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  • Learn how to get rid of the wild violets in your lawn. These weeds are violas (related to flowers like pansies and johnny-jump-ups).Missing: pokies.
  • One of the most difficult weeds to control in the lawn is wild violet. This native plant may look cute and dainty, especially in the spring when it produces pretty purple flowers. But in reality it is an aggressive weed with an unusual flowering quirk that results in thick mats of leaves that can choke out your coinsluckyz.comg: pokies.
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  1. These flowers tend to start growing in shady areas and spread to sunnier locations should the conditions be favourable. This edible plant is not liked in many areas as it can take over a lawn. They freely self-seed to the point of being weedy in optimum growing conditions. In addition to being edible this plant has several  Missing: pokies.:
    Q. Mike: Violets are my problem. I don't want to tear up my lawn and start over or use chemicals (which don't work anyway). What can I do to make these stubborn little weeds go away? Peter in Rockville, Maryland (PS: I found your show on the Sirius 'NPR Talk' channel and got hooked!) We can grow grass 'OK', but for  Missing: pokies. Q: I'd like to know what to spray on wild African violets and also what to spray on crab grass. —Anna Wiggins, coinsluckyz.comg: pokies. I saved all my moving boxes and laid them in my new “flower beds to be” and covered it with good mulch, Best grass/weed killer available! My dear hubby loves grass and has nursed our lawn until it is one of the prettiest on our street. He has really had a battle with the wild violets, but faithfully sprayed them.
  2. See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for wild violets you can buy on Shutterstock. Explore quality images, photos, art & more.:
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Wild violets are very tough plants that tolerate drought. This has resulted in vigorous growth and spreading of this weed. In spring, wild violets produce their well-known purple or sometimes white, bicolored or speckled flowers, which are often mowed off. But in summer violets can produce a different type of self-pollinating flower that stays below the leaves or even underground and produces seeds that are dropped in the surrounding area. These flowers will not be mowed off, allowing for a large amount of seeds to be spread.

They also spread by underground stems. Using these two methods, they can eventually create dense colonies. Wild violets can be controlled, but it does take some effort and repeat treatment. Fall is the ideal time to control wild violets as they will more readily move herbicides into the root system as they prepare for winter.

Due to their fleshy, energy storing roots, any non-selective herbicide you use must be systemic. Non-selective herbicides will also kill any plant they contact, including grass, so protect surrounding areas with a shield of cardboard or use a brush to apply only to the violets. Selective broadleaf weed herbicides must list wild violet on the label to be effective.

Non-selective herbicides will work, including Roundup and organic herbicides, but it takes repeated treatment to gain control as the roots can be difficult to kill.

Further suppression is gained by maintaining a thick, healthy lawn that prevents weeds from becoming established. Blueberries make great container plants! Watch this video from our friends at Espoma for tips and see how easy it is to grow blueberries in containers.

Note that no hydrangea grows in deep shade. Beyond light shade, the less light it receives, the fewer flowers it will produce. As far as pruning, it depends. Hydrangeas that bloom in the spring should be pruned in the two to three weeks after blooming. Those that bloom in the summer should be pruned in late winter or early spring. Everbloomers, or rebloomers, do not usually need pruning but may be cut to shape almost any time of year. Sue Kittek is a freelance garden columnist, writer, and lecturer.

Send questions to Garden Keeper at grdnkpr gmail. Box , Allentown, PA Dig and store other tender bulbs as the foliage is killed off by cold weather or frosts.

Remove and compost spent plants. Destroy or trash diseased or infested plants. Reapply taste or scent deterrents. Clean and disinfect pots and trays before storing. Make sure people and pets are clear of the mowing area.

Discard outdated ones at local chemical collection events. Hire a certified and insured tree pruner for high pruning, heavy branches, or for work around power lines. Use an insect repellent containing Deet on the skin. Apply a permethrin product to clothing.

Wear light-colored clothing, long sleeves, hats and long pants when working in the garden. Violent crime through the eyes of detectives and court reporters. In their own words. Clean and fill bird feeders and birdbaths regularly.

Clean up spilled seed and empty hulls. Drink water or other non-caffeinated, nonalcoholic beverages. To jump right to control information, scroll down to "How to Get Rid of Violets" below. Wild violets are also sometimes considered herb plants, since they possess medicinal qualities see below under "Uses".

Wild violets are best known for their namesake violet-blue flowers, although the blossoms do occur in other colors, such as white.

Markings of a different color are often present, adding further beauty to this classic flower. A patch of purple violets growing on a lawn can be a truly gorgeous sight. The foliage is more or less heart-shaped but may also taper to a fine point. The surface of the leaves is waxy. The plants commonly grow to be about inches high, although, depending on type and conditions, they may grow taller than that.

Viola sororia is native to eastern North America, according to Peter Del Tredici, in his very useful book for identifying weeds in the city Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast , page These conditions will promote an optimal display. But as anyone who has tried to get rid of them knows, these wildflowers do not need much help to survive. In fact, they may well survive a drought better than your lawn grass will. Because wild violets have pretty flowers, which bloom early and often, not everyone regards them as a type of weed , even when the landscaping area that they have chosen to call home is the lawn.

Many homeowners choose to let these wildflowers grow as they will and may even enjoy their presence. This can be because they:. Moreover, they are edible weeds , as both the flowers and the leaves can be eaten. Young leaves are best for eating.

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The worms will eat the coffee grounds, the corn, and anything else that looks edible such as weed roots. Anything the worms miss will be done in by a few hundred billion micro-organisms. They are the kin folk of the itty bitty beasties that ate dinosaur carcases a few million years ago.

I have wild onion or garlic envading my flower beds by the thousands. What is the best way to get it under control? They do not respond to round up or image. But what about other weeds and grass? And what about my perennials? Thanks for all your good advice. Wyoming has weeds too! I am also which is why I want to share this funny little story with you. I found a book that fit the bill perfectly so I checked it out.

I started reading it the second I got home and was floored by the very first sentence. However, if the morning glory has been there for several years, it has dropped tons of seeds, so until all the new germinations are also done away with, the problem will persist.

Great idea, we learned something along those lines in Master Gardener class. In my garden there are two weeds that are most annoying, both of which I am tackling this year head-on. Both have roots that spread like crazy and are deeeep. I also gave up the idea of trying to save all the plants my garden has self sewn plants all over the place, a bit much really and have been taking all excess out to concentrate on the issues.

I dig it up, can go a foot or so deep, and follow the roots and remove. When it hides under a plant, I have to remove the plant and remove the crabgrass roots from it, not that hard really.

It was in a Hot Lips sage plant, dug it up, dipped the root ball in a bucket of water to remove dirt, the crabgrass was obvious and removed it, divided the plant into three while I was there, and replanted. Plant did not miss a beat. All three blooming well. Creeping woodsorrel is worse. It has purple roots and if you spray the plant, the roots only get larger and stronger!!!! So, digging and removing the long tangled roots, all the way down and remove all traces of the plant, as it will regrow, like crabgrass, from a tiny piece left there.

Must remove before flowering, as the flowers put out a lot of seeds, which are flung into the air forcefully, and spread far. It also thrives on dry soil, which is harder to dig them out of.

Of course we have clay!!! Any plants I find that I cannot remove will get the cardboard treatment. Thanks for your fun tips…. I always enjoy gardening info! I have tried using black plastic, and it does not work.

The children run across it and puncture tiny holes for the sunlight to enter. I do know that Roundup does not kill bindweed… It just knocked it back for a short time, then it grew back even more vigorously! Will this work with salt grass. I covered it with 6 inches of straw last year and it is peeking through already. It is a constant battle. Thanks Mike for all you do. I will tell my friends about you. This will certainly work better than straw.

The secret to this is to prevent the weeds from receiving any sunlight. It would be impossible to do that treatment for an area that size and the MGs grow across the field, through the fence and wrap around all of my shrubs and plants. Preen is not going to work for you in this situation.

Preen is a pre-emergent herbicide that only controls weed seed. You first have to use a non selective herbicide to get rid of the top growth and the roots as well. Then preen can help with seeds. I especially noticed a huge increase in the number of earthworms this spring. My problems are in my older perinnial beds; like the iris, phlox, daffodils, bee balm. There really is no way to get cardboard in between the stalks, so I mostly just heavily mulch. I am plagued by bermuda grass. It literally wraps its roots around the bulbs.

Wild chives are also a problem, everything in my yard is covered with them. And last but not least, is there a way to remove Virginia Creeper from my 20year old forsythia bushes! Think about that Virgina creeper. It is orginating from several single roots. They look like a daisy flower, but also tall like a sunflower. It was one of my planting mistakes that has taken over large parts of my garden. It basically smothers whatever is underneath it. Just make sure to overlap or the smallest hole will let stuff grow up through it.

It may take awhile though. Plan on covering it and leaving it as is for most of the summer. The cardboard will break down and you can turn it into the soil next spring, lay down new cardboard and mulch, and then plant new items as recommended in the article. Also remember to remove all tape or labels! I made that mistake once. If you choose to leave it as is for now and lay the cardboard in the fall, make sure to cut the flowers before they reseed the area.

I have one flower bed that is overrun with mint. With all the rain we have had winter-spring, it is ridiculous!!! I had some temporary success with newspaper on the mint.

I am going to try again and smother it! The mint is tall. Louise, Another option is to cut the mint down, work the soil, then put down a heavy under layer of newspaper or cardboard then lots of mulch. Please can you add the botanical word to the common name of the plants so that people not familiar with the common english term can understand which is the mentioned plant. Thank you, I really appreciate your newsletter, sincerely Giovanni R.

This is really a great suggestion. Hi Mike, My problem is violets in the lawn and vegetable and flower gardens any ideas I have to many for carsboard. Treating your lawn will take care of that problem and repeated cultivation in the garden should do the trick. But over weeks of time. I have this beautiful flower growing in my yard, but it literally takes over every plant I have.

Thank you for posting a remedy. I so enjoy reading all your helpful info. I wonder if you would answer a question for me. I take my plants in to overwinter them. They have white fly. I tried spraying them with a water and Dawn solution.

Then followed by spraying them with a water and alcohol mixture. You can try neem oil or an insecticidal soap. Having a more natural garden can be nice. We call it evening damnation at our house. The wild stuff will kill everything, it climbs and pushes everything to death. I just spent the last 2 weekends digging Morning glory roots out of my garden, they creep over from the neighbors yard and now half my garden is planted. I just try to control them by digging them up by the roots as they return.

Your method will work if you are diligent. Truly, most serious weed issues are the result of folks not getting out there soon enough and not sticking with it on a regular basis. Thank you for this organic and sound advice — this will work on any stubborn perennial weed. I have used this method successfully for many years. Instead of preen, there are organic alternatives made from corn to prevent weeds from germinating.

Hello Mike, Do you have any ideas on how to remove quack grass. Have a Happy Easter! Quack grass is difficult. Newspaper and lots of cardboard might help, but the problem is the quack comes up inside of perennials. The common wild violet is a native wildflower which tends to favour woods, thickets and stream banks. This is a low-growing perennial which features heart-shaped leaves and large blue-violet flowers sometimes yellow or white.

Each flower appears on its own leafless stalk. Depending on location, the flower blooms from early spring into the early summer months. The flower has an inner white area and is somewhat hairy. Each flower slightly droops. Flowers bloom in early spring and usually by the time the temperatures get hot the flowers die off but the leaves remain.

Violet leaves are palmate, alternate, and are somewhat an oblong heart or kidney shape. The leaf margin is serrated toothed and they do not have any hairs. They can grow to anywhere between 13mm and 50mm in width. Wild violets, depending on geographical location and soil quality grow anywhere from 15cm to 25cm tall. Wild violets are native to many areas throughout central and eastern Canada and the US.

Although they are located in Europe, they are not as common as they are in Canada and the US. Is your forsythia starting to bloom for Christmas? Here's why some plants flower during warm winter days. Rose sawfly is a common pest of roses. Identifying rose sawfly damage is important to select the best control methods. Camellias are relatively unfussy and problem-free shrubs, but t hey can develop camellia leaf gall, a unique and odd-looking disease.

Jul 20, New Garden. Summer Leaf Yellowing and Drop on Trees. Don't panic, there are a few common and benign reasons that trees drop leaves in summer. Quick Tips for Avoiding Brown Patch.

Quick tips for avoiding the fungal disease Brown Patch in lawns. How to Grow Blueberries in Containers. Unlike some other flowering plants, crapes will develop their flower buds on new growth. Organic Pest Control Infographic. What Killed my Pansies? This is a question we have been asked frequently this fall. Spring Blooming and Deer Resistant!

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