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The purpose of the presentation is to develop an understandings of how fractal methods and quantum storytelling mapping methods interact to set limits on unsustainable materials, energy, people demands of business and manufacturing processes.

Data analysts look for stories in data. Quantum storytellers look for data in stories. This paper proposes ten metrics for organizational storytelling. There are three story character elements that entrepreneurs use to build their grand market narrative: Sustainable Education and Professional Development.

Sande Leadership, which balances authentic-self and stakeholder needs, will be introduced as an alternative to the quest for a dominant narrative in education and organizations. Gender roles, ethics, norms and values, and political skills defined by dominant narratives can be re-imagined and implemented with the Sande Leadership model.

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Scorecards are used to measure movement toward more sustainable leadership practices. The Development Support Experience: Quanta, Resonance, and Change. The DSE brings together participants who each face an unrealized or under-optimized opportunity and calls forth heretofore unheard, unseen or unrecognized internalized data that can contribute actions leading to the achievement of desired states. This is a case study about Panda Express. While these social and cultural scripts provide us with guidance, they can also prevent us from connecting with others, and discovering who they are.

This is especially relevant when working with groups of people who have been stigmatized.

On the stage of improv, we can help groups of people explore their own scripts, how they impact others, and more importantly help them improvise new lines on the stage of life! It explores the need for more material storytelling through taking notes, keeping tracks, and formalizing the changes in order to have more embodied management and humane practices.

Socioeconomic accounting also helps to make figures more materialized, thus useful to make better decisions within the organization. Systems theory is the lens through which we elucidate the roles of knowledge and quantum storytelling both independently and interdependently in solving this puzzle.

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We propose that a quantum understanding of systems theory enhances our capacity to solve this problem. We conclude that bridging theory with practice comes at the cost of theoretical integrity for the academic, yet at great—heretofore bereft—benefit to the practitioner. A Persian Management Scholar. The present study applies a therapeutic modality known as sandtray to help 10 graduate students at New Mexico State University NMSU reflect on themselves.

I will introduce the sandtray therapy as a simple, non-verbal method in which figurines are representative of the four essential Jungian phenomena or personality types identified as: I will discuss the ways in which my sandtray represents my background as a person coming from Persia along with a Persian culture living in the United States while adapting myself to a new life.

Building on the application of complexity theory in the hard sciences as well as social contexts, this paper considers the areas of overlap and difference between FCM and its theoretical fellows with special attention given to sociomateriality, storytelling, feminism, and complexity theory.

People with a strong sense of values often know how to react to stress and big challenges. The paper accounts for the process of becoming of a specific communicative practice of a department of the Municipality of Aalborg in Denmark. Across a period of three months members of the department and an action researcher met and across this period a model emerged that reconfigured the intra-play of all relevant areas of the organization involved in citizen care.

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