiliation, of self- denial, or of holy conversation! When the Lord of the world pardons offenders, in so doing he de- monstrates hisi Peity; or tliat he is infinitely su- perior to all his creatures in acts of forgiveness, as well as in every perfection of his nature.

What is the reason of this forbearance? It follows, for I AM God, and not man. For as the heavens are higher than ike eartfij so are ni,y ways higher than your waySy OTid my thoughts than your thoughts. Thus the Lord, in bestowing a full and free jHirdon on guilty perishing creatures, exceeds — the utmost of human deserts?

May a lively sense of this free forgiveness rest on the mind, comfort the heart, and elevate the affections of my reader! Then shall his conduct declare, that as it is a blessing imr mensely greiat, and comes to sinners through atoning blood; so it is connected with true holiness — that it is a strong incentive to fear the Lord; to love, adore, and obey him.

Thisi forgiveness is everlasting' and irreversiblei Mrhich is the last and crowning requisite of eoxon plete pardon. Various passages in sacred writ evince this glorious truth. If the Lord, whose royal prerogative it is to punish, or to pardon the criminal, declare that he will remember his iniquities no move; we may rest assured, that it is an everlasting pardon, a forgiveness never to be risversed. This declaration is not simply a promise; though a mere promise, from the God of truth, is.

The same comfortable truth is taught and con- firmed by David. I retract the expression. Another inspired penman thus expresses the joy- itfid truth. For I wiU pardon them whom I reserve. A convincing proof, that those who are pardoned by the God of grace, have all their sins forgiven, and that for ever. Here we have, not only the word, but the oath of Jehovah, in attestation to the glorious truth: What less can be the import of that heroic language. Such is the import of the evangelical testimony ; and the glorious blessing is received by faith in the dying Redeemer.

Believing the infiallible riecofd which God has given of his Son, we receive the atonement. The propitiating blood of Christ is sprinkled on our hearts, pardon is applied to our con? It is no real objection to the truth advanced, That the Lord lays his chastising hand on the ob- jects of this forgiveness. We are not to imagine, that as often as the saints sin. Wlmt glmll we then say to tliese things? Shall fve eantmue in sin that grace may abound in a perfect imrdon? So to act, would, if possible; be worse than devilish, and more than damnable.

Treating of divine for- giveness, he sayd; ' The. It may be, it may become theni; it is like themselves. Remember this, poor souls, when you are to deal with God in this matter. If "we let go the free pardon of sin, without respect unto any thing in those that receive it, we renounce the gospel.

Pardon of sin is not merited by antece- dent duties, but is the strongest obligation unto future duties. He that will not receive pardon, unless he can one way or other deserve it, or make himself nieet for it; or pretends to have received it, and finds uot himself obliged to universal obedience by it, tteither is, nor shall be, partaker of it.

Is it suitable to your wants? Owen, On the Hundred and Thirtieth Psalm, p. This eminent writer loudly proclaims he charming truth. He labours his noble subject, and repeats the joyful truth. For, another moment, and your life may be gone; another moment, and your soul may be lost; and then your loss will be irreparablei inconceivable, and eternal. Then look to the dying Jesus. Blessed be God for the amazing mercy! Iiaving much forgiven, you should love much. Nor can this appear strange, when it is considered, that this doctrine of justification is no other than the way of a sinfier's acceptance with God.

Being of such peculiar moment, it is inseparably connected with many other evangelical truths; the harmony and beauty of which we cannot behold, while this is misunderstood. Till this appears in its glory, they will be involved in darkness. For lie who is pardoned is justified, and he who is justified is also par- ckMied.

A question which, notwithstanding its infinite importance, could never have been resolved by all the reason of men, nor by all the penetration of angels, if the Lord of heaven and earth had not exercised and manifested reigning grace toward his disobedient and rebellious creatures.

But, vrith the Bible in hid hand, and the gospel in view, the mere infant in re- ligious knowledge and in christian experience is at no loss for an answer: Nay, such is the plea- sure of God, that he frequently reveals this trutli in its glory, to those who are esteemed fools by the haughty sons of science, that no flesh might have he least ground of boasting. That this decree is unchangeable, appears irom the immutability of the divine puiposes in Ijeneral. For there is the same reason that the ap- pointment of God, in the choice of his.

Thus it is written: If for the better, he was not perfectly wise in his former purpose. If for the worse, he is not wise in his present resolve. For there can be no alteration without a tacit reflection, either on the past, or on the present determination.

If a man change his resolution, he is apprehensive of some defect in his former purpose, which moves him to such a change: But neither of these can be supposed of him who is supremely wise, without denying his Deity. A change of purpose may, indeed, be an act of wisdom in the rational creature; but it supn poses folly in his former conduct, which is incon- sistent with consummate perfection. As he is boundless in power, he is sub- ject f o Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions contr 4 in executing his will, or in making Ins people partakers of those blessings he designed for them.

That election is infellibly connected with eternal happiness, appears from the following remarkable passage. What datt we then say to these things?

Nor would there have been any propriety in his joyful exclamation, WJiat shall we then say to these things? If God be for uSj who can- be against us? To impute such unmeaning and inconclusive argumentation tq him, would be an high reflection upon him, as Gamaliel'ji pupil: Mould be absolutely inconsistent with hijs more exalted character, as an amanuensis to the Spirit of wisdom.

Could it be proved, that it 1 m Qo influence on these, we might venture, witbaqt hesitation, to renounce it as an error, and to ablwr it 08 an enemy. For that is no part of evangelic truth, which, in its genuine tendency, is not adapted to promote the happiness Pokies Big Zoo Dirty real Christians, and tfi adfaace the interests of true holiness.

Consequently, their holiness and comfort must be advanced by it: As these abound in the heart, our spiritual joys are increased, and our Afaker is glorified. As these abate, we lose the savour of divine things, and the interests of religion decline. Where these have no existence, the most extensive round of duties, the most costly and shin ' ing perfi nnances, are of no esteem in the sight of Qod.

Aristocrat Pokies Vimeo Search self- admiring thoughts arise in the Christian's breast, it stops them short with the needful and sharp rebuke ; Who maketh thee to differ? Let us attend the believer in his secret retire- ments: Is not my person polluted, and my state by nature. And hast thou determined to make me- an everlasting monument of sparing mercy, while millions are left to sufier the awful desert of their crimes?

O, thou majestic Beiiig? Obliged I am, in the court of conscience, to plead guilty to the complicated charge which thy own rightbous law exhibits against me. Thy'own sovereign will, thy own free pleasure, these are the only cause why mercy is manifested to me, of sinners the vilest. For should a wretch who is now in hell advance a claim on thy favour, grounded im his own worthiness, I must acknowledge it as wellfounded as any to which I can pretend.

HumilUyl thou feirest flower of heavenly origin, thou brightest ornament of the christian character; be thou my constant compa- nion, be thou the livery in which Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions shall always ap- pear!

Shall a miscreant, who might have been justly doomed to damnation ; shall a worthless worm, that 18 beholden to grace for his all, entertain aspiring Noughts, or assert his own importance? Then shall my soul lie low in the dust, and reigning grace 'rflall have the glory of all my salvation. Whatever blessings I now possess, whatever enjoymwits I hereafter expect, I freely acknowledge the unriv- alled honour belongs to thee. And, in order to effect the amazing- design, didst thou determine, before I had a being, or time commenced, to deliver up the Son of thy love, clothed in humanity, to the stroke of incensed justice, and to the execrable death of the Pokie Review Article Meaning Didst thou number me among the objects of grade, when thou mightest with honour to thy crown and dignity, as a righteous Governor, have consigned ma oyer to endless perdition; and shall not my heait flame with love to thy adorable name?

Didst thou love and choose me, when deformed and filthy, pos- sessed of dispositions partly brutal and partly diabol- ical? Art thou infinitely amiable in all thy perfec- tions, and completely righteous in all thy ways, and shall not my very soul love and adore thee?

Come, possess my heart and sway my affections! Address me no more with your soft solicitations ; entice me no more with your gilded baits. Jehovah has condescended to take me for his own: I choose him for my portion, I love him as my alL' A devout consideration of this momentous truth, is also a noble incentive to gratittide.

Gratitude is a ddiightful disposition, ind an amiable temper. It bunpLS in heavenly bosoms, tunes the harps of celes- tial choirs, and gives the sweetest accent to all their jSODgs.

Love to the infinitely amiable God, and gratitude to him for his boundless beneficence; these enter intp the essepce of all religion; these are tl e 56 fct: Wjr lift and tonl of all intdlectiial kappinieM. Paul, we find, when contemplating the riches of grace in eternal Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions, breaks out in the following language. Such are those grateful acknowledgments the apostle makes, on the behalf of himself and his brethren, to the Author of all good, in reference to their election: Let us once more listen to the devout addresses and humble acknowledgments of the believer, when bending the suppliant knee before his Father.

Hast thou, my Father, and thou, my God, chosen me to holiness, chosen me to eternal life, and that of thy mere grace ; and shall not thy glory be the end of all my actions, while I possess.

Thine I am, by right of creation; thine I am, by electing love; and thine I would eternally be, in the performance of every duty, and in the exercke of all my powers. Were the trea- sures of infinite wisdom displayed in contriving the way, and in appointing die necessary means for my complete felicity; were the stores of unbounded mercy and the riches of sovereign grace, laid open in the eternal counsels of peace on my bdialf; and shall not my life, my soul, my everlasting all, that are saved at such an expense, be devoted to thee?

Bind me, O blessed God! Dishontmr thuirI painfnl tbeeght! May I ever choose to die a thoMand deaths, rather than act a part so disingenuous. Hast thou chosen me out of the world; didst thou pity and spare my guilty soul, while numbers were left in their perish- ing state; and, do not reason and conscimice, do not all the sentiments Free Spins Pokie Ninja App honour and gratitude of which.

Such an everlasting and im- mense distinction as thou hast made in election, be- tween creatures equally deserving of punishment, challenges, from the objects of discriminating love, all possible thankfulness. Lord, here I am thy de- voted servant! But, however comfortable this truth may be, to such as are persuaded of their interest in the Pokies Biggest Wine Producing Regions of God; is it not adapted to discourage the inquiring soul, and to overwhelm the awakened sinner with desponding fears?

Does it not administer abundant occasion for the anxious mind thus to reflect?

Really Regions Wine Biggest Producing Pokies

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