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Just like Auckland wants another harbour crossing, more roads, better public transport… etc etc. So it might bring in a few million dollars more. Whoopee, big fucking deal. What the glib-talking salesmen have forgotten to tell people is that the centre will run at a substantial loss in at least the first years of operation… if it ever does make a profit. The report by MED on the convention centre mentioned that the big conventions that will make us all rich beyond our wildest dreams are normally booked years in advance.

Give it some thought mate. The convention space is the first thing that gets booked. Well most large conferences I have attended overseas have a range of accommodation choices along with various add on options for Pokies Money Expert Clark the vast amount of which have little or nothing to do with the convention centre or convention itself. As I enquired before, do you have any reliable information to back on your assertion that Sky City is only paying for the building and not funding the operating costs?

I worded that wrong. Eddie has another post covering it. It goes without saying that the Govt will want some measure of influence over the operation of the centre. The pokies is likely the amount of new casino business they predict the centre will bring in. For an addiction to become fully blown — where all reasonable control, thought, calculation and volition flies out of the window — it needs to be introduced to the addict in the first place and then fed.

Places like SkyCity introduce it purely Pokies Games Gta Download profit, and then they feed it, with more and more machines-had they been allowed by the law.

Now SkyCity, aided and abetted by John Key, Stephen Joyce and all who support this deal are about to give an extra large feed, via many more pokies and a law change,to further fuel the ghastly, destructive, rabid addiction of many more poor souls and I do mean poor in both the economic and mentally vulnerable sense.

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Friedman,Joseph, Thatcher, Reagan, Douglas etc. Colonial Viper…… Why is it a problem. Is smoking a problem created by the government. Are car crashes created by the government. No, not at all. So why is any gambling the problem of the government, no matter how many Pokies are in existence.

Gambling has been around long before Pokies were a feature of pubs and clubs in NZ. Was that the Governments fault, should they have banned all breeding of Horses for racing to stop Gambling? No Microgaming Pokies Jennifer Lopez what you do some fool will be stripped of their money via some form of gambling — its about working with the gamblers not restricting any choice they and others have.

As you see so concerned and genuine about problem gambling, you volunteer to help the problem gamblers?? If not, your another hypocrite!! You know, ignoring the role of Government in reducing access and desirability of things like smokes. Of ensuring the safety and maintenance of cars. Explain how a non problem gambler, who wasnt a problem when we had machines, suddenly goes and becomes a problem, because of these extra machines.

That was my point. Well if they were not at a site which already had a surfeit of pokies people may have a case that more gambling addiction may occur however the vast majority of wailing is politically motivated, which is understandable. Yes, think it is a classic case of minority squeaky wheels. Are there more people in NZ since then? Is gambling more popular? Is there a drive to promote gambling by Sky City? Lets start out easy.

Explain how many P addicts there were before P turned up here. Now how Pokies Money Expert Clark after a few P labs were busted. Now how many after a few more P labs opened. Right wingers who post here never seem to be able to factor time into their equations.

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Their faith in a static universe is laughably cute. In other news, the question of whether Pokies Youtube Not Working people will develop spending problems is moot anyway. The only definite outcome which can be predicted with absolute certainty is that there will be more spending. Whether this is via more people developing problems or via people with existing problems spending more is irrelevant to this particular argument.

We know for certain that the result will be more money sucked out of our communities and into pokie machines. You want a discussion on gambling? Go to a gambling blog site. I was replying to seeker above making the point that the vast majority of faux moral concern is politically motivated. People who prefer to err on the side of caution, in most things, realise that money is nothing compared to the source of real wealth — actual resources.

Other people use basic numbers to measure dynamic situations that cannot be measured with static rules. Because they Pokies Money Expert Clark increase of money as an increase of wealth and general social health, they think that making money will solve all problems, thus anything that makes money is good and need not be questioned.

In NZ, one group asks: Just saw a cartoon from the NZ Herald on Facebook. Yes, it was casino money paying for it, and now we have that same international corporation about to press the government to accept a deal to increase their pokie machines by about a third.

Change the law a bit, Pokies Money Expert Clark Sky City gets about a third more in one armed bandit machines, the proved most addictive form of gambling, generating at least 40 per cent of revenue through problem gamblers, and this government wants to sign this off! Where do we live? I understand that casinos overseas face stricter controls and higher levies than in NZ. We expect other operators to contribute over 30 per cent of revenue to the community to address gambling and other problems.

Yet Sky City already gets let off with a mere 2 or 2 and a half percent on profit. John Key is showing his true colours here. He is in with the big players in business, bad or not so bad. Fair enough, but what were the terms others e. Infratil offered, to give us as the public a fair view on this?

Well, the government and Council may hav e to pay a bit towards other deals, but that may also mean saving millions in addressing social and health costs that will result from increased pokies at Sky City. Does anybody give that a thought? No, and it is the same with other issues. NZ is behind in thinking pro actively in many areas.

OK plain packaged cigarettes may be a solution, but what about addressing gambling and alcoholism, drug addiction, poor dietary solutions and so forth also? It is ignored, due to lobby companies putting the pressures on. That is the bloody truth. Stop this damned rot and send a clear message to your MP, perhaps make submissions and protest, to stop this rotten government selling this country short.

Key out next election, that is the minimum to be expected now. Do you guys realise that there are now 7, less pokie machines in the country than when Labour was running the country? It kind of makes you guys look like a bunch of hypocrites — or of rather small intelligence, that you are getting your knickers all worked up about this. As a related point — watch John Key completely take John Campbell to pieces over this — absolutely brilliant…….

I would suggest that you re-view the Campbell Live interview with Slippery over His dealings with Skycity and take note of the points in the interview where the Prime Minister found Himself squeaking in a voice Pokies Free Spinning Workouts Podcast Hosting fitting of a teenage girl in answer to a couple of Campbells more pointed queries.

Key claiming credit for initiatives introduced by labour?! Par for the course from that slimey jerk. That would be a revealing stat — how quick the pokies were back as opposed to accommodation. Dead, cold eyes their, Jonkey. So has the PM been to visit Betty Ford on one of his trips overseas? Otherwise, how the explain the startling verbal transformation? Bull, that was agreed pliy for years, under the last and present government, to reduce over all gambling machines.

Now suddenly, Mr Key and consorts want to have Sky City exempted from this, by allowing them a 30 or more per cent increase in pokies offered, while others have to cut down on them. Do you not get it, or are you such a brain washed Natiional Party supporter? What a rotten state of affairs is NZ in? Alternatively, if its not economic for businesses to fund, and its really a matter of national strategic importance, then it should compete with other government priorities for full public funding.

Whether pokies and a Convention Centre qualify is another question altogether. Pokie machines simply remove capital from the economy while providing no productive basis for having done so, unless of course anyone can consider a few flashing lights and a musical jingle as production ….

Key says it is fiscally neutral. Those addicted to chasing impossible dreams only live in the poorer part of town and in a sort of virtual apartheid so will not visit Sky City.

Pokies Money Expert Clark on all counts. Gamblers will steal embezzle from their workplace, their clubs, their charitable connections or borrow from gullible family. Lastly embracing this type of gambling demonstrates the amoral attitude of free market business people and their Pokies Money Expert Clark travellers.

They will take from vulnerable people till they have nothing then disdain them when they have insufficient left to manage their lives. Pokies were introduced in — they had not been part of the mix before. The politicians who did so are money-machine-men who will take money from anyone, making a profit is a moral act to them, and the less restrictions on asset stripping either companies, their shareholders, the nation and its people, or the individuals who can be tapped is fair game.

Whatever they say or do, look for their ulterior motives. Even if the extra pokies caused zero harm, the issue would be this: Which he should not do. The pokies themselves are a side issue, a small dirty piece of a much bigger dirty puzzle. Dave G your posts on this topic are absolute drivel. You are in denial- the reality is that addictive gambling on pokie machines is a new feature in our society.

It requires eradication through regulation. John key selling the law is just ridiculous. Profits going goodness knows where. Whats the country comming to. Pokies are addictive hypnotic devices that rob people blind while giving them deception and adrendalin. How the government has got it this far is beyond me. Please wake up democratic NZ and stand up.

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Our new Prime Minister possesses qualities the Bard knew well - and well described. I made no pretence of having tried to make it myself: Each December, six months after the budget, the Treasury reports on the state of the economy and the government accounts.

This is my belated wish-list of gifts. This was not entirely unexpected, of course. What is striking though, is that amidst all the criticism This bulk collection was not done under warrant and was instead done Why Mohammed bin Salman is taking an interest in the Arab Bank As draws to a close let's reminisce. Trademe A lot of exciting things Pokies Big Win Baseball Team this year in the wild and Catalans went to the polls last night in snap elections forced by Madrid.

Yesterday, the United States threatened the world if we voted to condemn their recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. How'd you get through it. What happens if I lose bonus money as a result of unsuccessful trading. So now I know about the difference between Alkaline and Silver Oxide. There are many people these days that are online all the time and the best way to access information like these would be to check the internet. Office phone systems can offer wireless services these days that allow users to wander through the office building with a wireless headset while still talking to someone on the other end.

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Yes, online pokies are legal for Australians and there are plenty of them for you to choose from. Pick up gadgets at your leisure to a brand new catchy soundtrack.

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  1. Psychology and gambling disorder experts are expected to give evidence during the day trial before Justice Debra Mortimer. 'Pokies on trial. .. Anyone who thinks they can 'beat the system' is very naive and perhaps should have a think about where the money to build the casinos and gaming venues.:
    Tara Shannon and Clark Pope have been trying to prove their case for more than 10 years. A woman who ran a chain of pubs and TABs which housed pokie machines claims she lost millions of dollars after gambling inspectors acted "like a dog with a bone" in their efforts to shut her down. Tara Shannon. Other books include Clark Smart Real Estate (), Clark Smart Parents, Clark Smart Kids (), Clark's Big Book of Bargains () and Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich From America's Money-Saving Expert (). Howard's Get Clark Smart made it to No. 6 on The New York Times "Best Seller" list  Missing: pokies. In one of his worst pokie sessions he lost $40, in about four hours. “That was pretty bad. And another time I stole 50 grand off someone to play the pokies; it was pretty much drug money,” he said. “Peter” reflects on his pokie and 'ice' addiction. Picture: Peter Clark. “At Star City I'd put $ in four.
  2. A STAGGERING billion was pumped into NSW pokies in as experts across Sydney and the Central Coast warn of a problem gambling hidden “The myth is that pokies return 90 per cent of the money put in, that is not true, they return credits and typically around 30 per cent of money put in is.:
    Inside gambling is a portal to expert research, case experience and commentary from the gambling help and public health sectors in Australia and Last is the pokies. The pokies are looked upon as an older person's form of gambling. A couple of people in groups have said they do the pokies and copped. A court case against a poker machine manufacturer and casino operator could set a precedent for every poker machine in Australia. that by displaying lights and sounds for a partial return on a spin, the machines mislead players into feeling as though they are winning when they have, in fact, lost money. How could Maurice Blackburn prove that poker machine gamblers might be misled by the 'losses disguised as wins' technique? on more than one line and a minor win on one of these lines sets off a graphics and sound display that indicates a “win” when, in fact, the player has lost most of their money.
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The gambling industry is a major contributor to Australian political parties and has thus far defeated efforts to reform poker machines. It makes a lot of sense for those in favour of gambling reform to turn to the legal system. However, the true figures are far more concerning. One of the reasons that we seem to be willing as a nation to tolerate such losses — and the resulting social harms — is due to the idea that gambling is a free choice.

Our laws are largely based on this idea of informed and rational consumers who make free choices in a marketplace.

But this case is being brought under Australian Consumer Law , which recognises that consumers are not always rational. However, one of the reels is actually significantly bigger than the other four, making it far less likely that it will return a high-value symbol. The uneven distribution of symbols makes lining them up and therefore winning far less likely than you would naturally assume.

Instead, this is a theoretical statement based on the expected return over millions of spins. Losses disguised as wins — the science behind casino profits. The Australian Consumer Law provides a strong legal foundation for this case.

Unlike traditional contract law, consumer law recognises that many consumers do not behave rationally, that we often make choices based on first impressions and poor information, and that businesses exploit this fact. This indicates that consumers are entitled to rely on these first impressions and businesses do not have free rein to exploit this. This is why section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law provides protection against misleading and deceptive conduct — even where consumers could have discovered the truth had they dug a little deeper.

Poker machines and the law — when is a win not a win? While Ms Gay is not seeking damages, if her case is successful it will open the way for the ACCC to take action against the entire poker machine industry. The potential penalties from this could be significant. Penalties and damages awarded in consumer law cases have traditionally been far lower than those awarded in competition law cases.

The ACCC has since made it clear it intends to take up this call and to ensure penalties are seen as more than just a cost of doing business. In this new environment, a successful case against the poker machine industry would be one to watch. They are mostly young males, so there are risk-taking behaviours in everything they do. As apprentices, they are low-income earners, and many of them may not have the support systems a lot of other people have.

Their peer group can also be a major factor. Or their car has been repossessed. A car is a tool of the trade. Around two-thirds of the apprentices in our sessions gamble. Number one is the horses. Next is the dogs. Last is the pokies. A couple of people in groups have said they do the pokies and copped a fair bit of ridicule.

Then you get the polar opposite. Unfortunately their money goes towards gambling rather than the things that are more important, like car repayments, board, rent or lunch. We try to facilitate a discussion around gambling.


Misleading and deceptive conduct is prohibited by Section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law. The central test for this is whether the conduct is likely to mislead or deceive consumers having regard to all the circumstances. Maurice Blackburn seems to have identified a range of potential conduct that it would like to target in its action. The nice thing about consumer law is that it relies on fairly common-sense questions.

So, the court would basically ask: Further inquiries or closer attention to detail that could enable a person to discover their error is not particularly relevant to this test. Also, the literal truth can be legally misleading, because the law recognises that humans do not behave rationally and tend to form an opinion in response to their overall impression of conduct. In this case, for example, it might be argued that gamblers pay more attention to the flashing symbols and music than they do to their credit balance.

Previous cases give some idea of how the courts have applied this test. The court also emphasised that it was enough if consumers were sufficiently misled to engage further with the company, even if they subsequently understood the true nature of the offer and chose not to purchase anything. Once again, the court emphasised the importance of considering both the context and the dominant message of the conduct. In short, research seems to have demonstrated that novice gamblers do pay more attention to flashing symbols and music than they do to their credit balance.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these bright, loud messages appear to dominate. YorkTalks — York, York. David spoke to Inside gambling about the challenges young apprentices face and the rewards of helping them steer clear of gambling problems. They are mostly young males, so there are risk-taking behaviours in everything they do.

As apprentices, they are low-income earners, and many of them may not have the support systems a lot of other people have. Their peer group can also be a major factor. Or their car has been repossessed. A car is a tool of the trade. Around two-thirds of the apprentices in our sessions gamble.

Number one is the horses. Next is the dogs. Last is the pokies. A couple of people in groups have said they do the pokies and copped a fair bit of ridicule. Then you get the polar opposite. Unfortunately their money goes towards gambling rather than the things that are more important, like car repayments, board, rent or lunch.

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