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Lines Also known as Pay Lines. The lines are the positions where you need to line up the symbols to win. Max Bet The maximum possible bet per spin in credits. Multi-Game Offline A single gaming machine that features multiple games that players can choose from. Multiplier The amount a win is multiplied by. Most commonly seen on free spins. Pay Table The area on the game where all of the winning combinations, prizes and game rules are displayed.

Payout Percentage The theoretical percentage that a game will pay out to players. Poker Machines The extended version of the word pokies. Covers all Australian style slot machines. Pokies The word used to describe Australian style slot machines.

Progressive Contribution The amount of each bet that is added to a progressive jackpot.

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Progressive Jackpot A jackpot that grows by adding a percentage of each bet to the top prize. Random Feature A bonus feature that is awarded independently of anything on the reels. Random Jackpot A jackpot that is awarded independently of anything on the reels.

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Even when the use of these gambling devices was banned in his home state after a few years, Fey still couldn't keep up with demand for the game elsewhere. Pokies The word used to describe Australian style slot machines. On many machines, when enough money to afford a bonus is taken in, the bonus is not immediately awarded.

Random Number Generator RNG The program used to decide the random numbers that determine where the symbols will appear on the screen. Re-Spin A feature where some symbols are held and the others spin again.

Reels The vertical strips of symbols that spin when you press play. Most pokies have five reels although some six reel games are starting to appear. For example the Pyramid symbols on Queen of the Nile are the scatters. Second Chance Feature A bonus where you get another chance to win if you're not happy with the result. First seen on King of the Nile from Aristocrat. Slap A term some players use to describe playing pokies.

For example "I'm having a slap on the pokies". Stacked Wild Used when wild symbols appear stacked on top of each other on the reels. Sticky Wild A wild symbol that is held in place for additional spins. Found on the gamble feature - picking the correct suit quadruples your win.

Symbols The individual images that are stacked to make up the reels. Lining up the symbols award the various prizes. Trailing Wild A wild symbol Pokies Slot Definition For Machinists is held and expands on symbol position down the screen on subsequent spins.

Progressive jackpot — A prize amount that grows over time as gamblers place bets on other machines in the same network; rather than rewarding a fixed amount, this jackpot gets larger and larger until it is won then resets to a fixed minimum amount and starts to grow larger again.

Reel — A horizontal line that spins and displays symbols; these symbols are used to determine winnings. Online pokies generally come in five-reel or three-reel format. Scatter symbol — Any symbol used in a pokie that rewards a Pokies Biggest Wingspan Aircraft Maintenance without any requirement in terms of where it appears on a reel or pay line; sometimes also used as wild symbols.

Slot machines — Phrase used by most of the world in place of the Australian term pokies or the phrase poker machines.

Static jackpot — This pokie prize rewards a fixed number of credits; the opposite of a progressive jackpot. Tilt — Slang for stealing from gambling machines by pushing or shaking them; mechanical pokies were vulnerable to this form of cheating because of their coin hopper designs, but modern design prevents the practice.

Well — A bin at the bottom of a slot machine where coins are paid out to players. Wild — A symbol which substitutes for others to help the player form winning combinations. The creation of online pokies has resulted in the introduction of a whole new range of terms specific only to online games. While many of the definitions detailed above also apply to online pokies, here are some of the terms you might come across that relate only to online games:.

Instant-play — Also known as browser-based play or no-download play, instant-play pokies are games that can be played directly over your Web browser without the need to download any additional software.

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Offshore — Offshore pokies sites are those that are based on foreign soil, offering their services to Aussie players. Offshore casinos can be trusted if they are licensed by a reputable gambling jurisdiction and due to Australian laws, Aussie players should only play at offshore casinos. Practice Play — This refers to the exclusive online feature that allows players to play pokies for free in practice mode.

You can sample games to get an idea of what they have to offer without having to hand over any money. Promos — Promotions and bonus offers can be found at a majority of the leading online casinos, offering an incentive for players to sign up for an online account. These are often referred to as welcome bonus, sign-up bonuses or welcome packages, and typically consist of matched deposits and free spins which are allocated when you transfer real money to your account for the first time.

Virtual reality — Online pokies that are played with the use of a VR head set, typically the Oculus Rift, allowing players to immerse themselves in the walls of a virtual pokies lounge to interact with other players and play pokies in full 3D.

Wagering requirements — Also known as play-through requirements, this refers to the minimum amount of money you must spend at an online casino before you are able to withdraw any cash made from bonus money.

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New players who sign up via our page can claim a welcome bonus to use on selected pokies. Microgaming has launched EmotiCoins, the first ever online pokies game from its Idea Factory initiative.

Find out where to play at real money casino sites. Legendary software developer Microgaming has announced it will be releasing three new games to the online casino world this July, and from what we can Microgaming, one of the leaders in online pokies software, has been cranking out the new releases this year, and August is set to be no If you want a share of 25, fair spins this Christmas, we recommend heading to BGO online casino.

The online gambling site is giving Hit — A common slang term for a single win of any size on a gambling machine.

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