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Posted January 27, A rather intense Hobart rug salesman finds himself, by means of an unimaginable electoral accident, in a position of great influence over the political welfare of an Altona redhead. The rug salesman makes it known that he has two main areas of interest - the scourge of problem gambling and the building of a new hospital for Hobart.

This makes him, possibly, the first rug salesman in history to haggle downwards. He does, and the pair sign their pledge, a closely-typed and pleasingly legalistic affair running to several pages, with much ancillary agreement on open government, planned referenda and the determination of both parties to catch up for coffee once a week. Not much happens for a year and a half. When asked about it, the redhead insists that she is absolutely determined to keep her promise. Even when one of the wingnut's followers defects to her side and she becomes marginally less desperately in need of the rug salesman's vote, she telephones him with the assurance that she still considers his boot to be firmly on her neck, pokies-wise.

But in the early days of the Pokies Meaning Condescending Attitude in which her debt becomes due, the redhead makes an announcement.

She considers herself unable to continue with the promised policy, as she is convinced that the Parliament, as presently constituted, will never agree to it. Some in the nation wonder where, in the leadership manual, it is written that leaders cannot be expected to deliver impossible outcomes, but may nonetheless consider themselves perfectly at liberty to promise them, when in a tight spot.

Some wonder how the constitution of this Parliament - which has become more cooperative to the redhead by the margin of one vote since she signed the agreement - can seriously be cited as a grounds for her decision. And others wonder why, if likely defeat of a policy is an honourable reason for its abandonment, the redhead persists with her intention to export people to Malaysia when not only both houses Pokies Meaning Zealous Synonym Parliament, but also the highest court in the land are expressly on record with their intention to stomp it into the ground.

He accuses the redhead of "trashing our democracy" by engaging in "backroom deals", perhaps forgetting that the compact whose breach he so laments was exactly such a deal, forged in a backroom - in this case his own - Pokies Meaning Condescending Attitude after the last public ballot had been cast.

No matter - the redhead's own colleagues, who had feared very badly the depredations of a well-funded campaign mounted by the pokies operators, are mightily relieved.

For even though available evidence seems to suggest that the broader populace supports, by a healthy margin, the course of action agreed upon by the redhead and the rug salesman, they know better. In a fight between themselves - leaders, advocates, the representatives of a people seeking change - and a cashed-up militia of opportunists living substantially off the misfortune of the poor, they'd bet against themselves every time. Annabel Crabb is the ABC's chief online political writer.

View her full profile here. Perhaps the rug salesman is a decent man who sincerely wanted to address a wound in Australian society. However, decency and sincerity have little place in modern Australian politics. I find the heading offensive, could not read the article after that. The entire article is offensive.

Annabel will apparently follow the most absurd lines of argument as long as she thinks there is a giggle in it. The real key is that Wilkie effectively blackmailed the government: That was over 12 months ago! Like Wilkie, or for that matter Oakeshott, Windsor or the Greens where ever going to support the Coalition on any significan issue????

The bluff should have been called the day after getting the numbers to form government! Perhaps then, this ALP government might have done something useful this past year, apart from promoting Hollywood film scripts! Perhaps, but Gillard needed a commitment from enough independents to support the government on questions of confidence and supply. The rest was window dressing. Frankly I'd have thought that our PM thought it would have the necessary support.

To me, surprisingly it doesn't as it turns out. PM did the right thing and Pokies Big White Ski compromise is good and is not mentioned in this slightly dumb article.

Film scripts hey - well there are a lot of phrases which have come to everyday usage, starting with a misquote from Bogart to 'make my day', 'when the tough Your picking on the latest is pathetic.

So there you go, the real world is slightly dumb. But Doug, lets not forget that when Julia Gillard signed on the dotted line, accepting Wilkie's support, Wilike's legislation would have then, naturally become Labor legislation. Talk about muddying the waters, eh Doug. Doug, to call it blackmail is to assume that Gillard or Abbott have a right to rule and Wilkie had taken it from them. Since we have been trapped in a two party system for so long I can understand how.

I think we witnessed a small episode of democracy, something which was doomed to fail considering the forces opposing it. A contract more like it. If Gillard never intended to honour her side of the bargain she shouldn't have accepted the offer to form govt.

The fashion for people to stop reading and thinking because they find something 'offensive' is the real problem here, not an excellent piece of thought provoking journalism by one of the best. The heading says "the tale of the redhead and the rug Pokies Meaning Condescending Attitude If that offends you, you musn't get through many articles?

Evidently politicians in Australia are not worthy of any kind of respect. I'd be insulted if a reporter went around referring to me by my profession current or past rather than my name. Why not just use their real names? Oh, then it wouldn't be 'humourous' or 'incisive'.

In a sense politicians are paid public servents and as honourary citizens they are renumerated according to an independent authority, however when you register interest for a job as an MP or otherwise councillor, or senator then you must expect a reasonable amount of public disdain as it is less about personal resentment but rather more contempt for the process.

Really, I think you are being somewhat precious Helvi. Pity, Helvi, because you missed a pretty damn good final jab in the wrap-up.

The redhead and the rug salesman thing was merely a bit of whimsy. The very negative and emmotive manner in which much of the media and angry crowds reacted to pokie reform indicates that decency also has no place in large sections of the Australian community.

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  • The definition of condescending is acting in a way that shows a superior attitude. An example of condescending is a parent who speaks to her grown child as if he were still a toddler. Quit talking to me in that condescending tone!Missing: pokies.
  • If you say that someone is condescending, you are showing your disapproval of the fact that they talk or behave in a way which shows that they think they are superior to other people. [disapproval]. I'm fed up with your money and your whole condescending attitude. They can be a bit condescending. Synonyms: patronizing  Missing: pokies.
  • Condescension, like sarcasm, is most often conveyed in body language and tone of voice rather than the content of a message. It can be perceived when it is not (consciously) intended, and can remain unperceived even where it is deliberate and intentional. It is nowadays generally taken to mean talking  Missing: pokies.
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  • You can take it any old way you like. The "I'm so righteous condescending know it all" attitude is never productive in complex issues either. Your attitude is off-putting. Knitting in the Rockys wrote: I actually considered it a compliment. You don't want to hold a conversation with someone who has opposing views and that may.

We get the indecent politicians we deserve. Exactly right on getting the politicians we deserve. Politically lazy Australians in the main vote for a party irrespective of who the representative the party has allocated to that area. At the next election the voting public need to ask themselves can they trust any promise the ALP come out with. I don't think there's any question that Mr Wilkie is a decent man. He is, however, incredibly naive to think Labor was ever going to keep their word.

I feel sorry for him, but he should have known they were going to deceive him when he learnt about that little trick too. That Australian and indeed yourself Annabel are getting your knickers in a knot over the Great Pokie Machine Madness highlights where Australia is as a nation. The rest of the world is on its knees trying to keep the wolfs from the door and the media here hardly blinks an eye.

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Instead journalist waffle on and on about an issue that can only impact on a handful of people. I agree that 37 million to trial an approach to try and keep bored people from destroying their lives seems a bit much but I don't care. How can Australia develop into a country that can thrive on the skills of its people?

But no why bother talking about that lets instead focus on minor issues the big ones require too much effort. Of course the yank doesn't care. I guess Americans call it a libertarian economy at play.

Who cares if people's lives get wrecked? Not the yank, and certainly not the politicians. A totally blinkered revisionist view of the man's point. Who do you blame Pokies Meaning Condescending Attitude war? The caveman for discovering fire?. The cold hard fact is the time for making effective and meaningful decisions about problem gambling wont happen in this country while numbers are on a razors edge. Until then the country has bigger fish to fry. I don't care because there are far larger isues then a handful of people that can't control themselves when in front of a poker machine.

The world is on the edge of a potential depression and poker machines are all the community can think about. Concern for community welfare is not nonsense, and I and many others certainly do not underestimate the gravity of the looming economic crisis. I believe the poker machine reform betrayal is symptomatic of a wider malaise that we must tackle.

Whether it is the Big Bankers of Wall Street or Europe, the Big Boys of Legalised Gambling, or the Big Guns of the International Arms Industry, we are dealing with unhealthy agents whose influence on successive governments has long ago destroyed the ethical base and sense of the common good in our largest democracies. You do know that Aristocrat - an Australian company - has a big if not biggest slice of the international poker machine market?

Maybe the Americans did start it with Bally, but surely Pokies Australia Network Schedule have learned quick. I'm sorry but the complete lack of credibility of the Prime Minister is a big issue, as you will see at the next election.

Wilkie's measures can't get the votes so another avenue is tried to Pokies Meaning Condescending Attitude with this issue. Seems like common sense to me. Gillard has well lost every shed of credibility over Wilkie. To suggest she did not have the numbers to support Wilkie is just ludicrous. Any agreements with Gillard are now only as good as a snake oils salesmans guarantee.

The next elections Labor will be decimated! So the media keep reinforcing "your political point of view" without producing the "big picture for Australia" also, Abbott for Canberra at everybody's cost!

This is the Labor mindset at its finest. Integrity is just a word with two I's in it. Look at the alternative and you would find if you didn't have bias blinkers that the PM has more integrity in her little finger then Abbott does in his entire body.

That's just exchanging one set of problems for another set of really ugly problems. The problem is that the two major political parties both suck. Perhaps it time to dump the "2 party preffered" political rack - and open things up for a really democracy to flourish?

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