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Give a ring — To call someone on the telephone. Hang out — To casually gather together or spend time with someone in a social manner. Jack up — An abrupt increase, typically in the price of something. Knock — To speak negatively, to disparage, to badmouth. Lighten up — To relax and take things too seriously. Typically stated as an appeal to someone who is acting uptight. Pass the buck — To deflect responsibility onto someone else. Piece of cake — A metaphor to describe something that is easy or effortless.

Pig out — A metaphor for binge eating. Plead the fifth — References the fifth amendment to the U. Constitution, which allows a witness in court to refuse questions on the grounds that they risk self-incrimination. Screw up — To make a mistake, i.

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  • s: from poker machine, a type of fruit machine on which playing-card symbols appear. Pronunciation. pokie. /ˈpəʊki/. Word of the Day. colcannon · Find out what it means · Woty blank x Word of the Year is Arrow line graph x The year in review: 's most-viewed dictionary entry pages.
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  • They're then recognized as, what some could feel to be, a real Optometrist, but, as stated earlier, they must proceed their training in order to stay current on subjects within their discipline.

Sweet — An adjective that describes something that is good, or nice. Tight — An adjective that describes closeness between competitors, i.

Trash — Can be used as an intransitive verb for destruction. Wrap something up — To finish or complete something. Our next post will cover British slang terms that Americans find confusing. Until then, here are some of our favorite American slang words: Is it a bag of seeds or some kind of yard ornament reference?


Frankly, I'm petrified what I experienced last night might somehow lead to more of the same; people poking sticks at my psyche. Meaning , if I can't take care of my own stable, I shouldn't be meddling in yours?

However, the phrase originates from WWII-era military accidents involving unreliable aircraft crashing into rural European countryside properties resulting in damages for which the U. The unsavory drug culture connotations continue today. Take a raincheck — This is an Americanism that dates back to the s and references the practice of giving baseball game ticketholders a pass to a game that must be rescheduled due to weather.

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The reference would escape them. Monday morning quarterback — Because quarterback is an on-field leadership position played in American football, which the British have no interest in, and because Monday morning references the fact that most NFL games take place on Sundays, this is a doubly obscure metaphor. Ride Shotgun — Another phrase taken from Old-West folklore, riding shotgun is a statement of both position and status—a sort of second-in-command support position who works from a preferential vantage.

OnlinePokiesPro, one of the leading online pokies information websites, now features a brand new "Play Free Pokies " tab. It was rather directed at those who complain of poverty and yet blow their money on booze, fags and pokies.

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With many individuals joining an online casino, punters are now given the opportunity to take part in online poker tournaments, as well as play pokiesblackjack, and roulette in their internet browser. In a study by the Productivity Commission,Australians are estimated to play pokies at least weekly.

Wilkie receives death threats from gambling industry giants for a[euro]oepokies reforma[euro]. We believe a club can be successful if it caters for our members and the broad community; is a place where families can gather for conversation and good food; and the distracting din of pokies doesn't stop the conversation or drown out live music.

Russell Crowe dumps 'pokies'. Crowe left asked for fruities known as pokies in Australia to be banned at Sydney FC and, Crowe and behold, they were. I am addicted to the pokies and I've lost everything I had, home, business, money many thousands and I still go anytime I have money.

Straight to the point.

After the meal I had to insist that Mary kept her hands off my pokies. POKER machines, called Pokies in Australia, have been blamed for a growing raft of social ills over there - from marital breakdown to rising crime and even the death of a child. Gambling addictions are good for us.

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  1. Female nipples being clearly and prominently visible through clothing. Slang term used in Australia to refer to gambling slot machines. Pokies can be found in many hotels and pubs in Australia.:
    a nipple that seeps through a shirt, t-shirt, dress, cloth. Generally most visible when nipples are hard, excited. Define pokies. pokies synonyms, pokies pronunciation, pokies translation, English dictionary definition of pokies. also po·ky n. pl. po·keys also po·kies Slang A jail or prison. adj. Informal Variant of poky1. Noun 1. pokey - a correctional institution used to detain. Pokie definition: Australian and New Zealand informal → short for poker machine | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. Pokie definition at coinsluckyz.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!:
    This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of pokie is. The slang word / phrase / acronym pokie means . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, FIFTH EDITION by the Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries. (plural pokies). A gambling device based on the card game poker. Origin. By shortening from poker machine (“gambling device"). Adjective. (comparative pokier, superlative. In Australia and New Zealand, a pokie is a slot machine! The term is guessed to come from the pok in “poker machine” and has evolved (or devolved depending on who you ask) into the slang word, 'pokie.' Like gaming machines in many other places in the world, most of the pokies in Australia use video.

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