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As it stands, I expect I would have to revise my report to a different conclusion. It may be the case that some of those opinions will be found to be justified but I cannot commit myself at present.

If you require more specific details of the points of variation of that report, I would need to view at least some of the material. This alteration of his opinion, I should stress, was given, as Dr McLaren notes, based upon written summaries of film, not viewing film itself.

In each report Dr McLaren clearly sets out a summary of the material provided by the solicitors. The attachments to that letter in the McLaren Bundle are well over a centimetre thick. I confirm that we continue to act on behalf of Mrs Nasir whom you saw on Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home behalf on 16 September and in respect of whom you have provided a report dated 16 September Shortly after you first saw Mrs Nasir on our behalf, we arranged to have her assessed by Brisbane specialist occupational physician Dr Johnn Olsen.

He provided his initial report dated 27 November before he became aware of surveillance material and contrary opinions. As you may have noticed from previous reports for previous clients provided by Dr Olsen, he makes a practice of having clients complete a questionnaire relevant to their psychological health when he assesses them for their physical health.

This enables him to express a preliminary opinion as to whether psychological issues of any significance might be involved in each particular case. In so doing, Dr Olsen does not intend to provide any definitive opinion, rather he is simply observing an indication. Alternatively, I invite you to advise me whether you believe you need to receive and view that material in the light of the detailed analysis which Dr Olsen has made in his report dated 9 June ?

If you no longer see such a major inconsistency, then I request that you be prepared to prepare and provide me with a further report in relation to Mrs Nasir. Would you like the opportunity to see her again to assess her in the light of all this further material, before provided such a further report?

I look forward to receiving your prompt response to this further material. Thank you for your assistance. That letter and its attachments drew this response from Dr McLaren:. Further to your letter of 12 th June, I have reviewed the reports provided by Dr Johnn Olsen, an occupational physician in Brisbane. These are dated 27 th November and 9 th June The first report relates to his examination of Mrs Nasir.

He concludes that, nearly six years after the original injury, she remains Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home severely disabled, partly by physical symptoms and partly by mental symptoms. He is pessimistic as to the likelihood of her returning to work or even increasing her present hours.

His report of June this year summarises the extensive video surveillance material provided to him, which I have not seen.

He noted that she appeared to perform better in the video material than during his examination but did not see reason to amend his opinion that there would be no significant increase in her present working hours. His findings in the report of November are similar to my original report, dated September 16 th I found that she was significantly affected physically and mentally and I did not think that there would be much improvement until the mental symptoms had been brought under control.

My view was that the descriptions provided by the solicitors were at variance with the level of symptoms she conveyed to me, and that this required me to revise my opinion. However, that is not an opinion I can support because I have not seen the video material. The finding that her symptoms tend to vary a lot more than she indicates is not inconsistent with the diagnosis of a psychiatric component to her total disability.

Moreover, it does suggest that, with appropriate treatment, her functional level could be improved quite significantly, certainly more than the nine hours she is working at present.

From her point of view, this is important. I would not care Pokies Win Nzs Slovenia Airlines Flights suggest she will ever recover function to the extent of moving to her property at Berry Springs to raise chickens, as per her original retirement plan, but she should be much more mobile and independent than appears to be the case at present.

In the absence of viewing the twelve hours or more of video material, I am not able to give a definite opinion as to the likelihood of her increasing her hours at work.

I am not in the position to commit myself to finding free time in the next few weeks but I could do so, if you consider it necessary, once I return from annual leave in mid July. I will await your further instructions. We seek your further opinion as requested below, and you may need to view an hour or so of video film, but not 12 hours.

A careers counsellor would access source documents both in written format and also via the internet outlining various facts related to careers and personal and individual characteristics which may indicate that a career may be suitable or not suitable for any particular person.

This therefore is by nature a helping profession and one which involves minimal physical exertionit would be in the category of the lowest physical demands in occupations generally. I would consider it on an equal basis in terms of physical demands as general administrative work.

Dr Olsen nonetheless was of the view that Ms Nasir could not increase her hours beyond 3 hours per day, 3 days per week.

We do not understand his reasons — but they are set out by him at pages of his report dated 9 June He went on to say at page By this I mean that a much more extensive enquiry is necessary.

We are not asking you to exclude the existence of a possible psychiatric condition, simply to comment on the extent to which it may have affected her ability to do the specified work. Typed surveillance observations pages 3 Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home Pokies Free Spin Btcclicks for Thursday 21 FebruaryFriday 22 February and Saturday 23 February We ask you to assume that the summary and typed surveillance observations accurately record the observations made by the operatives and are consistent with the video film.

Should you wish to see the video film or any part of them please contact Nikki Williams of this office and let her know the dates and times you would like to see. Dr McLaren, having perused that mass of material and having viewed some film, then wrote on June 29, Further to your recent enquiry, I have perused the highly detailed surveillance report and have watched the first DVD, dated September 12 th You will recall that this was just a few days before I saw Ms Nasir in order to provide an assessment of her mental state.

I understand you have a copy of my report dated Sept. The remaining two DVDs did not play, so I cannot comment on them. I found the relevant section in the surveillance report and was satisfied that the report was an accurate description of events as I watched them. The DVD I saw consisted of about an hour of playing time. It showed a woman consistent with my recollection of the employee in this case, and physically consistent with my description of her in my report.

She spent a lot of time sitting on a balcony, of which there is little doubt that it is her address 10 Charles St, Stuart Pkwatching some workmen in the yard below. She appears to have been talking to them and giving instructions at times. Her mood appears jovial.

Several times, she is filmed walking about the yard in Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home area where the men had been working with a Bobcat loader. Other film shows her in Casuarina Shopping Centre, at Rapid Ck shops, and what appears to be the physiotherapy office in Coconut Grove. She is seen walking comfortably through the shops, conversing at length in a friendly manner with different people, moving around, leaning getting in and out of chairs with minimal effort, lifting shopping bags into her car and getting in and out of the car.

She appears on ground level and on the first floor balcony. In the main, she shows no restrictions upon her physical movements and no limitation of her social life. She appears to be involved with a considerable number of people, interacting in an animated and affectionate manner. She shows no evidence of anxiety at any stage of the recording. Despite claiming to have a fear Pokies Moneygram Tracking Status heights, she leans over the balcony.

Despite her claims of being socially restricted, she is freely able to move through the shopping centres and engage socially with one person after another. At home, she appears to enjoy a busy social life.

She engages with the workmen with no obvious handicap. She moves with no more discomfort or restriction than would be expected of any woman of her age and build. In general, the appearances she displays in the DVD are not consistent with her description of her behaviour just two days later. I understand from the surveillance report that on her birthday shortly after given as Sept. Based on the material I have seen, there is a considerable discrepancy between her reported state of physical and mental health, and her ability to function independently in the community.

There appears to be no reason why she should not be able to work full-time in her position as school Pokies Big Red Monster. I trust this will be of assistance to you. If you require further information, please contact me at the above address. This office will be closed between June 29 th and July 10 th inclusive. In order of significance Ms Nasir has chronic persistent low back pain which extends to both sides and through both lower limbs.

She describes the back pain as mostly heavy and dully being present most of the time. In addition she has an activity related low back pain which is rather sharp in nature and quite distinctly different to the dull pain which is described more as an ache.

Ms Nasir has bilateral leg pain which she describes as sharp, stabbing and lightning in character. She also has numbness which affects both feet, mostly along the lateral aspects. The second greatest problem is the right shoulder pain. She describes this pain as positional and activity related particularly on reaching, moving anything with resistance, laying on her right shoulder. The most common pain is more niggly than severe pain. When however she is more active she can develop a moderate degree of pain which may be present for as long as weeks.

The pain becomes severe if she attempts to elevate her right arm or to place the arm into abduction. The third most significant problem is the intermittent right knee pain. The pain is intermittent in that when she is resting in a sitting position the pain disappears, when however she walks, particularly on stairs, then the pain increases.

When she does walk up and down stairs she uses a sequential step, for example ascending stairs she will step up with her left leg first and then right leg follows and so on. If she is walking downstairs it is the reverse, she will place the right leg first and then the left. The fourth most significant problem is chronic left wrist pain. She however only Evelyn Taft Hot Pokies Oops Banana pain when she aggravates the condition, for example using strong hand grip or twisting against resistance.

She relies greatly on her left hand because of the problems with the right shoulder. For that reason she has some problems, for example, carrying groceries.

She obtains relief from hydrotherapy, she still attends three times per week in a group. She also has individual physiotherapy sessions twice a week. Things that Ms Nasir cannot perform includes upwards reaching, outwards reaching, kneeling and squatting. Ms Nasir indicates that prior to the accident she enjoyed gardening including permaculture, breeding bantams, walking, window shopping and visiting the botanical gardens.

Currently she has no sports, her hobbies are now home based, mainly internet research. Pain levels, activity limitations or interference and effects of pain on mood is performed by patient self assessment.

The results indicate that Ms Nasir has pain which fluctuates from moderate to moderately severe ranging up to near excruciating. Her pain Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home very highly related to physical activity and her pain to some extent is present almost all of the Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home.

Her activity limitations are very significant, particularly her problem with standing for longer than say 30 mins, which she is unable to do.

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She has indicated that her tolerance if not moving around is only a few minutes. She has great difficulty sleeping due to the pain, she has great difficulty with social activities, her walking is extremely limited, her daily activities are almost non existent and she almost completely limits all her physical activities. She indicates that the pain interferes completely with relationship with others. She has only mild to moderate inabilities in relation to self care. Mood is a significant problem, the worst being very high level of anxiety and worry that the symptoms or pain may become worse.

She also Pokies In Horsham Vic severely depressed mood and moderately severe overall mood effects including both low mood and anxiety. No figure is given for her limitation in respect of sitting, bending, lifting etc. Psychosocial factors were tested by the OMPQ questionnaire. The questionnaire is used for screening to identify patients at risk for developing long term musculoskeletal pain and disability. The questionnaire has been designed for those with acute and subacute pain although the writer uses the questionnaire more extensively.

The questionnaire is stated by the authors to be reliable and valid for early identification of patients at risk for developing persistent pain problems. The publication cited below offers good support reliability, validity, sensitivity and specificity.

The authors state that the maximum possible score is The higher the score a person has, the higher the risk of poor prognosis.

It has been shown that an elevated OMPQ score is associated with the development of chronic pain. Naturally the questionnaire is more helpful when used in the early period of rehabilitation to enable intervention. It is well known that when an injury has remained chronic for periods of years or longer that the prospects for rehabilitation become significantly worse, perhaps one could reasonably say that after two years the prospects for rehabilitation are almost non existent.

I have utilised a scoring method suggested by Linton. The quantifiable scores are as follows:. The score is clearly significantly elevated indicating that it is likely that there are strong psychosocial factors which contribute to the way that Ms Nasir experiences her pain. It is common for an injured work experiencing one or more injuries resulting firstly in intractable severe chronic pain and in particular where surgical intervention has Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home unsuccessful and even more particularly when that intervention has been spinal surgery, the finding in this questionnaire therefore is no more than I would expect.

Nevertheless such a finding is not always inevitable, when it does occur then the outlook for recovery is worse that it would otherwise be. The questionnaire was designed to detect psychiatric morbidity in the general population. The second publication indicated that the GHQ has been found to be robust and valid, it works as well as the longer questionnaire.

The score in the GHQ is quite extreme. It is indicative of poor mental health. I Pokies In The Gym find that during the clinical interview Ms Nasir had an almost obsessional approach to describing her symptoms.

When she completed the written questionnaire she added numerous comments explaining details which were not required and were not requested in the questionnaire. It appears that based on the GHQ that together with the other observations that I have made, that Ms Nasir does have a psychiatric condition which in my opinion is likely to be secondary to her injuries and ongoing pain and loss of function. This means that she does require psychiatric assessment and treatment as appropriate.

Dr Olsen then goes on to describe the results of a test he applied to screen Ms Nasir in respect of a possible diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder.

As to that, Dr McLaren was of a different view, as can be seen by any reader dogged enough to pursue a few pages of procedural silliness up to p of the transcript, read with the document the tender of Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home — an addition to the McLaren Bundle — is recorded on that page.

The questionnaire for PTSD is a gross screening questionnaire, for general screening of the population. A low score indicates that it is unlikely that a person has PTSD. A high score indicates that it is possible, but not necessarily likely, that a person has PTSD. It identifies the 15 Reel Pokies Dogs, in 10, who might have PTSD.

In any event, the situation described at top p. It is not appropriate to for an occupational physician to change the diagnosis criteria for PTSD. Dr McLaren is well known to deplore sloppy use of language in any context, but especially in that of his speciality. The OMPQ questionnaire is devised to be predictive of chronic outcome at the early stage of injury. It has no validity when used with patients who already have or allegedly have that chronic outcome. Dr Olsen was cross-examined as to his and the proper use of the OMPQ questionnaire, principally between p and of the transcript.

From this, it became clear that Dr Olsen is engaged in a research project which involves, among other things, a use of the results of the OMPQ questionnaire additional to those for which the questionnaire was first developed by its Swedish inventors. As at the date Dr Olsen gave his evidence 21 Augustthat presentation had not been turned into a scientific paper for review, publication etc. It may, in the fullness of time, become an orthodox usage: It is not possible to assess fitness for work; based on Pain, Functional Inability and Mood Scores; Objective findings; Scans; use of Opioids and Psychotropics; and time since injury.

If that is the case then how do we assess Fitness for Work and how do we get a better outcome for the Patient. On p of Ex 43, Dr Olsen writes:. I personally would give the patient the benefit of the doubt when expressing views on functional capacity based on the patients activities which are mostly leisure and activities of daily living. I have performed statistical analysis on a case series Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home 64 injured workers that I examined for the purpose of Independent Medical Examination.

The findings were not surprising to me as I have worked with injured workers, including assessment, treatment and prevention for over 25 years. With long standing work related injury that is associated with significant chronic pain the normal relationships between demographic, clinical and behavioural factors appear to break down.

Below are just few Home Meaning Pokies Juxtaposition

My findings are not new in the sense that work in Sweden Linton et al has described the powerful effect of psychological and psychosocial factors resulting in long term occupational disability. Linton is in fact the author of the OMPQ and it is clear that this measure is the best indicator in workers with long term injuries of whether that person is back of [sic] work or is likely to return to work.

It is only too simple to watch the patient play poker machines, reaching for things, walk around and sit around and assume that there is nothing to stop her returning to work because the effort required of her work is no different to the effort Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home to play poker machines, reach for common objects, walk around the street and speak to her family and friends.

There is however no scientific basis on which one can reasonably insist that that is the case. I recognise that some of my colleagues may disagree, I also would consider that many would not, when I say that for a person such as Ms Nasir to return to work, she would require at least medium term cooperative rehabilitation with a qualified and competent rehabilitation provider able to deal with the psychological and psychosocial issues involved in returning to work and generally coping with her pain.

Even with such an approach however, I consider that the horse unfortunately has already bolted and that she will not be able to return to work to any extent greater than what she is at the present time. In my opinion if Ms Nasir is required to resume work 5 days per week and with the intention of longer hours, then the rehabilitation will break down and she will not work at all. The one exception is a four page report to TIO over the signature of Michelle Gailey of APM, dated 9 Octoberand not carrying any sign of having been transmitted by facsimile.

That was the state of play when Mr Pennington received the referral. That became the professed goal of Mr Pennington too. In her affidavit sworn 23 October Ex 37 — one of her affidavits mentioned above, sworn in pursuit of her application for interim benefits — she says:.

I also go to hydrotherapy at the Tropicus Centre for 1 hour on 3 days each week, on Monday and Wednesday, after I finish my work for the day and prior to work on Friday mornings. I attend on my GP Dr Tomayo at the Stuart Park Surgery at least once each month, and sometime Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home frequently if my various health problems require a more frequent attendance.

I attend on my psychologist Dr Jan Isherwood-Hicks once every 3 weeks, or more frequently if necessary. I attend Pokies Australia World War a visiting acupuncturist Dr Ng for 2 to 3 hours each day, for 4 consecutive days, once each month when he comes to Darwin.

I find acupuncture is particularly helpful with my levels of pain. I attend upon pain specialist Dr Gavin Chin once every 6 weeks. Dr Chin monitors my many medications and the interaction between them and liaises with my GP on an ongoing basis. Mr Pennington began his task Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home assessing Ms Nasir on 3 Mayand compiling an Initial Assessment Report dated 8 Maypart of Ex 23, which recorded information from Ms Nasir consistent with what she had told various medical men.

From p 3 and 4 of that Report:. Ms Nasir states she wants to return to teaching because she enjoyed the kids and she finds the work rewarding. She states however, her injuries will prevent her from ever returning to full time employment. She claims adjusting to her changed circumstance is ongoing. She claims it is highly likely her current pain will never resolve. She reports her shoulder pain results in neck pain which then results in regular headaches.

She states symptoms gradually increase during the day with activities and continuous movement aggravates her symptomology. Ms Nasir has difficulty in identifying activity tolerances claiming she is always in pain. Ms Nasir reports a limited standing tolerance claiming less than five minutes.

Ms Nasir reports a sitting tolerance of less than five minutes. At the time of assessment she was able to sit for approximately 15 minutes before needing to walking around the room or change her posture.

Ms Nasir reports a limited walking tolerance. She reports when shopping she leans on the trolley to alleviate her back pain. She reports she only buys a few items at a time when shopping due to her limited standing tolerance.

Ms Nasir reports a limited ability to carry or lift objects on her un-affect side. She reports she can manage a light hand bag. Ms Nasir reports an inability to squat or reach floor objects. Ms Nasir reports a limited ability to bend or stoop indicating she uses a long handled aid to collect objects from the ground.

Ms Nasir demonstrated reduced range of movement in her effected shoulder. Thereafter, Mr Pennington fairly regularly compiled Progress Reports on Ms Nasir, each time composing a return to work programme.

The Progress Report misdated 12 May it should be 12 June reports, among other things, that Ms Nasir was intending to go to Adelaide for the upcoming school holidays.

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In view of 3 Reel Pokies Primerica tolerances for sitting and standing — self reported at less than five minutes each — such a journey seems a difficult undertaking. Sure enough, at the end of that holiday, Mr Pennington reports in a Progress Report dated 14 August Ms Nasir reports her increased symptoms continued when arriving in Darwin and she reports difficulty sleeping indicating an expectation she may have to sell her house to repay monies to TIO.

The claimant reported given her increased symptoms she would return to physiotherapy asap. The reasons for the deterioration then reported by Ms Nasir could be many: Up to and including 14 Augustvarious of his documents recited that the goal of his work was:. From page 1 — 2 of that Report:. During the last semester of school the rehab goal for Ms Nasir was to attain some consistency in her activity levels, to assist in stabilising her symptomology. It was hoped this would in turn present an opportunity to maximise her work potential.

Ms Nasir reported several stressors in the early part of the semester that resulted in time off work. Initially she was concerned about repaying monies to the department as a result of her lower back claim being accepted by TIO.

She also reported increased stress after she was detached from her pre-injury role. Her attendance was further reduced after losing the use of an automatic car which resulted in the use of public transport. Ms Nasir also raised issues with not having an assigned desk at work.

These issues were resolved in time. In October with a change in medication Ms Nasir reported increased sleep levels and decreased pain.

As a result increased work hours and the introduction of an independent hydrotherapy program was raised as potential rehab goals for the remainder of the semester. Ms Nasir reacted negatively to these suggestions. In November Ms Nasir hydrotherapy attendance continued to be inconsistent and she was absent from work for two weeks after travelling interstate for a dental review. To this end few of the intended rehabilitation goals were realised in The school year re-commenced on the 29 January Ms Nasir has also raised issues regarding her pay indicating her pay reflects 2 days rather than 2.

Dr Chin was then thinking she should try to work for four hours per day, three days per week. Dr Tamoyo thought three and three. As discussed with Ms Nasir when she was detached from her full-time position inthe rehabilitation goal was to reach part-time hours. This was again raised with Ms Nasir recently. There were some signs that increased expectations of Ms Nasir were having the paradoxical effect of decreasing her capacity for work. From page 1 of that Report:.

During the period Ms Nasir has attended work three days per week for three hours despite medical recommendations and return to work documentation that indicates 4hrs 3days per week. Ms Nasir attendance at hydrotherapy remains inconsistent, she describes fatigue as the primary reason for not attending.

Ms Nasir is vague regarding specific attendance dates. Ms Nasir has attended work most school days however she was absent for a period indicating stress with regard to her suggested increase in work hours. In the same Report there were also some positive signs.

In the next paragraph on page In April Ms Nasir attended a two day work seminar which required all day attendance. She describes attending from 10am to 3pm both days, suggesting she was given permission from the workshop facilitator to do readings at home in her own time to make up for her absence. Ms Nasir describes few aggravating symptoms during the workshop reporting she alternated between sitting and standing at the back of the room.

The major apparent reason for this was that on 6 May Ms Nasir had arthroscopy on her right knee subsequent to which she was unfit for work for 2 weeks, attempted a return but reported additional knee pain, and was certified unfit for work until 20 June which was the last day of the school semester.

At some point around then she again went to Adelaide, to stay with family because she was not coping at home. During this period her Pokies Win Nutrition Protein reported physical tolerances generally decreased. In his oral evidence relying in large part on his case notes, also part of Ex 23he said that she was late coming back from Adelaide, having been too unwell to get into a taxi to catch her booked flight on about 21 Julybut she was back in Darwin before 13 August.

Towards the end of that time in October and November, the Employer raised with Mr Pennington the possibility of a different job for Ms Nasir, a job of administrative not teaching character, to be located at Harbour View Plaza.

Mr Pennington discussed that possible job with various officers of the Employer. He visited the premises and inspected them with a view to assessing whether they were suitable for Ms Nasir, given her difficulties. He discussed the possible job with Ms Nasir, who, understandably, wanted a written job description, which was never forthcoming.

Her reasons for rejecting it were many and various. For one, she preferred to stay at Casuarina Senior College her evidence, p Again, she was resistant to the very idea of a rehabilitation provider, Mr Pennington, making proposals to her about alternative work which in her view should have been made to her, if at all by Departmental officers see p In addition to this demarcation dispute, was the fact that she had never had a written job description see p and perhaps a suspicion that the Harbour View job was not really a job at all, perhaps just somewhere to place her to get her out of the way.

Her suspiciousness — not to say paranoia — emerge in this answer in cross-examination on p They took my position off Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home that I had all those years.

In particular, in re-examination on p she explained that:. And she went on to explain that for various reasons employees could become unattached — that is, employed at their level, but not tied to a particular numbered position.

That could happen for example, as a result of departmental restructuring. Becoming unattached carries no necessary implication that an employee is on the way out. As to the reality of the Harbour View job, the evidence of Ms Lesley Bannan, established that the work done there was real and important.

Ms Bannan had occupied that position for less than a year when she gave her evidence. They have wide experience in the vocational education and training and careers areas. Ms Bannan, a dynamic and apparently capable and competent educator and administrator, was of the view that her small unit never had sufficient time to carry out research meaning, principally, keeping track of similar work in other Australian jurisdictions.

That experience was of very much the same order as the other unit members. And so you told us earlier there was a lot of research that was available? Did you see a role for Ms Nasir in relation to that? That was — my immediate thought was, yes, I could definitely use another pair of hands, and in my head, I thought of that person as a Research Officer.

And did you intend that that person would be a member of your team in other ways? And so apart from the Research Officer role, what other activities did you have in mind that could be completed by Ms Nasir, if she were to take up the position?

But I felt that when available, that normal duties as a team member would also be a help: And would she, as you envisages it, have had contact with career advisors within schools themselves? Obviously, as a bona fide member of the team, to refer phone calls, you know, deal with general enquiries, yes. And did you have enough work that needed to be done to justify full-time hours? But the two did not get in touch. My firm impression was that Ms Nasir simply did not want to know about any alternative position.

Stephen Pennington Occupational Therapist. She remembered her objections to a move to Harbour View, and her grievances about not being given a job description, and about this possible job change not being handled through the proper channels. She did not remember things that might have made the Harbour View job more thinkable.

Mr Pennington said in evidence the other day that on 11 November he rang you and discussed a new return to work program at the Harbour View Plaza. He explained to you that the goal of this placement was to facilitate part-time work by you? He was checking it out ergonomically, he told me that. Yes, he told you that he would go and have a look at it to see if that was suitable? You expressed to him your unhappiness that you were to relocated to Harbour View Plaza?

Ms Nasir, what happened then is that a month or so later Mr Pennington rang you — this is on 15 December — to discuss the return to work program at Harbour View Plaza? You told him that you had no knowledge, no direct communication from the agency, of that move to that time?

However, I am not at all sure that a Job Description is conventional public service terms would truly given an outsider, a newcomer, any real idea what the job involved, let alone any idea at all of the physical requirements. It reads in part:. As an educational leader, Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home, develop and oversee the implementation Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home delivery of effective educational programs to a broad based client group; within the framework of Northern Territory Government and College Policies.

Oversee the day-to-day administration of the faculty to optimise the learning outcomes for students; in compliance with Northern Territory Department of Employment, Education and Training DEET and College policies. Ensure the welfare and security of students and staff in the faculty areas. Promote and evaluate professional development programs in the faculty. Demonstrated enthusiasm and success in working with students from a variety of ethnic and socio economic backgrounds with diverse learning needs.

Proven Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home teaching at the senior level in at least one of the faculty subjects. Knowledge of the curriculum and assessment requirements for subjects offered at Casuarina Senior College and future pathways, for appropriate dissemination Pokies 2018 Wsop Schedule advice to students.

Demonstrated successful application of initiative, self-management, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Proven expertise in organisational tasks, Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home management and team leadership. Those portions of the Selection Criteria that touch on relevant Pokie Heroes Of Newerth expected from applicants make it at least possible that any qualified applicant would have a fair idea of what was entailed by the actions described in the Key Responsibilities paragraph.

An outsider, like me, would have no idea. Information about this position and the College is available from Assistant Principal Mary Rees or the College website at www. Necessarily, the way for her to get a grasp of what was on offer was to talk to someone who knew.

That did not happen. If there was any discernible effect, it was that she became, according to the medical certificates from Dr Tamayo, more often totally incapacitated from work, but that may be just a coincidence. Certainly she would have needed to busy herself instructing her solicitors in respect of her application for interim benefits.

Ex 36, her affidavit of 10 October in those proceedings is a substantial document — 6 pages of text and a few score pages of annexures, much of them consisting of copies of bank statements etc. After that, she had to peruse an answering affirmation of Ms Osborne, solicitor for the Employer, and given instructions sufficient for her solicitors to draw up her own affidavit sworn 23 OctoberEx Accordingly, there is no mention there of any of this flurry of competent, out of the normal activity by Ms Nasir: One might also instance her managing to travel to Adelaide for her school holidays, and travelling back, eventually.

These small exploits give one cause to wonder just Pokies Big Red Guitar grave the impediments were that prevented Ms Nasir performing her three hours per day work, sometimes, and from attending appointments with Mr Pennington. They various impediments — troubles with cars, feeling tired or stressed, wanting to finalise the modifications to her house before trying to work longer hours etc — are none of them implausible on the face of it, but, like any succession of excuses, the prolongation and elaboration of the series eventually gives rise to scepticism: The salient instance in the evidence where this scepticism hardens into certainty occurs in relation to events Pokie Tournaments Eight Ball Friday, 9 November My expansions are in square brackets]:.

Conducted worksite visit; w reports fluctuating symptoms and poor sleep; W rpts she to be doubtful of any increase in activity levels as discussed with Dr Chin; W rpts she is flying interstate next week to have her teeth done and will return in week.

This must have occurred before 2. Her movements after that were to the ANZ Bank at Parap and thence to the Casino, where she stayed, playing poker machines for much of the time, until 9. As for what that feat suggests in relation to her earlier reported tiredness etc, it is no more than one instance among many, as Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home which, see the discussions below, of the film, and of Ms Nasir at the Casino.

More intriguingly, a record obtained from the Casino which because Ex 4 — see below establishes that Ms Nasir also attended the Casino on the morning of that day. Two sessions of her playing a poker machine — the same machine, if I read the record correctly — are recorded, ending respectively at Ex 4 does not contain a record of when a session on a machine starts. Obviously the second session cannot have been longer than 13 minutes and may have been shorter.

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Pokies Big Winners Uniform suggests that to put that some through would take some tens of minutes, at least. If Ms Nasir went to her hydrotherapy session that morning, as she told Mr Pennington she had, it would have been between 9.

Subsequent to that, the burden of her call to him his second Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home note that day is that she has had long enough after the hydrotherapy to realise she is too tired to do her three hours work. Given that she finished work at 2. It seems pretty unlikely that she went to hydrotherapy at all that morning. It seems very likely that her calls to Mr Pennington were from the Casino. The best one can say for Ms Nasir on the day is that, whatever deceits she practised in those calls, in the end, she decided to give work a try after all.

One is Ex 4, the record from the Casino itself, mentioned above. Another is surveillance evidence: The third is Ms Nasir herself, in her two affidavits and in her oral evidence. Her affidavits are, on this topic, grossly misleading and her oral evidence untruthful. As such applicants do, she set out her financial position — assets, liabilities, expenditure — in order to demonstrate her Pokies Free Spin Bonus for interim benefits.

In the first affidavit, Ex 36, sworn 10 Octoberparagraph 23 details categories of expenditure. This is further explained in paragraphs 31 and My calculation of weekly expenditure includes an amount I estimate I spend at the casino. I go approximately every second pay day. I might go at other times from time to time or I might miss my regular visit. I will spend this on food, drinks, keno and the pokies.

I rarely if ever play the table games. My calculation of my weekly expenditure makes no allowance for purely personal expenditure for entertainment other than when I go to the Casino.

I do not drink or smoke. I do not eat out at restaurants or go to the moves or the theatre except very rarely. Ms Nasir swore her second affidavit Ex 37 on 23 Octoberin answer to an affirmation of Ms Osborne which became Ex I have never intended to give the impression either Pokies Bonus $ Means Indian medical practitioners or to this Court that I am a recluse or unable to engage in social activities, whether because of my work injuries or any other cause.

The correct position is that I always try to remain physically active, within the limits of my health generally, and I try to remain socially active so as to make the most of my life.

I have always enjoyed interacting with other people and I continue to enjoy interacting with other people. In addition to the foregoing activities, I also attend at the Casino at least twice each month. I will usually go once each pay fortnight, although from time to time I will go twice in the same fortnight. I usually attend with one or more of my female friends. I have always enjoyed going to the Casino, before I suffered my injuries at work on 7 Augustand subsequently. That letter is part of Ex 4, and says, among other things:.

In terms of the specific documents listed in the Schedule we respond as follows:. These complimentaries are an additional benefit associated with loyalty membership. In accordance with the summons we have only supplied information for the period 1 January to date. However the totals as shown at the end of the report are based on activity since Further, in July and Julymuch of which she spent in Adelaide, she did not play at all.

Of the other 25 months, her frequency of visits to the Casino is beyond, usually well beyond what she swore to in her affidavit. I should say that Ex 4 is not the ideal document from which to derive that frequency. In the following list I have assumed, safely, I believe, that when the record shows Ms Nasir having sessions of play either side of midnight and hence on different dates that was one visit.

Less certainly, when there is a gap of some hours between sessions, I assume that Ms Nasir has left, to return on the same day. For example, having played seven sessions ending between I think it is safe to assume that was a second visit.

To take a more ambiguous example, on 20 Junehaving played nine sessions that finished between 1. Again it seems very likely, though less certain that she would have left the Casino during that interval. Doing the least I can, here is a summary by way of example, of the 12 months to and including Octoberthe month of the affidavits. Sessions of play are recorded in:. In her evidence in chief, Ms Nasir said that she has been unaware of both the extent, and the appearance of her playing the poker machines at the Casino.

As to the extent, that had been established for her as for me by Ex 4, a document she had not previously seen and into which she was unwilling deeply to look. Ms Nasir later said, in cross-examination, that she had viewed hardly any film before the hearing, Netent Pokies Blogspot Layouts Free the tiny portion she had seen — 30 seconds or a minute — was not at the Casino see transcript p By the time she started her evidence on 19 August she had had about a week to dwell upon Ex 4 and the portions of film she had seen in the Court Room.

She alluded to both in her evidence. I quote from pp — of the transcript:. Are there any things in your normal life that make you happy like you were seen in that video? I used to be a real proud person. None of my children gamble or anything and I would tell them off if they did. Then here am I sitting there like a lone shell sitting there pushing buttons. What I was asking you was is your life like it was shown in the video of 12 September when all of your family is here, or is it like what was shown in the rest of the videos?

That was just one special occasion, was it? In relation to the casino, until you — might the witness be shown exhibit 4, the Sky City attendances.

Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home you had a look at that document? I still thought I only went two or three times a week socially. When you say socially who did you think you were going with two or three times a week? That was socially, but this is not socially, this is addiction. To me I need help. Did you understand that before you saw that document?

Or, the videos showed it to me as like Do you have a recollection of going to the casino as often as you did? I can look at it and just stare at it. It is me but Do you have a memory of being at the casino for six, eight, ten hours at a stretch? You take Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home Forte you wait three and a half hours to four hours before you drive, and then take your next lot at home.

I just know I need help when I look at it. Do you remember being there for those extended periods? What do you remember, what do you ? It must be for that. How long did you believe you went there Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home If it truly were the case that Ms Nasir had, until the hearing been under the impression that she was gaming two or three times a week, that impression would not explain why she swore in her affidavits to a figure a third or a quarter of that, nor would it explain her reported shock at seeing the record of her attendances, Ex 4.

It needs to be understood that neither party had knowledge, as far as I could tell, of Ex 4 — see p 72 of the transcript: Understandably, Ms Gearin had had to scramble to deal with this unexpected, no doubt unwelcome addition to the material in the case, and the organisation of her cross-examination was not what I would expect of her had she been given more time.

So the gambler might not have her ordinary consciousness of time passing and might not realise later just how much gambling she has done. If Ms Nasir did sustain a mental picture of herself at the Casino as a social being, interacting with friends etc, then these images of her ghostly self, solitary at a machine might hurt.

When her newfound knowledge, from Ex 4, of the scale of her gambling is superimposed on this image of alienation, it might well be a hard thing to face. On the other hand, playing a poker machine requires what it requires. Other players on the film look no more or less trancelike than Ms Nasir, as they push the buttons on their machines.

Ms Nasir must have seen hundreds of them. Why should she think she looks any different? Why beyond the normal outrage of anyone finding out she has been spied on should she be so upset?

But in the outside world, things unmissably happen. For the Casino visitor the sun rises over the Gardens and sets Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home Fannie Bay. Shadows in the car park shorten then lengthen as the day goes on. Pleasant mornings give way to baking hot afternoons. How could anyone spending the hours that Ms Nasir was be oblivious of all these things?

I do not accept her evidence as to her unawareness of the time she was spending at the Casino. In his cross-examination of Ms Nasir, Mr Barr brought up her visits to the Casino for various purposes. Like any aficionado of anything, her tone became slightly scornful when Mr Barr, or I, or Ms Gearinasked a question which demonstrated our ignorance of the Casino, but she was never sarcastic in these circumstances. I regard her evidence in respect of the cost of her gambling as deluded, but honestly so.

Again, her answers, contradictory as they seemed, were responsive to the questions. Questions that went to how often she attended and for how long — to the discrepancy between her affidavits and Ex 4 and some of the film — educed much less responsive answers. For another, whenever her frequency of gaming was being spoken of, she answered in an agitated way, often almost shrieking, in what may have been distress, about her then lack of understanding of her gambling problem.

At the end of the day, she did not provide any explanation why her affidavits were so misleading on this issue. In the end, I could not believe her. It may be that these things also somewhat clouded her consciousness of how much time she was spending at the Casino.

But ultimately I do not believe her when she says she was significantly unaware of it. I am persuaded that she had tried to mislead me in that respect, and even more so in her affidavits. I do believe she was surprised and distressed by her appearance on film. Mr Barr, for the Employer, pursued another topic, illuminated by film, in the hope of inflicting further damage on her credit. I must say that I do not understand how this issue arose. In her evidence she did not represent herself as socially isolated either, except insofar as she was bedridden.

It is very clear on the evidence that her statement to Dr McLaren was not true, just as the statement she made to him about her sitting tolerance was untrue — contradicted by her sitting during that consultation for longer than she said she could as Dr McLaren noted. In fact, at the date of that consultation, her 60 th birthday, Ms Nasir was in the midst of positive whirl of social activity — her family had gathered from far and wide for the occasion; there was a flurry of activity going on at her house — far in excess of her normal life, which was social enough with lodgers, friends, family, the Casino etc.

I mentioned earlier in these Reasons that there was a lot of film taken of Ms Nasir by those Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home covert surveillance of her. None of it is fun to watch; quite the reverse. Dr Olsen watched about 13 hours of it see his report of 9 JuneEx I can report that in fact it was an excruciating experience which I endured for the sake of reporting fairly and accurately. A note in a recent New Yorker 26 July p 6 reminds us:. The surveillance did not produce an observation, still less any film, which instantly and in a single blow, knocked her claims to pieces.

That sometimes happens in some cases, but not in this one. There is no film of her running, jumping, trotting up or down stairs, lifting something heavy over her head or anything else that would be utterly inconsistent with what she has told doctors, Mr Pennington, the Court and many others of her limitations.

That being so, there seemed to be no practical way of forcing the parties — and in particular the Employer — to limit the amount of film, however tedious it became to watch. So I had no choice but to watch it all. I have lost my record of how many hours were involved — I thought it was nearly 30, but I may have been counting some film twice. Some hours were played to various witnesses, including Ms Nasir during the hearing and I have seen all of that at least twice.

Some of it, particularly the scenes of Ms Nasir playing the poker machines I found so mind-numbing that I was often unsure whether I had already viewed it — in Court, or after hours on my own — or perhaps seen it in a dream.

Nov 15 Nov 16 Nov 16 2: Ms Nasir was under surveillance that day by operatives from Western Investigations. We conducted a search of the Casino, however, the claimant was not located. We elected to remain within the Casino in an attempt to locate and observe the claimant.

We elected to enter the Casino and resume coverage. As she appeared content to stay at the Casino, we elected to depart the area and ceased our coverage. Using all three resources, I can conclude:.

That session finished at 2. It may, I suppose, have been momentary and hard to spot, but I accept the Casino record on the point. Such a break would, I believe, at least involve Ms Nasir extracting, then re-inserting her card. She can be seen to pause occasionally — to celebrate a win, or to go through some arcane ritual, communing with the machine at a level a foot or so higher than the play button.

But if she played about 15 games a minute on average consistently for the seven or so hours she played that machine a rate consistent with what the film shows, although I must say I never tried precisely to time itthe numbers add up. I do not know whether, after this marathon ended at 2.

There are no notes by Mr Pennington very proximate to November However, a week or so earlier, three sources coincide. SecondlyI reproduce the Western Investigation log relating to surveillance on Friday, 9 November We took up a surveillance position with a direct view to the exit of the car park.

The claimant alighted her vehicle and walked into the casino from view. Whilst playing the claimant, at one stage, stood up and took a short phone call before returning to Pokies 2018 Graduation Announcements pokie. The claimant was also observed conversing with other patrons of the Casino throughout this period. The Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home packed her handbag before entering her vehicle and driving from the carpark.

I have already written about my suspicions as to where Ms Nasir was when she telephoned Mr Pennington on this day. The film from the Casino from 9 November is not, in my opinion, materially different from any of the other Casino film in the matter.

Ms Nasir sits for longish times. Possible grounds for an application would be to cater for a learner of English as an additional language or dialect who: Successful completion of this course may lead to a variety of senior secondary courses and vocational education and training qualifications. Limited judgement is required, such as making an appropriate selection from a range of given rules, guidelines or procedures. This course is designed to develop communication skills in, and use of SAE, for learners who have grasped the fundamentals and need to advance their skill level.

There is a focus on comprehension of oral, written and multimodal SAE texts to gain meaning, and the use of these texts to formulate a response. Learners are required to use basic language features and text structures, and create original texts using SAE in a range of modes.

Communication Skills and Strategies Strand B: Comprehension Skills and Strategies Strand C: Create a Range of Texts. These compulsory learning elements are indicated as dot points under each strand in the Course Content below. See also the Glossary Appendix. It is not intended that the four strands and related learning elements are delivered and assessed in isolation. Providers will design integrated programs of study that concurrently deliver and assess the four strands and their learning elements.

It is recommended that they are expressed as inquiry questions. Illustrative examples include, but are not limited to:. Course content in italics has been included to give illustrative examples, explanations and other additional information to assist the provider. An example of a formal purpose and audience may be a discussion with the Principal.

An example of an informal purpose and audience may be writing to family and friends. Context can include the general social, historical and cultural conditions in which a text is responded to and created cultural context or the specific features of its immediate Pokies Free Spin Starburst Flavors situational context.

Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home may refer to people, places and events that signify cultural group, e. They may be aesthetic or spiritual in nature. They may have an artistic connection, e. Cultural references may also refer to specific culturally based events and activities such as: The other may be presented as part of a group presentation or interaction. The learner will create written texts using both handwritten and digital e.

The learner will write:. Each substantial written text will be for a different purpose and audience, and each will be of a different text type. Criterion-based assessment is a form of outcomes assessment that identifies the extent of learner achievement at an appropriate end-point of study.

Although assessment — as part of the learning program — is continuous, much of it is formative, and is done to help learners identify what they need to do to attain the maximum benefit from their study of the course. Therefore, assessment for summative reporting to TASC will focus on what both teacher and learner understand to reflect end-point achievement. Providers offering this course must participate in quality assurance processes specified by TASC to ensure provider validity and comparability of standards across all awards.

Internal assessment of all criteria will be made by the provider. Each body of learner work that providers submit to the meeting will include sufficient and appropriate material for judgements to be made about the learner's standard of literacy skills. Providers are expected to act on this advice. The nature and scope of this requirement will be risk-based.

Listen and respond to oral English texts Communicate in spoken English Read and respond to written English texts Create written English texts for different purposes and audiences View and Respond to multimodal English texts Create mutlimodal English texts for different purposes and audiences Collect, select, use and cite information Apply planning and organisational skills.

The final award will be determined by the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification from the eight ratings. In addition, stakeholders may request Curriculum Services to review a particular aspect of an accredited course. Requests Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home amendments to an accredited course will be forwarded by Curriculum Services to the Office of TASC for formal consideration. Such requests for Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home will be considered in terms of the likely improvements Pokies Big Red Realty Hot the outcomes for learners, possible consequences for delivery and assessment of the course, and alignment with Australian Curriculum materials.

A course is formally analysed prior to the expiry of its accreditation as part of the process to develop specifications to guide the development of any replacement course. Active listening strategies Verbal and non-verbal behaviour used to promote accurate listening.

In English many adverbs have an —ly ending. Anaphoric and cataphoric reference Anaphoric reference: This car is the best new deal around! Appraisal How attitudes are expressed in texts; that is, interpersonal meanings which convey an author's evaluation of something or someone and which help to position the audience.

For example, an author or audience may be subjective, supportive or antagonistic towards something or someone. Also, from the perspective of pragmatics, it is a system of appraisal comprising: Audience The group of readers, listeners or viewers that the writer, designer, filmmaker or speaker is addressing.

Audience includes learners in the classroom, an individual, the wider community, review writers, critics and the implied audience. Author The composer or originator of a work for example, a novel, film, website, speech, essay, autobiography.

Clause type Clause type is also referred to as mood. It refers to the classification of clauses in terms of their primary function. There are four main clause types in English: Cohesion Grammatical or lexical relationships that bind different parts of a text together and give it unity.

Cohesion Pokies Money Falling Green achieved through various devices such as connectives, ellipses and word associations sometimes called lexical cohesion. Complex sentence A complex sentence has one or more subordinate clauses.

In the following examples, the subordinate clauses are indicated by square brackets: In the following examples, the main clauses are indicated by square brackets: Comprehension strategies Strategies and processes used by readers to make meaning from texts.

Key comprehension strategies include:. Conceptual metaphor Seeing one thing in terms of another, for example, argument is war; prices are rising. Conjunction A word class that joins other words, phrases or clauses together in logical relationships such as addition, time, cause or comparison. There are two types of conjunctions: Subordinating conjunctions introduce certain kinds of Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home clauses. Context The environment in which a text is responded to or created. Context can include the general social, historical and cultural conditions in which a text is responded to and created the context of culture or the specific features of its immediate environment context of situation.

The term is also used to refer to the wording surrounding an unfamiliar word that a reader or listener uses to understand its meaning. Convention An accepted practice that has developed over time and is generally used and understood, for example, the use of specific structural aspects of texts such as in report writing with sections for introduction, background, discussion and recommendations. Examples of digital texts include DVDs, websites, e-literature. Dramatic irony When the words and actions of the characters have a different meaning for the reader than they do for the characters.

Genre The categories into which texts are grouped. The term has a complex history within literary theory and is often used to distinguish texts on the basis of their subject matter for example, detective fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy fictionform and structure for example, poetry, novels, biography, short stories. Grammar The language we use and the description of language as a system. In describing language, attention is paid to both structure form and meaning function at the level of the word, the sentence and the text.

Idiom A Free Spins Pokie Downloads of more or less fixed words having a meaning not deducible from the individual words.

Choices in language features and text structures together define a type of text and shape its meaning. These choices vary according to the purpose of a text, its subject matter, audience, and mode or medium of production. Layout The spatial arrangement of print and graphics on a page or screen, including size of font, positioning of illustrations, inclusion of captions, labels, headings, bullet points, borders and text boxes.

Media texts Spoken, print, graphic or electronic communications with a public audience. They often involve numerous people in their construction and are usually shaped by the technology used in their production.

The media texts studied in English can be found in newspapers and magazines and on television, film, radio, computer software and the internet.

Medium The resources used in the production of texts, including the tools and materials used for example, digital text and the computer, writing and the pen or typewriter. Modality An area of meaning having to do with possibility, probability, obligation and permission. Mode The various processes of communication: Modes are also used to refer to the semiotic meaning making resources associated with these communicative processes, such as sound, print, image and gesture.

Morpheme The smallest meaningful or grammatical unit in language. Morphemes Pokies Meaning Juxtaposition Home not necessarily the same as words.

Morphemes are very useful in helping learners work out how to read and spell words. Multimodal text Combination of two or more communication modes for example, print, image and spoken text, as in film or computer presentations. Narrative A story of events or experiences, real or imagined. In literary theory, narrative includes the story what is narrated and the discourse how it is narrated.

Narrative point of view The ways in which a narrator may be related to the story. For example, the narrator Pokies 2018 Graduation Date take the role of first or third person, omniscient or restricted in knowledge of events, reliable or unreliable in interpreting what happens.

Personification The description of an inanimate object as though it were a person or living thing. Phrase A unit intermediate between clause and word, consisting of a head word alone or accompanied by one or more dependents.

The class of a phrase is determined by the head: Point of view The opinion or viewpoint expressed by an individual in a text, for example an author, a narrator, a character or an implied reader. Preposition A word class that usually describes the relationship between words in a sentence:. Pronunciation The way a word or language is spoken.

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