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It is in fact a real word but that doesn't mean you should use it. One goose, two geese. What's up with that? He's making a quiz, and checking it twice Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words?

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Definition of reconciliation 1: Examples of reconciliation in a Sentence Signing the trade agreement was praised as an act of reconciliation between the two countries. Recent Examples of reconciliation from the Web And their reconciliation seems to be going really well—Jenny crossed off a big relationship milestone by spending Christmas at Chris Evans' house with his family. A Greater Cleveland revisited ," 21 Dec. The rule is meant to streamline reconciliation — the process by which the House and the Senate negotiate over separate bills passed through each change and turn them into one piece of legislation for the president to sign.

What Is the Byrd Rule? Environmental groups have hounded Republicans for using a process known as budget reconciliation to pass the ANWR bill. Origin and Etymology of reconciliation Middle English reconsiliaciounfrom Anglo-French, from Latin reconciliation- reconciliatiofrom reconciliare. Definition of reconciliation for English Language Learners. Learn More about reconciliation See words that rhyme with reconciliation Spanish Central: Seen and Heard What made you want to look up reconciliation?

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To 'Essay' or 'Assay'? Why won't you be reconciled with him?

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The unions want high wages and the bosses want high profits — it's almost impossible to reconcile these two aims.

Her mother didn't want the marriage to take place but she is reconciled to it now. There has been a reconciliation between her and her husband; an act of reconciliation. References in classic literature? It was grandfather who brought about a reconciliation with the Shimerdas. The episode was interesting, but we could not have afforded all the time to it if we had known nothing was going to come of it but a reconciliation.

He began to hate himself for throwing away the chance Becky had offered for a reconciliation. It determined him to attempt a reconciliationthough not exactly in the manner pointed out by their brother and sister. No happy reconciliation was to be had with him- -no cheering smile or generous word:

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Aristocrat Leisure Limited is an ASX listed company and one of the largest manufacturers of gaming solutions and poker machines in the world. What is the meaning of Na2SiO3? meaning of reconciliation; meaning of Na2SiO3; meaning of Silver; meaning of Hatfield; meaning of Pokies;. 16 December Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier Beconomics - New analysis shows Labor’s pokies policy would immediately drive budget into.

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