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Air Tractor is a leading manufacturer of purpose-built aircraft for agricultural, firefighting and a variety of utility applications. Leland Snow founded the company in in order to manufacture a new agricultural aircraft derived from the S-2B aircraft designed by his previous company, Snow Aeronautical.

In the th Air Tractor aircraft was delivered. Leland Snow began designing his first airplane, the S-1, in The year-old Snow completed test flights with the S-1 in During this time, the Model S-2R was developed and named the Thrush.

The first Thrush aircraft were built at the Olney Division before the plant was closed and Thrush production moved to Georgia in An AirTractor used to fight fires!

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This PT6A powered aircraft is coming in for a refuel to get back at it. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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Jan 3, Messages: The wing area of the Corsair significantly larger than the Thunderbolt, but aft one conversely won the heaviest record, comparably, they has close length and same engine, so I wonder why the Thunderbolt heavy so much and why the Corsair's service life shorter than Thunderbolt? What about specification of their performance? Was the Thunderbolt an attacker rather than a fighter?

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  • It looks like something out of a spy film and has a wingspan longer than a football pitch. The world's largest plane has been unveiled by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen after it left its hangar in the California desert for the first time. The "Stratolaunch" has a wingspan of feet, weighs up to tons and has  Missing: pokies ‎maintenance.
  • Microsoft co-founder and Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen rolled the Stratolaunch out of its hangar for the first time on Wednesday. Dubbed the “world's biggest airplane,” it's complete with six Boeing engines, 28 wheels, and a wingspan longer than a football field. The Stratolaunch's wingspan and  Missing: pokies ‎maintenance.
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  • When Orville and Wilber Wright took to the skies in North Carolina, they made it feet. They could have taken off and landed on the wings of the world's biggest cargo plane. The An Cossack aircraft (wingspan feet, 2 inches) was built to transport the Soviet Union's Buran orbiter, their equivalent  Missing: pokies ‎maintenance.

Apr 23, Messages: Do night fighter. Nov 15, Messages: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Helicopters Location: Would have to be the P Black Widow bit shorter than a but about lbs heavier and bigger wing span, also the was a converted bomber the P was a dedicated fighter from the drawing board. Aug 29, Messages: Public Safety Automotive Technician Location: Redding, California Home Page: Or any aircraft designated as a fighter, regardless of crew or engines?

Apr 3, Messages: Jan 18, Messages: The Ju and IL-2 were even better in that role. But when people mention fighter aircraft they normally mean air to air combat. Jan 19, Messages: Corsair was in production much longer than P47 and the corsair had a much longer service life.

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  1. He built a successful mono-wing aircraft. The wings were still supported by wires, but a mast extending above the fuselage enabled the wings to be supported from above, as . coverage of the unique airframe structures and maintenance practices for . [Figure ] The heaviest of these structural members are located at.:
    Explore Thomas Robb's board "Aircrft" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Aviation, Aircraft and Engine. The Americans said they would attempt to launch an artificial earth satellite and they established a number of stations around the world to track and record data from that satellite. This aircraft, twelve foot wing span, flew right down the side of the aircraft carrier and they flung up everything but the soup bowls at him. But I used to make lots of model aircraft in association with a good friend of mine, and we'd make soaring gliders and eight foot wingspan and things like that. They lost it all, and it was the greatest waste of all time, as I said, but they even had tunnels that would be up to four or five hundred meters deep, long, straight up.
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    He has no record of habitat details for Alf as he has Just got his wings. Stephen Wessels of Armidale NSW on his graduation day as one of the RAAF's pilots, after 15 months training. Stephen, who was on 83 Pilot's Course .. So, it was with some surprise that I was posted as Aircraft Maintenance Officer.
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