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It is a device that we employ in our day-to-day speech. Therefore, a hyperbole is an unreal exaggeration to emphasize the real situation.

You will need Meaning Examples Hyperbole Pokies

Some other common Hyperbole examples are given below. It is important not to confuse hyperbole with simile and metaphor. It does make a comparisonlike simile and metaphor.

Rather, hyperbole has a humorous effect created by an overstatement. Let us see some examples from Classical English literature in which hyperbole was used successfully.

In one instance, he exaggerates winter by saying:. Late at night, it got so frigid that all spoken words froze solid afore they could be heard. People had to wait until sunup to find out what folks were talking about the night before. Freezing of the spoken words at night in winter, and then warming them up in the warmth of the sun during the day are examples of hyperbole, which has been effectively used in this short excerpt from an American folktale.

This my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red. Macbeth, the tragic herofeels the unbearable prick of his conscience after killing the king. He regrets his sin, and believes that even the oceans of the greatest magnitude cannot wash the blood of the king off his hands.

We can see the effective use of hyperboles in the given lines. The use of hyperbole can be seen in the above lines in the meeting of China and Africa, the jumping of the river over the mountain, the singing of salmon in the street, and the ocean being folded and hung up to dry are exaggerations, not possible in real life. Can you give us a room with a view?

This is a poem by William Blake in which he uses exaggerated personification of sunflowers, which is akin to hyperbole.

The poet Robert Burns gives many examples of hyperbole in this piece. The poet says that he would love his beloved until the seas are dried up, and the rocks are melted. The above arguments make clear the use of hyperbole. In our daily conversation, we use hyperbole to create an amusing effect, or to emphasize our meaning.

However, in literature it has very serious implications.

Hyperbole examples

By using hyperbole, a writer or a poet makes common human feelings remarkable and intense to such an extent that they do not remain ordinary. In literature, usage of hyperbole develops contrasts.

  • Publisher: Mary Rose In childhood, nearly everybody wish that we are going to get married with a handsome prince or stunning princess.
  • Okay, there you have got it.
  • An hyperbole is an exaggeration which may be used for emphasis and humor. Hyperboles are used in speaking and writing for effect or to make a boring story more interesting. Hyperbole Examples for Children. It was so cold I saw polar bears wearing jackets. I am so hungry I could eat a horse. I had a ton of chores to coinsluckyz.comg: pokies.
  • The definition of hyperbole is a description that is exaggerated for emphasis. An example of hyperbole is saying you are so hungry you could eat a horse. (uncountable) Extreme exaggeration or overstatement; especially as a literary or rhetorical coinsluckyz.comg: pokies.

When one thing is described with an over-statement, and the other thing is presented normally, a striking contrast is developed. In Example 3, I wonder if W. Auden had an interest in geology? These are not impossible things, but if they were to occur it would have to be on a geological time scale. Continents do collide, rivers erode mountains, and any fold on the crust like a mountain with limestone, sandstone, or shale was once part of an ocean.

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  1. Definition, Usage and a list of Hyperbole Examples in common speech and literature. Hyperbole, derived from a Greek word meaning “over-casting” is a figure of speech, which involves an exaggeration of ideas for the sake of coinsluckyz.comg: pokies.:
    "If you look at two examples, Essendon and Geelong football clubs, pokies provided and per cent of their total revenue respectively. If this legislation is going to mean the demise of some clubs, then it can only be argued that those same clubs are existing only on the hardship of unfortunate. As a showdown over compulsory pre-commitment on poker machines hots up, both leaders are feeling the heat. For Julia Gillard it is yet another example of having her arm twisted while negotiating her way into Government. And while Tony It is not a tax coinsluckyz.com dictionary definition is just plain wrong. (During my conversation with Keogh, she tells me that when she walks through a venue with pokies, the noise has a “re-traumatising effect” that transports her back to her childhood.) Many clubs have air-conditioned, technically-outdoor-but-indoor-by-any-reasonable-definition “smoking terraces” where.
  2. Examples of tad in a Sentence. there's more than just a tad of hyperbole in the critics' praise for the promising young pianist. grandfather never tires of telling us about the days when he was just a tad.:
    It's a common form of hyperbole. The neighbour who keeps Research suggests these are far from isolated examples. As such, he says he would like the Oxford English Dictionary to remove its secondary definition of schizophrenic: "With the implication of mutually contradictory or inconsistent elements". Here's a roundup of my favorite language-related stories, brought to you by the pipes of the Internet. Ben Zimmer meditates on The Beatles' use of pronouns in The New York Times. Really? Bubble Wrap is a trademark? Here are twenty-four other words you might not know are trademarked, all in one nifty post from Mental.
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A killer laptop, now touch-friendly," 10 Nov. The flight Wednesday above southern Johnson County was a tad more relaxed for Capen, now It is filled with young men in flowing scarves and young women in monochrome outfits who would be just a tad too fashionable for Berkeley.

Not counting today's stats, New York's lineup has hit. Valentino himself who also makes a cameo in the film. Origin and Etymology of tad probably from English dialect, toad, from Middle English tode — more at toad. Learn More about tad See words that rhyme with tad Thesaurus: Seen and Heard What made you want to look up tad? Need even more definitions? Get Word of the Day daily email!

Your mother says that you've been a mammothrept all year. You've been… Nice Naughty. Words at Play 'Equivocate': Should You 'Quit' or 'Resign'? The Difference Between… Lawyer and Attorney? You oughta know that Barrie. Predictions, promises, blood oaths, whatever - one thing is sure. Even if it's in writing, Abbott will backflip on it. He's a strong leader, who has no idea where he is going.

As has been pointed out in other forums WA only has poker machines at the casino and there is bi-partisan support and wide public support for it to remain that way. The sporting clubs are flourishing without the financial gain that the eastern state clubs claim are vital to their well-being. Well apart from Mr Abbott's opportunistic comment at the club forum - I am not entirely sure that the proposed changes will be of help - however James Packer's very strong comments yesterday, only serve to make me feel that there may be some benefit to them.

The richest man in Australia not wanting to lose some revenue? Hmm, doesn't quite fit! I'm all for these changes and can't believe the irresponsible behavior of the clubs, Packer and nine. But I don't think it helps to play their game and use overblown language in the debate. The questions that need to be asked and answered is why do they think this will occur and what steps can be taken to lessen the chances.

Rather than engaging in the overblown rhetoric where the other side is always wrong about everything, the media needs to be more circumspect and assess the arguments. The proponents will look after the overblown rhetoric. The gambling industry is always wrong on this one, though. There is no moral, or social argument that supports a system that takes advantage of problem gamblers.

Barrie should Nicola Roxon weigh into the fray? As Minister for Health this requires it. I know of towns in SA that have lost even grocery stores since the arrival of pokies. The political nonsense brandished by Abbott concerning this issue is yet more proof to all that the concerns of the general public will go unheeded by him. The way the media has been involved is atrocious,especially Channel Nine and some shock jocks. This one is really a no brainer,pokies are an unnecessary blight on communities causing addictive behaviour as is their design in other ways decent people.

These are not your school bingo nights to raise funds for the local cricket and netball teams uniforms,these things fund GREED. Its not, and anything who thinks so if only fooling themselves. Gamblers don't consider how much they've lost while they're riding the rush. Hitting a limit is a bucket of cold water on that feeling, problem gamblers experience it when ALL of the money is gone.

Think of pre-commitment limits as low-fuel warning lights in cars. They don't stop you running out of fuel, but you consider how much farther you can go before you're stranded. How many billions are to be waged on the races over the next few days including by amny who cannot afford and will result in the same effects on their families.

Ah but the Melbourne is an Aussie icon so no harm in a little flutter. And how many times a years does this horse race run Andy? With pokies it is the addictive element-flashing lights, warbly sounds etc. And how is it that so few from the rich clubs and media have so much say and influence over the rest of us? Unfortunately, as long as they shout their simplistic, negative mantra and keep on repeating it, no matter how wrong it is, many will begin to believe their crap.

Their biggest lie is "It won't work. When are the clubs and their highly paid representatives going to answer these questions? Whatever it takes to give me the prime ministership. Not heresay from a member sqirming under betrayal of a conservative electorate There will be no carbon tax Important enough to bring down the government? Even if people regard it as a promise, it was a non-core promise. There is no carbon tax, but a carbon pricing scheme imposed on polluters, a fine if you like. This scheme is the mecahnism to drive towards a market place ETS.

Now as far as pokies are concerned, who need them? But if we have to have not need them, let's limit the dmage they do. Isn't that common sense, or what am I missing here? Read your dictionary definition Taxes are levied by governments. Companies passing on the cost of imposts are not levying a tax. This is being levied by the government on the biggest pollution companies who will pass it on to everyoneselse several times over across the economy.

Is a "levy" a "tax"? If so, I reserve my right to comment further. The HC defined "tax" in the Air Caledonie case, It was a unanimous majority decision with one written judgement, the most powerful way the HC can speak. For an impost to be a tax the HC held that it must satisfy these three conditions: It is not a tax Cut the "it's not a tax" rubbish. If even Gillard is happy to use the word tax, a tax it is. She was trying to avoid petty debates just like the ones you conservos have promoted.

It's as good as law. The Senate vote in November is a mere formality. Time to get a new issue to oppose. Because of that statement you didn't vote ALP anyway, as we can see and, because of it, I didn't either! But, because of the reversal of that statement, I will next time vote for one of these progressive people; you won't apparently again, but your vote won't be a loss, anyway. Easy look at Western Australia, we have virtually no pokies and our sports take up rates are the best in Australia.

If you look at the poll that is running at the moment, this has much support from the general populace. As was pointed out in the piece by Tim Costello, this only affects the high loss machines anyway and Tony Abbott would be wise to heed that advice. Unlike the carbon tax, he has a foot in both camps because he is only predicting that he would wind this back instead of promising. I think between no and the election, TA will predict a lot of things because he can change his position very easily by saying it was not a promise, and therefore he cannot be held accountable.

Unlike the carbon "tax" Abbott is going to introduce an even bigger carbon tax if he gets in. Enough of the nanny state. Time for people to manage their own lives with regards to pursuing legal activities. Irrespective of the abject misery caused by poker machine addiction, here's an economic rationalist view: Are you happy to bear these increasing costs?

And to rid ourselves of the "nanny state" should we legalise heroin, dispense with seatbelts, cycle helmets and prescription medicines? Is this the latest twist from the pokies parasites?

It is only the so-called nanny state that declares any activity legal or illegal. What do you mean 'legal'? Driving is legal - but you need a licence. And obey traffic lights and stop signs. And give way at give way signs. And drive the right way down a one way street.

I don't play the pokies. I don't get what anybody sees in them. And I especially don't get what gets people hooked on the stupid things apart from a lack of ability to act responsibly - i. What's next on the agenda for the nanny state? Have any of you people read ??

Not a nice read, but where we're headed quickly with tripe like this proposed measure. What kind of robot world do you live in? We have adults who rob banks, drive dangerously, steal things, assault others We have systems to punish and rehabilitate the people who do this. There is a fair chance that a gambling addict will involve themselves in theft or fraud, but never mind the misery they bring to others, they just need to repeat your sanctimonious mantra as above; you, whose never put a foot wrong or hurt anyone in your life.

Whether or no something is "legal" or "illegal" depends upon what laws are enacted by a democratically elected legislature. At present there is no law against a Club running machines that are designed to enliven those sections of an addictive gambler's brain that cause them to be attracted to feeding in money with a preprogrammed percentage to be retained by the Club.

Should a law be passed at the behest of a majority of voters through their elected representatives to say that Clubs are not entirely free to run such machines, those machines will become illegal.

This is no different from there being laws against purveying drugs to addicts or limiting amounts of alcohol that can be served to drinkers Drinking alcohol is not illegal. Selling alcohol to inebriated customers is. Smoking cigarettes is not illegal.

Selling cigarettes to children is. Playing poker machines will not be illegal the addict will not be the criminal. Enticing addicts problem gamblers to continue to feed in money to the detriment of themselves, their dependants and the community will be made more difficult the enticers and the enticement will be controlled by the law.

It's only laws passed by parliament that make them illegal. There is no essential difference otherwise. Anyway, driving a car is not illegal, but driving a car without a licence or driving a car which does not meet Australian design requirements and cannot be registered is illegal. It's grossly immoral - that's what it is. And those defending it rarely have moral or ethical aims. Yes, but the operation of pokies is subject to regulation. This is prescribed by statute.

Pokies are not legal everywhere, nor have they always been legal. Anyway as your leader Abbott brags, legislation can easily be repealed. Compulsory Reading in Form 5 now Year Your first paragraph summed myself up - but I never understood what my mother saw in those things. Having to deal with pre-committment limits would have suited my mother perfectly.

So you don't play pokies, basically have no idea about problem gambling, and yet you think you know what should and should not be done to address it? I don't mind the nany state, it's saves me from having to carry a gun and I do not have to fear every person how is bigger than me in my day to day life. I find most people who sprout "nanny state" are self obsessed bullies and good candidates for a tax audit. If this problem had effected your family like it has ours you would feel differently.

Open your mind, just a crack. I had a friend whose husband was "the cleaner" for the casino motel rooms. His job was to clean up the room after the suicide. I would like to see the suicide statistics in and around the casino published. The toll on society has been outrageous since the intro.

I can see the bad in it, but damned if i can see the social good. The benefits go to a handfull of business people and millions pay the cost. We all pay for it, in one way or another. And don't give me "choice". If i had a choice we would'nt have em at all. What other things should we deregulate? Safety standards in cars? How about predatory loan restrictions? Why are we preventing kids from drinking alcohol and smoking? What's it to you if they change the amounts a person can lose in a turn on a poker machine?

Yep the old nanny state line. Let's legalise all illicit drugs so people are free to make their own choices. Let's also do away with speed limits and drink driving laws while we're at it. The nanny state argument has to be the most lame one around. Driving is a legal activity, but you need a licence first and if you drive in a way that is dangerous to yourself or others your licence can be taken away. This measure won't sove problem gambling - i'll put money on it!! So you would suggest removing licencing all together and having our roads as a veritable free for all?

It's all about degrees of mitigation. Sure, we have people who break road rules; but comparative to say, Greece, with their enormously lax restrictions, our roads are significantly more safe. Pokies reform won't stop problem gambling, but it'll sure as hell make a dent in it. Poker machines are designed to activate areas of the brain that over-ride self control. No other form of gambling is as widespread and easily available to addicts as poker machines.

Sure we get embezzlers who back horses. But these are few and far between. Yes, we get drunken drivers who re-offend, but not thousands and thousands of them. And we do try to apprehend them with booze buses. And we do imprison those who are manslaughterers. Should we stop doing those things because you claim to "read everyday about suspended drivers continuing to drive regardless"?

Anyway, you are exaggerating. I bet you that there has not been a report of this happening in any newspaper today. Then you should support a pre-commitment system that empowers people to manage their own lives. There is zero nanny state about this legislation.

Does Dexter support the precommitment concept applied to alcohol? Ayone who every may go to a hotel should have to pre-register stating the volume of alcohol they select to drink that night.

When they reach that limit they have to leave. Sounds good to me. Precommitment could just be the idea that saves us all from ouselves. Its just so self evident really. Other than being a 2word mantra, just what is a nanny state? Has it got anything to do with nanny goats? Im sick and tired of hearing the clubs saying that poker machine profits are put back into community programs as if its ok for the community to benefit from others misery.

That is the same argument Columbian drug cartels use when they put money back into schools and hospitals in their local communities. I guess its a question of does the end justify the means. Once they have paid parasitical managers, employees, advertisers, spruikers and suppliers, there is bugger-all left for the community. How much do they reckon a poker machine costs?

This for something far less technical than an video game, and not much different from the arcade games of the 80s. I suspect this is where all of the cash is going, the inflated 'costs of doing business'. I wonder who owns the companies that supply these machines? You could say that the guise of being a club is just a front for a collection of other businesses. There is a lot of money involved in making a poker machine.

They have similar security concerns to an ATM - they need to be tamper proof or at the least tamper evident so they can be shut down if someone has tried to hack it. There's also the consideration that the pseudo-random numbers generated can't be guessed but at the same time the long term outcomes have to fit into certain percentages. I hate poker machines and support the proposed reforms.

I'm just saying that the problem of how to build a reliable pokie is a challenging one and challenging equals expensive. Aristocrat are one of the largest players. Aristocrat is the largest gaming machine manufacturer in Australia, and is one of the largest manufacturers of slot machines in the world currently second only to US based International Game Technology.

The actual major shareholders are difficult to determine, but include fund management companies such as IOOF Holdings, Maple Brown Abbott would love to see if there was a familial relationship , and the Commonwealth Bank although CBA has recently sold some 22 million shares. The real problem with the proposed pokies regulations is that it does not fix the problemit still allows those with gambling addictions to continue to gamble.

The only way to solve pokies addiction is to either 1 reduce the availability of machines, 2 issue licences for using machines and ban those with additions or 3 look at the root of the gambling addiction and provide support and advice similar to AA for alcoholics. Giving gamblers with addictions the ability to nominate their limits will not solve the cancerous nature or blight of the pokies on modern day social fabric.

The real issue for both Gillard is to ignore what they have negotiated with Wilkie which I believe is against the democratic principles that Australia has fostered and introduce real reforms which deal with the problem. The Wilkie proposal is a tinder and not a solution. These reforms won't fix the problem, but it will provide a safer environment in which addicts can act and provide a bit of breathing space to get out of their addiction.

Although the method is quite different, it is somewhat comparable to safe injection rooms for heroin addicts. That said, I agree that something more is needed to be really effective. Prohibition does not really work because it just opens the door to organised crime - as happened with illegal casinos in the past. I personally favour a blanket limit on how much can be bet on a machine i.

Not the greatest solution because it won't deal with the addiction directly, but it will make the losses much, much more manageable for the addicts and their suffering families.

There are better ways of handling this and then of course you have to remember that not everyone that plays the pokies is an addict or is it your opinion that everyone needs to be told what they are allowed to do.

Yes there are some that need to be protected from themselves but it is not right to make everyone else part of the solution, we dont do it with chain smokers and heavy drinkers and these two cause a lot more problems and kill people. If they are serious about stopping problems then they need to find an approach that works, a pre commitment will not stop people or should we also make smokers and drinkers pre commit how mant cigs they will smoke or how many drinks they will have as well, come on mate, time to get real and stop thinking politically.

This will not affect most pokie players at all. There is research that says that pokie addicts when having to confront their loss before the play have a good chance of breaking the cycle. You totally don't understand the pokies do you. Look, another way to look at it, if it was going to be so ineffective why would the club and casinos be opposing it so much. Wilkie and co have said its merely a programing fix and would cost very little to change, so cost to clubs initially will be minimal.

As for the downfall of clubs, WA has no pokies outside of casinos and has for as long as I can remember. We have a flourishing sporting club scene. They can nominate a figure when they are feeling strong and determined and it wll come into effect when they succumb. And although this solution includes non-problem gamblers, it is not going to be too difficult for them, and may also prevent them slipping into addiciton, if that is likely to happen.

So win-win, I say. As for smokers, legislative changes make it very diffuclt for them these days They are gradually being excluded from polite society. And drinkers, well the responsible service of alcohol laws mean that it is an offence to serve someone who is drunk. One reason that the pre-committment path has been chosen for pokie addiction is that it is possible to gamble away a fortune without interaction from human agents: So you agree for alcoholics there should be a precomimitment of ml of beer a day.

Pre commit to junior burger a day! As mentioned above, If somebody has had "too much alcohol", then they will not be served any more. So, instead of precommitment, there is still responsible intervention from the establishment serving the alcohol. Contrast this with what we currently have for our casinos and RSL's.

There is no intervention. I am not a problem gambler and I don't know any, and I am not particularly against Poker machines or Casinos. Ultimately, there will often be a cost to the community too. Obviously these type of people need some intervention, and I bet pardon the pun some of them would even welcome this reform.

They go in thinking they will only spend amounts they can afford to lose. Then they push the boundaries trying to recover. In the unlikely event someone did say that, then the club's own ostensible rules would mark out this person as having a problem unless they were a multi-millionaire and probably as engaged in criminal activity.

The clubs would then be denied the "we didn't know he had a problem" defence. People without a problem and even those with them can gamble on "low impact machines" as much as they "like".

Those without a problem who use high impact machines should not be affected. I'd say anyone who was smoking had a significant problem of course as there is no safe level of smoking. There isn't of course.

I quite like the idea of the machines randomly shutting down and not starting up again for random amounts of time so as to break the perception that "this machine is due to pay out". Fran, Regarding my previous post I apologise, I didn't notice you were quoting someone else. I'm hoping the govenment will intoduce precommitment for Lotto.

I know people who are addicted to it and need someone to set limits for them so they can be better people. CJ, your post is one of your silliest yet. The whole point about pre-commitment is that the mental state at the time of pre-commitment is quite different from that when the commitment is reached.

Pre-commitment enables a break for those who get in over their heads. Yes, seajae CJ , you can declare or commit for losses of any amount you like. But you will actually have to stop and think before you do it, rather than lose track when you are in the zone and chasing losses.

No-one has claimed the measure will eliminate problem gambling, only that it is worth trying in an attempt to reduce it. You say this approach won't work but how do you know until you give it a go? And why would you be opposed to it - after all it's not costing you or the taxpayers any money?

If there are better ways as you say then let's do them too. By the way, if it won't work, why are the clubs and Jamie Packer so opposed to them? Please don't tell me they have the punters' interests at heart. Also remember the proposed measures only apply to the big money machines. That way, those who derive pleasure from losing their money can continue to do so to their heart's content. This is pokie issue is a moral debate, one to protect the vulnerable.

This is your time to shine Julia, gloves of and get stuck in. But it's not Gillard's fight. Anything they say in defence of it is simply self-serving advertising. Labor did not campaign on it Labor did not consider it Labor did not propose it They are doing it because Wilkie wants it - their own MP's say so. But they have passed various pieces of legislation about all 3 matters. They are just rascals aren't they! Governments should just legislate on election promises, and leave all the rest to God and mother nature!

I'll make broadly the same comment that I made on Tim Costello's piece yesterday. Pokies laws are primarily a state responsibility. The ALP still runs some states and not so long ago ran all six. If current pokies laws are so bad that defence of them should make Tony Abbott a pariah, why aren't the likes of Bligh, Rann, Kenneally, etc getting some heat on this? Probably due to the fact that state governments are vested interests in the industry via licenses and taxes as well as political contributions so they would hardly be considered impartial.

Of the people you specify only Bligh is still premier. The heat should be on the state premiers where pokies operate to act on this matter. Bligh will not be premier for long. In almost all states the pokies were introduce by ALP governments and they have lived of the profits for decades. Go complain to the ALP as they are the root of this so called evil.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a negative, front-page article about the current NSW government being in bed with the clubs lobby a couple of weeks ago. Apparently all new housing developments in NSW have to have land set aside for a club. Also there are tax cuts for the poor struggling hotels industry. Tony Abbott, what more can be said about his methods of doing business. No, denial, blood oath, predictions.

The old 60's protest song has a verse which describes him well. People want some-one with a vision of what Australia will be like , and all we have got is a return to pre under the LNP. The 'status quo' is not sustainable.

One has to leave the world a better place than when you entered it. Unless a leader understands this and strives to make things better, not simply protect the status quo, their leadership years will be regarded by history as "wasted years". Pity the ALP didn't believe that as they lead us back decades into the s. But he does have a very clear vision for Australia: Wouldn't that be simpler? No doubt James Packer, Tony Abbott, channel 9 and the big clubs would still object but at least the 'will cost, won't work' case would have less credibility.

The discussion last night on the Drum was embarrassing. What is with "High Density Machines"? They are no longer spinning wheels, they are a Video screen driven by a computer program. A program designed to keep you playing. Go and play one for a while. If you simply play the minimum bet for one "line", you will be amazed at how many jackpots you "miss" because they appearred on lines you weren't playing.

As players get more desperate, they play more and more lines until they are playing maximum rolls. And magically, the jackpots disappear; but you consistently get 4 of the 5 you need to win big. Clubs have gotten fat and lazy on the proceeds of Poker Machines.

Club Management awards are based on turnover - not members - so they are rewarded for ripping off more pokie addicts. Poker Machines are more dangerous for addicts than any other form of gambling because they are programmed to keep you playing, are available up to 21 hours a day, and are in a place with an inexhaustible supply of alcohol to numb the senses. If clubs were serious, they would have done something about it long ago. Their only response to date has been to fund a counselling service.

It was going to be the death of sport as we know it when cigarette advertising was shut down. Sporting clubs that rely on problem gamblers should go down the tube. Abbott is really showing his win-at-all-costs side here.

Interesting take on this issue Barrie. I would just add this that those who are raging against pokie reforms as have been suggested are quite happy to tell lies in the media about the actual form of the reforms, the impact on clubs, the cost of changing machines, impacts on community activities sponsored by clubs, the position of the Salvos etc, yet also scream, "Juliar".

The hypocrisy is breath taking. So honouring an agreement is wrong now? Just because James Packer and his cronies under this legislation won't be able to rip off problem gamblers. For Queensland Premier, Wayne Goss said it was the worst mistake he made in politics was allowing those mongrel machines into the state. Since the Independents made the decision to support a minority Labor Government, Tony Abbott has been on a mission to force a new election.

He has two strategies - call the government illegitimate which it isn't and oppose everything put forward by the government. His oppositional approach feeds two things in the electorate - fear and misunderstanding. It is dirty, underhand politics and it must be the longest political tantrum on record. Tony Abbott must be a joy to play board games with.

Of course, Tony Abbott's biggest fear is that these reforms - the Carbon Tax and the Mandatory Precommitment Technology - will go through Parliament and despite the claims of Chicken Little - the sky won't fall in. And therein lies his problem - what will he do if these reforms don't cause the world to end? He has staked his political career on this What Tony Abbott is banking on here is that Julia Gillard will falter under the pressure of Clubs Australia and people like James Packer who pays how much tax each year?

However, Abbott may have miscalculated on this one - many people recognise that counselling alone will not solve problem gambling and they know that amongst all the methods of gambling, poker machines are the ones that are causing the most damage in the community. Backing an industry that is set up to manipulate people into throwing their money away, perhaps isn't the wisest move that Abbott has made in recent days. Julia Gillard needs to steel her nerve and continue on with this reform.

It was recommended by the Productivity Commission as one way to help people addicted to poker machine gambling - not the way - one way.

And Tony Abbott needs to remember that by the time Howard lost the last election, people were truly disillusioned about the kind of country Australia had become - yes, some people were richer but that wealth was not equally distributed and or invested in public infrastructure that benefitted the most disadvantaged in this nation. Tony Abbott's claims that he's going to rescind every piece of legislation that the Government brings forward is actually a statement that what he actually intends to do if his is elected is return us to Howard's Australia The danger is that the Murdoch media can create the impression that the sky is falling in and the rest of the media is unlikely to contradict this.

Look at the highly succesful BER and Insulation projects and how they were porytrayed media wide. That is true, but it is harder for media to generate that spin once the policies are enacted. When the Australian economy doesn't go into free fall as a result of the Carbon Tax and when clubs keep ticking along in spite of the Mandatory Pre-commitment Technology and when Australians aren't really out of pocket in the way that Tony Abbott said they would be, it will be much harder for the media to spin that line.

Far better for Tony Abbott whose entire approach is to feed fear and misunderstanding, to use the media now in an attempt to prevent the reforms from ever being enacted. Not only is it dirty, underhand politics it is also cheap and lazy politics with no depth and no substance.

Retaining the status quo is not sustainable. The argument that the clubs, masquerading as so called community groups, can only exist if they rely on the proceeds of gambling appears to me to negate the idea that they are truly community based.

In reality, I would suggest that these 'community groups' have been hijacked long ago by the unethical to further their own monetary ambitions. The fact that an extremely small percentage of their revenue is returned to the communities these groups strenuously claim to be supporting merely strengthens this argument.

Therefore, to my mind, the sooner we limit the grasp and power of these 'community groups' by lowering the machine take per spin or any other similar measure can only be a social good. The problem for Tony Abbott is that it will be very easy to portray him as a person who is willing to protect those who prey on the weak and unfortunate. I wonder how that squares with his Christianity and the more enlightened views of his party members? As an interstater with no gambling interest at home, I could never fathom what the difference was between a "club" and a "casino".

So once more Barrie, your major concern is danger to Gillard. Change the record once in a while. You obviously didn't read the whole article. There is danger too for Abbott. Perhaps you need to change the record once in a while!

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. This article is about the pros and cons of the proposed legislation and why there is opposition to it. Abbott's position on pokie reform borders on criminal negligence of a very serious social problem, with well-documented and severe consequences for pokies addicts and their families. His increasingly poisonous populism is lowering the level of public debate on this issue.

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