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The question mark marks the end of a question.

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When will we be arriving? Why did you do that? Does any of this matter?

Question marks are used in direct Dig into the true etymological meaning of Christmas, plus five more festive word treats to mull over. These are not the words you are looking for: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… we explored the Star Wars universe for intergalactic words that feature in Collins Dictionary.

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Juxtaposition is a type of comparison. Typically, the two elements being juxtaposed have differences and the juxtaposition is meant to highlight contrasting effects.

Juxtaposition is perhaps most evident through images. When an author uses juxtaposition, he is placing two elements near each other for comparative purposes. A foil is a literary character that is meant to emphasize the traits of another character through opposing traits.

A literary foil is one that develops throughout a text and may not be evident at first. Both juxtaposition and foil compare. When her attitude is juxtaposed with her kindness towards a single man, though, her character is more well-rounded and understandable. Juxtaposition can be used to consider universal ideas such as love and war. Juxtaposition is an important device in literature as it encourages the reader to make comparisons otherwise ignored or unapparent.

It can serve to highlight certain characteristics of subjects, to make different subjects more alike, or to challenge the typical perspective on a subject.

In this poem, Bruchac juxtaposes two points of view. First, he invites the reader to consider looking at oneself and how difficult it is to recognize oneself by certain details and characteristics. Then, he remarks on how much better a stranger is at recognizing these details in you.

With this juxtaposition, Bruchac challenges the common notion that we know ourselves well with the argument that strangers may see us more truly or clearly than we see ourselves.

As is true for literature, juxtaposition can be used for both serious and comedic means. Watch this video on YouTube Carl Fredricksen is old, curt, and jaded.

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  • Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense juxtaposes, present participle juxtaposing, past tense, past participle juxtaposed. If you juxtapose two contrasting objects, images, or ideas, you place them together or describe them together, so that the differences between them Missing: pokies.
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Russell wants to connect, whereas Fredricksen wants to be left alone. The juxtaposition of these two characters is funny, a cause of conflict in the movie, and ultimately, a reason for Fredricksen to lighten up and open his heart to the youngster.

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For another example of juxtaposition, consider the French versus English narration in this Nike ad:. Watch this video on YouTube The French narrator speaks quickly and frequently, whereas the English narrator speaks rarely, simply, and with an unexcited voice. The juxtaposition of the two narrations serves to add a comedic touch to this already absurd ad.

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