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But it was time to face a flaw, and that is never easy. For the sake of my marriage, and for the sake of my sanity as a feminine being, it was time to attempt playing seductress. As a total aside, my husband and I have always been satisfied with the frequency and outcome of our sexual encounters. But they had a habit of starting by simply brushing up next to each other in bed at the end of long days of work, children, chores, pets…etc. Flirting and seduction was just never a part of it.

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Anyway, let me put my awkwardness in context. I grew up a female in America. That should be enough to explain my skewed body consciousness.

But I also grew up with a very self-conscious mother. On top of all that I grew up Mormon and remained active in the Mormon church until my early thirties. Active, meaning I wore those weird garment things as underwear. It gave me something to hide behind in the bedroom.

More comfort than kinky. I had also never had sex with anyone before marrying my husband. Well…one day the kids were going to be gone for the evening.

I was on my Kathy Lee Gifford Pokies Sheer Blouse Tops In Public home from work and thought, this is as good a time as any. Time to go seduce this man. I ate a couple nuggets and fries and saved the rest for him. You can eat them now, or you can eat them after we have sex here on this couch. I took a big 5 second breath in and blew the air out slowly through my mouth.

It turned out to be a really great evening. One in a billion! Wearing sexy underwear really amps up the power of the magic. But seriously…I did go see a psychic during my year of searching for wigs and apartments.

It was a total impulse buy one of the flaws my husband has to put up with. Cause that woman was totally psychic. She started pulling shit out of the air. She was talking to what looked like air, but she told me she was talking to my spirit guides and guardian angels.

One in a billion. Can you really see everything? I let out a huge sigh of relief. Like sensual, and deep…and confusing to this man. You have to own your desires. Ask for Pokies Blog Tumblr Quotes For Girls you want. Not take no for an answer. Depression and unassertive behavior often go hand in hand. Time to work more on the art of seduction. Why does this lesson on seduction have to come at a time in my life when I feel the least sexy, the least confident, the least turned on by my husband.

My advise as a therapist, is stick with your therapist. You can much more easily dodge deep shit with defense mechanisms and denial than you can with a psychic. A good psychic will kick you in the ass. And I got kicked right out of my apartment hunt and back home. Time to work a little Merlin Magic. I was never a Jennifer Anniston or a Connie Britton. But it might have been slightly better than average. It was one of the things my husband enjoyed about me when we met.

I had long, thick hair that hung down my back. Early on in our relationship days. We both had a lot of hair back then. Six years later, with one tiny baby and one on the way. And still tons of hair…for both of us. Stretch marks, crows feet, early onset menopause, and hair falling out in handfuls.

How do you keep it kind of sexy and fun when it seems you are falling apart much more rapidly then your handsome spouse?

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Having grown up in a fundamentalist religion and a home where affection and playfulness was pretty much nill and void, flirting was just not in either of our skill sets.

But one day, out of total desperation, I decided to try to flirt him into going to the wig store with me. I knew it was a long shot, but I went for it anyway. He barely looked at me when I asked, and curtly replied no. It could be fun!. The more I tried to persuade him, the more adamant his no became. At that moment, I needed a hug.

I needed a compliment. I needed some reassurance. But his no seemed to kick me in my soul.

There had been many times I had felt hurt in our marriage by his non-complimentary, un-flirtatious ways. But at that point in my life, I just really needed to be held and told I was beautiful, no matter what. I needed a partner to help me laugh my way through the wig store…and I wanted it to be him.

I wanted confirmation he was on board with me, no matter what happened with my hair. Marriage is fucking hard.

And my ship had just sailed too far leeward. Over the last year and a half a lot of shit went down. And we spent a lot of time sitting in the shit…which is never an enjoyable process. But if you can sit in the shit long enough, and self-sooth through the shittiness of it…eventually the grass begins to grow.

And we got our little marital garden going again. Nothing too severe or life threatening. Just problems bad enough to make me feel like a total crazy hypochondriac…or bad enough to help me learn that I am not my body.

It all depends on which self I decide to be when I look at it. One of my issues is hair loss. I have been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease alopecia. I started noticing some of my hair was missing about 8 or 9 years ago. And about 4 years ago it starting being hard to miss the handfuls of hair I ended up holding after rinsing the conditioner out of my hair.

About two years ago it seemed I was going to have to make a decision about how I was going to handle this. Was I going to wrap my head in a scarf…or shave my scalp bald? Maybe I could be like Diane Keaton and start a great hat collection. Beyonce wears a wig really well. Maybe I could check out the wig scene. I asked my closest friend about my hair. Is it as bad as I think it is? She Pokies Blog Tumblr Quotes For Girls that yes, it was time to make a hair move.

So I got some scarves, bought some hats and decided to head to some wig stores to try out my options. The sales lady at this high end wig store said it was real red hair cut from the head of a woman living in rural Ireland. Although I Pokies Bonus $ Oboba it, it seemed that real hair wigs were far outside my price range. On to the next store. I started watching hours of you tube videos on how to make the synthetic hair more realistic looking and blend in better with your own hairline, and I eventually started venturing out with my new do.

Not all the time…I never wore it to work…. Maybe I would become a wig person. But after a few months, summer hit in Los Angeles. And when it gets above 85 degrees, it gets mighty hard to keep a wig on your head. On a total whim one hot day…I just went into the bathroom and cut off my own hair to the style you see on the about me page. And for the last year and half, have settled on the short hair look.

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