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The sad, lost and frustrated expressions on the players' faces tell the true tale of the vacuum these machines are to people's souls. It's a scene I know well. Over the past 20 years, I have spent countless hours hunched over machines unable to think rationally as I pump in note after note until being inevitably bled completely dry. The pokie Pokies Win Nz Customs in New Zealand is nothing short of a plague on our society. Most people would have no understanding of the pain and suffering these machines cause to the majority of players, their families and to society in general.

The product of these machines is crime, depression, family break-ups, violence, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse. Often this only results in more credit cards and deeper debt. The fact a percentage of the funds from the pokies are distributed by Trusts to community groups and sports teams seems to rationalise their existence and make many turn a blind eye to the absolute path of destruction left in their wake.

This is absolutely ludicrous. Get rid of them all together from pubs and TABs. If a pub cannot survive without the income from pokies and the toll of human misery that comes with them then the pub is not a viable business in the first place. The tidal wave of misery the machines create far outweighs any positives they bring.

Politicians and the public need to wake up and realise pokies are a massive problem in New Zealand that has been left to run riot for too long. They are simply everywhere and it is time for serious change. Pokies are an evil scourge on our society. The social issues they create are comparable to those arising from drugs and alcohol, and it's time they received the same attention.

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Flesh-eating complication that caused Kiana Sayer's scar pulls on her skin when she dances. Get that chip off your shoulder and help those struggling near you with this guide. Summer's Pokies Win Nz Customs start means some Auckland swimmers and sunbathers are finding there can be a sting in the tail at the beach.

The cry of our national bird is being heard in the backyards of Lower Hutt. Wellingtonians urged to sign up for pioneering trial of suburban EV charging stations. Stuck for a festive gift? Try some fish jandals, or a sensor light for the toilet bowl.

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Opening of new whale pool in New Brighton is "the best thing that's happened to this place" since the earthquakes. He was only gone an hour, but thieves took priceless war medals and a year-old engagement ring. An endemic culture of long hours, low pay and no breaks. Hospitality appears to be Chch's worst sector for breaching labour laws. Two boys who allegedly burgled a classmate's Christchurch home while his mother slept have left their prestigious private school.

An Afrikaaner Kiwi has backed Day of the Vow and says black people should be thankful for apartheid.

An independent panel will review probe into chief executive Mark Flowers. Govt's top financial watchdog will investigate the Waikato DHB's virtual health project. The 19 year old is one of two women accused of setting fire to Sacred Heart Girls' College.

A father and son duo, a year-old sewing machine, floats and metres of chain. Flochella Festival set to drop bombs into the Blue Lake. This year Vanessa Philp put two cards on the Hospice Remembrance tree.

To lose a daughter at anytime is horrible, says father. It is worse when it happens at Christmas time when families are planning to come together. It was an easy "yes" when Jordan Luck was asked to join Bryan Adams on tour. His motorbiking brother died when a drink-driver hit him. Now Maurice Wardle's killed someone the same way. A new investigation has been launched into the use of toxic firefighting foam.

Meanwhile, Pokies Win Nz Customs shooting probed by independent watchdog. He was walking down the middle of the lane when the first car hit him. Three Nelson mums are making Christmas lunch, and everyone is invited. Fire risk runs high with hot, dry, windy weather which can re-start extinguished fires. Five-time Coast to Coast winner Richard Ussher is calling time as race director.

Wai-iti water users will face water restrictions next week as dry spell continues. Looking for somewhere to sleep, he broke into a car in a Countdown car park. But the owner was inside watching. It's either that or "students Microgaming Pokies Blogspot Template in marquees out on the field". He had just helped pull a mate's 4WD from the river.

But on his way home, the tractor rolled down a bank. Emotional day as Keith Gray gets to travel in his year-old car that's been a 40 year rebuild.

An Ashburton man repeatedly raped two young girls over three years, sometimes in their own beds, a jury has found. It is hoped that being tougher on farmers not complying with animal tagging as well as improving the system itself will help create a clearer picture of stock movement.

Operational time is running out for Twizel's newest health care provider. Restored Santa's sleigh due to jingle all the way in Tapanui Christmas parade. Prisoner who bit off part of two fellow inmates' ears and stabbed another was given preventive detention, but now has to only serve at least six years. The high level of bacteria in the Queenstown lake could have been caused by ducks.


Farmers spilled out of a Winton hall as hundreds of them gathered at a meeting, concerned about the discovery of Mycoplasma bovis in Southland. Woman whose car slipped into an oncoming truck one of four killed in crashes overnight. Transport costs to move ouvea premix to port proves stumbling block in deal.

It's time to get rid of pokie machines in New Zealand.

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