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The first half of the s saw television abandoning the light and fluffy sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, The Beverly Hillbillies, etc. A new brand of television was born amid the wasteland of self-important Emmy winning programs — Jiggle TV. It was a formula that worked, no matter what the jealous competitors said. And it kept jiggling well into the 80s, when it began to taper off.

Yes, shows like Baywatch kept the flame alive becoming the most popular show on the planet, quite literallybut the heyday of Jiggle TV had sadly passed. When it got to be number one, I decided it could only be because none of us wears a bra.

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You would think the show was hardcore pornography from the way the critics described it. Every so often, the show would find an excuse to put the Angels in bikinis or other skimpy attire.

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However, long dresses and pants were the style in the late 70s. Thus, more often than not, Farrah, Kate, and Jaclyn were in wool turtlenecks and polyester slacks. Here is another example of how the Jiggle TV label was perhaps over-exaggerated.

Yes, the girls were good looking — but does that warrant a derogatory label? What it came down to was the promotion. Yes, Suzanne Somers had her moments where the boobs were so prominent, male audiences got dry eyeballs from a complete lack of blinking.

However, they were relatively few and far between. Yet, an honest evaluation of the show would prove there many others more deserving of the brand. No skirt was shorter, more center-stage, or more prone to flying upwards.

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  • So, in the name of broadcast history research (our motives are purely academic), let's explore the top 5 Jiggle TV programs of the s (and early 80s). clear (as do the pictures above), Charlie's Angels truly was a “Bra Free Zone” and that makes it an easy candidate for the top five Jiggle TV entries.
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Indeed, it was the topic of much discussion at the time. Even smack in the middle of the Jiggle TV phenomenon, it still raised eyebrows.

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As mentioned in the article, the skirt kept getting shorter and skimpier as the series progressed…. Do you like it? The show had Heather jumping, and bouncing around, rolling in the sand, getting soaking wet, her dress torn to ribbons,… I think you get the picture.

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However, long dresses and pants were the style in the late 70s. Posted in Braless Amateurs Leave a comment. Block everybody else, but we thought we were friends.

All the while, the camera made sure audiences got a perfect view of all the Heather action. This scene is truly remarkable. The camera leers up her skirt as the pair travels the length of, not one, but two corridors.

In this scene, Jessica is drugged by aliens, and the side effects apparently involve lots orgasmic groaning and squirming. For young audiences going through puberty, this scene also had its side effects: But, even out of her superhero duds, Diana Linda Carter was a winner with male audiences.

That meant having conveniently revealing camera angles at every possible turn. The producers milked the outfit for all it was worth, and made damn sure cameras captured every curve.

I picture the Wonder Woman cameramen as a bunch of horny, slobbering middle-aged men….

It was like Benny Hill, but with a flimsy story to hold it together. Take note of the eye candy in the background. You Might Also Like.

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