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Funding for Habitat for Humanity of Bulloch County comes from fundraising events and programs, and monetary and in-kind donations from individuals, churches, groups, and companies that are concerned about the presence of poverty housing in our community.

All funds are raised locally. Habitat for Humanity of Bulloch County does not receive funds from Habitat for Humanity International, but instead contributes a portion of the funds we raise — a tithe — to help with international building efforts by Habitat for Humanity.

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Two of our main fundraisers are the Flag Program and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, both of which owe their success to a dedicated group of volunteer workers. Participants in the Flag program pay a small annual fee to have an American flag placed in their yard on five holidays during the year.

The ReStore sells donated new and used furniture, appliances, books, building supplies, and household items to the community at affordable prices. Each Habitat house in Bulloch County is sponsored by a group which contributes funding and usually provides some or most of the labor to build the house.

The sponsor fee is applied directly to materials and construction costs of sponsored house. The balance of costs comes from direct contributions, affiliate fund-raising projects and mortgage payments paid by current Habitat homeowners, and supporting sponsorships. Most sponsors provide all or some of the volunteer labor to build their sponsored house.

Funding-only sponsorships are also welcome. Habitat will solicit additional volunteer labor as appropriate. Any organization is welcome to sponsor a Habitat house, including businesses, churches and civic groups.

A sponsor may be a single organization, or a group of organizations that decides within its members how much each organization will raise. In addition to the satisfaction of helping the community, most groups report a greater sense of unity and personal growth among participants in the building project. Individuals may also sponsor homes, and memorial sponsorships are welcomed.

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Sponsors are asked to participate in groundbreaking or worksite blessing ceremonies, and dedication ceremonies upon completion of the house. Sponsors provide lunches for their volunteers on the work site. Sponsors are asked to provide crew leaders and other volunteer leaders for their house.

Sponsors are asked to not make any gifts of clothing, furniture, etc.

There are many different methods to support Habitat for Humanity of Bulloch County. Other methods include the following:. A portion of general donations and income from special events is contributed to Habitat for Humanity International to support building around the world.

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In the past year we have contributed to building in the Honduras and Southeast Asia for tsunami relief. Diaz brings a wealth of experience to her new role as a former executive director of […]. Potential Sponsors Any organization is welcome to sponsor a Habitat house, including businesses, churches and civic groups.

Other methods include the following:

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