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Wed Mar 14, 7: In another Mythbustres episode she had her butt scan! Sun Mar 25, It was a documentary about the Roman emperors, presented by a beautiful presenter Wearing a very revealing see through dress which had a Looong cut from the front showing all of her legs It was a dream come true to me!!!

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Mon Apr 09, 1: Thu Apr 19, 8: I just visited an old yahoo group done by a guy called dnanpa Tue Jul 03, 6: This is a really good topic. There must be more scenes in for instance travel shows where a presenter coyly shows their rear or even more for some reason. Tue Jul 03, 9: Check out the videos sections at http: Here's an example http: Fri Jul 06, 4: I also read somewhere about a british documentry where an african origin tv presenter went back to her roots to get married where she had to go topless as part of ceremony!

Fri Jul 06, 9: Sat Jul 07, 9: I came across this while doing a search for something completely different: Sat Jul 07, 1: Sat Jul 07, 8: Motto-Thermen - Entspannung in anderen Welten? Fri Jul 13, Sharon Reed "a television news anchor" got full naked while doing a report about Spencer Tunick's nude photo installation in downtown Cleveland in June ,she was one of hundreds of people who participated, although she hesitated in the begining but finally she got nude and filmed it as part of her report that was shown in the 11pm news, needless to say the rating went really high!

Fri Jul 13, 2: Fri Jul 13, 4: Sat Jul 14, This is not exactly a TV host, but it is an advertisement with a unique method to sell skin care products. I think this is a celver idea and wish more companies would follow suit.

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Does any one know about the groups that empty is talkng about??? If possible please provide a link. Yes, I saw that program.

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The woman had a normal professional job in the UK or maybe Statesbut went back to her family village in Africa where she was informed that it was an absolutely unbreakable tradition for brides to be to present themselves topless for inspection by all the men of the village.

The whole show was about her trying to make up her mind. I believe she eventually got her hooters out - the true tragedy is that I can't remember what they looked like. Can you please give some more info which show you're talking about?

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She has been spotted vacationing in St. Friday, August 8, Jill Nicolini:

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