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Jai Galliott, a researcher at the University of New South Wales, said Pokiewins Pokies Bigred 5dingoes Bigwin war would also demand sophisticated satellite and cyber strategies to counter attacks on energy and communications infrastructure.

He said the planned purchase of the Joint Strike Fighter jet and new submarines is "last generation". This sounds really crazy. It's completely ridiculous to say that by to we'll be facing a completely new type of warfare. The next generation of fighters has a manned requirementpeople that set the requirements for future weaponry don't anticipate the removal of humanity from the battlefield from onwards, at least not entirely.

This kind of stuff really makes me question this guys background. The comment on cyber warfare isn't anything crazy, but everything else is. Apparently his PhD was regarding the ethics and politics of drone useso his expertise may be well outside of military acquisition and future warfare but the ABC is still getting him to comment on it.

Although I don't have a PhD in a comparable field, only healthy skepticism. I actually met with Jai last year; he is obviously very much about the ethics and use of drones - he's not vehemently against them, but is one of the world's leading experts in the topic.

Unmanned technologies are primarily being held back by internal politics. Things like cyber, EW, SA, strategic strike, hypersonics, DEW, etc are completely changing the face of aerial warfare, and in turn, warfare in general. Just to specify; I disagree completely that our JSFs and subs will be "last generation", but he's not crazy in all aspects.

Drones are an inevitability though. Manned fighters are a relic of the past definitely, the only thing keeping them going is the 'macho' attitude of the USAF. Those fighter jocks take drones as an insult on their ability when really it's just pragmatic to take the pilot out of the plane. The future will be largely fought by drones, and the victor will be whoever can make the most drones the fastest.

Full-on land battles and old-style 'total war' between developed nations is simply not possible as it has a very high chance of leading to nukes. Pretty much all future wars will be irregular asymmetric, fought in developing nation shitholes to steal their undeveloped resources.

Drones will excel at this task, because they're small, cheap and when one is shot down there's no pilot to torture until they read out some embarrassing speech on international TV.

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The USAF fighter jocks don't have much more time in the sun. Drones are an inevitability. The question is will autonomous warfare happen in the text 10 years? Pretty much every source I've ever seen says no. As I noted above, sixth generation fighters are being designed with the possibility of a manned platform. What I have seen is the use of multiple autonomous drones coordinated in the battle space via a manned aircraft.

But this is well down the track, certainly long after the introduction of the F and Collins class replacement. Yeah it is a complete wank. Subs in particular need to be able to operate autonomously for weeks with no communication.

Even if hard AI was developed in the next ten years it would be several decades before it was trusted to operate without human intervention.

Drones are the future but baring hard AI they will be used for short range missions, not given complete autonomy for weeks at a time. I wish people could see this. If a serious war was to break out. How cheap would semi autonomous drones be? Imagine China using half a million men to fly a squad of self navigating drones to targets all over the world? With that firepower, its over in seconds. And how are they meant to deliver such cheap drones such a long distance and fast enough?

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I think you overestimate how cheap that would be. And if Pokie Review Kong Island are sending that many tonnes of bombs to another superpower you may as well just send a nuke. Or be expecting one back. The MQ-9 is simply the first of its kind. Look at the Global Hawk, it's basically a U2. Drones will always be more cost effective. They're harder to shoot down much smallerand there's no pilot in the cockpit to get captured or killed much lower training costs.

Only if you're talking about microdrones. A Predator, Reaper, Heron, etc is the same size as a full-size aircraft. In particular, to a radar, they're very large. None of this changes the simple fact that everything you can build a manned aircraft for you can also build an unmanned aircraft for, much cheaper and smaller. As I noted, drones are smaller than their manned counterparts, and future ones will be capable of much tighter manoeuvring than any manned aircraft.

Now you're just making shit up. A is 30m long. The Triton is 14m long. If you want to compare apples to apples, you would compare the Triton to a U-2, in which the Triton is still much smaller.

I don't think comparing a reconnaissance drone to a supersonic fighter is a fair comparison, but nevertheless, while shorter, both the Predator and Heron have a larger wingspan than a Hornet, while the Reaper has almost double the wingspan of the Hornet. To a Super Hornet, it definitely does.

Albatross Encounter - The Biggest Wingspan in the World

Now, with a UCAV, you don't necessarily need to build a full-sized airframe, but if you choose not to, you severely limit your capabilities. A jet powered UCAV, even flying subsonic, is still going to be relatively large if you want it to be making 2-way trips and carry a reasonable payload. However, what you cannot compromise on with a UCAV is sensors. Those things alone, are always going to set you back millions. As for maneuvering; that's largely irrelevant in modern combat - it's not whether a drone can outmaneuver a manned fighter, it's whether it can outmaneuver a missile, which is designed only to maneuver well.

People in the aerospace industry regard length as a secondary measurement compared to wingspan, as length doesn't dictate your frontal profile, and in turn, RCS, drag, key aspects of lift, airbase suitability, etc. Both length and width are also generally secondary to mass, but it's not really a measurement of size a fighter is denser than an airliner.

In wingspan, a Triton is A U-2 is How can you be sure?

The Reaper's wings are long, but the surface area is still comparable, and it's been designed for low RCS without the limitations of having to also be aerobatic. There is a reason that the stealthier designs go for wider wingspan. None of that changes when you move to manned aircraft.

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We've been well beyond line-of-sight combat since the Vietnam war. None of this backs your 'same size' argument, you're trying to weasel out by talking aerospace conventions.

RCS on the predator and global hawk, and their derivatives, is low due to the design of the wing. They may have a wide wingspan, but surface area is still quite modest and the stealthiest designs around all have wide wingspans.

The Reaper is not designed to have a low RCS. The classic Hornet has a larger geometric cross-sectional area, but from a frontal aspect the most critical onethe Hornet has the advantage of having swept wings and internal jet engines. In comparison, the Reaper's long, straight wings are an excellent reflector, especially to longer wavelength radars. For the Super Hornet, I'm very confident, as it was designed specifically to have an RCS about an order of magnitude or more smaller than other 4th gen fighters.

Like the F, F and F? The B-2 is wide, but as a result of being a subsonic bomber that needs large lifting surfaces. You're using a strawman here; Pokies Jackpot Analysis Powerball argument here is about InactiveUser's claim that you could build massive swarms of UCAVs to defeat and replace fighters.

I'm tempted here to use an off-hand remark, but I prefer to educate - if you're talking about a ship, you talk about it's bow and stern, rather than front and back. If you're comparing the size of a ship, you compare it primarily by it's displacement, not it's draft, beam or length. If you think that's weaseling out of an argument, then so be it; I'll revise my statement:. These are not small aircraft. And again, you do not become stealthier by having a wide wingspan; if anything, it traditionally results in a larger RCS due to the complications you face in trying to eliminate things like crawling waves.

What is important is that your wings are appropriately shaped. On the Predator, Reaper, Global Hawk, etc, they're almost square in shape, which provides direct radar returns.

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The problem with the Global Hawks is that they were designed to be cheaper, better U-2s. Instead they cost more to operate, and can't compete with the U-2's sensors. As is, drones are more cost effective, but they're not combat effective Having them actually be effective enough and robust enough to weather the endurance requirements would be another story though. You can't expect to strap on a 1-ton bomb to a UAV without needing to invest some serious money into it so it can actually survive the trip and come back.

There's a point when the cost of massive UAV usage on a scale that likely implies they'll have to be disposable trumps the fact that you can theoretically field hundreds of times more of them than a manned fleet of aircraft.

But the cost will just absolutely skyrocket very quickly if all of your drones are one-use. And trusting the delivery of a expensive bomb to a disposable drone that can likely be shot down very easily is a very costly mistake.

There are millions of possible ways drones could be mass produced and weaponised. They don't all need to be capable of flying long distances either, if you drop them out the back of a larger drone or a plane. They are made of cheap plastic at worst and maybe light steel or aluminium at best.

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Check out rising high school junior Beejay Anya, the player with the largest wingspan in hoops history. Top 15 Most Impressive Wingspans In NBA man depicts the ideal human as having a wingspan equal to look at the most impressive wingspans in NBA history. The world's largest ever bird but long before the first humans arrived in (pictured), which is the largest flying bird today, has a wingspan of 9.

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