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Samoans granted NZ citizenship, Population growth had slowed in the mids, and this trend continued in the s. Over the decade the total population increased by a little over , to 3.

The vast majority - 2. Immigration from the British Isles continued to decrease and the tidal movements to and from Australia were the largest flows of migrants. Better access to contraception and changing social attitudes saw the average family shrink from around four children in to just under two 20 years later. The twin evils of rising inflation and unemployment had hit the New Zealand economy hard. The heavily regulated economy of the Muldoon era was swept away.

Many government departments were corporatised and restructured into commercially oriented organisations, some of which were then sold to private investors. The financial market was deregulated and controls on foreign exchange were removed. The removal of tariff protection exposed local producers to greater competition from imports which resulted in the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs. The abolition of subsidies hit farmers hard, with some losing their farms as a result.

A goods and service tax GST was introduced in The elderly were now required to pay surtax on their government pension. Many New Zealand investors prospered following the deregulation of the financial markets in Speculation on the stock exchange seemed to replace productive sectors which had built and sustained the country over generations.

Many individuals and businesses went bust. Labour was comfortably re-elected just before the stock-market crash, but David Lange and Roger Douglas were increasingly at odds over the nature and pace of reform. In the end Labour suffered its worst defeat since British and American TV shows continued to dominate the small screen, although some local shows enjoyed a strong following.

In Kiwi kids got their first taste of What now? The biggest shake-up in local news Pokies Biggest Win Streak In Baseball current affairs came in with the first Holmes show. This set the scene for the personality-driven style that was to dominate the slot for the next 15 years. The s was the decade of the music video.

Radio Pokies Win Nz Airfares To Europe pictures had established itself as essential TV viewing for Kiwi fans of rock music. The s ushered in a second golden era for local music.

In a poll to find the greatest New Zealand songs of all timeseven of the top 10 were released in the s.

The Flying Nun record label promoted a distinctive local sound. Tax incentives saw an unprecedented number of films made here during the decade. UtuVigil and The navigator: Janet Frame continued to make her mark on the local literary scene with The Carpathians and a three-volume autobiography.

The anti-nuclear movement was somewhat less divisive. The Labour government elected in pursued policies that would establish New Zealand as a nuclear-free country, including banning visits by ships that were nuclear-powered or potentially nuclear-armed. In the passage of nuclear-free legislation saw the United States formally suspend its security guarantee to New Zealand, effectively isolating the country from the ANZUS alliance. Waitangi Day protest, Waitangi Day remained a focus for a number of issues relating to race relations.

Activists called for a boycott of Waitangi Day until the terms Pokies Bonus Clip Suicide the Treaty were honoured.

Labour attempted to take some of the heat out of Waitangi Day by opting for a low-key official ceremony at the Beehive with only a brief morning commemoration on the Treaty House grounds. In it announced that there would be no official commemoration. When her supervisor instructed her to use only formal English greetings, there was a nationwide debate.

During and the New Zealand football team embarked upon a marathon qualifying campaign for the World Cup finals in Spain. A number of the key matches took place against the violent backdrop of the Springbok rugby tour. The All Whites won a sudden-death play-off in Singapore against China to qualify. In Spain they lost their pool matches against Scotland, the Soviet Union and Brazil, but were far from disgraced.

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Many felt that they had won their own world cup just by getting there. The government applied considerable pressure on New Zealand athletes to support a boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Eventually only four New Zealand athletes attended.

The Soviet bloc responded in kind four years later in Los Angeles. Despite the politics, the Los Angeles Olympics are remembered by many Kiwis as our most successful ever, with eight gold medals in a total tally of New Zealand finished eighth on the medal table, ahead of the likes of Australia, Great Britain and France.

The infamous underarm incident against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in was a definite low-point, but New Zealand exacted revenge in with victory in a test series for the first time on Australian soil. New Zealand also defeated England in a test match in England for the first time in before following up with a breakthrough series victory in England three years later.

Five years later Empire Rose became another popular New Zealand winner, and the first mare to win the Cup since Winning the inaugural world cup for rugby which we co-hosted in did much to rehabilitate the game in this country. We loved our dairy products, consuming on average litres of fresh milk and cream per year, along with five large blocks of cheese and 16 kg of butter.

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Per capita we devoured around kg of meat per annum, the bulk of it beef 46 kgmutton and lamb 30 kg. We each got through around four kg sacks of potatoes and 19 kg of canned or frozen vegetables. Apples, bananas and oranges were the most popular fruit. Increased migration from Asia opened up a new range of cuisine. Kiwis accustomed to the occasional Chinese meal could now try Japanese, Malaysian, Thai or Vietnamese food.

Coffee and tea were consumed in equal quantities around 2 kg each. Coffee was becoming available in an increasing range of styles. Between the early s and late s annual beer consumption halved from around litres per adult to around 90 litres. More women were now drinking alcohol, with wine their preferred tipple. The local wine industry boomed — the area planted in grapes soared from ha in to ha in Smoking was becoming less socially acceptable. The average person aged 15 and above puffed their way through cigarettes inbut only by the end of the decade.

More than people lost their lives on New Zealand roads in the s. The decade saw five of the 10 worst years on our roads; was the second-worst in our history with fatalities. The microwave oven made its first appearance in the Consumer Price Index basket of goods and services in About the same proportion had a VCR videocassette-recorder.

Some questioned their value and they remained firmly in the luxury category. Girls can do anything poster. By one-third of married women were in full-time employment, nearly twice the proportion in Growth in divorce rates.

The Pokies Win Nz Airfares To Europe rate fell as attitudes to de facto relationships changed. A decade later, 20, women and children sought help from one of 34 such refuges. This may have indicated greater awareness of domestic violence and greater willingness to act, as much as an increase in violence per se.

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Well population now is about 4. Paylines Pokie Facebook Sign not more caution be taken on reporting statistical correlations in our social history - such as divorce rates rising as a result of law change - which interestingly came directly after discussing woman's rights - I read divorce rates also coincided with rise of families getting dishwashers too.

My point is social trends lead to law change which lead to statistical figures but what actually caused the pressure to change law has numerous variables.

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While the announcement of the snap election by Robert Muldoon was made on 14 June the election was actually held one month later on 14 July Your article above makes it seem like the election was in June not July. Skip to main content.

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